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Elmhurst Instrumental Music Boosters(1)


									Elmhurst Instrumental Music Boosters Board Meeting Minutes September 17, 2007 Gina O‟Leary called the meeting to order at 7:30PM. Those in attendance: Gina O‟Leary, Jacki Lawrence, Dayna Pierzchala, Michele Sorce, Voilet Abreu, Artemis Cosentino, Donna Mueller, David Field, Michele Bindeman, Diane Hund, Brian Berg, Rico Vazquez, Heather Knight. The minutes of the May meeting were approved as corrected. Gina proudly introduced our new members and stated their board positions. President: Gina O‟Leary Secretary: Jacki Lawrence Treasurer: Diane Hund Membership: Michele Bindeman Social: Kelly Guziewski Scholarship: Violet Abreu Stipends: Donna Mueller Publicity: David Field 205 Scholarships: Michele Sorce Communications: Artemis Cosentino TREASURER

Dayna reported that it was a break-even year. We should end with about $2500. Only 7 stipends were used. 25 scholarships were offered, 3 did not use them, saving about $1000. Our ending balance for last year/beginning balance for this year would be lower if all had accepted. We have already had to make some cost cutting measures. Membership was done. We did cut the snack out of the movie date. Summer band expenses were a bit less as we didn‟t give a discount to those families with more than one child attending summer music camp. Dayna listed the camps of where those attended camp that had accepted scholarships. Once again, it was brought up that it is becoming increasingly more difficult for graduating 8th graders to find a camp that can accommodate them considering the York High school summer school program. Dayna pointed out that dollar for dollar, we have a great ratio of dollars spent per child as we have little administrative costs. The website is appx $669 for 2 years, the remainder of our admin costs are postage. Alterative fundraisers were discussed. Donna Mueller mentioned a “Blockbuster Performance” which could be a „music-thon‟ which might be something like hours of uninterrupted music. Students would play continuously; they would get sponsors, perhaps even from the community. It would be less formal and perhaps less stressful than the adjudicated solo festival. Market Day continues to struggle with going down a bit every year. Michele Bindeman, new chair for South Elmhurst/Bryan has some great ideas about breathing new life into the program in town. Heather suggested asking MD students to volunteer.

Mr. Berg introduced Rico Vazquez as the new band director at Sandburg. Summer camp attendance was down a bit from past years. The summer curriculum will be discussed and the timing of June vs. August will be revisited. There is a conflict no matter when it is held and staffing is an issue if it‟s held at other times. The EIMB membership envelopes

went out at Sandburg this past week and Bryan will be next week. 4th and 5th grade will go out when their programs begin. Numbers overall for the district are so far about the same as in the past. Mrs Knight reported that the winter Sandburg concerts will be paired a bit differently. Social Michele brought up the idea of attending a CSO concert. They offer concerts on Saturday afternoons that are geared towards a younger age and the cost is only $5. It was brought up that perhaps transportation to the city would be an issue.
Membership Envelopes are going out. It needs to be encouraged to parents the advantages of being an EIMB member and what EIMB does for all students. Artemis to work on getting e-mails from directors so we can send updated monthly e-mails about Market Day , upcoming concerts and other info. Gina asked Mr. Berg for rosters by school. Scholarships

No report.

No report. Website/Publicity Website up and running, send Dave anything that needs to be put on it. Summer Instrumental Music Camp Scholarships (In Elmhurst) No news. Old Business: New Business: New centralized mailbox has been established at the Madison building. Gina will check it periodically. All Market Day checks and other things should go through this. An extra meeting was added for OCTOBER 15TH, to continue budget discussion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55. Respectfully submitted Jacki Lawrence

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