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Friday, August 27, 2004                                         Published for the Department of Defense and the Fort Gordon community                                                         Vol. 24, No. 34

                                                                                                                                        Answering the
Trash pickup
  The schedule for bulk
                                                                                                                                        (re)call to duty
                                                                                                                                        Sgt. Sam Smith                       knows where’ was really de-
trash pickup has been
changed. Bulk trash                                                                                                                     Staff writer                         pressing.”
pickup in all housing
                                                                                                                                                                                Anderson had problems
areas is now the first and
                                                                                                                                            Some of the 5,600 Soldiers       with his security clearance and
third Thursday of each                                                                                                                  on individual ready reserve re-      physical, and he said he’s
month.                                                                                                                                  cently reported to Fort Gordon       shocked he ever got recalled.
                                                                                                                                        when they were reactivated to        Now he’s facing his third de-
                                                                                                                                        support Operations Iraqi and         ployment, having already
CFC kickoff                                                                                                                             Enduring Freedom.                    served as a backfill in the first
  The 2004 Combined                                                                                                                         Signal officers Lt. Col. Ri-     Gulf War and in the Balkans for
Federal Campaign kickoff                                                                                                                chard Anderson, Chief Warrant        nine months in Operation Joint
is 2 p.m. Wednesday in                                                                                                                  Officer Mark Tanin, and Maj.         Guard, which he says taxed his
Alexander Hall. There will                                                                                                              Tom Topinka are three of the         relationship with his wife, chil-
be entertainment by the                                                                                                                 Soldiers recalled.                   dren and employer.
Signal band, door prizes                                                                                                                    The trio said they were a bit       “Even still, with the support
and refreshments.                                                                                                                       shocked when they learned            of my wife, family and friends,
                                                                                                                                        they were being activated.           I’m happy to serve,” Anderson
 For information about                                                                                                                      Anderson, the Environmen-        said. “Being a citizen Soldier is
CFC, call Pat Camacho                                                                                                                   tal Safety Manager for Trident       one of my proudest accom-
at 791-2012.                                                                                                                            Technical College in Charles-        plishments in my life because
                                                                                                                                        ton, S.C., said he and his wife      balancing civilian, military, and
Life insurance                                                                                                                          had just returned from a week’s      family concerns is not for the
elections                                                                                                                               vacation in Virginia, where they     weak at heart.”
                                                                                                                                        celebrated their 25th wedding           Tanin, a consultant for
 The Federal Employees’                                                                                                                 anniversary.                         Microsoft, served 11 years in
Group Life Insurance                                                                                                                        As he went through the           the Army Reserves and the Wis-
Program, celebrating the                                                                                                                backlog of mail that accumu-         consin National Guard. Early in
50th anniverary of the                                                                                                                  lated while they were gone, he       2001, he separated to pursue
FEGLI program, is                                                                                                                       put the letter from Western          his civilian career and spend
conducting an Open                                                                                       Photo by Spc. Nicole Robus
                                                                                                                                        Union on the pile of credit card     more time with his wife and
Season from Sept. 1 to
                                Gordon gets new Garrison commander                                                                      applications to be shredded. At      three kids.
                                                                                                                                        a closer glance, he opened the          He was living in a suburb of
                                Maj. Gen. Janet Hicks, U.S. Army Signal Center and Fort Gordon commanding                               letter and there were his mobi-      Madison, Wisc., when he re-
 The effective date of
                                general, passes the colors to Col. Karen Adams, incoming Garrison commander.                            lization orders.                     ceived the Western Union tele-
coverage is delayed until
                                Adams assumed command as Col. Robert Henderson, outgoing Garrison                                           “I was shocked but not un-       gram recalling him for duty. He
the first day of the first
pay period that begins on       commander, relinquished command in a change of command ceremony Thursday                                happy with it (be)cause I have       says the initial shock gave way
or after Sept. 1, 2005.         at Signal Towers. Adams most recently served as chief of the Training and Mission                       always been ready to help            to denial, then an uneasy ac-
                                Support Branch, Operations Division, Installation Management Agency in                                  when they needed me,” Ander-         ceptance.
 Election of coverage           Washington. Henderson leaves Fort Gordon after three years for the Pentagon.                            son said in an e-mail, “but the
must be completed                                                                                                                       18 month deployment to ‘God                     See IRR, page 11
through the Army Ben-
efits Center; no paper
election will be accepted.
 For information, contact
Karen Ellis at 791-4179.
                             New restaurant offers ‘sneak peak’
                             Denise Allen                                project including the garrison spear-
Employment                                                               headed by Col. Robert Henderson, the
                             Signal staff
classes                                                                  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S.
                                With its green roof and brick con-       Army Community and Family Support
 Due to the Labor Day        struction, the Huddle House on Avenue       Center and the private sector with Pa-
Holiday, “Tools of Em-                                                   triot Foods and its partners, Richard
                             of the States may look like any other
ployment” will be held in                                                Leonard and Jim Hall.
                             restaurant of its type; however, there’s
Darling Hall, Room 229-                                                      The process of the public-private
                             something special about the one on post.
C, from 9-11 a.m. Mon-
                                “They have set the precedence here       venture was streamlined going from a
day and Sept. 8.
                             with this project,” said Shirley Lovgren,   12 step system to only four.
 Resumix Training will be    chief of asset management office, non-          “We’re hoping a lot of other installa-
held in Darling Hall,        appropriated funds construction direc-      tions will follow suit,” Lovgren said.
Room 229-C, from 1- 3        torate, U.S. Army Community and                 The Huddle House is slated to open
p.m. Tuesday.                Family Support Center, who was at Fort      Sept. 5 with a grand opening on Sept.
 To register call Army       Gordon Aug. 20 for the ribbon cutting       10.
Community Services at        of the public-private venture.                  Hicks said the opening of the Huddle
791-3579.                       “It was the quickest from concept        House is on a lot of people’s minds.
                             to opening,” she said.                      She said she often gets stopped at the
                                In her remarks at the ribbon cutting     gym or in the ladies’ room and asked
Rodeo coming                 ceremony, Maj. Gen. Janet A. Hicks,         about the restaurant.
 The Professional Cow-       U.S. Army Signal Center and Fort Gor-           “I hope this is the first of many suc-
boy Association is           don commanding general, jokingly said       cessful ventures,” she said.
holding a rodeo from 8-      that it usually takes about 17 years to         Leonard with Patriot Foods said
10:30 p.m. Sept. 10-11       get a public-private venture off the        much of the credit for the restaurant’s
at Barton Field.             ground.                                     opening went to Henderson.
                                                                             “I’m not sure this project would have                                                                       Photo by Denise Allen
                                Lovgren said it’s not quite that long
 The rodeo features          and depends on the project, but some        happened” without him, Leonard said.           Col. Robert Henderson, who transferred command of the garrison
bareback riding, roping,     take four to five years or longer.              Leonard and his partner, Hall, said they   Thursday, samples the fare at the Huddle House’s ribbon cutting.
steer wrestling, saddle         The Fort Gordon Huddle House only        were looking forward to a long-term re-        Henderson was a driving force behind the public-private venture.
bronc riding and more.       took a total of about 18 months, bring-     lationship with Fort Gordon and were           Officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the restaurant Friday. The
 Advance tickets cost        ing together several groups on the          glad to be a part of the community.            restaurant should open to the public Friday.
$10 for adults, $5 for
children 10 and younger.
Tickets available at area
Papa John’s locations,
Fort Gordon Federal
                             Judge addresses equality day breakfast crowd
Credit Union and Gordon                                         court, and one of two women                                             many of us to where we are           ter and Fort Gordon com-
                             Steve Brady
                                                                on the 12-person bench.                                                 today,” Miller said.                 manding general, being the
 For information, call
                             Signal editor
                                                                   During her speech, Miller              Women’s Equality                 But women still have work         first woman to command the
791-6779 or go to               Thursday marked the 84th        recounted some of the                        Day facts                  ahead of them.                       Signal Corps, women in the          anniversary of the 19th Amend-     women who claimed firsts                                                   “What women need to do is         military face similar chal-
                                                                                                               On June 11, 1970, Col.
                             ment to the U.S. Constitution,     for women, including Sandra                                             to continue to persevere and         lenges as those in the civilian
                                                                                                         Anna Mae Hays, chief,
Welcome coffee               which gave women the right         Day O’Connor, the first                  Army Nurse Corps, was          not be dismayed. We still have       sector.
                             to vote.                           woman appointed to the U.S.              promoted, becoming the         work to be done,” she said.             “I’m in a male-dominated
  The Eisenhower Army           To mark the occasion, the       Supreme Court (1981), and                first female Army general         “Get a good education, get        professional capacity, and
Medical Center Health        Equal Employment Opportu-          Ella Grasso, the first woman             officer                        (your) credentials. Get pre-         women in the military are very
Services Auxiliary is        nity office hosted guest speaker   elected state governor (1974                    There are 11 female     pared and make certain               much so, too. I really have a
having a Welcome Coffee      M. Yvette Miller, Georgia Court    – Connecticut).                          generals in the Army           (you’re) ready to… be el-            lot of empathy, and support
from 10 a.m.-noon Sept.      of Appeals judge, Wednesday           “We women have a wonder-                     There are currently     evated to a higher office,”          frankly, for women in the mili-
10 at 6 Boardman Lake.       at the Gordon Club. Miller is      ful legacy and we have many              approximately two million      Miller said.                         tary.
 RSVP to Lauren Parker       the first African American         trailblazers to thank for their          women veterans                    Despite Maj. Gen. Janet
at 922-9993.                 woman to be seated in the          efforts that have really brought                                        Hicks, U.S. Army Signal Cen-                  See Judge, page 11

                                                                Visit The Signal Online at
2 • August 27, 2004 • The Signal

    73rd Ordnance Battalion
           names its
Iron Soldiers
Spc. Nicole Robus                   The winners, Pfc. Stacy
Signal military editor           Cozine and Pfc. Robert Ander-
                                 son, both from 2nd Platoon,
   Company B, 73rd Ordnance received an Army Achievement
Battalion, held its Iron Ord- Medal, Iron Mike Trophy, Ord-
nance Soldier competition July nance Medal, one-year mem-
26-30.                           bership in the Ordnance Corp
   It is an event that empha- Association, $75 prize packet
sizes “warrior ethos,’ while and a $50 savings bond.
enhancing the morale, espirit de    First runners-up, Pvt. Rob-
corp, and cohesion within the ert Bingham, 3rd platoon; and
unit.                            Pvt. Elisha Harmon, 1st pla-
                                              toon, received a
                                              Certificate of
                                              Ordnance Medal                                                        Courtesy photos
                                              and a $75 prize           A 73rd Ordnance Battalion Soldier competes in the road
                                              packet.                   march portion of the Iron Ordnance competition.
                                                 Second run-
                                              ner-up, Spc. An-
                                              thony Makridis               Each platoon drill sergeant
                                              from 1st platoon,         selects one highly motivated,
                                              received a Certifi-       dedicated male and female Sol-
                                              cate of Achieve-          dier from their platoon.
                                              ment, Ordnance               Soldiers are trained for six
                                              Medal and a $50           weeks at platoon level in prepa-
                                              prize packet.             ration for the competition.
                                                 The desired re-           The seventh week of the
                                              sult is to chal-          competition is proclaimed Iron
                                              lenge Soldier’s           Ordnance Soldier Week.
                                              mental and physi-            “The event was a great
                                              cal toughness in          way to work towards a short
                                              four tasks; the           term goal; becoming a better
                                              army physical fit-        Soldier,” said Staff Sgt. Kim-
                                              ness test, a six-         berly Thompson, a drill ser-
                                              mile road march,          geant with Company B, 73rd
                                              common task               Ord. Bn. “The competition
                                              testing and a for-        drove the Soldiers to exceed
Common task testing was part of the           mal board pro-            the standards both physically
competition.                                  ceeding.                  and mentally,”

