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					Start-up Grants
Become an entrepreneur with start-up grant

The purpose of the start-up grant is to promote entrepreneurship and employment. The
start-up grant provides for the livelihood of the entrepreneur while starting up the business
and establishing its activities. A start-up grant can be given to an unemployed job-seeker
and also to a person moving from paid employment, studies or domestic work to full-time

The decision on a start-up grant is made by
the Employment Office
The decision to give a person a start-up grant is made by the Employment Office. The
Employment Office may ask third-party experts to evaluate if the applicant has the right
preconditions to act as an entrepreneur and if the business concept is profitable. The start-
up grant is a discretionary form of support, in which the applicant's need for financial
support is taken in consideration. When thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, it is a good
idea to find out from the Employment Office if allocations for start-up grants are available.
The support can be granted for a maximum period of 18 months at a time.

How to apply for a start-up grant
You can apply for a start-up grant from the Employment Office using the Ministry of
Employment's form (TM 3.25), which contains information on such as the business plan
and financing plan of the company. The application with its attachments is submitted to the
Employment Office at which the applicant is registered as a job-seeker. Others than
unemployed job-seekers can submit their applications to their nearest Employment Office.

Preconditions for receiving support
The Employment Office will make a decision to issue the applicant a grant provided that
   • the applicant has experience or training needed in enterprising. The training can
     also be organised while the support is being paid.
   • it is estimated that the applicant has sufficient prerequisites for the intended
     enterprising activities
   • the company to be established has the preconditions of operating profitably
   • the enterprising activities had not been launched before the decision to issue a
     grant was made
   • the person receiving a start-up grant is not simultaneously receiving other State
     aids for his or her own wage costs, nor an unemployment benefit, labour market
     support, training support or adult education support
   • the enterprising activities would not be launched without the start-up grant
   • the start-up grant does not result in distortions of competition with other parties
     offering the same products or services.
Restrictions to receiving a start-up grant
No start-up grant will be issued in case the applicant is receiving
    • a salary or remuneration for work not associated with the enterprising activities.
       Salaries paid during the annual leave or period of notice will also be regarded as
    • an old age, disability, unemployment or part-time pension, a generation change
       pension for farmers or a farmer's early retirement aid
    • a maternity, special maternity, paternity or parental benefit, sickness benefit or
       special care allowance
    • a rehabilitation allowance or benefit
    • a student's financial aid as specified in the Student Financial Aid Act.
The applicant is not required to terminate the employment relationship or give up studies
or attendance in an institute of learning, but it is a requirement for issuing a grant that none
of the above-mentioned benefits are being paid.

Entrepreneur training helps to get started
Flexible combinations of the start-up grant and entrepreneurial training are possible. For
example, it is possible to start entrepreneur training while receiving a start-up grant. The
Employment Offices offer versatile training for those intending to become or already active
as entrepreneurs both in the form of courses and employment training. These deal with the
basic preconditions of enterprising, the principles and demands of business activities and
the properties of a successful entrepreneur. Those thinking of becoming entrepreneurs
can develop and evaluate their business ideas during the training. The Business Service
Points of the Employment and Economic Development Centres also organise different
types of entrepreneur training.

Training in setting up an enterprise
Training in setting up an enterprise is suitable for those planning to establish a company of
their own or having recently started as entrepreneurs. During the training, the business
idea will be developed and the measures needed when establishing a company discussed.
The training courses will impart basic skills in such as accounting, marketing, taxation and
the risks of enterprising. During the training, the participants can establish enterprises and
start enterprising activities.

Company development training
Company development training is intended for those already active as entrepreneurs. The
aim of the training is to develop various aspects of the business and promote co-operation
between entrepreneurs.
Other sources of information
For information on establishing an enterprise and entrepreneurial activities, see also the
following sources:

The Finnish New Business Centres
Enterprise Finland          äminen        
Employment and Economic
Development Centres         

Employment Office services for entrepreneurs
and those planning enterprising activities

Make use of the experts of the Employment Office

The vocational and training information services can provide the details of enterprising
training organised anywhere in the country. The Employment Office can advise on public
services relevant to setting up a business and direct the novice entrepreneur to expert
services if necessary.

Find skilled employees
The Employment Office will help an entrepreneur to find skilled employees suited for the
needs of the company and give advice in questions relevant to the deployment and
training of the staff. It is a good idea to discuss the availability of labour force with an
officer of the Employment Office even before setting up the company.

Support for employing an unemployed person
The Employment Office may grant an enterprise financial support for labour costs, in case
the enterprise hires an unemployed job-seeker. Contact the Employment Office for more
information on the preconditions of receiving labour cost support and the amount of this


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