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									Jilu Jacob I am Jilu Jacob and I go to Thornton High School which is located in Thornton, CO. I will be a senior for this upcoming school year. I am an Indian from Southern India (to be specific, from Kerala). I'm a very lazy person, so my hobbies consist of watching TV and chatting. However, I also do Indian Classical dancing, Indian cinematic dancing, play the violin, and I'm very active at my church. Education is my life and I make sure that I'm at school 24/7 by being in clubs. I'm in the IB program, and also in the Diversity Leadership Club, National Honor Society, Red Cross, and Student Congress. Next year I hold the position of Senior Representative for NHS and Senior Class President for Student Congress. SUMMET was a great experience for me. I met a lot of great people that I know I will stay in contact with. The reason why I went to SUMMET is because I not only plan to become an engineer but also want to attend the Colorado School of Mines. I knew that it would be tough, but I also knew that it would help me in the future. SUMMET has definitely become one of my memorable times. I hope that we can all keep in contact and meet up some day! Brittany Wright

I am an uprising senior at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School in Cocoa Beach, Fl. I came to SUMMET because I was interested in doing some classes that were concerned with engineering. After college, I would like to work for a NASCAR team, basically because I love NASCAR and cars, and it would be really awesome to work in that sport and for my favorite driver Kasey Kahne. Also, it would be great to be one of the first successful women crew chiefs and make good money doing what I like. Besides enjoying NASCAR, I like to play golf, and I also play the French horn, trombone, and piano. I love classic rock music and of course the Beatles = LOVE!!! Another interesting thing about my boring life is I like to go to the beach, hang out with my friends (of course), and just be lazy. Andrew Magnuson Ad Astra Per Aspera! Life is a journey, and that on that journey there is more than just bumps and gravel, but potholes the size of research projects, boulders as lethal as organic chemistry, and hitchhikers as shady as your physics teacher on inertia. This is my life, and my life is school and academics. I am Andrew Magnuson. I am 16 and I am going to be a junior at Overland High School. There I am part of the Speech and Debate team, as well as Robotics, and Chess club. As you noticed, no dreaded sports, but that is because brains and not brawn will determine the success in the world of tomorrow. I devote a majority of my time to school, but my hobbies include videogames, reading up on political news, reading books, and of course sleeping. I decided to join SUMMET because it offered a unique opportunity that is not offered anywhere else. It has been a privilege to have been part of

SUMMET where I can get experiences which will give me measure of what college really is. It teaches about discipline, teamwork, and ultimately self-determination to succeed and get a career in science. Although the food isn't great, the teaching staff is dedicated, serious, but also funny jokesters. The knowledge gained in every field, however topical it is, is extremely tantalizing and good at getting an overview of each field. SUMMET is awesome, and if given the chance, any individual with the brains and dedication should try it because as rigorous as it is, it gives insights about how to go through the stars of difficulty and beyond to summit of success! If this is not what you want Christine, here is a SUMMET worshipping quote I conjured up: SUMMET was an excellent experience for anyone who is a prospective Colorado School of Mines student, someone who may want to be an engineer or someone who just wants to have the rigorous college experience. Regardless of the background, every participant in this program will come away with knowledge, passion, and even dreams about going into a field dealing in the math and sciences. The exposure this program gives to every discipline of science is unparalleled and valuable. Robert Grumet I grew up on a farm with many animals and the luxury of the wide open country. I have three step-brothers, one half-brother, and one half-sister (who I love very much). I love to run and I try to keep my body in good physical shape. When I’m not running, you can probably find me cooking with my mom or watching T.V. (I love it!!!). When I am away from home, I miss my dog very much. She hangs out with me all day during the summer. I originally came to SUMMET because my mom told me I was going (I just love how she does that to me)! After a few days of meeting new people and just having fun I decided that the camp might actually be cool. THAT DOES NOT MEAN EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. I HATE getting up early, and the food could be better! I guess as a whole, the camp was awesome and I learned a lot of interesting things! Thanks for the opportunity and YEAH! Kayalyn Edmeade Kayalyn, That’s my name. I am from the Virgin Islands. I loved to read, hang out with friends, observe nature, ..... oh and eat. I really enjoyed SUMMET. It was a rigorous, difficult, confusing, amazing program. I expected to come to a totally work based summer session, but I learned so much more info that did not even relate to the subjects we studied. I especially enjoyed all the SUMMET student "sickos". Charles Zheng

He is a student at Cherry Creek High School. He attended SUMMET because there was nothing better to do in the summer. In his free time he enjoys eating and playing video games.