Plasma needed to develop
new anthrax defense
Jim Garamone                        to defend themselves from in-           The program began Aug. 11
American Forces Press Service       fection.” From that plasma,         at Fort Campbell, Ky. DoD
                                    CDC can derive the medication       plans to add other sites in the
    WASHINGTON – A new              to treat severe cases of anthrax.   future, based on the need and
program started Aug. 11 to de-          The CDC wants to make           the number of available volun-
velop a new defense against         enough anthrax immune globu-        teers.
anthrax will depend on              lin to protect between 5,000            Servicemembers who re-
servicemembers’ donated             and 10,000 people. They could       ceived anthrax vaccination No.
plasma to be most effective.        be anybody in the country, ci-      4 or higher are eligible to par-
    The greatest number of the      vilian or military, Grabenstein     ticipate. There are six shots in
1.2 million people vaccinated       said. The globulin will go into     the anthrax series. There’s a
against anthrax – a deadly dis-     the CDC’s strategic national        narrow window when they can
ease that can be used in bio-       stockpile, a collection of emer-    begin to donate – between 10
logical warfare – is in the mili-   gency supplies for mass-casu-       and 21 days after that vaccina-
tary. Their blood plasma – the      alty events.                        tion. “That’s when their anti-
straw-colored fluid part of the         He said CDC “will need a        body levels are the highest and
blood – can be used to make a       good number of volunteers” to       the CDC would get the most
new medication called anthrax       reach this goal.                    yield from the plasma,”
immune globulin, said Army              And he does mean volun-         Grabenstein said.
Col. John Grabenstein, the          teers. No one will order any-           A civilian collection center in
deputy director of the Military     one to participate.                 Clarksville, Tenn., will gather
Vaccine Agency, in a telephone          “It’s entirely up to the        the plasma and turn it over to
interview.                          troops, but they need to know       the CDC.
    Unlike a vaccine that pre-      what’s in their blood might help        Grabenstein said the process
vents disease, the anthrax im-      other people,” he emphasized.       is just like giving blood, “ex-
mune globulin will be used to       “Troops who receive anthrax         cept you get the cells back.”
treat “people who develop a         vaccine have very valuable an-          During the process the blood
severe anthrax infection,”          tibodies in their blood stream      flows from the donor through
Grabenstein noted. They would       that could help others, as well     a needle to a collection cham-
receive the globulin along with     as themselves. By donating          ber. In that chamber, a spinning
antibiotics “to give anthrax- in-   plasma, these troops would be       centrifuge separates plasma
fected patients their best          sharing the protection they         from blood cells. The plasma
chance for survival.”               carry around inside them, so        is kept, and the blood cells go
    The Centers for Disease         that an anthrax-infected patient    back into the donor’s blood-
Control and Prevention is in        would have a better chance at       stream. The process takes
charge of the program. The          surviving the infection.”           about an hour and a half.
CDC, part of the U.S. Health
and Human Services Depart-
ment, is the lead federal agency
in protecting people’s health
and safety. DoD responded to
HHS’ call for assistance by
agreeing to distribute informa-
tion to servicemembers.
    “The plasma part of the
blood has a lot of antibodies in
it,” Grabenstein said. “Antibod-
ies are proteins that people use
                                                                                                                                      The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 3

                                                                                                              Photo by Denise Allen
From left Kyle, Gail and Tom Fitzpatrick cut a cake celebrating the Defense Commissary Agency
Scholarship that Kyle received at the Community Information Briefing on Wednesday at the Gordon Club.
The cake was baked in the commissary bakery. The scholarship award was one of several items on the
agenda at the monthly Community Information Briefing.

Scholarships handed out during community
information briefing at the Gordon Club
Denise Allen                        Panula could not attend       Fort Gordon commanding              Scholarship recipients were
Signal staff                     because she is enrolled at the   general, presented Fitzpatrick   judged on their grade point
                                 University of Minnesota at       with a certificate               average, their community
   Kyle Fitzpatrick and          Duluth, where she will major        Hicks said she often          involvement and on a short
Kristen Panula were among        in biology.                      wondered how military life       essay in which they wrote
the record number of military       Fitzpatrick, a May gradu-     affects children since she       about how being a military
dependents applying for          ate of Westside High School      came from a family that          dependent affected their goals.
scholarships this year through   and son of Gail and Tom          stayed for generations in the       Also at Wednesday’s CIB,
the Defense Commissary           Fitzpatrick, plans to attend     same place.                      the top three in the recycling
Agency.                          Georgia State University and        “I look at what military      buy back program were
   On Aug. 18, the two were      major in film and video.         children are achieving and       awarded cash prizes. U.S.
honored at the Community            “I want to thank everyone     what military children are,”     Army Garrison recycled 8,552
Information Briefing at the      for making this scholarship      she said. “They end up           pounds of materials and
Gordon Club, as being among      possible,” said Fitzpatrick.     fabulous. They end up            received a $500 first place
the 500 chosen from 7,000 to        Maj. Gen. Janet A. Hicks,     thinking on their feet. They     check; the 369th Signal
receive $1,500 awards.           U. S. Army Signal Center and     end up being able to cope.”      Battalion was second with
                                                                                                   7,953 pounds and received a
                                                                                                   $300 check; and the Military
                                                                                                   Police Activity came in third,
                                                                                                   recycling 3,756 pounds of
                                                                                                   materials for a $200 award.

                                                                     Photo by Spc. Nicole Robus
   Big java
   Customers line up for a cup of coffee at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center
   Starbucks. The outlet, licensed by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, has
   the highest sales of all Starbucks in the AAFES southeast region, selling about
   $30,000 of coffee and food each month.
4 • August 27, 2004 • The Signal

U.S.-Iraq women’s network
prepares for Iraqi elections
David Shelby                           volved in politics?’” she said.       pened to the cause of women         but said that the group is now
U.S. Embassy Islamabad                 “And there was this sense of          in Iraq,” Dickow said. “When        quite active, having formed an
                                       ‘Oh, these are doctors, lawyers       you look at the way the Iraqi       NGO and currently seeking
   Washington – With Iraqi                                                                                       funding for a women’s center
                                       and engineers.’”                      women mobilized, they have
national elections expected in                                               really grasped onto the concept     and skills training projects.
                                           Dickow explained that
January 2005, the U.S.-Iraq                                                  of representative democracy             Dickow said that the great-
                                       women largely had been ex-
Women’s Network is seeking                                                                                       est need now is in training. “We
                                       cluded from the political process.    and grassroots politics better
to encourage Iraqi women to                                                  than anyone else inside the         don’t need to convince them any
                                       “Unless you were a relatively
participate in their country’s                                               country. They got together.         more of how this is their time.
                                       rare chemical and germ warfare
political life and define their role                                                                             They know it. They just need
                                       specialist, your options in Iraq      They signed petitions. They
in a democratic Iraq.                                                        peacefully demonstrated. They       the tools to get there,” she said.
                                       were relatively limited,” she said.
   In a briefing to inform rep-                                              demanded time with the Iraqi            The speakers mentioned ini-
                                           “Getting them to understand
resentatives of non-govern-                                                                                      tiatives that are already under
                                       that this was their time was          Governing Council and they
mental organizations about the                                               got it. And they spoke their        way, including the development
                                       probably the hardest job of all
project opportunities available                                              mind. And they succeeded in         of women’s centers and
                                       at the beginning,” said Dickow.
under the Iraqi Women’s De-                                                                                      women’s caucuses, as well as
                                           She observed, however, that       repealing resolution 137.”
mocracy Initiative, members                                                     “That is an extraordinarily      training in advocacy, campaign-
                                       the Iraqi Governing Council’s
and associates of the Women’s                                                tremendous achievement,” she        ing and journalism skills.
                                       adoption of Resolution 137
Network spoke of the progress                                                                                        Sauerbrey noted, however,
                                       served to galvanize the Iraqi         said.
that has been made and the                                                      USAID representative             that there is more work to be
                                       women, and their successful
challenges that lie ahead.                                                   Allyson Stroschein echoed           done as elections in post-con-
                                       campaign against it gave them a
   Ellen Sauerbrey, U.S. Rep-                                                                                    flict situations are subject to de-
                                       sense of what they could achieve.     Dickow’s observations, saying,
resentative to the U.N. Com-                                                 “There’s been an amazing            stabilizing forces.
                                           Resolution 137 transferred
mission on the Status of                                                     transformation among women              She said that the commit-
                                       family law matters from civil
Women, told the audience that                                                                                    ment to democracy in such
“our priority now is not the tem-                                                                                situations is often fragile with
porary transition but it is en-                                                                                  some political players intent on
suring that we have elections                                                                                    subverting the process, while
that will form an Iraqi govern-                                                                                  voters may harbor doubts
ment that has unquestioned le-                                                                                   about the value of the elections.
gitimacy in the eyes of the                                                                                          Sauerbrey also noted the po-
people of Iraq.”                                                                                                 tential for intimidation, fraud
   “And it’s also ensuring that                                                                                  and boycotts, as well as out-
women have an equal oppor-                                                                                       right refusals on the part of
tunity to participate fully in the                                                                               some players to accept the re-
election process as candidates,                                                                                  sults at the ballot box.
not to be resisted or intimidated                                                                                    Nevertheless, Sauerbrey
when they seek political of-                                                                                     spoke of a recent meeting with
fice,” she added.                                                                                                a delegation of Iraqi women at
   Several speakers spoke of                                                                                     the United Nations and said,
the progress that has been                                                                                       “What I came away with was
made in preparing women to                                                                                       the excitement, the recognition
assume a more active role in                                                                                     of the future that is there for
the political process and out-                                                                                   the taking and the commitment
lined numerous initiatives that
are currently in place.
   The CPA’s Joanne Dickow,
                                                Women’s Equality Day                                             that I heard from these women
                                                                                                                 that they are going to build a
                                                                                                                 true democracy in Iraq.”
who began working with Iraqi
women in April 2003, recalled
                                                                 Aug. 26, 2004                                       The U.S.-Iraq Women’s
                                                                                                                 Network is helping to admin-
the timid response she received                                                                                  ister the Iraqi Women’s De-
                                       administration to religious           in Iraq and their confidence
from those women in the early                                                                                    mocracy Initiative, announced
                                       Sharia law in December 2003           level in themselves to get in-
days after the fall of Saddam                                                                                    by Secretary of State Colin
                                       but, under intense pressure and       volved and to change the situ-
Hussein’s Ba’athist regime.                                                                                      Powell on March 8. This ini-
                                       lobbying from women’s rights          ation that they’re in.”
   “There was this incredible                                                                                    tiative allocates $10 million to
                                       groups, the council subse-               Stroschein spoke of a
sense by the Iraqi women of                                                                                      projects aimed at strengthening
                                       quently repealed the resolution.      women’s group in Tikrit that be-
‘Oh my goodness, what do you                                                                                     the democratic skills and prac-
                                          “It ended up being the best        gan meeting in secret for fear of
mean we are going to get in-                                                                                     tices of Iraqi women.
                                       thing that could have ever hap-       a lack of community support,
                                                                                                                                                                           The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 5

