Creating Graphs with Microsoft Excel

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					Create Graphs with Microsoft® Excel®
You can create graphs using Microsoft Excel.

Data has been entered from a survey about pets at my school.                        Pets         No. of students
1. Click on Cell G5.                                                                Dog                       15
2. Hold down the mouse button and drag it across to Cell H5 and down to Cell H13.   Cat                       12
   The two columns will now be shaded.                                              Goldfish                   4
3. Move the cursor to the toolbar. Click on the Chart Wizard icon.                  Guinea pig                 7
4. Follow the steps in the Chart Wizard.                                            Rabbit                     6
                   Step 1: Choose a graph type. Click Next.                         Rat                        1
                   Step 2: Click Next again.                                        Rock                       1
                   Step 3: Type a title for your graph. Click Next.                 No pet                     6
                   Step 4: Choose Your Graph from the menu.
                   These steps are shown below.
5. Click on My Graph and Your Graph to see the results.
6. Explore different types of graphs using this data.
     Pet Survey

 8                No. of students