Andrea Salazar My name is Andrea Salazar, I am 17 years old, from Romeo, Colorado and I came to SUMMET because I wanted the opportunity to see what college life would be like and how I would have to adapt to it. I am constantly reminded of the quote, "Opportunity only knocks once" so that’s why when I got the opportunity to come to SUMMET I didn’t throw that opportunity away I decided I would take that it and I'm glad I did. Coming into this program I realized that you really have to be committed and be ready to take on anything SUMMET throws at you. I really enjoyed my time here, we did a lot of fun stuff and I learned a lot. David Medina

Hello everyone. My name is David Medina. I am sixteen years old and I was born in Dallas, Texas. In my free time I like to play soccer and read. SUMMET was suggested to me by my Physics teacher, and I decided to attend because I have a high interest in an engineering field. I enjoy the Colorado School of Mines, and I am considering applying and attending this school in the Fall of 2007. Michelle Yu Hi, my name is Michelle Yu and I'm from Chicago, IL. I grew up in a Cantonese speaking family. I came to SUMMET because I wanted a challenge. Well, I found one. Alan Nguyen My hobbies include photography and writing. I came to SUMMET because it was a great opportunity to learn college life and to meet some new people. So far, SUMMET has been a cool experience. I've learned a lot and I have met great people. Mario Martinez I was born and raised in Colorado since December 13, 1988. I enjoy golf, playing my guitar, and constantly relaxing. My favorite band in the Eagles and my favorite solo artist is Jimmy Buffett (guy who sings Margaritaville), but I like all kinds of music. My favorite food is coconut shrimp, or key lime pie. I chose SUMMET because I want to become an engineer and this is the perfect place to start. I think SUMMET is a great challenge, and a great place to meet new people. The instructors are well qualified engineers, and students, and the program is a good way to experience college life.

Terrence Williams My name is Terrence Williams, I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I am 17 year old and I am entering my senor year of High school. I attend Edward W. Bok technical high school. My hobbies are playing Football, Basketball, and playing cards games. I came to the SUMMET Program for the experience, to see how college will be like for me in the future, and to meet some new cool people. I enjoy the SUMMET program because it taught me some thing that I did not know.

Wanda-Marie Carey My name is Wanda-Marie Carey and I am from Philadelphia Pa. I attend Edward W. Bok High School. I enjoy a lot of activities. I like modeling, Photography, Designing, Dancing, Singing, Writing, Psychiatry, Talking on Phone, Going out, Playing Sports, Using the Computer, Reading, Traveling, New experiences, and having fun with anything I do. I came to SUMMET because at my school I am in a shop called Petrochemical Science and one of the sponsors for this program came across this opportunity and introduced it to the class. I think that SUMMET is a very useful program and I have learned a lot. I have met many new friends and hope to stay in contact with everyone. This program is interesting, hard work and fun. I will always remember my stay here at The Colorado School of Mines. Sue Huang I was born in China, moved to England when I was 5, and then came to Denver, Colorado when I was 7. I'm 16 this year & am going to be a junior @ D'Evelyn Jr/Sr High School. I play the piano and have been doing ballet for about 5 years ^_^ I love sleeping, eating, traveling, and watching TV!!! I came to SUMMET because I really liked PREP last summer here at the School of Mines. The classes are challenging but you will absolutely have tons of fun here! I will never forget all the new friends I made or the 3 weeks I spent here at SUMMET!!!*

Samantha Lawrence My name is Samantha Lawrence, and I am 17 years old. I love science—especially corrosion prevention and metallurgical engineering. I enjoy participating in science fair, and have attended the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) twice. I love meeting new people and learning about cultures, so both ISEF and SUMMET have been great opportunities for me. I love music and art, so I l play classical guitar and enjoy oil painting and sculpting. I run track, but my favorite sport is swimming. SUMMET has been an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about my favorite area of study— material science and everything associated with it, but more importantly I was able to grow as a person (I never knew playing ultimate Frisbee could be so much fun)!

