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					SACS Consulting Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit & State Government Sectors 2009

Welcome to our record of the 2009 SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit and State Government Sectors
This publication is a tribute to the leadership abilities of professionals in the not for profit and state government sectors, many of whom are unrecognised for the excellence of their work. This is the essence of these awards – to provide recognition and encouragement to those who contribute to our community through their leadership of their organisations. Within you will find summaries of all the submissions for the 2009 SACS Awards. We provide an Executive Summary of each submission so that each professional on whom a submission was presented is recognised for the quality of their work, even if they ultimately did not win or make it into the finalists. The SACS Awards recognise outstanding leadership initiatives that make a positive contribution to the organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness while enhancing the workplace environment for all employees. We are very grateful to our friends and partners at Leadership Victoria, who provided the judging panel and to Jerril Rechter, Executive Director, for her enthusiastic support of these initiatives. We are especially grateful to our judges; Richard Dammery, Partner, Minter Ellison Lawyers; Richard Dent, Chief Executive Officer, E W Tipping Foundation; Ashley Dickinson, Commander in Charge, Operations Co-ordination Department, Victoria Police; Jane Hodder, Partner, Freehills; Samantha Merrigan, Manager, Risk Management, Transurban Limited; Matt O’Keefe, Partner, KPMG; Katrina Reynen, Assistant General Manager, Innovation and Next Practice Division, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development; Janice van Reyk, Senior Manager-Environment, Manidis Roberts; who gave up so many hours of their already heavily committed time to assessing the submissions. We were pleased to have such a distinguished panel in terms of their individual achievements, but the range of experience represented, with representation from the public sector, commerce, and the community sectors gives a very powerful breadth to the panel. Thank you to all the representatives of the organisations who have supported this award through their submissions as well as providing us with photos and other materials. We know it is a time consuming process to make such submissions, and you are to be congratulated for the efforts you have made to recognise and honour your colleagues. Finally and most crucially, thank you to all the Not for Profit and State Government professionals represented in the following pages. Your contribution to our communities across Victoria is vital and it is for you that this whole initiative was launched.

Andrew Marty Managing Director SACS Consulting

SACS is proud to have had a long association with Leadership Victoria
Leadership Victoria is an independent non profit organisation and conducts a range of activities. Developing and enhancing leaders across all sectors via community engagement and sustainable relationships Leadership Victoria has inspired similar programs across Australia and the Pacific. Their programs include; •	 Williamson Community Leadership Program •	 Fellows’ Network •	 SkillsBank •	 Board Orientation Series •	 ExperienceBank •	 SecondmentBroker •	 Nonprofit CEO Workshops and Roundtables •	 Community Leadership Awards •	 Annual Lecture ‘On Leadership’ •	 Leadership Magazine •	 Leadership Week

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Executive Nominees

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Executive Nominees

Anne Virgo Director Australian Print Workshop Inc.

Bruno Cyr Chief Executive Officer Burke & Beyond Association Incorporated

Anne Virgo is Director of one of Australia’s leading notfor-profit arts organisations, Australian Print Workshop Incorporated (APW). Anne has led APW from an accumulated deficit position with a single-city focus, to become an influential, Australia-wide peak organisation with an international outlook and recognition. Under Anne’s leadership, APW has expanded its programs, services and facilities. The recent ‘debt-free’ purchase of APW’s inner-Melbourne premises, enhanced by the current program of major building renovation and upgrade works, has significantly increased APW’s effectiveness and sustainability. Today, APW’s influence and reputation for excellence extends across language, cultural and geographical boundaries – the organisation’s future is secure.

Bruno Cyr clearly meets the criteria set out for this award. He has made an outstanding contribution to the development, growth and community standing of Burke & Beyond and most importantly its clients. Since commencing his leadership role in 2006 he has brought about multiple positive and innovative changes which have resulted in the creation of new opportunities and expansion of Burke & Beyond services to young adults, improvement in the quality of life activities for existing clients, improved staff engagement and outstanding working relationship with key providers and the community. Bruno is undoubtedly a worthy recipient of this award.