                                                                                                               Information, Opinions, and Commentary

Bush declares Thursday Equality Day                                                                                                                                             Feedback
                                                                                                                                                                                  Pfc. Armando Monroig
President George W. Bush                Convention in 1848, women’s                  Women’s accomplishments in                 honor the achievements of women
                                        suffrage supporters lectured,                education, business, science, art,         who have charted the path to                     Will the U.S. ever
   The 19th Amendment to the            wrote, marched, and lobbied for              medicine, athletics, and every             equal opportunity.
Constitution, ratified on August        enfranchisement of American                  other field have made America                 NOW, THEREFORE, I,                             elect a female
26, 1920, guaranteed the right to       women. Susan B. Anthony,                     better and stronger. The courage           GEORGE W. BUSH, President of
vote for American women.                Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and                  and determination of American              the United States of America, by                    president?
   Women’s Equality Day com-            Lucretia Mott led this movement              women are exemplified in the               virtue of the authority vested in
memorates this constitutional           and advocated an amendment to                personnel serving in our Armed             me by the Constitution and laws
amendment and is an opportunity         the Constitution that would                  Forces. Women across America               of the United States, do hereby
for citizens across our country to      guarantee women the right to                 are also helping to secure our             proclaim August 26, as Women’s
honor those who took part in the        vote. Through their vision and               country by serving as police               Equality Day. I call upon the
long and difficult struggle for         dedication, these women advanced             officers, firefighters, doctors,           people of the United States to
women’s suffrage, as well those         the fight for equal rights.                  nurses, paramedics, and first-             observe this day with appropriate
since 1920 who have continued to           Today, American women are                 responders.                                programs and activities.
fight for equal rights for women.       making a difference in their                    Americans believe in opportu-              (From Bush’s 2003 proclama-
   Beginning with the Seneca Falls      communities and workplaces.                  nity for all and -on this day, we          tion.)

Plastic surgery no luxury for most Soldiers                                                                                                                                     Yes. We'll definetely have a
                                                                                                                                                                                female president. I'm predict-
Michael Dukes                                                                                           support of the Breast Center and of cleft lip,                          ing probably the year 2012.
Army News Service                                                                                       cleft pallet and cancer surgery in general,” he                         We're more ready today than
                                                         “In addition, we operate                       said.                                                                   we've ever been
   WASHINGTON – The Army is not offering                                                                    “We’ve been in a little bit of a squeeze and                                    1st Lt. Roy Davis
free face-lifts, tummy tucks and breast                  on children with congeni-                      our ability to do cosmetic surgery has been                                              C Company,
                                                                                                                                                                                     442nd Signal Battalion
enhancements to everyone in uniform, medical
officials said, adding that recent articles in
                                                         tal defects like cleft lip,                    compromised a certain bit. But, we’re still
                                                                                                        offering most every service we’ve always
national publications may be misleading.
   “The spectrum of plastic surgery most
                                                         cleft palate and other de-                     offered – certainly the waiting times have
                                                                                                        increased though,” he added.
people see are the shows on TV, extreme                  fects to the head and                             Walter Reed plastic surgeons also find time
makeover shows, and they think that’s plastic                                                           for research.
surgery,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Kolb, Walter              neck.”                                            “We are on a (Food and Drug Administra-
Reed Army Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery                                                              tion) protocol for using silicone-gel implants
Service chief. “We are primarily a reconstruc-                     Lt. Col. Joseph Kolb, Walter Reed for breast reconstructive work,” Kolb said
tive service.”                                                 Army Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery       This allows doctors in the Walter Reed
   Less than 20 percent of the plastic surgery                                            Service chief Comprehensive Breast Center to send their
cases at Walter Reed are for elective cosmetic                                                          breast cancer patients to plastic surgery for a
procedures, Kolb said.                                    Those are always very difficult to do         consult for breast implantation.
   The entire Army has only about a dozen              because of the complexity,” he added.               To help maintain the surgeons’ skills in all
plastic surgeons, Kolb said, adding that plastic          “There are some injuries where you’re never areas of plastic surgery, Kolb said services
surgery is far from a luxury service offered to        going to make a person look normal again. And are sometimes provided in other areas.                                    At this time no. The presi-
military beneficiaries.                                unfortunately, some of the injuries we’ve seen      Walter Reed gets thousands of plastic                               dent has to be commander-
   “The Army keeps us around for reconstruc-           (from Iraq) are in that category. But we make    surgery consults for beneficiaries wanting                             in-chief of all services and a
tive procedures,” Kolb said.                           them function, obviously saving the patient’s    some type of cosmetic surgery.                                         female doesn't have the
   “In addition, we operate on children with           life is important. Functional considerations are    “The demand is tremendous and we don’t                              background or qualifications
congenital defects like cleft lip, cleft palate and    much more important than cosmetic,” Kolb         have the OR time to devote to all of them,” he                         for this job.
other defects to the head and neck,” added Kolb.       explained.                                       said.                                                                                   Jim Jaworski
   Kolb said Walter Reed’s four plastic sur-              “Luckily, we’ve had some good results with       “Because of that, I personally have to go                                    retired Army veteran
geons are very intimately and actively involved        the reconstruction, and I think it will return   through all of the consults, that go to the
in treating wounded from the war in Iraq.              people to certain levels of duty in some cases,” service, and prioritize them,” he added.
   One, Lt. Col. Andrew Friedman, is currently         he added.                                           Kids and patients with cancer who need
deployed to Iraq as a general surgeon. “He ends           “The spectrum of plastic surgery goes from reconstructive surgery come first.
up doing a lot of acute hand injuries over there.”     the very simple, purely cosmetic things up to       Because of Walter Reed’s vast expertise in
   “Hand function is really very dependent on the      the very complex micro-vascular surgery,”        plastic surgery, medical students from the
timeliness of repair,” Kolb explained. “So having      Kolb said.                                       Uniformed Services University of Health
a hand surgeon in Iraq can make a difference in           Using micro-vascular techniques, surgeons     Sciences come to the hospital’s Plastic
having a functional hand after an injury, and not      can move a piece of tissue with its artery and   Surgery Service to conduct research.
having a functional hand. It’s that important.”        vein to another part of a patient’s body and        The service also offers a unique opportu-
   “We also have nasal reconstruction patients         hook into a different artery and vein.           nity for the USUHS residents.
– people who have part or all of their nose               This is something Walter Reed plastic            “We’re also restarting humanitarian trips
blown away,” he said.                                  surgeons perform regularly.                      down to Central and South America in fiscal
   “And we’ve all been involved in some very              Despite supporting deployments and spend- year ’05,” Kolb said.
difficult head and neck traumas with Iraq              ing long hours in the operating room to treat       (Dukes writes for the Stripe newspaper at                            No because I think they're
going on.                                              the war wounded, “We have maintained our         Walter Reed Army Medical Center.)                                       afraid of them. I feel they
                                                                                                                                                                                should give them a chance.
                                                                                                                                                                                If they're qualified and they
                                                                                                                                                                                can do the job – there should
                                                                                                                                                                                be no difference
  Private Murphy                                        By Mark Baker
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Master Sgt.
                                                                                                                                                                                           William Williams,
                                                                                                                                                                                        359th Signal Brigade
                    ‘Claymore’                                  ‘Yes Sir, Mr. Clean’                                     ‘Open door policy’

                                                                                                                                                                                Yes. Probably 2008. Hillary
                                                                                                                                                                                Clinton – I would vote for her.
                                                                                                                                                                                I think she should have run
                                                                                                                                                                                this year.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Spc. Lakeisha Adams
                                                                                                                                                                                                  116th Military
                                                                                                                                                                                           Intelligence Group

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6 • August 27, 2004 • The Signal

                                                                                                         Photo by Sgt. Dan Purcell
Soldiers and their vehicles assemble along a main route in Sadr City, prior to moving out toward their first objective
during Operation Iron Fury. Iron Horse Brigade Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division have spent the past week in an
operation to root out radical “Mahdi Army” forces terrorizing the eastern Baghdad district.

‘Iron Fury’ pushing
insurgents out of Sadr
Sgt. Dan Purcell and              abiding citizens (of Sadr City)
Pfc. Erik Ledrew                  to know that we are here and
Army News Service                 that we will do what it takes to
                                  support a legitimate govern-
   BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iron           ment so that all Iraqis can live
Horse Brigade Soldiers of the     a normal life.”
1st Cavalry Division have            During the initial phase of
spent the past week in an         the operation, Soldiers from
operation to root out radical     2-5 Cavalry pushed into the
“Mahdi Army” forces               center of the city to secure
terrorizing the eastern           their company’s objectives.
Baghdad district known as            Capitalizing on the
Sadr City.                        brigade’s foothold in the city,
   Operation Iron Fury began      1-12 and 2-8 Cavalry com-
Aug. 17 and officials called it   menced their respective
an “all-out effort” to stop       attacks the following day.                                            Photo by Pfc. Erik LeDrew
violence in the Baghdad area         “This is the largest            Sgt. Eloy Garza, an Infantryman with White Platoon,
by militia headed up by Shiite    operation I’ve been on,” said      “Comanche” Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment,
cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.           Spc. Thomas Jeffcoat,              keeps watch over a street in Sadr City.
   Since insurgents launched      Headquarters Company
a wave of violence in Sadr        (Maverick), 1-12 Cav. “We          line troops moving, Iron
City Aug. 5, shops and            should have done this a long       Horse Brigade’s forward
government offices have           time ago, because the Mahdi        support elements gathered at
been closed in the heavily        Army has just been running         a location several kilometers
populated area. U.S. Army-        wild out here.”                    from the fighting. These
sponsored humanitarian               “This is my first time out      elements included Company
missions there also came to a     here in Sadr City, and it’s a      C, 115th Forward Support
standstill.                       lot different from (1-12           Battalion, a team of medics
   “The objective of Opera-       Cav.’s) regular area of            from 1-12 Cav., and two
tion Iron Fury was to reduce      operations: There’s more           Civil Affairs teams from the
the Mahdi Army’s influence        activity, more improvised          478th Civil Affairs Battalion.
in Sadr City and provide a        explosive devices, and                 “This is a full-spectrum
secure and stable environ-        rocket-propelled grenades,”        operation so we are staying
ment for the people,” said        Spc. James Garcia, Head-           focused,” Battle said. “This is
Capt. Anthony Martinez, the       quarters Company, 1-12             the first time we have
public affairs representative     Cav., added.                       conducted an operation of
for 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry       By day three of Iron Fury,      this scale here, but it needed
Regiment, 1st Brigade             the 1st BCT had exceeded its       to happen and it’s paying big
Combat Team. 2-5 Cavalry          initial expectations for the       dividends.”
Soldiers spearheaded a task       mission, pushing blocks past           “I think that when this is
force which included ele-         their planned objectives           all over we will get a lot of
ments of the 1st Battalion,       despite mounting opposition        thumbs up from the civilian
12th Cavalry Regiment and         from the insurgent forces.         population,” he added. “The
the 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry       ”The operation is going         key thing here is we are
Regiment – both from the          exceptionally well,” said          bringing peace (back) to Sadr
Iron Horse Brigade.               Battle. “The tempo has been        City, so that the people won’t
   “This operation is a com-      very high and I have been          be afraid to walk down their
bined effort conducted by the     very impressed with the way        streets.”
1st Brigade,” said Command        the Soldiers have conducted            (Purcell and Ledrew are
Sgt. Maj. Donald Battle, 1-12     themselves.”                       members of the 122nd Mobile
Cavalry. “We want the law            In order to keep the front-     Public Affairs Detachment.)
                                                                                                                                                                 The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 7

