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									Is there more to life as an HTC student than academics?
Prospective students often ask us if Honors Tutorial College students have the time to get involved in campus and community activities. We are proud to say that our students know how to strike the balance. They are engaged in the most demanding academic programs at Ohio University, but they are also some of the most involved individuals on campus and in the Athens community as leaders, volunteers and contributing members of organizations. Below is a partial list demonstrating the type and level of involvement.
The Action Committee Mary Forfia ACRN
OU's college radio station

Alpha Phi Omega
National service fraternity

Mary Brett Koplen

Jill Carlson Jesse Branner Alpha Xi Delta
Social sorority

Athens NEWS
An independent, biweekly community newspaper

Aaron Vilk Hannah Simonetti Alpha Chi Sigma
Professional chemistry fraternity

Chelsea Toy
Campus reporter

Courtney Van Atta Amnesty International Patty Arnold American Medical Student Association, Pre-med Club Clint Riddell Jacob Wright-Piekarski Rachel Munn Nyssa Adams Eden Almasude Arts for Ohio Advisory Committee Ami Iannone Athens Community Music School Kristen Urbanski Athens Middle School Writers’ Workshop Matt Tokarsky Liz Westendorf Erin Livengood Max Cothrel Alex Menrisky Rachel Grimm

Ryan O’Donnell Amy Zimmerman Preston Roeper Ellen Lubbers Alpha Lamda Delta
Honors society for freshmen

Athens South Africa Project Patrick Muhlberger Liz Westendorf Athens Videoworks
Student telecommunications production group

Eric Miller Athletes in Action Allie LaForce Backdrop Magazine Gina Edwards Adam Wagner Alex Menrisky Business Fellows Jordan Shirkman Courtney Van Atta Annie Hausfeld Campus Crusade for Christ Marie Braasch Rachel Ferchak Allie LaForce Anna Grossman Jessica Lohner Eric Miller

Ami Iannone Stephanie Kollmann Jessica Lohner Clint Riddell Madeline Schrock Liz Westendorf Carolyn White Regan Price
Fundraising Chair

Christopher Wagner Brittany Stein Sean O'Malley Alpha Omicron Pi
Social sorority

Taylor Seman

Jordan Shirkman Caitlin Yocco Samuel Jero Spencer Smith Hiram Foster CCAP
Center for College Affordability and Productivity

College Green
Environmental Webzine for SE Ohio

Greeks advocating the mature management of alcohol

Amy Nordrum Max Cothrel Connect Ohio
Alumni networking

Michael Chapman German Club Kayleigh Forhan Good Works Jordan Templeton Erin Livengood Hiram Foster Hannah Simonetti Green Network Amy Nordrum Jill Carlson Habitat for Humanity Lisa Miller Hillel
Jewish student group

Courtney Van Atta Council of Student Leaders Robert Leary Caitlyn Zachry Cultural Advising for OPIE Hiram Foster Delta Phi Alpha
German Honorary Society

Jordan Templeton Center for Student Legal Services Robin Jones
Board of Directors

Robert Leary
Board of Directors

Chinese Student Language Association Hiram Foster Circle K International
Service leadership program

Kayleigh Forhan Delta Sigma Pi
Professional business fraternity

Madeline Schrock Club Sports Annie Hausfeld Bryan Hoynacke Sean O’Malley Jacob Wright-Piekarski Bryana Arancibia Adam Wagner Ellen Lubbers College of Business Connect
Student Alumni Board for College of Business

Annie Hausfeld Lisa Miller Duello Fencing Club Anna Grossman Preston Roeper Molly Semones Laura Werger Celeste Taylor

Mary Brett Koplen Daniel Klein Honors College Advisory Council (HCAC) Patty Arnold Taylor Brand Nina Cesare
Diversity and Philanthropy Chair

Sarah Wyss ED2010
A club for magazine enthusiasts

Gina Edwards
Blog contributor

Jessica Cherok Brianna Clifford Anne Elliott Samantha Ellwood Alicia Gooding
Vice President

Courtney Van Atta College Democrats Taylor Seman

Eta Sigma Phi
Latin and Greek Honors society

Ben Stewart (President) Robert Leary

Bryan Hoynacke Brooks Kohli Ellen Lubbers Sarah Pels

HCAC cont. Daniel Klein
Treasurer and Fundraising Chair

International Student Peer Mentoring Program Jordan Templeton J-School Ambassadors Chelsea Toy Jewish Women of Ohio Mary Brett Koplen Jitterbug Club
Swing dancing

Ohio Bobcat Sports Network Brian Boesch Open Doors Tim Williams Kate Burns OU Advertising Association Liz Westendorf OU Business Fellows Annie Hausfeld Courtney Van Atta OU Student Equity Management Group Jordan Templeton

Matthew Tokarsky Katie Young Caitlyn Zachry

Eric Miller Mariah Thrush Christopher Wagner Spencer Smith Hiram Foster Elizabeth Clowes Mike Stainbrook Ed Zelaski ImPRessions
OU’s student-run public relations firm

Kayleigh Forhan Alicia Gooding

Liz Westendorf Intramural Sports Taylor Homes Bryan Hoynacke Brooks Kholi Robert Leary Justin Lucas Jacob Mosher Jake Wright-Piekarski Caitlin Yocco Ben Stewart Christopher Wagner Sarah DeCarlo Amy Nordrum Jill Carlson Bryana Arancibia Amy Zimmerman Ed Zelaski Daniel Klein

