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Exploring the Solar System by hcj


									You don’t need to be Indiana Jones to discover the wonders of ancient civilizations at the library. You just need the following clues (and your librarian) to help locate treasure hordes of information about people and places from long, long ago.

Archeology Much of what we know about the ancient world comes from research done by archeologists who study the remains of long gone cultures. Books about the work of archeologists and their findings can usually be found at 930.

Finding Ancient History in the Catalog When using the catalog first try the name of the culture as a subject or keyword search.

What is an Ancient Civilization? Ancient history is generally considered to be world events prior to 499 C.E. or A.D. Older sources use A.D. to identify years marked by the Western calendar we use, while newer sources use C.E. Both abbreviations mean the same year.

Encyclopedias A good place to start your journey is to check in an Encyclopedia. Look up the civilization under its name (e.g. Rome) or look under the modern name to see if there is a section on that country’s ancient history (e.g.: Italy).

Famous People Start checking your library’s Biography Section under the name of the person you are interested in using what may appear as a first name initially. Most of the important people in ancient history had only one name or their second name wasn’t a family (or last) name, as we understand it today. Then check by the second name. If you still can’t find that person ask your librarian for help.

Finding Ancient Cultures.... on the Shelves Most ancient cultures have a unique Dewey number assigned to them. Some of the better known ancient cultures are: China at 931, Egypt at 932, India at 934, Mesopotamia at 935, Rome at 937, Greece at 938, the Incas at 985 the Aztecs and the Mayas at 972. Don’t forget to also check the Reference shelves under these numbers for more books. Books about other aspects of ancient cultures such as Mummies (393), mythology (292 and other numbers), art (732 and other numbers), architecture (722), science (509) and other specific topics are often found under the Dewey numbers for that subject. Check with your librarian if you need extra help finding these.

Having trouble finding exactly what you need? Need help finding some sources to help you? Can’t find information on a topic you have chosen? Who are you going to call? Your Librarian!

Need more information? Your librarian can help you find reliable websites, as well as articles in magazines and newspapers. Your librarian is only a phone call or e-mail away! Highland Regional Library Cooperative Youth Services Committee

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