25th Infantry Division goes modular BCT(UA) at Fort                                                                                        joint and expeditionary         said Lt. Col. Christopher
Staff Sgt. Bradley Rhen             Richardson will have an                                                                                capabilities that meet the      Rodney, a Pentagon Army
Army News Service                   airborne capability for                                                                                future demands of the           spokesman. “This is a
                                    forced entry operations.                                                                               combatant commanders, the       major change in the
   SCHOFIELD BAR-                      Those locations could                                                                               release continued.              command and control
RACKS, Hawaii –                     change, however, with a                                                                                   The locations of the new     piece for our Army.”
   As part of the Army’s            Base Realignment and                                                                                   BCT(UA)s were selected             The BCT(UA)s are
ongoing transformation, a           Closure analysis due in                                                                                based on existing capacities,   designed to operate indepen-
total of six brigades, includ-      2005.                                                                                                  available training space and    dently and will in most
ing two Stryker Brigade                Growth in the number of                                                                             current locations of similar    cases report to the base
Combat Teams, will form             Army modular brigades will                                                                             units. The Army will revisit    commander until they are
over the next three years           include 1st Brigade at Fort                                                                            the locations of these units    deployed, Rodney added.
under the 25th Division             Lewis, Wash., the Army’s                                                                               during the BRAC process.           On Jan. 30, 2004,
(Light) patch pending future        second Stryker Brigade                                                                                    The new modular forces       Secretary of Defense
decisions on unit designa-          Combat Team; 2nd Brigade                                                                               will be capable of operating    Donald Rumsfeld approved
tions.                              at Schofield Barracks,                                                                                 across the entire range of      increasing the number of
   Contrary to a recent             which will convert to an                                                                               military operations. As part    active modular BCT(UA)s
Army Times article, 3,600           SBCT by 2007; and 3rd                                                                                  of Army transformation,         from 33 to 43 between FY
additional Soldiers will not        Brigade at Schofield Bar-                                                                              capabilities previously found   04-06.
                                                                                                            Photo by Spc. Stephanie Carl   within the divisions and
be stationed at Schofield           racks, which will convert to                                                                                                              In accordance with the
Barracks. Instead, three            a BCT(UA) in fiscal year            Third Brigade Combat Team Soldiers dismount                        corps will be shifted to the    Army Campaign Plan, the
brigade combat team units           2006.                               from their HMMWV to inspect a possible IED during                  BCT(UA). These new              Army began converting to
of action will be formed               The U.S. Army Center of          an exercise in January. The 3rd Brigade is                         brigades are the first          modular designs this year
under the Tropic Lightning          Military History is currently       expected to transform into a unit of action in                     conversions in Army             with three new BCT(UA)s
Division, but will be located       examining options for               Fiscal Year 2006.                                                  transformation and are          temporarily stationed at Fort
at other posts.                     renaming the new                    critical to ensure the Army     according to an Army press         designed to deploy as           Stewart, Ga.; Fort
   The new BCT(UA)s will            BCT(UA)s, so they will              is properly postured to fully   release.                           independent units in support    Campbell, Ky.; and Fort
be temporarily located at           likely assume different unit        support its strategic com-         Additionally, this allows       of the joint force.             Drum, N.Y.
Fort Riley, Kan., Fort              designations.                       mitments, including ongoing     the Army to continue its              “The normal links               (Rhen is the editor of the
Benning, Ga., and Fort                 The temporary stationing         operations in support of the    transformation to a cam-           between divisions and           Hawaii Army Weekly
Richardson, Alaska. The             of modular BCT(UA)s is              global war on terror,           paign-quality force with           brigades are going away,”       newspaper.)

                                                      Courtesy photo
Iraq’s first megawatt generator since 1976 is now
operational. The 40-megawatt generator went
online Aug. 18 near Basrah, Iraq.

generator goes
on line in Iraq
The generator adds enough electric-
ity to the national grid to service
nearly 120,000 homes
Mitch Frazier
Army News Service

    BAGHDAD – Iraq’s first new electricity generator since
1976 came on line Aug. 18, in the southern part of the country,
adding enough electricity to the national grid to service nearly
120,000 homes.
    The 40-megawatt generator located near Basrah fills a void
in the Maysan Governorate, which was previously isolated
from the Iraqi national grid.
    “This is a very important step in overcoming the power
shortage across the country,” said Raad Shalal, a senior Iraq
Ministry of Electricity official. “This will help us reach our
goal of increasing power for the country.”
    The commissioning of the generator marks the fourth time
in three weeks Iraqi and U.S. engineers have brought additional
electricity to the national grid.
    Construction of the generator began nearly 10 months ago
when senior Iraqi and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials
identified the site and began building a power station in what
was then a sandy rock-laden field.
    “A lot of work went into this from the scraping of the earth,
to pouring of the concrete to placing the generator; it makes
you really appreciate the magnitude of work that was done by
Iraqi and Corps engineers to make today possible,” said Maj.
Erik Stor, the operations officer for the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers Restore Iraqi Electricity Directorate. “The electricity
this new generator produces will offer the Iraqi people a long-
term aid in bettering the safety and security of this country.”
    Electricity production in the country continues to climb to
more than 5,200 megawatts — a total that exceeds pre-war
levels and services an estimated 15.3 million Iraqi homes,
according to officials.
    “We know how important electricity is to the safety and
security of the Iraqi people, and we continue to work on their
behalf with the Ministry to bring the country additional elec-
tricity,” said Lt. Col Jeffery Ogden, the director of the Corp’s
electricity efforts. “We continue to work in partnership with
the Ministry of Electricity and the Iraqi people to bring the
country more electricity.”
    Despite the addition of power to the country’s national grid,
the demand for electricity in Iraq continues to grow, according
to a fact sheet published by the Iraq Ministry of Electricity.
    “With more than half a million new jobs created, new
industries and new factories coming on line and with the sale
of thousands of home appliances such as washing machines
and air conditioners, Iraq has experienced a rapid increase in
electricity demand,” the fact sheet reads. “The increase in
demand is a good sign of a thriving economy emerging from
three decades of isolation.”
    Increasing available electricity is slated to continue throughout
August, as additional generators are expected to come on line
throughout the month and bring more electricity to the Iraqis.
    Since beginning its work in the country nearly a year ago,
the Corps has added an additional 1,500 megawatts to the Iraqi
national grid.
    (Frazier is a public affairs specialist with the Army Corps
of Engineers currently serving in Iraq.)
                                                                                                                                                                     The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 9

