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					"Yi Peng"- Lanna tradition of Loy Kratong Festival in Thailand. "Yi Peng" is a Lanna tradition of Loy Kratong Festival held on the full moon night. "Deurn Shong" is a Northern language, a word "Yi" means two and "Peng" is the same as "Penn" or full moon which people in the North will count two months ahead of Thai in the Central and that is the reason why the month of twelve (for Thai in the Central) is the same as Deurn Shong or Deurn Yi. Yi Peng Festival will start from the 13 waxing moon which considered to be "wan-da" means a preparing day or a day to shop and buy materials to get things ready. Once reach the 14 waxing moon the elders and devotees will observe religious precepts and listen to the teaching of Buddha, merits and bring food to the temples. There will be a large Kratong in the temple's court and people will put food and useful items (that they brought to the temple) inside Kratong and later on will turned to be charity to the poor. On the night of the 15 waxing moon they will bring Kratongs to float in the river. Religious ceremony Yi Peng, other than practice the dharma and listened to Buddha teaching in the temples, they will decorate temples, home and in some area of the road with banana trees, sugar cane, coconut leaves, flags, candles and many kind of lanterns to worship the Lord Buddha. There are entertainments and plays at night time also lanterns' parade along with lit the lights in the earth cups to worship buddha, buddha's teaching and buddist priest. And for the lanterns that decorated in the temples and those float in the sky to worship Praketkeawjulamanee up in heaven. According to the Lanna's culture, lanterns are divided into four patterns. "Komtiew" or small lantern for hanging on a piece of bamboo, this kind is for people to carry in the parade and bring them to the temple. A second called "Komkwann" or hanging lantern is to worship Buddha images, there are many styles and shapes of lantern such as star, basket which these normally will hang them at the temples or Buddha's shelves. A third called "Kompad" made of mulberry paper in a double cone shape on the same axle. The cone is plain on the outside but inside cut and decorated into paterns related to religious roam when the light shine through the shadow will show on the outside like shadow play. The last one is "Komloy". It is large with the shaped like balloon. The arch frames made of thin pieces of bamboo, on the outside covered with mulberry paper. It floats with the hot air usually this process will be done in the temple area or some at home which they belief all misfortune will float away.

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Description: Lanna tradition of Loy Kratong Festival in Thailand