Lisa Gumerman Tiana McKenna Jordan Templeton Spencer Smith Allison Hight Bryan Tysl Lambda Chi Alpha
Social fraternity

OURC (Ohio University Running Club) Patty Arnold Matt Zofchak Bryan Tysl OU Symphony Orchestra Kristen Urbanski OU Wind Ensemble Kristen Urbanski Out-of-State Ambassadors Chelsea Toy Phi Alpha Delta
OU’s pre-law fraternity

Michael Chapman James Ralston Latino Student Union Jaime Espinoza Moore

Lost Flamingo Company
OU’s student-run theater group

Molly Davis Jessie Cadle Rachel Collins Mixed Martial Arts Club Rachel Munn The Movement Student Dance Organization Madeline Schrock Maggie Lunghofer

Robin Jones Robert Leary Taylor Seman Matt Tokarsky

Phi Beta Kappa
National academic honors society

Residence Life
Students participate as residence assistants, community assistants, or members of hall council

Tiana McKenna The Singing Men of Ohio Robert Leary Society of Physics Students Kyle Uckert James Ralston Alicia Gooding Keith Hawkins Society of Professional Journalists Gina Edwards
Programming Chair

Carolyn White Stephanie Kollmann Philosophy Circle Eden Almasude Bryan Hoynacke Spencer Smith Phi Sigma Pi
National Honor Fraternity

Rachel Collins Plant Biology Club Tim Williams Mariah Thrush The Post
An independent, student-run daily newspaper in Athens

Patty Arnold Jessica Cherok Taylor Homes Sarah Pels Caitlin Yocco Caitlyn Zachry Sarah DeCarlo Erin Livengood Run for Joy Running Club Sarah Pels The Sales Centre at Ohio University Michael Chapman Service Living Hiram Foster Patty Arnold John Stahl Sierra Student Coalition Mary Forfia Sigma Alpha Lambda
Leadership and honors fraternity

Taylor Mirfendereski
Vice President

Max Cothrel Southern Ohio Copperheads
Great Lakes League Baseball Team

Adam Wagner Anne Elliott Gina Edwards Rachel Ferchak Emily Grannis Jessica Lohner Mike Stainbrook Emily Atherton PRSSA
The Public Relations Student Society of America

Allie LaForce Brian Boesch Spanish Club Carolyn White Jesse Branner Spanish Conversation Hour Jesse Branner Speak Out Kate Burns Speaking Bobcats of Ohio
Speech Forensics Team

Madeline Schrock Kristen Urbanski Sigma Kappa

Liz Westendorf Reach Out on Campus (ROC) Mike Stainbrook Sarah Wyss Regan Price Relay for Life Jordan Templeton
Social sorority

Stephanie Kollmann Brittany Stein Sigma Tau Delta
English honors society

Hiram Foster Emily Atherton Sphere Magazine Ami Iannone
Managing Editor

Ami Iannone Stephanie Kollmann

Student Ambassador Cheslea Toy

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Allie LaForce Students Defending Students Robert Leary

Triathlon Club Patty Arnold Trombone Choir Max Cothrel Tri-Beta
Biological Sciences honors society

West Elementary Tutoring Program Sarah DeCarlo Wildlife Club Sarah Gutzwiller Women Acting for Change Patty Arnold Molly Davis Women’s Crew Team Ellen Lubbers Susie Shutts Bryana Arancibia WOUB Allie LaForce Jordan Shirkman Brian Boesch Ed Zelaski Zen Club Elana Harnish

Christopher Wagner

Nyssa Adams
Vice President

Students for a Democratic Society Mary Forfia Aaron Krumheuer Deirdre Martinez Meehan Student Senate Molly Davis
Organizational Liason

John Blischak Brooks Kholi Tour Guides Brian Hoynacke Ultimate Frisbee Team Adam Wagner University Program Council Samantha Ellwood Up in Arms
A network promoting change through art

Bryan Hoynacke
Director of research

Robin Jones
Off Campus Life Commissioner

Robert Leary

Rachel Johanson Varsity Softball Annie Hausfeld Varsity Women’s Basketball Allie LaForce Voinovich Center for Leadership and Student Affairs Nina Cesare Jordan Templeton Daniel Klein Caitlyn Zachry Tiana McKenna WATH/WXTQ Brian Boesch

Becky Schueller

College Green Lisa Gumerman
lifestyles and people section editor

Jay Simmons
HTC Senator

Christopher Wagner
East Green Senator

Surf Club Kyle Uckert Tae Kwon Do Club Celeste Taylor
Vice President

Radio Television News Directors Association Taylor Mirfendereski
Vice President

Speakeasy Magazine
An online student magazine

Jared Henderson

Tap Cats Alicia Gooding

Lutheran Campus Ministries Carolyn White

Madeleine Valley

Sigma Delta Pi
Spanish honors fraternity

Tau Beta Sigma
Band Fraternity

Carolyn White

Kristen Urbanski

Phi Sigma Iota
French Honor Fraternity

Carolyn White Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS)
Social Justice Group

Keith Hawkins

Social Justice Coalition (SJC)
Social Justice Group

Keith Hawkins The Sound of Athens Erin Livengood Madeleine Valley Black Sheep Inc., Improv Comedy Troupe Jessie Cadle Invisible Children Ellie Hamrick Medieval Society Celeste Taylor Snowcats
Ohio University's Ski and Snowboard Club

Rachel Collins Phi Gamma Nu
Professional Fraternity

Sean O'Malley Jay Simmons
External Vice President

Skeptics Society Eden Almasude

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