Chris Karagiannis Executive Manager – Property Services Benetas

Jane Smithers Director – Marketing Diabetes Australia – Vic

Chris Karagiannis is an Executive leader with a high level of integrity, a real commitment to his clients and a positive ‘can do’ attitude. He is a role model who has made a positive and productive contribution to Benetas Executive leadership team. He effectively leads the Property portfolio but also willingly and constructively contributes to debate on broader strategic issues facing the organisation. Chris excels in the area of stakeholder management. He actively engages his stakeholders at all levels from Board Directors to front line staff. He is a pleasure to work with both in a leadership and colleague capacity.

Jane Smithers has worked with Diabetes Australia – Vic for less than one year, but during this time she has demonstrated a level of positive leadership that has stood out to all who work with and for her. She has faced challenges that included inefficient work processes, personality differences within work teams and staff committees and the conceptual challenge of coming into the not-for-profit sector for the first time. Throughout her time at Diabetes Australia –Vic, Jane has delivered results, engendered a clear results attitude and been hardworking, fair, transparent and personable at all times – a real asset.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Executive Nominees

Deirdre Brown Chief Executive Officer Eastern Disability Access Resource (EDAR)

Sarah Olliff Executive Officer Kids Plus Foundation

EDAR is a community organisation that has been providing services to people with a disability since 1975. In the last 2 years, under the executive leadership of Deirdre Brown, EDAR has transformed from an organisation that was languishing to one that is now a leading agency in the Victorian Disability Sector demonstrating innovations in service delivery and community contribution. Deirdre has used her strong leadership skills to redesign the management and staffing structure within the organisation to create a reenergised and dynamic staff group who work in flexible and creative ways and support innovative programs for people with a broad range of disabilities.

Sarah Olliff’s exceptional vision and leadership has led to the development of the Kids Plus Foundation, a unique, innovative and highly regarded service provider in the specialised field of childhood disability. Sarah has led the way in an inspiring, consultative, creative and unassuming manner, directly resulting in the success of Kids Plus Foundation. Her strong leadership in establishing this organisation, her passion and integrity in growing Kids Plus Foundation, and her motivation and commitment to its sustainability through effective management demonstrate that Sarah is an outstanding nominee for the SACS Award for Leadership.

Anne Wilson Chief Executive Officer Kidney Health Australia

Stephanie Hechenberger General Manager Victoria/Tasmania Leukaemia Foundation of Australia
Stephanie’s management style encompasses great vision, commitment and business skill with a good measure of common sense. She has the ability to inspire others as she leads by example. She encourages staff and volunteers to be proactive team members and achieve success through commitment and integrity. Stephanie has the ability to think ‘outside the square’ and develop and implement tactics to accomplish organizational objectives. She is able to generate innovative and creative solutions to address existing problems and avoid new ones. Stephanie is an inspirational and outstanding leader.

Anne Wilson is highly deserving of this nomination. Kidney Health Australia (KHA) would not be in the strong position it is today without her commitment and inspirational leadership. Her passion, focus and relentless commitment has helped transform KHA from a disjointed federation of states into a unified national organisation that has earned the respect of the scientific community, corporate bodies, federal and state governments, relevant contacts in the international community and most importantly individuals and families affected by the disease. Thanks to Ms Wilson, the present and future developing roles of KHA are clear and all staff are united in their desire to provide the best outcome for those affected by kidney or urinary tract disease.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Executive Nominees

Jennifer Davis Executive Manager Marketing RSPCA (Victoria)

Diana Heggie Chief Executive Officer Scope

Jennifer Davis is an outstanding senior manager who has brought a wealth of professional experience and strong personal values to her position. She has overseen the development of a successful team which has achieved excellent outcomes. The organisation’s revenue raising capacity has increased, our reputation has been enhanced and our capacity to influence opinion leaders and stakeholders in the animal welfare arena has increased significantly. Jenny is a consistent contributor to the development of the organisation and an excellent strategic thinker. Her passion for her work and her strong values have combined to produce outstanding results.

Diana Heggie, Scope CEO, demonstrates the essence of successful leadership in the not-for-profit sector. Diana’s passion and commitment towards Scope’s mission has inspired momentum within the organisation. Diana led significant change within Scope, and also the broader disability sector and community, leading to quantum leaps in the quality of life for people with disabilities. These have included cultural and systemic changes, such as the deinstitutionalization of people with disabilities. Diana’s leadership is recognised across the disability sector with her appointment as President of CP Australia and board member of National Disability Services.