Broadcaster’s morale boosted    Being
by call from Adrian Cronauer ‘brand new’
Karla Gonzalez                                                                                                                                 Chaplain (Capt.)                tury, these are old ques-
Army News Service                                                                                                                              Gilbert Eliason                 tions. As the teacher said,
                                                                                                                                               201st Military Intelligence     “What has been will be
   LOS ANGELES – What                                                                                                                          Battalion
started out as a routine radio                                                                                                                                                 again, what has been
interview in mid-July ended                                                                                                                                                    done will be done again;
                                                                                                                                                   You gotta love it – be-     there is nothing new un-
up as a chance-of-a-lifetime                                                                                                                   ing brand-new at an Army
meeting for one U.S. Army                                                                                                                                                      der           the           sun”
                                                                                                                                               installation, that is.          (Ecclesiastes 1:9).
Reserve broadcast journalist.                                                                                                                      We’ve all experienced it.
   Sgt. Sandra L. Mercado,                                                                                                                                                           Moses, the great
                                                                                                                                               My wife and I recently ar-      leader of his people and
22, with the American Forces                                                                                                                   rived from San Antonio,
Network, Iraq, spent the first                                                                                                                                                 the human author of a
                                                                                                                                               Texas.                          large segment of the Old
six months of her deployment                                                                                                                       I joked with people as I
as the radio station’s morning                                                                                                                                                 Te s t a m e n t , c e r t a i n l y
                                                                                                                                               finished most of my in-pro-     didn’t think he was ca-
show disc jockey – so doing                                                                                                                    cessing and began to settle
an interview with a Los                                                                                                                                                        pable of the monumental
                                                                                                                                               into a work routine that,       tasks God assigned to
Angeles radio station seemed                                                                                                                   when I flip the light switch
old hat to her.                                                                                                                                                                him at the burning bush.
                                                                                                                                               on in my office in the             He kept offering ex-
   “I’ve done a few inter-                                                                                                                     morning, I leave it on all
views with several radio                                                                                                                                                       cuses and trying to dodge
                                                                                                                                               day so I don’t have to hunt     the bullet, looking for a
stations,” said Mercado, a                                                                                                                     around to find it again for
native of San Gabriel, Calif.                                                                                                                                                  way out of his new role.
                                                                                                                                               the rest of the duty day. It    But the Lord more than
“While we were doing the                                                                                                                       makes life simpler.
interview I heard someone                                                                                                                                                      equipped him for the job.
                                                                                                                                                   The same thing applies      (Exodus 3 and 4).
come on and say,                                                                                                                               to moving into a new
‘Goooooood morning                                                                                                                                                                Even Paul, the human
                                                                                                                                               house. As I write this, it      author of much of the
Baghdad!’ It was Adrian                                                                                                                        was yesterday that we re-
Cronauer.”                                                                                                                                                                     New Testament, who of-
                                                                                                                                               ceived our household            ten seems to overflow
   Cronauer was an AFN                                                                                                       Courtesy Photo    goods and began settling
morning show DJ during             Sgt. Sandra Mercado, American Forces Network.                                                                                               with confidence, con-
                                                                                                                                               in.                             fessed, “I came to you in
Vietnam and was portrayed in                                                                                                                       Our dogs woke me up
the movie Good Morning             deployed,” she said. “It is             “I was filming the press        shifts, because I was full of                                       weakness and fear, and
                                   another thing to be deployed        conference announcing the                                               in the middle of the night      with much trembling” (1
Vietnam. Robin Williams                                                                                    energy. It was definitely cool
                                   to a combat zone. Although I        capture of Saddam. That was                                             needing to go out. I            Corinthians 2:3). But he
played Cronauer.                                                                                           hearing what people thought,”
                                   may have sounded happy on           crazy. Grown Iraqi men were                                             stumbled around in total        too was amply outfitted
   While Mercado didn’t open                                                                               she said.
                                   the air all the time, some of       crying because they were so                                             darkness in an unfamiliar       and was enabled to ac-
her show with a catch                                                                                          Mercado’s role has
                                   the things I’ve seen and            happy – so relieved. I also                                             house with boxes stacked        complish mighty works
phrase, Mercado said she and                                                                               changed some since her
                                   experienced would bring me          witnessed the signing of the                                            everywhere and furniture        of evangelism.
Cronauer do have a few                                                                                     encounter with Cronauer. She
                                   down just like any other            constitution. Both events                                               in odd places. I had no idea       The        same         Lord
things in common.                                                                                          is now working with the TV
                                   service member. Hearing             were very memorable                                                     where the light switches        watches over you and
   “We share very similar                                                                                  team, traveling more and
                                   from (Cronauer) just let me         moments,” she said. Mercado                                             were. It’s hard to be new       me. As far as being “new”
experiences,” said Mercado.                                                                                meeting more people. Once
                                   know that people back home          has also been able to witness                                           and to be in the dark.          goes, well, maybe we
“We both know what it’s like                                                                               her deployment is complete,
                                   cared about us very much.”          the transfer of power to the                                                It’s never easy being       should just get used to it.
to wake up so early, get the                                                                               she plans to take the skills
                                      Being deployed isn’t new         Iraqi people.                                                           new. Some people toss              As God has told us,
show going, and act like                                                                                   she’s learned and all of her
                                   to this five-year Army                  Following a car bombing,                                            and turn at night ponder-       “Forget the former things,
you’ve been up for hours                                                                                   experiences to the “civilian
                                   veteran. She was also               Mercado interviewed and                                                 ing the unknown.                do not dwell in the past.
even though you’re really just                                                                             side of the house,” she said.
                                   deployed to Kosovo, from            aired a radio story about an                                                Where am I supposed to      See, I am doing a new
waking up like everyone                                                                                        Although Mercado will be
                                   May 2002 to November                Army private who was 20                                                 go? What’s my new boss          thing! Now it springs up;
else.”                                                                                                     transitioning back to civilian
                                   2002, with the 302nd Mobile         feet away from the car but                                              like? What will the hours       do you not perceive it?”
   Mercado’s time with                                                                                     life later this year, she doesn’t
                                   Public Affairs Detachment.          survived with no injuries.                                              be like? Are there any ex-      (Isaiah 43:18-19)
Cronauer was a treat and she                                                                               regret anything about being a
                                   She did television and radio        Mercado said the Soldier                                                tra duties involved? Will I        How we perceive – and
walked away with some tips                                                                                 Soldier.
                                   stories from the area with          attributes his survival to a                                            make friends? Will I be         rejoice in – the new things
from the disc jockey turned                                                                                    “I’ve grown so much as a
                                   Soldiers from the 1st Infantry      concrete wall put in place                                              given further training?         God has prepared for us is
lawyer.                                                                                                    person and as a Soldier from
                                   Division.                           two months prior.                                                           Will there be a lot of      the same way we keep
   “The main bit of advice                                                                                 all of my experiences,” she
                                      Compare that deployment              Good or bad, Mercado                                                TDY travel? Is my new           from stumbling in the
was to be personable,                                                                                      said. “I wouldn’t have done
                                   with this one and she has           does what she does for the                                              unit deploying any time         dark. Turn to his word.
remember what the troops                                                                                   anything differently. My
                                   many different stories to tell.     others stationed in Iraq than                                           soon? Will I be working            As the Psalmist de-
are going through out there                                                                                family, friends, co-workers
                                   Mercado remembers the good          for herself.                                                            with people I can trust?        clares: “Your word is a
and just have fun,” said                                                                                   and professors are so proud
                                   stories like the capture of             “A lot of service members                                           How long will it take be-       lamp to my feet and a light
Mercado.                                                                                                   of me. I feel honored and
                                   Saddam Hussein and the              would tell me they liked                                                fore I am trusted? And,         for my path.” Now there’s
   Mercado’s morale got a                                                                                  grateful to be serving my
                                   signing of the constitution as      listening to me because I                                               what’ll happen if I can’t       a light switch you can
boost from the call, which in                                                                              country. I thank the Army for
                                   well as the not so good –           knew how to relate to them.                                             cut the mustard?                keep on all day and all night
turn increased her motivation.                                                                             giving me so many opportuni-
                                   seeing the aftermath of a car       They said I would keep them                                                 Even in the 21st Cen-       too!
   “It is one thing to be                                                                                  ties to do so much with my
                                   bombing.                            awake during their guard            life.”

Corps of Engineers assists Florida
with Hurricane Charley recovery
Army News Service                  Eighteen Soldiers of the 249th      eration, the Corps provided 1.8     gency operations center on a
                                   Engineer Battalion (Prime           million one-liter bottles of wa-    24-hour basis, as has South
   WASHINGTON – Hurri-                                                 ter to the residents of south-
                                   Power), a USACE unit, arrived                                           Atlantic Division headquarters
cane Charley made landfall in                                          west Florida. Water transpor-
                                   in Florida a day after the hurri-                                       in Atlanta. Col. Robert Carpen-
the United States Aug. 13 as a
                                   cane to assess and install gen-     tation has been accomplished        ter, USACE Jacksonville Dis-
category IV hurricane, blow-                                           in part through the use of con-
                                   erators for communities                                                 trict commander, is serving as
ing devastation through much                                           tracted, British-owned aircraft.
                                   blacked out by Charley.                                                 the South Atlantic Division for-
of Florida. The strongest storm
                                       “We moved into Lakeland         The aircraft’s cargo area is        ward commander.
to hit there in more than a de-                                        enormous and holds seven
                                   last Saturday, immediately af-                                              Overall, FEMA has to date
cade, it charged over the south-                                       truckloads of water. These air-
                                   ter the hurricane passed                                                provided USACE more than
west coast with winds of up
                                   through to begin the recovery       craft were also used by the         $60 million for ice, water, the
to 145 mph, demolishing mo-                                            Corps in Iraq to deliver emer-
                                   work,” said Lt. Col. Andrew                                             temporary roofing and debris
bile home parks and damaging                                           gency repair parts for the Iraq
                                   Goetz, deputy district com-                                             oversight missions, emergency
tens of thousands of buildings.
                                   mander for south Florida.           power grid.                         power, logistics and technical
   Roughly 280 US Army                                                    In addition, to the electric-
                                   “What the Corps is doing now                                            assistance, among others mis-
Corps of Engineers military and                                        ity, ice and water support,
                                   is really a team effort with the                                        sions.
civilian employees from around
                                   state, the Federal Emergency        FEMA asked USACE to man-                The response by the Corps
the country have been work-                                            age installation of temporary
                                   Management Agency and pri-                                              of Engineers was immediate,
ing in support of Hurricane                                            roofing materials. FEMA has
                                   vate contractors. Situations like                                       as preparations were being
Charley recovery in conjunc-
                                   these require a lot of effort       transferred $30 million in disas-   made before Charley blew
tion with Florida National                                             ter-relief funds to USACE for
                                   from everyone.”                                                         ashore.
Guardsmen and other local,                                             the huge temporary roofing
                                       USACE is using Deployable                                               USACE is one of 26 federal
state and federal agencies.                                            mission.
                                   Tactical Operations System                                              agencies comprising the Fed-
   The most immediate need                                                The Corps is also conduct-
                                   vans, which provide a full                                              eral Response Plan, which is
has been for ice, water and                                            ing debris-removal assessment
                                   range of emergency commu-                                               administered by FEMA and
power. USACE is currently                                              and coordination in nine of the
                                   nications and command-and-                                              Homeland Security.
delivering 20-40 truckloads                                            18 affected Florida counties.
                                   control support, as part of the                                             (Article provided by the U.S.
each of ice and water per day                                          The USACE Jacksonville Dis-
                                   recovery effort.                                                        Army Corps of Engineers Pub-
into victimized communities.                                           trict has activated its emer-
                                       In the first five days of op-                                       lic Affairs Office.)

                                                                                                                             Courtesy Photo
Army Corps of Engineer emergency operations vans in Lakeland, Fla., oversee the hurricane recovery effort.
10 • August 27, 2004 • The Signal

