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Volume 37 October 2007 Issue 20

Decatur Pharmacy is More Than Just a “Drug Store”
When was the last time you had a prescription filled for yourself or someone in your family? Probably not too long ago. We depend on the healing power of medicines, whether it’s to clear up an infection, lower our cholesterol or help control depression. Pharmacist Jerry Young has been dispensing medicines at the Decatur Pharmacy, located in the Decatur General Store, for over 4 years. Jerry started his career in 1961 and has seen a lot of changes over the years in the number and type of drugs that are available. Generic drugs, for instance are now widely available and often preferred because of their lower cost. “Pharmacies have an evergrowing number of generic suppliers that provide them with product selection and variety,” says Jerry. “Gone are the days when doctors told your pharmacist what product to use when prescribing your medicine. Now the doctor must tell the pharmacist if he must use a brand name drug on your prescription.” Jerry has also seen changes in the way insurance companies manage prescription use. “Today, we have Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) in each program. They determine if the medicine can be filled with a generic equivalent, bypassing your doctor’s wishes of a brand name medicine. The PBM assures the prescription’s desired result using only the latest drugs available at the lowest prices.” October is American Pharmacy Month. Your pharmacist is part of your health care team. Get to know him/her as you do your doctor. They don’t just hand out medicine; they are a rich resource of healthcare information. For instance, Jerry has helped people by recommending the right doctor to fit their needs, by addressing questions and problems with medications, and by sharing information about Medicare providers in our area. Come and visit the Decatur General Store Pharmacy. Let Jerry inform you and save you money in the process.

Many health insurance plans, including Peterson Farms, offers a lower co-pay on generic drugs than on brand names. This saves money for both the plan and the customer. Jerry shared a recent example: “A pharmacy client wanted to transfer his Rx's (Zocor and Zoloft) to our pharmacy for his medicines. His pharmacy had been selling him brand name drugs. On transfer, I showed him that these were now available in generic form and lowered his copay. So, let's talk and see if your medicine can be made more affordable.”


10 Years
Bobby Lewis Dale Neugin

5 Years
Sagrario Hernandez Angela Sanchez Patricia (PJ) Woodall

1 Year
Javier Alvarez-Espinoisa Zeferino Balderas Vanessa Ballesteros Charles Basham Melvin Batres Laura Chavez

Blanca Cosme-Torres Darrell Dentis Pricilla Ellison Pricilla Enriquez Jose Esparza Ramon Garcia Santos Garcia Joel Garza Ana Gomez Maria A. Gonzalez Sarah Luna Sandra Molina Miguel Quiles-Rios Jacqueline Ramirez Stevan Ramirez Cristian Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez David Ruiz Jr. Lucia Saenz Maria E Sanchez Jennifer Serna Ismael Silva Roberto Soto Maria Tirado Candita Torres-Padilla Omar V asquez-Caraballo Ana Gomez Todd Wiginton Dora Violantes Joel Garza Santos Garcia Ramon Garcia

Peterson employees said a fond farewell to Janet Wilkerson at her retirement party on September 26. Janet is a native of Decatur. She graduated from Decatur High School and John Brown University. After teaching high school for 8 years Janet joined Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., where she rose to the position of Manager of Corporate Education. In November of 1994 she began her career at Peterson Farms as the Director of Personnel & Training. After two years she was promoted to Vice-President of Human Resources where she was responsible for hiring, training, safety and benefits for the entire company. In 2001 Janet moved to the Sales Department for a brief time, but soon returned as head of Human Resources where she completed her time with the company. In recent years she also served as the spokesperson for the area poultry companies in their dealings with the state of Oklahoma. Janet worked hard to make Peterson Farms a great work-place for our employees. She helped put into place many employee-friendly policies and practices. Janet believed that our people are our most important asset and should be treated with respect and appreciation. She will be missed, especially by those who had the privilege of working with her. But her positive impact on Peterson Farms will continue for years to come. Enjoy your retirement Janet!

Janet (left) and Charlene Newell do the “Chicken Dance” at Janet’s party.


(Note: This article was prepared before Mr. Peterson’s passing. Fittingly, he talks about the company’s beginnings and the good people who have made it a success. Our next newsletter will be a special edition dedicated to the life and legacy of Lloyd Peterson.)

When we are in a General Election season, it is easy to get disgusted with the whole thing. The lying, the obvious hypocrisy, and the continual putting down by one candidate of another, gets old very quickly. Yet, in all of this we must never forget that our nation was born in this kind of uproar, and that we have remained free because we have a system that is adversarial by nature. With respect to business, the United States has led all the nations in the world in allowing our businesses to operate in relative freedom. Had this not been so, the chicken business would never have seen the light of day. At my age, I think I can be excused if I occasionally reminisce about the past, and especially about the birth of Peterson Farms, originally known as Peterson Produce. We were born on a muddy side street in Decatur, in a space about half that the Personnel Department occupies now. At first we had no feed mill. We mixed feed and sacked feed by hand. We hatched a few chicks in an old hatchery that would look like a Model T Ford today, and we placed them by the hundred to people who willing to take a chance on this new business. I don’t know whether we ever imagined that the Peterson name would be known all over the world, or at least the chicken world. From the beginning we had two ambitions. One, we wanted to build the best chicken in the world. And, second, we wanted to get big enough to make our presence known among the most important chicken businesses in the world. We have done all of this. But, we have not done this easily, nor alone. Through the years we have some of the best growers in the industry. Many of them have been with us for decades, and sometimes over two or three generations. Then, in our breeding program we have had growers who have helped us with the breeding stock through each phase of the program. These people, and the many thousands of customers we have enjoyed over the years have allowed us to become far more than we could have imagined in the beginning. And, last but not least, we have had the very best employees. We have had, and still have, people who have been with us forty years or more. It is much easier to produce a superior product when you have people who know how it is done. It is not unusual in the chicken business to say “we may have some rocky days ahead of us.” In fact, in our business it is literally our theme song. But, we’ll face the future as we have conquered the past. With the full cooperation of the fine people we have already mentioned, we will continue to be a force in the chicken business.