Greg O’Brien Executive Manager Corporate Services RSPCA (Victoria)

Ken Dusting Chief Executive Officer Stride Foundation

Greg O’Brien has made an outstanding contribution to the efficiency of RSPCA Victoria since joining the organisation nearly three years ago. His focus on process improvement has enabled the organisation to improve its efficiency and ensure its ability to remain financially able to deliver results. Greg has coached his team to improve their output and customer service. Greg has mentored his colleagues to attain their financial targets and implemented better systems across the organisation. He is generous in supporting his colleagues and staff, shares his considerable expertise freely and is a strong model of the highest standards of behaviour.

Ken Dusting, Chief Executive Officer of Stride Foundation, has contributed to the growth 4 years ago from 7 staff to 15 (30 volunteers) and connecting with well over 500 schools in Victoria and 500,000 young people nationally. Stride runs programs to help save the lives of young people. Ken drives the organisation. An organisation is only as good as its CEO. We are the leaders and the best in the industry. The staff, Board of Directors and various networks recognise and acknowledge the tireless work Ken does, always believing that “lines may divide us, but hope will unite us.”

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Executive Nominees

Debby Maziarz Executive Director Westside Circus

Debby Maziarz dreamed of harnessing her creative drive, love of circus and compassion for others to create the ideal job for herself and make positive social change. She made that dream a reality. She is currently the Executive Director of the Westside Circus, a not for profit community arts organisation which uses circus, leadership and performance as modality to build personal confidence and resilience. This submission tells the inspirational story of how one young woman took a $5,000 grant, a box of envelopes and a one page mission statement and built a high functioning social enterprise which employs a team of 36 and delivers a far reaching program to over 8,000 individuals each year.

Marsha Sheridan Deputy CEO & General Manager – Organisational Policy, Planning & Development Yooralla
Over the last 22 years, Marsha Sheridan has made a significant and sustainable contribution to Yooralla and the Disability Services Industry. Her visionary approach to the planning and development of organisational strategy, quality and policy within a framework of efficient, accountable and responsible financial management has secured and underpinned the success and efficiency of Victoria’s largest disability support service provider. She has provided broad strategic and operational leadership to a staff of over 1200 people. She has developed a range of diverse and increasingly creative services that are responsive to the requirements and aspirations of people with disabilities, their families and carers.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Non-Executive Nominees

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Non-Executive Nominees

Fiona Gullifer Manager – Information Resources Association for Children with a Disability
Over the last eleven years Fiona has worked tirelessly for the Association for Children with a Disability, sharing her knowledge and expertise with others whilst having carriage of our information resources. This includes development, editing, design, layout and publication. Fiona sets herself exceptional standards and enjoys the challenge of regularly achieving them. Her dedication to achieving the best, her commitment to ensuring her work reflects the Association’s respect for children with a disability and their families and her desire to assist others is second to none.

Edwina Pearse Communications Manager – QUIT Victoria Cancer Council Victoria

Edwina Pearse is the Communications Manager of Quit Victoria and has developed to be an outstanding new leader. Edwina’s technical expertise is superior and reflected in her results achieving almost 5,000 unpaid media exposures, as well as take a risk to pursue a new and different direction in anti-smoking TV advertising in 2008, resulting in a highly effective new campaign “Separation”. Edwina is also a strategic thinker and has restructured her department to bring about greater resource efficiency as well as staff professional development whilst gaining support for her idea to ensure a smooth change management outcome.

Allison Kenwood Strategy & Business Development Manager Benetas

Siew Yeen Chai Doctor Florey Neuroscience Institutes

Allison Kenwood is a leader with a great strategic mind and generosity of spirit that draws people to her for advice and direction. Allison is a role model who has made a positive and significant contribution to Benetas since her appointment in 2008. Her ability to see across the business is first-rate and her natural leadership capacity ensures that those who want to achieve their goals actively seek her contribution. Allison has an exceptional ability to see through issues and to guide people effortlessly to solutions. She is a pleasure to work with both in a leadership and colleague capacity.