Military homecoming               information about CFC, call
                                  Pat Camacho at 791-2012.
  The City of Augusta and the
Metro Augusta and Columbia
County chambers of com-
                                  Family child care
merce hosts “CSRA Salutes         homes off post
Our Military” to welcome
back active duty                   The Fort Gordon Family                       The Signal Theater is open Thursday-
                                  Child Program is currently                 Sunday. Shows begin at 6:30 p.m.
servicemembers and Na-
                                  seeking qualified active duty                 Children 12 and over and all adults are
tional Guard and Reservists
                                  and retired military spouses
from the CSRA who recently
                                  to provide off post child care.
                                                                             $3. Children 6-11 are $1.50. Children under
returned from deployments.                                                   5 are free.
 The salute will be held           For more information                         For movie listings and times, call 791-
Saturday at Olmstead              contact the FCC office at                  3982.
                                  791-3993 or 791-4440.
Stadium before a Green                                                       Aug. 27-29
Jackets game. The program
begins at 6:30 p.m.; the          Red Cross classes                          Friday - Catwoman (PG-13)
baseball game begins at                                                      Saturday - Catwoman (PG-13)
7:10 p.m.                           The Augusta American Red
                                  Cross will offer two safety                Sunday - ACinderella Story (PG)
  Admission is free to active     training classes:                             Note: Attendance at Fort Gordon’s movie
duty military who deployed in                                                    theater is strictly limited to authorized
the past 18 months, and            Adult CPR and First Aid will                          Post Exchange patrons.
their family members. For         be taught at 6 p.m.
information, call Pat             Wednesday and Thursday.
                                  Cost is $45.                       The rodeo features bare-         more about science and
Buchholz at 791-3752.                                               back riding, roping, steer        medicine.
                                   Adult/Infant/Child CPR and       wrestling, saddle bronc riding
                                                                                                       MCG Faculty will teach
Signal Corps                      First Aid will be offered at 6    and more.
                                                                                                      courses on obesity, pain
                                  p.m. Sept. 8 and 9. Cost is
Regimental Ball                   $55.                                Advance tickets cost $10        management, joint disorders,
                                                                    for adults, $5 for children 10    the heart and cardiothoracic
 The Atlanta Chapters of the       For more information and         and younger. Tickets avail-       surgery, urology and endocri-
Signal Corps Regimental           registration, call the Augusta    able at area Papa John’s          nology.
Association and the Armed         Red Cross office at 724-          locations, Fort Gordon
Forces Communications and         8481.                                                                 Courses are free and will be
                                                                    Federal Credit Union and
Electronics Association host                                                                          held Tuesday evenings Oct.
                                                                    Gordon Lanes.
the Greater Atlanta Signal                                                                            12- Nov. 16, from 7-9 p.m. in
Regimental Ball Sept. 17 at       Life insurance                     For information, call 791-       the MCG School of Dentistry
the Commons on Fort               elections                         6779 or go to                     auditorium. Advance registra-
McPherson, Ga.                                                           tion is encouraged.
                                   The Federal Employees’
  The reception starts at 6       Group Life Insurance Pro-                                            Online registration is
p.m.; dinner begins at 7 p.m.     gram, celebrating the 50th        Commissary coupons                available at http://
Dress for military personnel      anniverary of the FEGLI                                   
                                                                     Commissaries are again
is Dress Blue, Dress Mess         program, is conducting an                                           med.html. For information
                                                                    accepting computer-gener-
or Dress Green, with formal       Open Season from Sept. 1                                            call the MCG Division of
                                                                    ated Internet coupons with a
attire for civilians. Tickets     to 30.                                                              Continuing Education at 800-
                                                                    couple of requirements to
cost $30 per person for the                                                                           221-6437.
                                    The effective date of           guard against fraud, Defense
buffet dinner.
                                  coverage is delayed until the     Commissary Agency officials
  The deadline for reserva-       first day of the first pay        announced.                        Bariatric support
tions is Sept. 13 and can be      period that begins on or after                                      group
                                                                     Recently all commissaries
made by calling (404) 464-        Sept. 1, 2005.                    began accepting computer-
6713 or go to www.afcea-                                                                                The Bariatric Support Group
                                   Election of coverage must        generated Internet coupons                                                                                          meets at 6:30 p.m. the
                                  be completed through the          that meet the following
                                                                    criteria: they must have a bar    second Tuesday of each
                                  Army Benefits Center; no
Welcome coffee                    paper election will be            code that store checkouts         month at Eisenhower Army
                                  accepted.                         can scan and they cannot be       Medical Center in the
 The Eisenhower Army                                                                                  hospital auditorium on the
                                                                    for free product. Photocopied
Medical Center Health              For information, contact         or facsimile-generated            first floor; the meeting begins
Services Auxiliary is having a    Karen Ellis at 791-4179.          coupons remain unaccept-          at 7 p.m.
Welcome Coffee from 10
                                                                    able at all commissaries.
a.m.-noon Sept. 10 at 6                                                                                The group is open to pre-op
Boardman Lake.                    PWOC events                        The agency’s Web site,           and post-op patients, and
                                   The Protestant Women of,             anyone interested in learning
 RSVP to Lauren Parker at
                                  the Chapel is having its Fall     will soon re-establish links to   about the surgery.
                                  Kickoff at 9 a.m. Wednes-         Internet grocery coupon sites
                                  day at Bicentennial Chapel        for the convenience of             Call Florrie Cox at 595-8330
Babysitter training               (Building 28414 on Brainard).     commissary shoppers.              for information.
  The American Red Cross of        The theme for the year is
Augusta is offering               “Delight in the Lord: My          Orientation                       Correction
Babysitter’s Training at the      Heart’s Desire” (Psalm 37:4).      A newcomer orientation is         The “Can you hear me now”
Child Development Center          The Fall Kickoff will include     held Tuesdays and Fridays         article appearing on page 18
from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.             the program, food, fun and        at 1 p.m. in Room 367,            of the Aug. 20 Signal
Saturday. Cost $25.               fellowship. Sign up for the       Darling Hall.                     contained inaccuracies.
  The course will provide         Fall Bible Studies to be held
                                  at 9 a.m. Wednesdays and 7         For more information call          Training at the small
individuals, ages 11 to 15,
                                  p.m. Tuesdays.                    791-3579.                         antenna field at Willard
with the information and
                                                                                                      Training Area includes UHF,
skills necessary to provide        For information call Gwen
                                                                    Free classes offered              SHF, and CHU (omni direc-
safe and responsible care for     Chandler at 869-1930.                                               tional) antenna heads. The
children in the absence of
                                                                     Army Community Health            shelter types in that same
parents or adult guardians.
                                  Volunteer drive                   Nursing Service, Eisenhower       paragraph should have been
  For information and registra-                                     Army Medical Center, can          identified as V1, V2, V3 or
tion call 724-8481.                A Volunteer Drive is                                               V4.
                                  scheduled from 11 a.m.-1          provide classes to units or
                                  p.m. Sept. 14 in the Dinner       groups on Fort Gordon who          Also, the radio sends out a
Become ASE certified              Theatre, Building 32100.          would like training in any of     signal in a 15-kilometer
                                                                    the following areas:              footprint, not 15 meters.
 The Education Center will         The event will provide an
offer the Automotive Service      opportunity for programs and       HIV Awareness, STD
Excellence examinations on        services on Fort Gordon to        Prevention, Health Promotion,     Movie night
Nov. 9, 16 and 18; register       recruit and develop a volun-      Personal Hygiene and                The Gordon Club will hold
by Sept. 8.                       teer database.                    Healthy Practices, Tobacco        its movie night Monday with
   All candidates must pay a                                        Awareness, Tuberculosis           new school hours for pizza
                                   For information call Lynn
$31 registration fee. Credit      Harshman at 791-3579.             Awareness, Child Safety,          and a movie buffet from 5-7
may be used for academic                                            Field Hygiene, Testicular/        p.m.
credit or promotion points.                                         Breast Self Examination
                                  Signal reunion                    Awareness, or Prostate
                                                                                                        The feature movie is
 The latest ASE preparation                                                                           Disney’s “Home on the
                                   The 17th Signal Battalion        Cancer Awareness.                 Range.” Movie, pizza buffet,
guide can be found at http://                 association is having its 10th                                      drink and popcorn are
                                                                     Call 787-5354 to schedule a
                                  reunion Sept. 16-19 in San                                          included in the $3 entrance
 For information contact or                                         class.
                                  Antonio, Texas.                                                     fee.
visit the Education Center,
741 Barnes Ave., Bldg.             For information, call Henri      MCG offers free                     Feature movie begins at 6
21606, phone 791-2000.            Vellmure at (561)750-0371 or                                        p.m. For information, call
                                  e-mail                            classes                           791-2205.
                                      The public is invited to
CFC kickoff
                                                                    participate in a Medical
 The 2004 Combined Federal        Rodeo coming                      College of Georgia Mini-
Campaign kickoff is 2 p.m.                                          Medical School to learn
Sept. 1 in Alexander Hall.         The Professional Cowboy
There will be entertainment       Association is holding a
by the Signal band, door          rodeo from 8-10:30 p.m.
prizes and refreshments. For      Sept. 10-11 at Barton Field.
                                                                                                                                                             The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 11

54-year-old boots
help end training
Jim Fox                               from Beast for the last five       has a plan for his boots.
Army News Service                     years. Plebes began classes           “I was thinking of having
                                      Aug. 16.                           them bronzed and sending
   WEST POINT, N.Y. –                     More than 160 graduates        them to the Smithsonian,” he
Fifty-four years ago plebe            attended this year’s event.        said with a laugh, only half-
Douglas J. O’Connor spent             Although some only marched         kidding.
his cadet basic training              the final two miles of the 15-        After the day’s march was
summer orientation, otherwise         mile trek from farthest point      over, the retired two-star
known as “beast barracks” to          of the training area on Lake       general talked about his
new cadets, breaking in a new         Frederick to the cadet             boots. He even pulled out a
pair of brown World War II-           barracks on the main post,         New York Times advertise-
era combat boots.                     140 of them marched the            ment showing a retro version
   Retired Maj. Gen. Douglas          entire length.                     of the same boots retailing for
J. O’Connor, USMA Class of                While many of his old grad     $395.
1954, completed the march             marching mates were sport-            “Mine were standard
Aug. 10 with this year’s              ing a collection of spiffy new     issue,” he added, chuckling
plebes in the same pair of            – and nearly new – hiking          once again. “They were
boots that carried him through        boots and sneakers from the        free.”
his own “end of Beast” event          finest retailers, O’Connor            The former Marine
so many years ago.                    proudly matched them stride-       corporal, before his days at                                                  Photo by Jim Fox
   “If you give your boots            for-stride in his vintage          West Point, said his boots
regular “Kiwi” snacks they                                                                                   Retired Maj. Gen. Douglas J. O’Connor wore these brown
                                      footwear. Positioned in the        saw service in the 1950s            buckle boots 54 years ago during World War II.
will last forever,” he said.          middle of the front row of the     carrying him through infantry
   O’Connor wore his 54-              “old grad” element, he             training at Fort Benning,
year-old buckle boots                 bellowed out the command           Ranger School at Fort Bragg         specifically, and throughout
proudly as he helped lead the         “Eyes, Right!” as the alums        and training with the 82nd          the Korean War before
alumni contingent that made           passed the superintendent’s        Airborne Division.                  being phased out in the late
up the rear element of the            house.                                According to O’Connor,           1950s.
march. A group of graduates               The affable big, loud          these boots were used at the           (Fox is the assistant editor
have accompanied the                  Irishman, as his marching          end of World War II after           of Pointer View newspaper at
plebes on the march back              mates described him, even          the Normandy landings               West Point.)

Abu Ghraib Article 39a hearings held
American Forces Press Service                     attorneys expressed concerns about secu-          Davis’s attorney asked the judge to com-
                                                  rity in Baghdad, Iraq.                         pel Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
   MANHEIM, Germany – Article 39a                     Each defense team made motions to          to be interviewed. The judge denied the
hearings were held here Monday and Tues-          compel discovery. Pohl gave the U.S. gov-      motion, ruling that the defense failed to make
day for four soldiers named in the Abu            ernment until Sept. 10 to provide the de-      a connection between the accused and ac-
Ghraib Prison abuse investigation.                fense with the requested reports and docu-     tions and orders from Rumsfeld.
   Military judges typically use Article 39a      ments.                                            The defense teams for Frederick and
hearings to arraign the accused, to hear and          Davis and Graner moved to suppress         Ambuhl both asked to add psychiatric ex-
decide on motions raised by the defense or        evidence, which included statements they       perts. The judge granted the request from
the prosecution, or to perform other proce-       made while being interviewed by CID            Frederick’s team to add Dr. Frank Zimbardo
dural functions, officials said. The military     agents. The judge denied both motions. At-     to the defense team. Ambuhl’s team’s re-
judge, the prosecutor, the defense counsel        torneys for Frederick and Graner requested     quest for Dr. Craig Haney to assist in their
and the accused are present at the hearings.      a change of venue because some witnesses       defense was not approved. The judge did,
   Spcs. MeganAmbuhl and Charles Graner           could not be compelled to come to Iraq to      however, order the government to supply a
appeared before military judge Col. James         testify. Both motions were denied. The judge   psychology expert by Sept. 2.
Pohl Monday, and Staff Sgt. Ivan Frederick        explained in his ruling that video testimony      The next hearing dates will be Oct. 20
and Sgt. Javal Davis appeared before Pohl         and depositions could be used.                 for Frederick, Oct. 21 for Davis and Graner,
the next day.All had civilian attorneys present       Through their attorneys, Frederick and     and Oct. 22 for Ambuhl. The hearings will
for the sessions, as well as their appointed      Davis sought immunity from prosecution         be held in Baghdad.
military defense lawyers. The pre-trial hear-     for several people so they may testify for        (Courtesy of the Coalition Press Infor-
ings were moved to Germany after defense          the defense. These motions were denied.        mation Center, Baghdad, Iraq.)

From page 1
    “I would just say to them…
my standing belief, as long as
you persevere you’ll get equal-
ity, even in the military. You just
have to be willing to do the
same kinds of jobs men do and
be as competitive and profi-
cient as they are in those jobs,”
Miller said.
    Miller was designated as one
of the leading judges in the
country in the 2001 Edition of
Black Judges in America, ful-
filling the sentiment of this
year’s equality day theme,
“Women Inspiring Hope and
    The importance of the 19th
Amendment should not be
taken lightly.
    “Freedom is not free – you
need to exercise your right to
vote,” Miller said. “Women are
significant in number and can
show their clout on Election Day
– you can elect your leaders if                                                                                           Photo by Steve Brady
you just vote,” she said. “All        Capt. Beverly Grandison, Headquarters and Company A commander, 551st Signal
women have ever asked for is          Battalion, greets Judge Yvette Miller Wednesday at the Gordon Club. Miller, the first
to be treated equally, with re-       African American woman to sit on the Georgia Court of Appeals, was the guest speaker
spect, in all aspects of society.”    for Women’s Equality Day.

