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					The Barefoot has many advantages:
1. Horses move more relaxed and free because no tree is constricting the shoulder, the Barefoot pommel moves with the horse. No pressure under the cantle gives relief to short backed, flat backed, sway and baroque type horses. 2. The Barefoot is stable on the horse’s back even when the horse is round and has a low wither. 3. Riding aids get finer due to increased feel. 4. Riders with back problems find relief from pain because the saddle is soft and causes much less jarring to the rider’s back. The back muscles of the horse are being strengthened throughout the ride without causing tension. 5. The Barefoot is very soft and comfortable also on long rides. 6. Because the Barefoot is so flexible and self adjusting it helps horses that have suffered from saddle pain and girthyness to move more freely and to relax while being saddled. 7. The one Barefoot saddle can be used for horses with different conformation. 8. The Barefoot is a popular training tool and is also used for therapeutic riding. Beginning riders learn to find balance much faster, while the experienced riders enjoys the unbeatable contact and communication with the horse.

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Comfortable treeless saddle

Barefoot customers and their horses confirm:
Hello Barefoot team After 2 months of riding in my Barefoot, I want to let you know that I am delighted with the saddle. I am going to sell my custom made traditional Dressage saddle now, since we feel so great in the Barefoot. My horse is rebuilding topline and is moving more freely than ever before. An additional advantage is that my horse is so much more receptive to subtle seat aids. Laterals are much improved and also the Pirouettes are coming together, the extended trot is so powerful with the free moving shoulders, it is ‘pure pleasure’. Additionally I added more variety, from riding with just a ring around my horse’s neck to trick riding, everything ‘flows’ in the Barefoot. The saddle got me thinking; why not try new things more often… I own a treeless Barefoot saddle for 6 months now and I just love it! All my friends were sceptical at first. I am sitting like on a cushion and my horse can move his shoulders freely. My Trotter could not handle normal saddles while the Barefoot fits him perfectly. I feel just as safe riding in it as in a ‘normal’ saddle.

I have ‘slipped a disk’ on three occasions in my lower back and have arthritis in the spine. In my old saddle (English AP w. tree) I could ride once and be in pain for the next 5 day’s. I used to get numb toes after only 30 minutes in that saddle. Since I own the Barefoot I manage to ride 5 day’s in a row without going numb or getting sore. I now look forward to riding again because I do not have to be scared of the pain that might follow. Thank you to the Barefoot team for adding quality to my life.

conforms to the horse’s back in all directions totally flexible, moves with the horse the anatomical shape makes it fit like a glove helps horses and riders with back issues very close and intimate contact leads to a finer connection and communication individually adjustable for any type of horse and most styles of riding
Developed by equine Physiotherapist






Dearest Barefoot team Today the osteopath returned and I showed him my darling ‘Fatty’ under both saddles. My osteopath loved how he moved in the Barefoot and recommended that I get rid of the other saddle. A big thank you to the Barefoot team for such a great invention. Hello, after many frustrating saddle fittings for my 30-yearold mare with a high and atrophied wither, I decided to buy a Barefoot Arizona with a Physio pad. I am totally happy because the old lady is now moving under saddle with ‘swing in her step’.

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The Barefoot is patented and protected by Copyright law.

Barefoot • Sabine Ullmann Equine Physiotherapist Germany

PATENT · HAGM No: 000492855 · No: 000511167







For Riders Who Care.

For Riders Who Care.

Which model would suit you best?

Barefoot, the flexible solution without a saddletree:

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Weight 5 kg


Weight 4,5 kg

All pommel pieces and forks with horn are exchangeable. Therefore the saddles can be adjusted individually to fit any horse’s shoulder.


Weight 6 kg

Tahoe Cheyenne
Versatile saddle made of nubuck leather with soft fleece underside, English rigging, 5 D-rings for breastcollars and saddle bags. Can be fitted with fenders or stirrup leathers. All-purpose saddle made of nubuck leather. 7 D-rings and leather straps provide many possibilities to attach saddlebags etc. Equipped with a pair of kneerolls, which can be positioned to the rider's comfort. Deliverable in black/brown leather combination or in black only with unique design!

Clearance over the withers ensured by our anatomical saddle shape.

Especially high cantle, anatomically shaped for a deep seat. The insert is elastic so that it conforms to the horse’s movement without creating any pressure. Invisible reinforcements in the saddle distribute the weight when the rider stands in the stirrups. To avoid pressure points we offer fenders and stirrup leathers that buckle above the stirrup. The stirrup attachment is especially flat and wide. Barefoot saddles are lightweight, depending on the model they range between 3-6 kg.

Dressage saddle made of soft (smooth) leather with soft black fleece underside, adjustable knee pads in two sizes, long flap, deep seat. Suitable for the show ring or on the trail.
Each Barefoot saddle has a thick, moulded, pressure absorbing panel on either side of the horse's spine. These panels create a gullet to guarantee improved spinal clearance. They are also anatomically shaped to the rider's thighs.

The Barefoot saddles are manufactured with good quality Nubuck leather or double stitched soft (smooth) leather to achieve a saddle that is strong & durable as well as soft and flexible.

Developed by equine Physiotherapist

The Barefoot is totally flexible and self adjusts to any change in the horse’s back.

Weight approx. 4,5 kg

The lightest Barefoot saddle, made of nubuck leather with soft fleece underside. English rigging, 7 D-rings and leather straps. Can be fitted with fenders or stirrup leathers. Suitable for endurance, trekking, trails.
All Barefoots are available in different sizes and colors. Contact us for personal advice on choosing the right saddle for your needs.

Weight approx. 6,5 kg

Weight approx. 6,5 kg

Western square skirt saddle made of nubuck leather with soft fleece underside, includes fenders and leather stirrups. The English rigging adds to stability. Conchas, leather decoration, 5 D-rings. A very popular saddle for trailriding.

Lightweight, round skirt Western saddle made of nubuck leather with soft fleece underside, includes fenders and leather stirrups. Western rigging, conchas, leather decoration, 5 D-rings, Another popular choice for trailriding for those who prefer a round skirt.

For Riders Who Care.

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