Dr Siew Yeen Chai is nominated for the SACS Awards for leadership in the Not-for-Profit sector by the Florey Neuroscience Institutes (FNI) because her scientific outcomes and her personal contribution to the organisation and the field of neuroscience on an international level provide a benchmark for the 500+ scientists and staff of our Institutes. Dr Siew Yeen Chai is tackling Alzheimer’s Dementia and Stroke with new discoveries and treatments that have the potential of helping thousands of aging people in Australia each year. Her contribution to mentoring women in science, supporting women in neuroscience in the developing world, and being an advocate for a fair and open workplace are qualities that bring her to the fore at FNI.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Non-Executive Nominees

Bronwyn Harrison Team Leader, Kinship Care OzChild

George Nicholson Maintenance Manager RSPCA (Victoria)

Bronwyn Harrison has worked with children and families as an employee for OzChild for 7 years. OzChild Kinship Care has experienced constant change since its inception to meet new program requirements while ongoing funding remained uncertain. In this environment of constant change and uncertainty Bronwyn has created a cohesive team that remained focused on meeting the needs of their clients. Staffing stability and program performance increased under her leadership. The team has made significant changes in the way the program operates and also in the team culture, whilst maintaining a high quality service to clients.

George is a long standing employee of RSPCA (Victoria), having held the position of Maintenance Manager for some 23 years. Throughout that time George has demonstrated a strong commitment to customer service, animal welfare and organizational improvement. Key highlights, include going way beyond his original role to become a key player in RSPCA events, logistics and our environmental improvements and providing a role model, in the humblest of ways, to other leaders and staff in the organisation.

Jeff Jackson OAM Manager, Veteran’s Welfare & Entitlement Support RSL Victoria
Jeff Jackson is the Manager of RSL Victoria’s Veteran’s Welfare & Entitlement Support area. Jeff is constantly providing support for Veterans entitlements and the betterment of their everyday life. Leading a team of four Advocates, Jeff Jackson is the welfare point of contact for all Victorian RSL’s and leads on a State and National level. Jeff is a well liked member of the team at ANZAC House and stands out as a leader among his peers. Always carrying a positive can-do attitude and never having a bad word to say about anyone, Jeff is always the first to put up his hand and say “I’ll help out”.

Christine DiPetta, Manager & Narelle Hayes, Special Projects Officer National SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day Team SIDS and Kids Australia
Christine DiPetta and Narelle Hayes form the diminutive national Red Nose Day fundraising team at SIDS and Kids Australia in Melbourne. The Team has demonstrated exceptional leadership skill in the dynamic and challenging environment of not for profit fundraising. Over the last three years the team has led a redevelopment of the Red Nose Day campaign. The team has significantly contributed to the improved financial success of the event and the integration of the SIDS and Kids expanded vision into its fundraising program; developed collaborative management processes in the context of a complex federated organisation and demonstrated significant innovation in product and business partnerships.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Non-Executive Nominees

Karen Efron Specialist Project Officer Windana

Ryan McNamara Centre Manager, Kensington Community Recreation Centre YMCA Victoria
Ryan McNamara is the Centre Manager for the Kensington Community Recreation Centre. Over the past 12 months he has displayed numerous acts of community leadership and has been the driving force in the change of culture of the facility both in staff culture and within the community. He has led the program to improve financially, develop a strong staff culture and increase the range of programs delivered to the community.

Karen Efron, as a member of the Windana team, has provided exceptional leadership and commitment towards creating life opportunities for our clients. Since joining Windana in 1985, Karen has worked within the counselling and senior management teams. Karen’s expertise in creating and implementing new programs is highly valued. In her new role as Specialist Project Officer, Karen is a ‘champion for change’ across the organisation.

Anthony Edgar Branch Manager, Ashburton Pool & Recreation Centre YMCA Victoria

Clare Boschetti Program Manager, Kindergarten Inclusion Support Service Yooralla
In her role as Program Manager of the Yooralla Kindergarten Inclusion Support Service, Clare Boschetti has become a leader in inclusion, supporting the inclusion of over 700 children with severe disability to participate in local community kindergarten. Clare has developed a resource-training book on Inclusive Practice in Early Childhood Settings (with focus on Children with additional needs). The book is titled: ‘A Piece of Cake: Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Settings’ and has been purchased by hundreds of Early Childhood Centres. The book is provided at cost price to professionals in Early Childhood as it is a not-forprofit resource.