From page 1
   “It was the difficult balance      mobilization orders in his Army
between the emotions of want-         Knowledge Online account be-
ing to stay with my family and        fore he received the Western
the sense of duty and obliga-         Union telegram. At first he
tion that you have as a               thought it was a mistake.
servicemember - even if you               “My world stopped for
haven’t worn a uniform in a           about 10 minutes. What do I
number of years,” Tanin said.         tell my wife and son was my
“I’m hoping the next 12               first thought?” Topinka said.
months go by quickly, and I           “The sudden realization that I
know that a challenging and           may soon be separated from
rewarding duty assignment can         them for 18 months or more
help that along.”                     filled my heart with sorrow.”
   Topinka served 10 years as             His wife cried at first and
an Army Signal officer before         would not believe it, but even-
separating in June 2001, also         tually accepted the fact her
to spend more time with his           husband was going to serve his
family. Over the last two years,      country again. Then, they be-
he’s worked as a product en-          gan planning for his departure.
gineer for Carrier Corporation            “My family, my office, and
and recently as a communica-          my fellow IRR’s have been my
tions engineer for Pacific            bedrock keeping me steady
Northwest National Labora-            these last several weeks,”
tory.                                 Topinka said. “I’m truly proud
   Topinka says he found his          to serve again.”
                                                                                                                                                               The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 13

                               Riders endure Tour de Fort
                               Pfc. Armando Monroig                 “It feels great,” said an
                                                                 exhausted Gamble after her
Free golf lessons              Signal staff
                                                                 completion of the 12-hour
 Gordon Lakes Golf                 The second annual Tour        race.
Course offers free 10-         de Fort endurance bicycle            She said it was a tough
minute golf lessons the        race was held Saturday,           course and race for her, but
third Wednesday of each        kicking off at 8 a.m. near        was very happy with her
month through October.         15th Street and North Range       performance. She said she
                               Road.                             would definitely try to
 For information, call 791-        About 60 bicycling
2433 or stop by the Pro                                          compete again in next year’s
                               enthusiasts began the 12-hour     Tour de Fort.
Shop to sign up.
                               road race that tested the            Gamble echoed Stoddard’s
                               participant’s endurance, with     sentiments saying she
Outdoor recreation             the individual logging the        appreciated the support from
                               most miles around a 15 mile       those who helped organize
  The Army’s Clark Hill
Recreation Area offers
                               loop in 12 hours declared the     the event, and that it was well
camping, water skiing,
                               winner.                           done.
fishing, hiking, biking and        Eight teams and 15               Winners received their
more. Located just 25          individual riders participated    entry fee of $25 back, a free
miles from Fort Gordon,        in the event. Team riders took    entry for next year’s Tour de
the area is open to all ID     turns riding the course while     Fort, $50 and a trophy. All
card holders.                  individual riders were on their   participants received a shirt
                               own for the duration of the       and commemorative medal.
 For information, call 541-    race.
1057.                                                               Karen Eclavea of Augusta,
                                   About 20 participants from    a first-time participant in the
                               last year’s event participated    race and third place female,
Aerobics                       in this year’s race.              said she decided to do it for
                                   Jeff Stoddard of Aiken,       fun.
  Total body workout.          S.C., and second time Tour
Thirty-minute cardio                                                “It sounded like fun and a
                               de Fort participant, was the      good opportunity to go for a
workout and a 20-minute        first place winner for the
upper-body work-out.                                             long ride,” said Eclavea.
                               male riders, finishing 12 laps       Another first time partici-
Bring hand weights, a          in just under 11 hours, for a
towel and water bottle.                                          pant, Eli Epps of Martinez,
                               total of 180 miles.               said he heard about it through
Tuesdays and Thursdays             Stoddard, an experienced
from 5:30 p.m. until                                             a bike shop he frequents and
                               bike rider who has done 100-      decided to give it a shot.
completion at Gym 6.
                               mile rides, said this race was       “Some of the guys from
 For information, call 791-    somewhat tougher than last        the bike shop rode in it
4300.                          year due to it being a lot        previously and said it was a
                               warmer than it was in last        good ride – pretty tough,
Rugby                          year’s race held in October.      hilly,” he said adding that he
                                   He said the seven major       did it for a challenge as well
 The Augusta Rugby             hills and several other minor     as fun.
Football Club invites Fort     hills of the course make it          Greg Bailey of Grovetown                                                                              Photos by Pfc. Armando Monroig
Gordon military and            challenging.
civilian members to join
                                                                 said he heard of the race
                                   “From the golf course to                                        Focused and determined, a rider in the 12-hour Tour de Fort endurance ride pedals on
their club. The club fields
                                                                 through the grapevine and
                               Gibson Road was probably          wanted to have an enjoyable       as he completes one of his laps around the 15-mile course. The second annual race
senior, men’s and              the toughest,” he said. “You                                        traversed many of the hills along Range Road.
women’s teams for                                                time and hang out with
                               had head wind and two hills.”     friends.                          as a Family Walk and Kiddie        in the Family Fun Ride as          and fun to do as well as
matches and tournaments            He said it was not only a
around the southeast, and                                           “Just for fun mostly. And I    Ride around a one-mile             well.                              involve the Augusta commu-
                               challenge but also for a good     heard they have good hills out    course.                               “I just love to ride bikes,”    nity with something recre-
occasionally outside the       cause.
country.                                                         here,” said Bailey. “It’s a          Chaplain (Capt.) Michael        said Stephanie, adding that the    ational,” said Ardrey.
                                   “I like to do any kind of     closed course too so you          Zell, Company A, 551st             event was a great idea for a          Bill Wren, chief of sports
  The club practices 6:30      ride to raise money for           didn’t have to worry about        Signal Battalion, was on hand      family outing allowing them to     and recreation division for
p.m. on Tuesday and            charity,” he said adding that     cars.”                            with his son for the family        enjoy the outdoors.                DMWR, said the event was
Thursday, at the Rich-         the event was well organized.        The Family Fun ride, an        fun ride race.                        Brett Ardrey, director of the   modeled after the Tour de
mond Academy practice              Proceeds from the race        11-mile, one lap race for the        “I had a wonderful time         Tour de Fort and owner of          France.
field.                         will be used for Directorate      whole family held from 2-4        taking my son on an 11-mile        Outspoken Bicycle shop, said          “This is a way to help Fort
                               of Morale, Welfare and            p.m., gave participants the       bike ride,” said Zell. “It was a   participation is up and the race   Gordon to improve its
  Players and coaches          Recreation programs on post.
with years of experience                                         opportunity to win a new          good, family fun activity.”        is continuing to grow.             relationship with the Augusta
                                   The top female rider was      child’s Schwinn bike in a            Stephanie Crow, her                “We all agreed that what        and CSRA communities,”
are available to teach the
                               Stephanie Gamble, recording       raffle after the ride.            husband Pfc. Lance Crow,           we wanted was something            said Wren.
finer points of rugby, so no
                               a Tour de Fort record for            Family festival activities     Company C, 73rd Ordnance           that would give back to the           He said many civilian
experience is required. For
information, call Tim
                               females by completing 150         including music and a bounce      Battalion, and 18-month-old        Fort Gordon community and          riders participated in the Tour
Landreth at 394-0379, or       miles in 12 hours.                house were available as well      daughter Victoria participated     give them something exciting       de Fort and it gave them the
e-mail the club at                                                                                                                                                       opportunity to see “the                                                                                                                                              caliber of personnel Fort
                                                                                                                                                                         Gordon has and quality of
 Match schedules and
                                                                                                                                                                         programs we can put on.”
additional information can
                                                                                                                                                                            For example, he said the
be found at
                                                                                                                                                                         Family Fun Ride gave the
                                                                                                                                                                         bicyclists the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                                         tour an Army post – some-
Rodeo                                                                                                                                                                    thing most people don’t get
  A rodeo will be held at                                                                                                                                                to do, especially with high
Barton Field from 8-10:30                                                                                                                                                security lately.
p.m. Sept. 10 and 11.                                                                                                                                                       In addition, he said the
Gates open at 6 p.m.                                                                                                                                                     race gives servicemembers
Events include bareback,                                                                                                                                                 the chance to interact with
saddle bronc and bull                                                                                                                                                    the members of the local
riding, calf roping, steer                                                                                                                                               community outside of post.
wrestling and more.                                                                                                                                                         “It helps build camarade-
                                                                                                                                                                         rie,” Wren said. “We are part
 Tickets are $10 for adults                                                                                                                                              of the community too.”
and $5 for children 10
years old and under, in        (Above) Family Fun Ride participants are on their way.
advance, and $12 for           (Below) A focused Spc. Chad Lecount, DDEAMC, rides his
adults and $8 for children     way to first place in the military solo category.
10 years old and under,
the day of the event. For
more information, call 791-

Salsa nights
 The Gordon Club is
having its Salsa Night
Friday with a free buffet
and a pajama party today,
featuring DJs The                                                                                  Staff Sgt. Torrey Wiggins, a drill sergeant assigned to
Rodrigquez Brothers.                                                                               Company B, 369th Signal Battalion, watches his son 3-
                                                                                                   year-old Na’il as he rides in the Family Fun Ride.                    Top female rider Stephanie
  Tickets are $5 in advance                                                                                                                                              Gamble and her son.
and $7 at the door. Doors
are open from 9 p.m. until
2 a.m. and is open to the
public. For more informa-
tion call 791-2205.