Josh Simpkins My name is Josh Simpkins a.k.a. J Simp and I went to SUMMET for the 2006 program. I love playing all kinds of sports and just having fun as much as possible. I’m 16 years old. I came to SUMMET because my math teacher told me about it and said that it would be a good opportunity for me. Although the work load was crazy at times, I still had fun and I think that this program will give me a big head start on my high school classes next year. Overall SUMMET was a cool experience and I had and made friends.

Vanessa Tam Hi! My name is Vanessa Tam. I am 16 years old and I was born in Lima, Peru, but I moved to Denver, Colorado when I was ten. I like math and science, so I came to SUMMET because I’ve always had an interest in an engineering career. The three weeks at SUMMET 2006 have been very challenging, but I know that I’ve become much smarter person thanks to it. Christine Politi I was born and lived in Boca Raton, Florida for ten years of my life. I moved to Denver when I was ten and loved it in Colorado. I go to Overland High School and next year I will be a senior next year. Some of the clubs that I am involved in are Robotics, Institute, National Honor Society, the Musicals (Orchestra), and I snowboard. I wanted to attend SUMMET because I’ve been considering going to CSM and I though this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the campus and about engineering. It’s a lot of fun, making new friends and hanging out, but also a lot of work. There’s homework and tests but it really pays off. Overall, it’s a great program and I really recommend anyone to take it. Shian Yu Hey! I'm Shian, and I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, competing in Quiz Bowl, playing the violin, reading, and killing Charles (in Halo). I was born in Zhengzhou, China, but I lived in East Lansing, Michigan most of my life. I came to SUMMET for a taste of college life, as well as meeting new people and having fun in the amazing state of Colorado. When SUMMET is over, I'll miss everyone I've met here, and I'll never forget the fun times we've had. Christine Padilla I'm Christine Padilla from Chicago, IL, and I'm a 16 year old rising senior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). The name game here

at SUMMET was amazing because, you see, now we all have animal alias names-mine is the Chinchilla, which someone thought was Chalupa...So anyhoo, the program is great, the state is awesome, and, of course, the cafeteria food is the best...Although the classes are tough, everyone survives and does well enough to escape lockdown (no socializing for the night), or as Dr. Shorey calls it, "academic bootcamp"; *insert dramatic music HERE* Now our brains are fuller, our friends are more plentiful, our sleep is minimal, and we can say that the limit as SUMMET 2006 approaches July 1st is equivalent to a very rewarding, educational, and fun experience.

Jenny Liang Technically, Jenny Liang was never born--she just appeared in 1996 in a burst of lime green light. Since then, she has done little but to move around occasionally whining for food, making ridiculous expressions, and complain about homework. Di Di promised to give her anti-whining lessons but those never came! She has no idea what possessed her to be productive and attend SUMMET. Jake Cox Hey everybody. My name is Jake Cox. I'm 16 years old and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. I play football, lacrosse and the guitar. I came to SUMMET to get a taste of Engineering and college in general. I met some really cool people while I was here and had some fun too. See y'all later. Alex Spence I’m Alex and Ill be a senior in high school. I’m from Grand Junction, CO, and I like outdoor activities. I love to go fishing on the Grand Mesa. The reason I joined SUMMET was to challenge my self. Also I thought it would be a good way to experience the college life. I think SUMMET is an excellent program, and I advise everyone to experience it. Sam Johnson My name is Sam Johnson. My favorite class was chemistry or computers. I love going to school so I loved SUMMET as well. SUMMET gave me an opportunity to preview all the perks of college life—the freedom, the dorms, the schedule, the food (okay, the food wasn’t really a perk…). Also, I got to meet some fantastically awesome people who are as driven as I am. My favorite part of SUMMET was the entire atmosphere. All the elements combined made for an atmosphere that really makes me look forward to college. Brittani Trujillo

