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Resume Building with SIE



Resume Building with SIE
By Alex Goff The second general member meeting centered on how to build a strong resume and cover letter. Further, we learned how to tweak an already good resume for specific purposes while also learning what elements of a cover letter would make one stand out. The meeting began with announcements as usual, but then dove right into the resume writing process with a tutorial from an employee of the Business Career Center. Throughout the meeting students were able to ask questions specific to their own resume so that we could get a feel for the different forms a resume can take and ways to incorporate unique experiences. It was interesting to hear of the many ways to write a resume, all of which are correct depending on the target audience. As expected, there are always pieces of the resume that become out of date and do not need to be included in one’s resume anymore. Listing references was said to not only be outdated, but now can be seen as tacky and/or a waste of space when added at the bottom of a resume. At the same time, there are new trends increasingly present in resumes. As individuals strive to present themselves as having a global perspective in the era of globalization, many have made room for the ‘Global Experience” section on their resume. For students this can mean a designated area to talk about study abroad experiences and language proficiencies and/or fluencies, as well as travel experiences. At the conclusion of the meeting we were encouraged to drop our resume by the BCC for their twenty-four hour revision and return

Sears Visit

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Enterprise Speaker Relay for Life

Brewers Game Becoming an SIE Tradition
By Jordan Brown For the third straight semester SIE made a trip to Milwaukee to see our beloved Brewers compete against the Florida Marlins. The trip started out with a quick bus ride to Milwaukee. By the time we got there, everyone literally sprinted off the bus with joy. The weather wasn't as nice as we would have liked, but one moved into the dome that Bernie Brewer built, aka Miller Park. The game ended up being a bust, with the Brewers losing in extra innings. The outcome of the game was far what we had hoped for, but this did not stop us from having a good ride home. Overall Getting Ready for the Game the trip was a success and is the SIE refused to let the becoming a favorite social event rain ruin our tailgating activi- among all of our members. ties. After tailgating every-


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Sears Site Visit
By Heidi Larsen On March 27th, 2008 some members of SIE visited the corporate headquarters of Sears in Chicago, Illinois. After a brief information session a full tour of the facilities were given including looks at the athletic club, health facilities, and the workspace of the human resources department. Then members were treated to lunch in the Sears cafeteria, which is the largest cafeteria 2nd only to the Pentagon. Here SIE got to talk with Sears employees about their careers in an informal setting. After lunch the opportunity was given to meet with a panel of UWMadison graduates for a question and answer session. This proved to be very informative in the areas of how to transition from college life to corporate life and their individual careers. SIE hopes to have more site visits to help further SIE’s knowledge o f the real business world and possibly get internships for our members. If any alumni or members have ideas or would like to be involved in future site visits please contact

Leisure activities with SIE

“They even educated the students on proper mannerisms when at a business social event.”.

Enterprise Speaker: Learning How To Succeed in the Business World
By: Michael Owsiak On March 26th two regional office managers from Enterprise Rentals came and spoke to a handful of students in Grangier Hall. Enterprise, best known for their slogan “We’ll pick you up,” entertained the students on how to be successful in interviews and politics in the workplace. The two managers came prepared with a detailed power point presentation on relative information for undergraduate and graduate students alike. The two managers gave numerous examples of a day in the life of working at the United States’ top car rental agency. They provided, discussed, and answered examples of how to deal with customers concerns and complaints. They even educated the students on proper mannerisms when at a business social event. The two made their speech interactive for the students in attendance. They asked questions and opinions from the students in the audience. The students lucky enough to answer a question or make their voice heard were handsomely rewarded with prizes ranging from water bottles to T-shirts. Before, during, and after their presentation they were very helpful in answering any questions that the students asked. The presentation ended with a chance for the presenters and the students to talk about potential career opportunities with Enterprise. Sigma Iota Epsilon did a fantastic job in hosting the event. Our organization provided drinks and pizza for everyone who attended. Both SIE and the Enterprise speakers should be proud of putting together a successful and informative event. The two should look forward to working with each other in the future.

