F ALL 2007                                                                                             V OLUME 3, I SSUE 2

       Imagine a time when the plot your          in the community. And with big dreams,
  church building is built on was just an         we are prayerfully planning our next
  empty field; no building, no Sunday ser-        steps. Imagine coming to visit us one day,
  vices, not even a pastor. Have you ever         and being able to worship in a
  thought about how it all started?               church you had a role in planting!               Praise: For the successful
  Who God instilled the vision in, who they                                                        launch of the Alpha for
                                                  Phase I: Team-building                           ESOL Course, with over 70
  worked with, and what their first steps
  were?                                           Here are some of our first-steps:                guests attending
       Much like whoever was involved in             Every Monday morning we meet for              Prayer: For this year’s
  planting your church, right now we are in          prayer (normally 4-6 people)                  round of Christmas carol-
  that exciting phase too! God has given a                                                         ing and the Christmas
                                                     Met with other pastors/Christian lead-
  small group of us a vision for ministering
                                                     ers in the area to discuss the possible       Eve service—that many
  to our neighbors and planting a church
                                                     church plant                                  would be blessed through
                                                     Started a Friday night home-group to          it
                                                     get to know others interested in being        Prayer: That God
                                                     part of the church planting team
                                                                                                   would continue to form
                                                     Encore Christmas caroling perform-            the church-planting
                                                     ance (due to popular demand), fol-            team, including our vi-
                                                     lowed by Christmas Eve program!               sion, relationships with
                                                     Helping organize a neighborhood yard-         one another, as well as
                                                     sale with proceeds to benefit those less      who should be on the
                                                     fortunate in the community.                   team

                                                                                                           
                      M ORE T HAN J UST D INNER
      Have you ever invited some non-             discussion, but since the ESOL version is
  Christians over for dinner, just to talk        designed for non-native English speakers,
  about life, meaning, and the basic principles   we give live talks that involve slightly eas-
  of Christianity in a relaxed, non-              ier vocabulary. Obviously this takes a
  threatening environment? Well, that is          little extra preparation and training, but so
  what the Alpha Course is. And it has            far the response has been great, and
  proven so successful over the last several      people seem to enjoy practicing English
  decades, that worldwide over 8 million          while learning about God!
  people have attended an Alpha Course!
       Working together with a church in
  Győr, Zsófi and I are helping run an Alpha
  for ESOL (English Speakers of Other Lan-
  guages) Course. And since over 70 peo-
  ple registered for the 20-week course ( a
  few too many to fit around the dinner ta-
  ble!), we decided to do it at a local restau-
      The normal Alpha Course involves
  watching a DVD to set the foundation for                                                                  
                                              ♥ K IDS ’ C ORNER : H OLIDAY Q UIZ ♥
                                                                                                        (by Zsófi)
                                                 Have you ever wondered what
                                            kids do for Christmas or for their
                                            Birthday in another country? Well,
                                            here is a little quiz to test your knowl-
                                            edge about how they celebrate holi-
     John & Zsófi Wilson                    days in Hungary.
          Otelló u. 4                               (Circle the correct answer)
          Törökbálint                       1. Do Hungarians celebrate
             2045                              Thanksgiving?
          HUNGARY                            a) Yes.
                                             b) No.
Email:                                                          6. What is a “Name-day” in Hun-
                                             c) Only every four years.
 Web:                                                               gary?
                                            2. When do children open their               a) A celebration of the day your
                                               Christmas presents?                          parents gave you your name.
                                             a) On the evening of the 24th.              b) Each year, everyone has one day
  F INANCIAL S UPPORT                        b) On the morning of the 25th.                 that is named after them and their
        U PDATE                              c) On the morning of the 26th.                 friends give them presents.
                                                                                         c) A tradition where everyone
     A special thank-you to those of you    3. What do Hungarian boys do                    writes their name in the snow.
who, responding to our last newsletter,        on Easter?
gave a special contribution for a new                                                   7. How do Hungarians celebrate
laptop computer and extra language           a) They paint eggs and then throw             Birthdays ?
courses for John! One of the most in-           them into a lake.
                                             b) They eat a lot of chocolate and          a) On your birthday, you give other
credible parts of our journey as mission-                                                   people presents.
aries here in Hungary has been to watch         then jump around like a bunny.
                                             c) After saying a poem, they pour           b) People give you presents on your
God provide for all of our needs. And
                                                perfume on a girl they like.                birthday, and you eat lots of cake!
you are a huge part of that provision.
                                                                                         c) Your friends try and play tricks
     So much like the Pilgrims, who         4. In Hungary, when does Santa                  on you.
after completing their first year in the       Claus come?
New World, gave thanks to God for his                                                          (Check your answers below)
                                             a) On Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th).
provision, this year we will be doing the                                               We hope you enjoyed learning some
same—giving thanks for you, along            b) On December 6th.
                                                                                        interesting things about how kids in
with all the other ways God has blessed      c) On December 31st
                                                                                        Hungary celebrate holidays. As you
us throughout our first year here in        5. Do Hungarian kids go trick-              can see there are many differences,
Hungary.                                       or-treating on Halloween?                but there are also many similarities,
                                                                                        even if they live in another part of the
                                             a) Yes, but they don’t wear cos-           world. :-)
   Happy                                        tumes.
Thanksgiving!                                b) Yes, but they only get fruit &
                                                vegetables instead of candy.                  5.) c 6.) b 7.) b
                                             c) No, they don’t celebrate Hallow-            Solution: 1.) b 2.) a 3.) c 4.) b
                                                een at all.

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