My name is Brittani Trujillo and I am going to be a junior at Jefferson Senior High School. I have a good sense of humor but I tend to be a really shy person. I really enjoyed SUMMET because it gave me a real sense of what college is going to be like. It really made me push myself and I am very thankful for this experience. Rocio Sosa My name is Rocio and I am 16 years old. I go to Lakewood High School and I live in Denver. I am a Mexican-American and I enjoy doing things such as reading, dancing, and writing poetry. Coming to SUMMET was an awesome experience because not only do you learn a lot about engineering, but you also get a chance to meet so many cool people. I came to SUMMET to learn about the different types of engineering. I like SUMMET because it is a different experience and it allows you to learn about college life. SUMMET was awesome for me because I met two of the greatest friends ever:

Lillian Ruiz I am Mexican-American, 17 years old, and I attend the Denver School of the Arts. My hobbies include violin and snowboarding. About SUMMET: I came to SUMMET, expecting to just be going back to school, but it was so much more than that. We learned about different fields of engineering, careers, and made so many new friends. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Ashley Bullard I’m Ashley Bullard. I’m from Houston, Texas. I’ m going go to be a senior at Westfield High School. I came to SUMMET because I possibly want to come to CSM, and thought this was a good way to see if I liked it. SUMMET turned out to be a great experience. I met new people, and I learned a whole bunch about engineering, while still having fun! Andrew Shum My name is Andrew Shum and I am going to be a senior in the I.B. program at George Washington High School. My hobbies include playing the piano and rock climbing, even though school has control of my life. I came to SUMMET because I had attended the PREP program two years ago and I had the best time of my life. This time is even better and the people are great. I like SUMMET because it really gives me a chance to meet different people and share all their experiences with me. Marco Alatorre Born in a giant frisbee on the banks of the Yellow River in the Qinghai province in China, Marco Alatorre was born with an extremely hideous tumor covering his face and

arms. His arms were surgically repaired, but unfortunately at the age of 5, the young lad developed a severe case of explosive flatulency and was sent to America to find treatment. After receiving harsh spankings early in the morning directly on the buttocks every morning for 10 years, Marco recovered and now has full control of all his bowel movements. His hobbies include hitting squirrels with Frisbees, long walks on the beach, candlelit inners, and waking up early every morning to go to breakfast with his two most favorite people, Sam and Di Di. Currently, Marco works as a substitute at Water World for when Shamu is down with the flue, but also works as a part-time superhero regurgitating food and breaking his legs without attending a hospital. A little known fact about this strapping young man is that he is actually incredibly sensitive and often cries when watching Meg Ryan movies. Max Gonzalez I'm 16 and not a Communist. I'm from Platte Canyon High. I run cross country and track and I'm also on the speech team and ski team. My loves of life are: Women, food, sleep, and did I mention women? I was actually forced to come to SUMMET, but I came anyway because I like meeting people. I did not, however, come to take classes.

Samantha Huynh Where? Honky Town, USA(I.E., Belen, NM) Occupation: Resident Cowgirl and Rodeo Specialist of Randall Hall Why I came to SUMMET: I signed up for this program because it gave me a chance to escape from my hometown. I wanted to get away from the small pond I was from and experience new things. Favorite Memory: After I came out of the hospital, my friend, Andrew Shum came to take care of me. He was playing with my hunting knife (a gutting knife if you want to get technical) and asked me what type of bottle opener it was. Ha, what a loser. Christine Cardenas My name is Christine Cardenas and I am going to be a junior in high school. I am from Pueblo, Colorado and I previously attended PREP in 2004. In my spare time, I like to shop, hang out with friends, and have fun. I chose to come to SUMMET to get the college experience and make new friends. SUMMET had rigorous course work, but it makes you a stronger student. SUMMET was the ultimate summer program and a truly fun time. What else could it be? Sofia Tena My name is Sofia Tena and I am from Denver Co. I came to SUMMET because my math teacher told me about it and I thought it was a really good opportunity. I think SUMMET is a good program because even the classes are not very easy you learn a lot. I will never