Movie night
  The Gordon Club will hold
its movie night Monday
with new school hours for
pizza and a movie buffet
from 5-7 p.m. featuring
Disney’s “Home on the
Range.” Movie, pizza
buffet, drink and popcorn
are included in the en-
trance fee of $3.
   Feature movie begins at                                                                         Tour de Fort participants begin their 12-hour arduous journey as spectators cheer.
6 p.m. For more informa-
tion, call 791-2205.
                                                                                                                                                                                The Signal • August 27, 2004 • 17

Coalition assists in launching Afghan QRF
Sgt. 1st Class                            “I’ve been very impressed           to good use.”                       beyond,” said New Zealand             manders and bring the                  The Law Enforcement Cell
Darren Heusel                          with the enthusiasm and pro-              Pfc. Joseph Workman, an-         Army Maj. Bede Fahey, who             Shindand Airport back under         at CFC-A has also pitched in
Army News Service                      fessionalism of our Afghan po-         other member of the 58th MP         was sent to Afghanistan to as-        control of the Afghan govern-       four 25-man tents and 10 por-
                                       lice counterparts,” Lopey              Co. and a resident of West          sist the PTATs and oversee the        ment.                               table generators and will deliver
    KABUL, Afghanistan –               added. “Police development is          Hamlin, W.V., said, “I think the    RAD training.                             Abidullah, 25, said he joined   200 complete sets of riot gear
Afghan citizens want added             so important throughout the            training is very important for         Gen. Mahboob Amiri, ANP            the ANP because he had always       by the end of August.
security leading up to the Oct.        nation and what we do now is           the role that these police offic-   commander, said the training          dreamed of becoming a police           In addition to providing the
9 presidential elections and           going to help shape the police         ers are going to play in the fu-    has been “very effective and          officer as a child and because      trainers, Task Force Thunder
that’s exactly what the Afghan         force for years to come.”              ture. They’re definitely going      very practical” and that he’d         he wanted to serve his people       supports the RAD by provid-
National Police, backed by the            Training for the division is        to add to the stability.”           like to see the training continue     and help provide security for       ing vehicles, communications
U.S.-led coalition and the In-         conducted by three-man Police             The RAD security plan is to      well into the future.                 the country.                        and other logistical support to
ternational Security Assistance        Technical Assistance Teams             deploy 100-man security con-           “We plan to take the new               “I’m very happy to be pro-      RAD elements in their area of
Force, intends to provide with         from the Parwan and Jalalabad          tingents to Jalalabad, Logar,       police force and send them to         viding security for my coun-        responsibility.
the emergence of a new Rapid           Provincial Reconstruction              Gardez, Laghman, Khost,             other areas of the country to         try,” said Abidullah, who only         “I’m very proud that the
Action Division.                       Teams and includes modern              Surobi and Kabul in direct sup-     provide security for all the          goes by one name. “Putting          RAD has been formed in a very
    The RAD is the Afghan              police tactics in the areas of riot    port of the United Nations As-      people of Afghanistan,” Gen.          myself in harm’s way is part        short time,” Gen. Mahboob
equivalent of a quick reaction         control, convoy security, dig-         sistance Mission in Afghanistan     Mahboob said.                         of my job. Whenever I get a         said. “This division is going to
force. U.S. Defense Secretary          nitary protection and more.            for the elections.                     The RAD was recently               mission, I am ready. If I have      provide hope and promise for
Donald Rumsfeld made men-              These PTATs are assigned to               The new force currently          thrust into action ahead of the       to lose my life, I’m ready to do    the people of Afghanistan and
tion of the group’s potential          Combined Joint Task Force              stands at 800 members, but the      elections when they were de-          my job.”                            provide security at a high
during a recent visit, saying that     76’s Task Force Thunder.               division expects to field another   ployed by the coalition and its           Each member of the RAD          level.”
it is vital to the security and sta-      “It’s been very interesting         400 officers when they gradu-       ISAF partners to Herat Prov-          is equipped with an AK-47.             (Heusel is assigned to the
bility of the region.                  working with the local police,”        ate from the Kabul PoliceAcad-      ince to help quell factional fight-   UNAMA has also provided 100         105th Mobile Public Affairs
    “This RAD is going to be a         said Staff Sgt. Damian George,         emy in early September.             ing among armed gunmen be-            jeeps with communications,          Detachment.)
very important organization            a native of Farmington, N.M.,             “These police officers rec-      longing to local militia com-         300 police kits and 106 tents.
because they’re going to re-           and a member of the 58th Mili-         ognize the importance of their
spond to serious election-re-          tary Police Company tasked             mission and I’m confident that
lated contingencies,” said Col.        with training the division. “I’m       with the training they’ve re-
Jon Lopey, chief of the Com-           very confident the Afghan po-          ceived they will be able to pro-
bined Forces Command-Af-               lice will be able to take the skills   vide much needed security for
ghanistan and Civil Military Op-       we’ve given them and put them          the upcoming elections and
erations Law Enforcement Cell.

                                                                                  Sgt. 1st Class Darren Heussel
Staff Sgt. Damiam George of the 58th Military Police Company stationed at Bagram Air
Base, demonstrates to the Afghan National Police the proper way to handcuff a suspect
as part of a training exercise in the use of modern police tactics such as riot control,
convoy security and dignitary protection. The MPs from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, are
part of Combined Joint Task Force 76’s Task Force Thunder assigned to help stand up
the ANP’s Rapid Action Division to serve as a quick reaction force ahead of the Oct. 9
presidential elections.

Afghan election security,
reconstruction efforts continue
American Forces Press Service                     ticipate in the presidential electoral process with-
                                                  out interference.”
    WASHINGTON – Coalition and host-nation            Task Force 2/27 recently completed an op-
forces in Afghanistan continue providing secu-
                                                  eration in southern Paktika province as part of
rity for the country’s upcoming elections as the Operation Lightning Resolve, Nelson said. “The
nation’s rebuilding goes on, a military spokes- operation provided security for the governor and
man in the Afghan capital of Kabul said at a news
                                                  voter registration teams as they visited areas of
conference Monday.                                the province that had previously been under
    Maj. Scott Nelson, spokesman for Combined heavy Taliban influence,” he explained.
Forces Command Afghanistan, said 11 Afghan
                                                      Nelson added that coalition contributions to
National Army battalions will be positioned in rebuilding Afghanistan are “extensive and con-
Nangarhar, Paktika and Herat provinces.           tribute positively to the future success of this
    The ANA unit deployments are part of the
                                                  democratic Islamic nation.”
coordinated Election Security Plan that Afghan,       “As you can see, we’ve come a long way,”
International Security Assistance Force and coa- Nelson said. “But we still have a long way to
lition forces have cooperatively prepared, Nelson
                                                  go. The coalition, however, is ready and willing
said.                                             to do its part in helping to sustain the Afghan
    “The plan also includes the cooperation of government and provide a higher quality of life
the Afghan people, community and tribal lead-
                                                  for all Afghans.”
ers,” he noted. “The purpose of the plan is to
provide a positive atmosphere for voters to par-
18 • August 27, 2004 • The Signal

                                                                                                                                                                          Photos by Cadet BreAnna Pugmire
Henry Winn Jr., left, and his son, Henry Winn III, play a guitar-fiddle duo to “Orange Blossom Special.” The pair came in third place and won a cash prize of $25. More than 300
people attended the event at Alexander Hall Aug. 18.

Stars shine on BOSS talent show
Cadet BreAnna Pugmire
Youth Challenge Academy

   “I am not looking to win
tonight, only to share my
talents I have been blessed
with,” said Cadet Chau’trese
Porter from the Youth
Challenge Academy, who
competed in the BOSS Talent
Search Aug 18.
   With a turn out of more
than 300 guests, the time and
effort that went in to putting
this show together paid off,
said Ayanna Wiggins, Direc-
torate of Morale, Welfare and
Recreation, Marketing and
Advertising office.
   This particular show was
entered in the Army Festival
of the Performing Arts
Competition, and was
designed to “provide an outlet     Youth Challenge Academy Cadre, a member of the group “Main Attraction” glides her
to showcase talent and             hand over a globe for good luck before performing “My time has come.”
enhance opportunities for
Soldiers and family mem-           the U.S. Army Soldier Show       civilians.                        say big night because for
bers,” said Wiggins.               present.                            The show was co-hosted         some, this may have been
   There were 25 acts in all          “A few Soldiers were able     by KDO, radio personality         the first time they stepped
that competed for cash             to speak with the represen-      from Foxie 103. Command           foot out on a stage. People
prizes.                            tatives afterwards, but I can    Sgt. Major Clark Dimery Sr.,      are not always given due
   “The show consisted of          not say at this time whether     senior military advisor for the   credit for simply accepting
diverse talent such as vocal-      anyone was selected. I am        Fort Gordon Better Opportu-       the challenge of facing their
ists, a poem recitation, guitar,   confident that at least one of   nity for Single and Unaccom-      fears. It is easy to look on a
rappers, dancers, and a            our very talented soldiers       panied Soldiers Program,          stage as a spectator and be
theatrical performance,” said      will be picked up. I heard       came to support BOSS, and         critical of someone who
Wiggins.                           comments from the judges         give the closing remarks. The     does not perform, as well as
   All contestants were            that they were impressed by      Naval Security Group              the next person, but it’s a
servicemembers and civilians       some of the acts,” said          Activity Fort Gordon Choir        whole lot harder to walk in      Spc. Chris Ortiz won best overall and a cash prize of $200
of all ages.                       Wiggins.                         was also present to sing the      that person’s shoes,” said       for doing a love story in a song.
   According to Wiggins,              It was a time to get out      National Anthem beginning         Wiggins.
there were talent scouts from      and interact with people, a      the talent search and end it         When asked how they
                                   blend of Soldiers and            with “Bring him Home.”            felt, many of the contestants
                                                                        “You always hear about        were excited but more so
                                                                    the bad things that happen        nervous than anything.
                                                                    with servicemembers over in          “I was nervous, more
                                                                    Iraq, this was a time to          nervous than I have ever
                                                                    showcase some of the              been before. But when I hit
                                                                    positive things                   my first note, I just let
                                                                    servicemembers do for their       myself go with the music,”
                                                                    country and community,”           said Porter.
                                                                    said U.S. Navy Petty Officer          “I hope that each
                                                                    Third Class David Suda,           contestant -whether they
                                                                    NSGA and the assistant            walked away with cash
                                                                    coordinator of BOSS.              prizes or not- gained
                                                                       The Talent Show marks          something positive from the
                                                                    Suda’s first day as the           experience,” stated Wiggins.
                                                                    Assistant Coordinator of             Spc. Chris Ortiz won
                                                                    BOSS, but he has been             best overall and a cash prize
                                                                    involved with the organiza-       of $200 for doing a love
                                                                    tion since last January. “I       story in a song.
                                                                    really like it so far and it’s       Flaco Caldron won first
                                                                    very rewarding,” he stated.       place and a cash prize of
                                                                       Other members of the           $150 for an original rap.
                                                                    BOSS team include; Sgt.               Adrianne Fernandez
                                                                    Ukema Reese, Headquarters         came in second place and
                                                                    and Headquarters Company,         won a seventy-five dollar
                                                                    15th RSB; Staff Sgt. Ebonie       cash prize for singing
                                                                    Sorrell, Headquarters and         Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”
                                                                    Company A, 447th Signal              Last but not least, Henry
                                                                    Battalion; Pvt. Farilde           Winn Jr. and his son, Henry
                                                                    Porquin, 56th Signal Battal-      Winn III, came in third
                                                                    ion, and Sgt. Dana Brown,         place and won a cash prize
                                                                    Company A, 63rd Signal            of $25 for doing a guitar-
                                                                    Battalion.                        fiddle duo to “Orange
                                                                       “The show took about one       Blossom Special.”
                                                                    and a half to two months to          “Whether or not contes-
                                                                    prepare for. The main things      tants were in the contest to     Kristopher Pugh break dances to “Rapper’s Delight”
                                                                    were deciding where the           participate or win, all in the   during act two of the talent show.
                                                                    event would take place, who       entire event was enjoyable,”
                                                                    would head the committees,        said Wiggins.                    Lastly, we appreciate the fact     some of the great talent on
                                                                    coordination of auditions,           “This was our first time      that Army Entertainment            the fort!”
Melody Frans sings “Where would you be” by Martina                  selection of participants and     doing this, so lessons were      representatives took time out         (Pugmire is a YCA cadet and
McBride during the second act of the talent show. Her               just bringing these things        learned and will be useful in    of their busy schedules to visit   job shadowed at the Fort Gor-
husband also competed in the show.                                  together for the big night. I     planning future showcases.       our installation and witness       don Public Affairs Office.)

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