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Members Present: Joe Rowekamp, Kim Horn, Ray Schuchard, Duane Wegner, Gerry Bermel, Brooke Ferrier, and Deputy-Clerk Nancy Eichman Members Absent: Ed Cafourek, and Elaine Haverly Chair Wegner called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Approve Agenda: A motion was made by Horn and seconded by Ferrier to approve the agenda. All voted in favor. The motion was declared carried. Approve Minutes: A motion was made by Rowekamp and seconded by Wegner to approve the minutes of the March 14, 2007 meeting. All voted in favor. The motion was declared carried. Parks: A. Wetland Update: Bermel reported to the Park Board that there are no issues with the Frisbee Golf Course interfering with the wetlands area. The people stomping in the wetland areas looking for their frisbees will not cause any problems or damage to the wetlands. In the “early days,” buffalo went through them. There is no need to change any of the tee-offs. B. Skateboard Park Update: April Horne reported an update on the skateboard park by phone. Highlights of the phone conversation:  Tentatively looking at Friday, April 20 to have City Hall bring the pallets to West Side Park in the early afternoon. After school, the boy scouts will show up to prep the site and break open the pallets and transport the equipment to the concrete slab. The boy scouts will camp out in the park. Then, on Saturday, April 21, the older boy scouts will do the fixture assemblies, and the younger boy scouts will do the park clean-up at West Side. All is pending on the weather.


C. Weed Spraying: The Council chose to have a private source work on the park weed spraying rather than the recommendation of the Park Board for TruGreen ChemLawn. D. Ballfield User Fees: Wegner reported that all the teams received their letters asking them to turn in their ball schedules and the $25.00 ballfield user fees. Page 1 of 2 4-11-07

Park & Recreation Program: A. Park & Rec Update:  Ferrier reported to the board that the volleyball numbers are up from eight to eighteen participants.  Night soccer has fifty participants. This is also an increase from last year.  We have 159 participants registered as to date.  There will be two head coaches this year. Ferrier for soccer, and her mother, Paula, for softball and T-Ball.  The Eyota Ambulance Service will be doing CPR training with the Park & Rec employees.  Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association Safety Program (MMUA) will be training the Park & Rec employees on a variety of safety issues.  The First Aid kits will be replenished by the Eyota Ambulance Service. B. Snack Shack: Ferrier reported to the board that Eyota Days would like to see a concession stand/shed set up at West Side Park. There was discussion with the board as to what size, where it would be purchased, or who would build it, how much it would cost, and who would pay for it? Ferrier is to report back to the committee that they should come back to the Park Board with a plan. FYI: There was an inquiry from Bob Schmidt if the Park Board wanted dugouts at Freedom Park. No action taken. Adjourn: A motion was made by Wegner and seconded by Rowekamp to adjourn the meeting. All voted in favor. The motion was declared carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:33PM.

___________________________________ Nancy Eichman Deputy Clerk/Park Board Secretary

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