forget this experience because I didn't just learn new things, I met a lot new people and now I have really good friends. Julian Corona
I was born on July 4th, 1989 in Harvey, IL. When I was a couple years old we moved to Dolton, IL. – which is about 30 miles south of Chicago. I have two brothers, two sisters, and two wonderful parents. I currently attend Thornton Township High School and will enter as a senior next school year. I enjoy spending free time with my family and friends. I am really glad that I was able to be a part of SUMMET because it gave me an opportunity to experience new things, meet incredible people, and learn new concepts. It allowed me to experience real college life for three weeks. Although there was a lot of work and the food wasn’t all that, we still found many ways to have fun. We also took many field trips and threw many parties. Di Di Wei Di Di Wei was born and is still alive. Her most treasured memory from SUMMET was when Snap, Crackle, and Pop appeared and gave everybody Trix, but then that rabbit came in and was like, "NO! YOU SHARE!!!" and kicked her in the face. She also enjoyed the 5 billion Asians there who put their Honda Civics together and made a giant robot. Her hobbies include being a PIMP, ice-cream appreciation, and writing her own biographical excerpts. Liz O’Conner I am from Colorado Springs Air Academy High School. I found SUMMET by google-ing "Summer Engineering camps", and I am glad that I did. SUMMET 2006 has taught me a lot of valuable things about myself and about all sorts of engineering subjects. It was a fabulous college experience and I would definitely do it all over again if I could.

Donald E. Velasquez- MEP Director A recycled engineer, Don retired from 32 years at the Federal Government in 1988.(U.S. Navy, Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. Forest Service, and the Department of Energy.) He was the first MEP Director at CSM in 1989. Don began his association with CSM in the mid-1980 as a liaison with the CSM SHPE student chapter and after retirement applied for the position of MEP Coordinator and later became the Director of MEP. Don’s first SUMMET class was in 1989 and he directed SUMMET until 1994 when he retired. After a brief stint as a consultant, Don returned to CSM as a part-time recruiter then was full time in the Admissions Office as an Assistant Office as an Assistant Director of Admissions until 2002 when he retired again. It didn’t last this time either as he became a part-time recruiter for Admissions and MEP. Don is a traveler. When not traveling for work, Don spends a lot of his time behind the wheel, especially driving through Mexico and the US. Don is especially fond of SUMMET and considers it one of the blue ribbon programs in the US. He is looking forward to SUMMET 2006 as one of

the best SUMMET programs he has experience. Don is married to Grace and they have eight adult children and eight grandchildren. Jahi Sauk Simbai – Director of Graduate Recruiting And Admissions & Instructor (Economics)
Jahi is the Associate Director of the Minority Engineering Program at Colorado School of Mines. As such, he is responsible for various retention and professional development programs for MEP students, and coordination of precollegiate summer programs. Jahi has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to joining CSM, Jahi worked for Ball Aerospace in Boulder as a structural analyst, and has been an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) as both an undergraduate and an alumni member. He also worked for nCUBE Corporation, a company that specializes in digital ad insertion, as a technical support representative. Jahi enjoys martial arts, basketball, poetry, and making and performing hip-hop music.

Jesse Whitney-Blane – SUMMET Academic Coordinator
Jesse graduated with a double-majoring in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Bio-Engineering. He is from Pueblo, Colorado where he attended South High School. Jesse is an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and is working with other members of MEP to set up a business entitled Linden Entertainment. He enjoys working with MEP and is excited to be a part of SUMMET this summer. He currently works for Accenture as an Engineering Consultant intern.

