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Lawsuit Limewire

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									Limewire Lawsuit
Limewire Class Action Court Information- Settlement Check Status. The Limewire Pro Download is
available now. Be sure and upgrade to Limewire Pro for file sharing. If you are having trouble with the
beta download, searh for mirror sites.

Lime Wire Lawsuit Fights Back Against the Record Companies
The company that owns LimeWire internet file-sharing application software has recently filed a
counter-lawsuit against a group of major industry record labels, making accusations that the music
companies have refused to license their music libraries to the internet company in an attempt to put it
out of web business for good.
Limewire Lawsuit Information
The limewire lawsuit case is the 1st MP3 piracy lawsuit status that was brought against a music
company distributor of file-sharing applications free downloads software since the United States
Supreme Courts have ruled recently that the internet MP3 technology companies might be sued for
MP3 copyright infringement violations on the legal grounds that they might have encouraged internet
downloaders to steal the MP3 music downloads and this also includes free movie downloads over the

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