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					                                Published in PM World Today - March 2008 (Vol. X, Issue III)

                           REGIONAL REPORT – SPAIN – MARCH 2008

                              Project Management in Spain:
                                     Monthly Report
                                             End of February 2008

                                    By Alfonso Bucero PMP
                 International Correspondent for PMForum & PM World Today
                                         Madrid, Spain

PM Profession Update

During February 2008, the Project management profession has moved
forward from all Spanish industry sectors, but especially from the
Construction and Engineering areas. In fact the most significant news
from this month is focused on both sectors.

Spanish organizations are becoming more aware of the project
management discipline need and they are promoting the profession into
the Spanish market. PMI Madrid Spain Chapter members have been
increased to 300 professionals and we are still receiving more e-mails and
phone calls asking for the member services that Chapter is able to

Business schools like IL3 (Institute for Long Life Learning) from Barcelona,
La Salle Business School from Barcelona, and the School of Industrial
Engineering from Zaragoza University are promoting the profession
between their students.

    AEIPRO supports the Young Engineers in Project Management
                         AEIPRO YOUNG

AEIPRO (Spanish Association of Project Engineering) registers the new
young engineers that do not have an stable job and that are looking for
professional development in any of the Project engineering fields, as a
direct contact to the senior project professionals.

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                                Published in PM World Today - March 2008 (Vol. X, Issue III)

“AEIPRO YOUNG” allow young engineers to belong to a friend network that
share information, and give consulting and professional assessment in
project engineering.

AEIPRO YOUNG has the following specific objectives:

    •    To establish a network to integrate young professional’s interest and
         aspirations that, in some way, are linked to project engineering.
    •    To help those young people who access to its professional jobs to
         have an information source and a consulting method about several
         subjects in which AEIPRO members are specialist.
    •    To participate in the AEIPRO congresses, being updated about
         different subjects, meeting other professionals who have years of
         experience and communicating among them looking for future
         experiences of mutual interest.
    •    To collaborate in the tasks and activities that AEIPRO does knowing
         more and more about the association.
    •    To stimulate other young people to join the association.
    •    To promote discussion forums where to deal with subjects that are
         interesting for young professionals.
    •    To Exchange experiences with our colleagues of international

AEIPRO is a nonprofit organization who was born by September 1.992.
AEIPRO has the objectives as follows:

    •    To be a communication mechanism of intensive cooperation among
         their members.
    •    To enable the professional development of the professionals in
         Project Engineering.
    •    To be a way of improvement of the professional practice in this field.
    •    To detect and define the needs that affect to the daily operation of
         this activity.
    •    To help the society in front of conflicts and decisions in their field.

You can find more information at:

PM World Today is a free monthly eJournal. Free subscriptions available at:   Page 2
                                Published in PM World Today - March 2008 (Vol. X, Issue III)

  The Architect’s opinion about the Project Management Evolution

                                               By Alfonso Bucero

Gabriel Allende, Arquitecto
                                    Gabriel Allende, Spanish architect, believes that the
                                    Project management culture has changed a lot in
                                    the last decade. We can say that management
                                    processes (in the architect offices) have generated a
                                    management evolution in the construction projects;
                                    that themselves add some parameters of complexity
                                    like project stakeholders coordination: installations
                                    in all their components, structures and specific

                       The project manager concept starts at the Project
                       beginning. The whole project must be managed by
him or her and be part of a superior hierarchy in relationship with the
office. In some meeting with a project manager asked for possibility of
this service or outsourced structure.

Usually, an English architect studio has a management component that
consists of the Office Project manager, responsible for the project office
and the project manager who manages the project with the project team
and the quality responsible.

I believe that the construction culture has changed provoking that project
management to be necessary from the project start, at least integrated in
the execution project. That way allows fixing some costs; I am not
meaning the architect costs but the working contract Project costs. A
project management service would allow doing the project the customer
wants, you would not have to divide or to break down and to generate a
chaos in the documentation of the project, to find out the always unknown

It is very clear that all this is related to the fact of doing architectures, it is
more logical to do the wished project for the established cost, instead of
continuous request for changes. All things must be documented and
agreed with the different project stakeholders.

Probably Project management offices and modern structures will be
helping us about how to manage a Project better and how important the
Project manager is for the Project success. They will tell us if they propose
an open or closed management approach for each project.

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                                Published in PM World Today - March 2008 (Vol. X, Issue III)

                                   Alfonso Bucero
                                   International Correspondent - Spain

                         Alfonso Bucero, PMP, is an International
                         Correspondent for PMForum and PM World Today
                         in Madrid, Spain. Mr. Bucero is also founder and
 Managing Partner of BUCERO PM Consulting. Alfonso was the founder,
 sponsor and president of the PMI Barcelona Chapter until April 2005, and
 belongs to PMI’s LIAG (Leadership Institute Advisory Group). Alfonso has a
 Computer Science Engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica in Madrid
 and is studying for his Ph.D. in Project Management. He has 28 years of
 practical experience and is actively engaged in advancing the PM profession
 in Spain and throughout Europe. Additional information about Mr. Bucero
 can be found at

 Mr. Bucero can be contacted at

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