Anthony Edgar has been managing Ashburton Pool & Recreation Centre (APARC) for almost three years over which time a culture of community connection and YMCA engagement has been developed proving Community Strengthening is good for participation.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Emerging Leader Nominees

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Emerging Leader Nominees

Tanya Sawtell Human Resources Manager Cancer Council Victoria

Lifestyle Team Sir Donald & Lady Trescowthick Centre mecwacare

Tanya Sawtell is a deserving recipient of the Emerging Leadership award because of her aptitude, integrity and humility. In 2007 Tanya was promoted from HR Officer to acting HR Manager when the then HR Manager moved to a new role. Despite believing that she was not ready for such a senior role, Tanya accepted thinking a more experienced person would be employed and she would resume her previous role. In late 2007 Tanya was confirmed as HR Manager and has blossomed and grown into the role. She greets each challenge with integrity, enthusiasm, empathy, fairness and an unfailingly positive attitude.

The Lifestyle team at Sir Donald and Lady Trescowthick Centre inspire and expand residents, relatives, employees and volunteers view of what is possible for people in the latter years of their life. The team offers residents a lifestyle which encourages innovation and creativity, reflection and hope. A range of programs encompasses resident interests, ones pursued in the past and others that were dreamt of. The work of the lifestyle team and their care to the elderly involves being an intimate part of their lives and this is the ultimate privilege.

Emma Henderson Disability Support Worker Eastern Disability Access Resource (EDAR)

Todd Jasper Chatterbox Committee Chair/Volunteer Open Family Australia

Emma is employed as a Disability Support Worker. She commenced at EDAR in 2006 undertaking an Art Therapy student placement before joining the team in a full time capacity. Emma has embraced the organisation’s philosophy and person centred practices and has developed strong relationships with clients, families and external community organisations. She provides leadership within her peer group in a way which is influential and instigates change. This in turn has led to a positive input on the way in which staff approach clients. Emma is innovative in her ideas and practices to support individuals to achieve identified goals and outcomes.

Todd Jasper has been a valuable member of the Open Family Australia Team since 1999. Todd as with all volunteers is considered a staff member by Open Family Australia and Todd has provided leadership in the development of our “Chatterbox” Youth Outreach Bus. In 2002 Todd led the campaign away from just being a food service to the homeless into an inclusive youth focused outreach facility that is in line with Open Family Australia’s ethos. The extraordinary aspect of this nomination is that Todd is working for Open Family Australia in a voluntary capacity.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the Not for Profit Sector Emerging Leader Nominees

Andrew Broom Quality Coordinator OzChild

Felicity McMahon Head of Programs Starlight Children’s Foundation

As OzChild’s Quality Coordinator Andrew has had to work with all levels of the organisation to ensure the agency is compliant with the various service standards and satisfactorily undergoes both required internal self assessment and external audit. This has necessitated significant change management in terms of processes and procedures and, more importantly, in organisational culture. Andrew has been able to demonstrate significant leadership in achieving these necessary outcomes without having positional authority. His demonstrable integrity, strong interpersonal and communication skills and passionate commitment to using quality to enhance service delivery have been major strengths in the leadership he has provided.

Felicity McMahon joined the Starlight Children’s Foundation in January 2007 and has since emerged as a key leader and contributor within our organization, the hospitals we interact with and the communities which we serve. Initially employed to undertake an extensive “needs analysis” of families living with seriously ill children, the outcomes of Felicity’s research have informed the strategic direction of Starlight’s programs into the future. Her demonstrated leadership and desire to contribute to the broader community resulted in Felicity’s appointment to an executive role in 2008, responsible for redefining Starlight’s program vision and leading a team to achieve this by 2012.

Emily Johnson Community Engagement Facilitator The Reach Foundation

Lisa Smyth Manager Family Day Care/In Home Care Windermere Child & Family Services Inc.
Lisa has recently taken on the role of Manager Family Day Care/In Home Care following the resignation of the founding Manager of 25 yrs. Simply running a program with 10 staff over 100 contractors and an annual turnover of $5M is a big enough job. Lisa has demonstrated exemplary leadership in seamlessly moving the program from one leader to another, she has established a positive and cohesive team which sees itself as an integral part of Windermere, identified and pursued new business opportunities, linked in with key industry research and taken on a national leadership role as chair of the National In Home care Association (NIHCA).

