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									Not for members only
San Marino club opens new restaurant
By Terry Oparka, C & G Staff Writer

TROY — Hankering for a trip to Europe, but discouraged by the
exchange rate?
Members of the San Marino Club aim to deliver a taste of Europe on
Big Beaver Road, just behind the landmark San Marino arches.
And you don’t have to book a banquet hall or be a member of the
club, which you can only join if you were born in San Marino or are
descended from someone who was, to enjoy the food.
The 350-member private club that has been located in Troy since
1976 has pooled its talents and resources to create Tre Monti
Ristorante. In Italian, the language spoken in San Marino, “tre monti”
means three mountains, for the three mountains in San Marino.
At 26 square miles located within the borders of Italy, San Marino is
the oldest country in Europe, said Mauro Bianchini,
a member of the club’s renovation committee. “The largest
number of immigrants from San Marino live in the Detroit
area,” he said.

The cuisine at Tre Monti Ristorante will feature dishes specific to                       Photo by Erin Sanchez
San Marino, such as lasagna with spinach, as well as distinctive                This wooden spiral staircase, constructed by
breads and sauces. “Food is a huge part of the culture,” Bianchini said.       a member of the San Marino Club, graces the
                                                                                       main dining room in the new
Pasta and sauces will be made fresh onsite each day, he said.                   Tre Monti Ristorante, which open in March..

The décor, designed by prominent restaurant designer Ron Rae,
features a wooden spiral staircase created by a member, marble and
ceramic tile, wood paneling, gold leaf veneer, and a blend of contemporary and traditional Italian furniture
“We want to create a unique experience for patrons,” said Bob Casadei, who also sits on the restaurant
Artifacts from San Marino will be displayed in the main dining room, which will have seating for 120 and feature
floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a courtyard with a pergola and a gazebo.
In warm weather, the restaurant will feature outdoor dining for 100 under a canopy by a fountain.
The restaurant will feature five fireplaces. “A lot of our members are masons,” Casadei said.
The committee has hired an executive chef, is fine-tuning the menu and plans to open for business after the first
of the year.
The restaurant will also be available for private parties.
Tre Monti Ristorante will be located behind the San Marino Club, 1685 Big Beaver in Troy. Call the San Marino
Club for information at (248) 689-4615.
You can reach Staff Writer Terry Oparka at or at (586) 498-1054.

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