John Akinboyewa– Instructor (Computers) John is a graduate at the Colorado School of Mines in Electrical Engineering. He was born in Nigeria and studied abroad in London before coming to the United States. After completing high school in Denver, John came to Mines to study Electrical Engineering. During his time here at Mines, he has played different roles from being a student, to the Fundraising Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers, to the Director of the MEP Student Advisory Board and this coming year, the President of NSBE. He has also been a C++ tutor for students here at Mines and participants in last year's PREP and SUMMET programs. In addition to academic activities, John enjoys playing sports, writing music and producing tracks for various artists. This year, he is really looking forward to teaching your computer classes. That being said guys....let's have some FUN! Amoret Lambrecht- Instructor (Materials) Amoret is currently a process engineer of metallization at Coors Tech. She attended SUMMET in 1999 and received her bachelor’s of science and metallurgical materials engineering from CSM in 2004. This past May (2006), she completed her masters of science in MME conducting research on the production of perovskite thin films using plasma coded technologies. In her free time she enjoys rock climbing, shooting, fishing, and playing Texas Hold’em. This summer will be her third year teaching material science for SUMMET. In the last four years, she has been involved with both SUMMET and PREP, teaching technical writing, economics, chemistry, and in 2002, she was resident advisor. Qiwei Li— Instructor (Chemistry & RA) Qiwei is currently a senior at Colorado School of Mines. He will be majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Economics and Business. Qiwei was also the chemistry instructor last year, instructed CSM freshmen during the school year, and was a product of the SUMMET class of 2002. He is also currently employed as a writer for TTS Performance Systems, a process engineering consulting firm in Aurora. He enjoys

relaxing, reading, writing, playing basketball, video games, and spending quality time with his family, kitty, and girlfriend, Soncirae. Juan Carlos Madeni- Instructor (Strengths) Dr. Juan Carlos Madeni is a researcher in the Materials Science Department at Colorado School of Mines. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Materials Science, a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from the Mines. He also studied Civil Engineering at the Universidad Autonoma “Thomas Frias” in Potosi, Bolivia. His expertise is in joining science; over the years he has worked mainly in the development of lead-free joining materials for the electronics industry, filler metal flow mechanics in braze joints and in the development of consumables for HSLA steels joining. Dr. Madeni has worked in projects founded by NASA, NIST, SNL Materials, and Microstructural Development of Materials. Bao Nguyen — Instructor (Physics & Circuits) Bao has lived in Colorado for almost his entire life. He graduated from Mines with a BS in Engineering Physics and a minor in Engineering, Electrical Specialty. He is currently working on his Master of Science in Engineering Systems, Electrical Specialty at CSM. Bao have worked for PREP and SUMMET as a tutor and has taught the physics and electrical courses last summer. Bao is looking forward to seeing and working with the students and SUMMET staff. Some of his hobbies include tennis, hockey, volleyball, martial arts, reading, watching movies, and of course sleeping. Justin Regina – Instructor (Calculus) & tutor Justin is currently a senior majoring in math at Colorado School of Mines. He plans to become a high school or college educator following graduation, and has interests in teaching calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and high school level physics. Justin's hobbies include playing piano and guitar. He also has his private pilot license to fly single-engine airplanes. While Justin is currently a tutor for CSM, the SUMMET program will be his first classroom experience. He believes that this experience will prove to be a beneficial experience for him as well as the students. Justin plans to do his best to help his students understand the course material and hopes that everyone involved in the SUMMET program will have a blast. Okoye Emmanuel Chicke (Petroleum) Okoye Chicke is a Nigerian who graduated from College with a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2001 and has worked for several oil and gas companies. Since then, among whom is Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, acquiring about four years of work experience. Chicke is currently a master’s degree candidate in the Petroleum Engineering Department at Colorado School of Mines. Tera Scott– Instructor (Technical Writing) & Tutor Tera is a Colorado native who is currently working towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is an active member of both the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). After