“I am reminded how hollow the label of leadership sometimes is and how heroic followership can be.” — Warren Bennis. This is what differentiates Emily Johnson; her ability to follow is as amazing as her ability to lead. Emily’s leadership journey started 9 years ago as a young Reach facilitator and today she is an integral part of our leadership team. Her holistic and strategic approach to her role, organization and community reflects maturity beyond her 23 years. She shines by being able to appreciate and balance needs of all stakeholders and communicate; articulate and deliver messages with heart.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the State Government Sector Nominees

SACS Awards for Leadership in the State Government Sector Nominees

Peter Blades Chief Executive Officer CenITex

Claire Culley Divisional Director – Surgical Services Western Health

Late in 2007 Peter Blades was contracted by the Victorian Government to set up a State owned entity to provide standardised ICT infrastructure services across whole of Government (WoVG). Peter developed the governance framework and merged several Government ICT entities in an establishment role. He was appointed CenITex CEO when the business was proclaimed a State Owned Enterprise in July 2008. Peter has been responsible for stimulating a WoVG approach by winning the confidence of many disparate parties in believing in CenITex as a way forward; showing all-round quality leadership and convincing all parties that effective ICT shared services can be achieved, despite lack of past success.

Claire Culley is a truly inspirational leader of healthcare improvements. Her approach is exemplified by her passionate commitment to improving care for women with breast cancer in the West. She combines vision with the ability to spot opportunities and to enthuse and engage others. She also manages a significant operational “business” without ever losing sight of the patient or of the need to build respectful, effective relationships with the staff who provide the service. She sets standards and helps people at work achieve them. Her personal and professional example and support inspires others to reach their full potential.

Jeffrey Carson General Manager Technology & Information Services Port of Melbourne Corporation
Jeffrey (Jeff) Carson is nominated by Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) for his demonstrated impact on the efficiency of the organisation’s internal technology and information services operations; and on his leadership in working with other Australian ports and the Victorian Department of Transport in implementing a system to improve container management in Victoria and throughout the nation. As the General Manager for Technology and Information Services, Jeff has responsibility for managing the delivery of IT services within PoMC. This nomination includes examples of outstanding leadership, and innovative approaches to improving efficiency both internally for PoMC and externally in the cargo supply chain.

Fire Recovery Project Team VicForests

On Saturday 7 February 2009 multiple fires fanned by strong northerly winds spread through significant areas of Victorian forest. These fires have significantly impacted VicForests’ business for a range of reasons. A Fire Recovery project was formed with four subprojects: people, communications, preparing for the salvage program and business planning projects. The 4 Project Leaders have all come from within the ranks of the organisation to achieve common objectives the leadership skills demonstrated by each of them, and the extent of their contribution, deserves to be acknowledged.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the State Government Sector Nominees

Drew Ginn Athlete, Leader Victorian Institute of Sport

Raelene Hobbs Senior Keeper, Herpetofauna Melbourne Zoo Zoos Victoria
Raelene Hobbs is a keeper at Melbourne Zoo’s Reptile House and World of Frogs and is responsible for the captive breeding programs for several of Australia’s most endangered frog species including the critically endangered Corroboree Frog. Raelene joined Zoos Victoria in June 2005, since then she has demonstrated a strong passion and commitment to inspire visitors and staff to take action in conservation initiatives. It is not only her technical skills that have made her an exceptional zookeeper but her positive attitude and innovation that is demonstrated every single day in the workplace.

The Victorian Institute of Sport was set up to assist the development of Victoria’s best athletes. It was established in 1990 by the State Government to be the leading provider of high performance sports programs for talented athletes, enabling them to achieve national and international success. VIS programs provide Victoria’s elite athletes with access to advanced coaching, sport science and sports medicine services, career and education advice, and training and competition support. This support is available through Tier 1 programs, or by offering scholarships directly to individual athletes. Drew Ginn is an exceptional rower and leader who has had a great influence on other athletes and staff at the VIS.