SIE Members taking in some great advice







SIE Pulls an All-Nighter at Relay For Life
By Robert Shinar This was my first time participating in the Relay for Life event. I was extremely impressed with the number and range of groups attending the event. This is the type of event I would imagine only student organizations forming teams and participating, but I was very wrong. One student organization standing strong was none other than SIE holding down a campsite. The night was full of fun activities, but one particular event that stuck out to me was the memorial ceremony in which loved ones who have fallen to cancer were remembered. The lights in the entire gym were turned off and candles were lit in bags around the track. People then began to walk around the track with the only illumination coming from the bags. It was very solemn period. Once an adequate amount of time had passed, the lights came back on and it was time to party the night away. For those of you unaware, which I was before I went to the event, the big thing with Relay for Life is that it goes all night, and there are always people walking around the track. This being the case, my initial plan was to walk around the track for ten hours straight to make a statement. Unfortunately my plans changed when I became far too bored after about eight laps and realized this just was not going to happen. So I took a break from walking and accepted my defeat. Card games were a popular activity when people were taking a break from walking. I was fortunate enough to be taught how to play Euchre for the first time. Even though I never entirely knew what was going on, I had a blast all the same and hope to someday have a better grasp on the game. All in all, the Relay was a great time and I look forward to participating next year as a seasoned veteran.

“I was extremely impressed with the number and range of groups attending the event. “

Pictionary & Balloon Towers a Hit at GMM 3
The third SIE general member meeting of Spring 2008 was held on April 17th at 1270 Grainger. It was another one hour meeting where both the members and the officers enhance the organization’s communication through fun activities. The meeting was started by the president with the announcement of available board positions for next academic year. This year, members have opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through SIE’s offered positions of Vice President, Public Relations, Community Service, Membership, and Finance Co-chair. As usual, the board members also remind other SIE events left throughout the semester. Among them are the Ronald McDonald’s community service event, Brewer’s Game, End of Semester Banquet, and Poker Run, one of the events that get most enthusiasm. Everyone in the meeting started to raise their voice as soon as the meeting’s activities began. Pictionary and Building the Balloon Tower games seem to be the right choices for enhancing the organization’s communication, cooperation, and fun at the same time. Members and officers were divided randomly into groups, challenging each other’s creativity and fastness. The informal ending of the meeting with everyone’s having fun with of the balloon towers was a perfect way to leave the members with cheerful memory of their experience with SIE this semester. Finally, the meeting was closed by regards and thanks from the officers Unlike the other two general member meetings, the meeting that night was relaxing, fun, as well as another great opportunity to meet and communicate with other SIE members.

Teambuilding Exercise: SIE constructing balloon towers

Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE)
Whitney Moks (President) Doug Scriver (Vice-President) Sarah Hanson (Community Service) Faraz Parekh (Finance) Jeff Lippert (Membership) Dannah Hundt (Treasurer) Heidi Larsen (Publicity) hlarsen@wisc.ed Shannon Scallon (Events) Jordan Brown (Alumni Relations)

SIE provides students opportunities to...
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Network with practicing managers Develop skills through seminars and speaker-sponsored events Explore career options Give back to the community through service efforts Meet new people and, most of all, have fun and be social!

Our mission is to motivate future managers by providing leadership opportunities, professional insight, community service and social involvement.

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Get Involved with Sigma Iota Epsilon
By Jordan Brown Attention alumni members, SIE needs your help. Over the past several semesters we have had a disconnect with our past members and we feel that it is essential that we get back in touch in order to take SIE to the next level as a student organization at the University of Wisconsin School of Business. In order to do this we need alumni members to help us grow into a more complete organization. Right now we are searching for guest speakers or a panel of alumni to come in and talk about their careers and experiences after college. Also we are looking to set up a possible site visit to a corporate location in the area to get an up close and personal look at a real world organization. The site visit and speaker events could also be used by your employer as a recruitment opportunity. Finally, we are looking to hold a social event with alumni. As of right now, I am trying to organize an Alumni event for current and past SIE members for next semester. Some of the ideas we are looking at are an alumni dinner, tailgate before a football game or a golf outing. Let me know if you may be interested in helping to organize an event like this. We are also always up for suggestions and donations from past members. We value your inputs and I hope that you would still like to be a part of SIE. If you would like to contribute to any of the activities mentioned above, or give donations or suggestions please contact the Alumni Relations Chair, Jordan Brown, at Thanks for your time.

Happy SIE Members

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