Big Welcome!
We would like to welcome Dr. Ed Shelton to the Peterson Farms team. Ed started on September 5 as the Director of Human Resources. His office is located in the processing plant. Ed has leadership experience as a military officer, an assistant professor and a senior executive in manufacturing and meat processing.

We are excited to have his business sense of the poultry industry, along with his leadership expertise. Dr. Shelton has taught courses in leadership development and has conducted research in Hispanic immigrant labor. What a great fit for our needs here at Peterson Farms! He resides in Noel with Suzanne, his wife, and his five children: Crystal, Charmaine, Samuel, Annette and Barbara. When you see Ed around the company, stop and introduce yourself. And tell him WELCOME!!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
-- Winston Churchill


Think Safety ALWAYS!!!
Safety rules exist for your protection. All employees must understand and follow these rules in order to reduce the risk of injury, both to yourself and to others. “Accidents” can be avoided through proper training, common sense, and personal responsibility. It is tragic when an employee suffers a serious or permanent injury because of a preventable incident at work. Always be aware of the need for a safe work environment and safe work behavior. For Safety….
• • • • • • • Always pay attention to what you are doing, work carefully, and work at a safe speed. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly, as required. Report all injuries, no matter how slight, immediately to your supervisor. Horseplay and practical jokes are absolutely forbidden. Stay out of unauthorized areas unless you have permission. Keep exits clear at all times. Abide by all Safety Rules as they apply to your work area.

…And a good time was had by all!


Time is running out!
Make your appointment for Well Now testing!
The 2007 Well Now Program ends on Friday, November 30th. In case you have forgotten, Well Now is a health incentive program for any Peterson Farms employee or spouse that has the Peterson Farms health insurance. Complete the requirements listed below before November 30th 2007 and you will receive a $500 credit toward your insurance deductible for 2008! The current annual deductible is $750 per adult. Both employee and spouse must individually earn their credit. Together you can save up to $1000 per year! Requirements for earning the deductible credit: 1. Complete the following health & fitness tests: Cholesterol, triglyceride, glucose, blood pressure, weight, body fat %, flexibility test and a 10 minute fitness test. (All tests are done free of charge at the Fitness Center, or you can provide proof of testing. There is no “passing score” required. All results are kept confidential). 2. Complete an annual physical exam OR cancer screening. This must be performed by your physician according to the guidelines found in your Health Insurance Plan Book. If you have questions about which tests you need to do, the Fitness Center can help you out. 3. Practice Healthy Habits; earn at least 15 points from the list below: (All activities must be verified through the Peterson Fitness Center.) 5 pts – Exercise (must earn 40,000 activity points within the calendar year) 5 pts – Tobacco-free 5 pts – Healthy weight or body fat % 3 pts – CPR / 1st Aid certification 3 pts – Less than 6 absences annually (PF employees) 2 pts – 100% seat belt use 2 pts – Donate blood twice per year 1 point each – PFC wellness class (8 maximum)

The blood drive in August 2007 was a GREAT SUCCESS!! We had 32 donors and exceeded our goal. Thanks from Shana Congrove, Fitness Center Manager, to everyone who donated! You made the difference!


National Ice Cream Day…. Now there’s a holiday worth celebrating!

Peterson Farms was quick to take advantage of this day for all of our employees! Jack’s Ice Cream from Joplin, Missouri came down on Wednesday, July 18th to help us celebrate this “cool” day!

Employees through out the company enjoyed an ice cream treat of their choice from the ice cream van. It was a great day as we learned that ice cream sure brings out the kid in all of us, plus it was good to get out and about to visit with all of our employees. Hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did! Charlene Newell, Employee Relations Manager

What is HACCP?
a. the Yugoslavian word for chicken. b. the latest PlayStation game. c. a spicy Asian dish d. a program for food safety in the processing plant. If you picked “d” you are absolutely correct! HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. The goal of this program is to methodically and continually reduce the risk of food-borne illness in the meat we process. Recently, 29 plant employees from plant management and the QA department completed 16 hours of HACCP training. They are now using this knowledge every day in our plant operations to ensure our customers get a safe and wholesome product we can all be proud of!

Are We
What if a tornado ripped through Decatur cutting all power and severely damaging the feed mill? How would this affect our business? How would we respond? What resources would we need to recover? This scenario was posed recently to a group of Peterson Farms managers as part of an emergency preparedness and business continuity planning class, presented by the Northwest Arkansas Community College and the Department of Homeland Security. Participants learned how to develop a plan to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies that may interrupt business operations.



Great Job !!!
26 people earned extra vacation time or insurance credits by putting in 8 weeks of exercise & recreation at the Fitness Center Congratulations to:
Jim Hoover – Connie Detherage – Lorraine Odle – David Sutton – Linda Jenkins – Jaime Rodriguez – Mario Hutson – Margarita Cantu – Maricruz Hernandez – Mark King – Jeanne Stucky – Shana Congrove – Charlene Newell – Philip Goff – Miguel Carrillo – Debbie Scraper – Willian E. Marroquin – Denis Reyes – Luis Sandoval – Sonia Hernandez – Minerva Perez – Linda Crawley – Tom Blackwood – Lisa Garrett – Lindsey Penn – Janet Wilkerson.

Our final 8 Week Exercise Challenge for 2007 starts on October 15.

You can earn a paid vacation day or insurance credit!

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