The Green Leader’s Team Sustainability Victoria

Nola Hudson Visitor Experiences Manager, Werribee Open Range Zoo Zoos Victoria
Nola Hudson is a passionate, enthusiastic and talented leader in waiting who is an extremely strong advocate for Werribee Open Range Zoo and Zoos Victoria (ZV). Nola heads up the Admissions team, has acted as Visitor Experience Manager and led a three-campus project initiating a central sales team. Nola has a fine eye for detail while being able to grasp and communicate strategic direction. She is a valued and respected member of the Werribee team and is always looking for opportunities to add value whether that is to her immediate team, the broader Werribee team or Zoos Victoria.

As an organisation Sustainability Victoria demonstrates an ability to ‘Walk the Talk’ through its own operational practices. With a team of 12 passionate GreenLeaders our resource efficiency is not just a matter of good purchasing and infrastructure changes. The team drives positive environmental behaviours through bimonthly campaigns which are fed back to staff, the Executive and even advised to other organisations. We’ve achieved the highest possible standard in energy with a 5 star NABERS rating and continue to find new ways to reduce resource consumption across: waste, water, paper, travel, purchasing and energy. Although engaged in voluntary roll the GreenLeaders continue to create new initiatives across energy, waste, water, paper and purchasing.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the State Government Sector Nominees

Rachel Lowry Community Conservation Manager Zoos Victoria

Linda Sorrell Chief Executive Melbourne Health

Rachel Lowry is the driving force behind Zoos Victoria’s community conservation campaigns. Rachel has developed programs that address serious environmental issues. Her passion for and commitment to conservation knows no boundaries. Whether it’s illegal coltan mining in the Congo, deforestation in Indonesia, the bush meat trade in Zimbabwe or the loss of habitat for native wildlife because of Melbourne’s increasing urbanization, Rachel develops clear and simple programs that empower staff, stakeholders and the community to take action to preserve and protect the natural world.

Upon her appointment to Melbourne Health in 2007, Linda Sorrell became the first female Chief Executive of The Royal Melbourne Hospital in its 160 plus year history. Melbourne Health has steadily improved in many areas since Linda’s appointment including financial performance, patient access, staff morale, recruitment and retention and a strengthening of relationships with both government and the community. A champion of team orientated and inclusive management, underpinned by positive and comprehensive communication and clear vision, Linda is a leader who inspires confidence and evokes a sense of achievement and pride within the organisation. She challenges, supports and motivates staff to be their best and to value their own talents and initiatives.

Jennifer Maciel Senior Clinician Physiotherapist Western Health

Trail of the Elephants Team, Keeping, Melbourne Zoo Zoos Victoria
The Trail of the Elephants Team within Melbourne Zoo has shown exemplary leadership skills in the care of their elephants, the safety of their staff and visitors and the development of innovative training programs for their animals. The team works in a high-risk safety environment yet despite this they have an outstanding safety record. This is due to the culture of open-ness, continual learning and innovation that they practice. The care of their five elephants is outstanding, and has been praised by experts from Berlin to Indonesia, making them regional leaders in the welfare of the endangered Asian elephant. The team also has a strong culture of support for each other, and fosters a work environment where knowledge is continually shared and updated.

Jennifer Maciel joined Western Health in 2001 as a Senior Clinician Physiotherapist. Although she undoubtedly has the ability to “rise higher”, Jen loves to be a clinician and she inspires those around her to love clinical practice. Her commitment to her clients, colleagues and profession has lifted her team to high levels of performance in clinical, teaching and research activities. Her gentle style and infectious enthusiasm have enabled her to introduce new physiotherapist led approaches to patient care with the support of medical staff. She has led change which has produced outstanding outcomes for patients and the organisation.

SACS Awards for Leadership in the State Government Sector Nominees

Threatened Species Unit Healesville Sanctuary Zoos Victoria

The Threatened Species Unit (TSU) at Healesville Sanctuary strives to save critically endangered native wildlife through applied science, creative education opportunities, dedicated community service and innovative conservation activities. The TSU is comprised of a team of highly-skilled captive breeding specialists that have combined creative thinking and knowledge to the development and application of new practices that have resulted in exceedingly successful captive management programs for some of Australia’s most threatened wildlife. This high-energy and tenacious team has succeeded in motivating positive change within the zoo industry and has inspired colleagues, educators and visitors to care and conserve our nation’s natural heritage.