graduating, she plans on working for an automotive company designing cars and car parts. This is her first time working for the PREP and SUMMET programs, but she attended both programs when she was in high school. In her free time, Tera enjoys tennis, music, and cooking. Christian Shorey- Instructor (Earth Science) Dr. Shorey received a B.S. in geology and a minor in zoology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994, and a Ph.D. in geoscience from the University of Iowa in 2002. His research is in paleoclimatology with a focus on the use of speleothems (cave formations) as records of past climate. He recently completed work on a biogeochemical model of speleothem growth and stable isotope incorporation, calibrated to a cave system in southeastern Minnesota, and his next research goal is to calibrate this model to cave systems in varying climatic regimes, such as Colorado caves. His other principal focus is on geoscience and environmental education. He taught 8th Earth Science in the Texas public school system, and has spent three years as a professor at the University of Iowa. He has spent the last year teaching CSM’s Earth and Environmental Systems course, which is a required course for all CSM students. Sarah Casias – RA Sarah was born in Littleton, Colorado and has lived there all of her life. She graduated from Englewood High School in May 2003. She is a junior who is majoring in Economics and Business with a Global Specialization and double minoring in Mathematical Sciences and in Liberal Arts & International Studies. Sarah attended PREP in the summer of 2000. This is her second year being involved with MEP. She enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and being in the school's band. She is currently involved with the CSM Marching and Concert bands, Kappa Kappa Psi, and the Society of Economics and Business. Filmon Habtemichael - RA Filmon was born and grew up in Asmara Eritrea (East Africa). He moved to Colorado four years ago. He graduated from Gateway High School in Aurora. He is a sophomore majoring in Petroleum Engineering. He is an active member of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Soncirae Velasquez— RA & Head Tutor Soncirae is currently a senior Chemical Engineering major at Colorado School of Mines. Soncirae is also currently working in the Materials and Metallurgy Department here on campus and is a member of the Mines Dance Team. This is her second time being in involved in SUMMET and she looks forward to interacting with the SUMMET students. She enjoys napping, dancing, eating, and being with her beloved family, kitty, and boyfriend. Nina Vollmer — Grader Nina is a recent graduate and majored in Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineering and mentoring in Economics and Business. Nina also plays on the varsity volleyball team for the Orediggers. She is very active in extracurricular activities, some of which are Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Society of Hispanic Professional

Engineers (SHPE), and Minority Engineering program (MEP), Alpha Phi Fraternity, and Intramural sports. Nina grew up in Denver, Colorado, and attended Wheat Ridge High School. This summer she will be working on a bone growth project with two fellow Metallurgical Engineering students, and after graduating hopes to work with prosthetics. Matthew Diaz- Tutor Matthew is an electrical engineering major and is on his 6th year at CSM; graduating in May 2007. He studied abroad in Valencia Spain, at la Universidad Polytechnica de Valencia during the 2004-2005 school year. Matthew is the current President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). He attended PREP in the summer of 1998 and was a RA for PREP and SUMMET during the summer of 2002. Calvin Pohaqpatchoko- Tutor Calvin C. Pohaqpatchoko Jr., is a member of the Numunu People (Comanche Tribe) from the Quahada clan (Antelope). He has been the IT professional for more than 28+ years and has worked for major corporations in management and system development. His ultimate professional and personal goal is obtain a PhD in Computer Science and to teach at a Tribal College or University. Although he has a Master’s in Object Oriented Technology, his goal is to a second master’s to build a foundation for this new journey toward a PhD and teaching. He looks forward to working on educational projects that will make a difference within the Native American Community. Deborath Silva– Tutor Deborath was born in Lima-Peru and moved to Denver six years ago. She is a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Deborath graduated from Chatfield High School, where she played basketball and volleyball. She is the secretary of the National Society of Black Engineers and an active member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. This summer Deborath is looking forward to meeting all of you. Phi Thanh - Tutor Phi graduated from Mines in May with a degree in Engineering Physics. He currently interns at Ball Aerospace Corps working in the Mechanical Engineering department on Star Trackers. Phi plans to live life to the fullest this summer. HE also wants to complete his Masters in Engineering System with a Mechanical Specialty working on a NanMechanics thesis.

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