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									           Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership Board
                            Monday 30th January 2006

Minutes of the Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership Board held on Monday 30th
January at Isaac Maddox House.


David Barlow (Chair)                               Dr S Choong
Joan Fisher                                        Jane Taylor
Sue Reynolds                                       John Calvert
Maggie Strong                                       Ron Howard
Jennie Bashforth                                   Mick Mather
June Butt                                          Dr R Keeton
Pauline Arskey                                     Nicola Benge
Councillor P Gretton                               Catherine Driscoll
Grace Hampson

01/06 Apologies

Paul Bates, Councillor B Passingham, Pauline Crew, Flora Wright.

02/06 Minutes of the meeting held 20th October 2005

Agreed as a true record of the meeting

03/06 Matters Arising

              Commissioning a Patient Led NHS

Ros Keeton updated the meeting on the workshop held in October 2005. The suggestion
of a West Mercia Mental Health Trust had now been discounted.

The Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust was working closely with the
Strategic Health Authority on the future of both Worcestershire and Herefordshire Mental
Health Services.

              Autumn Assessment Feedback

Colin Vines introduced the letter received from David Clarke at the Strategic Health
Authority, following the feedback meeting attended by Colin Vines and David Barlow in
December 2005.

A proposed action plan was tabled and amendments to the responsible organisation
sections were agreed. Progress on the action plan will be monitored on a regular basis
by the LIT. (Revised Action Plan Attached)
During the debate on the action plan John Calvert reminded the group of the perceived
lack of priority given to the Public Health needs of people with mental health Problems.

It was agreed that Paul Bates be asked to take up these issues as a priority ensuring
that appropriate resources were allocated to Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention.

Pauline Arksey requested to input to the development of job descriptions for STaR
workers. It was agreed that Ron Howard invite her to join his working party on STaR

Councillor P Gretton enquired as to whether this action plan would be reported to the
Mental Health Partnership Board Trust Board.

Ros Keeton advised that Alan Courtney was undertaking a piece of work with Jennie
Bashforth and the Health Chief Executives regarding improving reporting mechanisms.

Joan Fisher advised the Board that all issues relating to Section 31 are routinely
reported to the Wyre Forest PCT Board.

04/06 Substance Misuse Lead Commissioning

This item was adjourned from the previous meeting as the meeting was not quorate and
as such was unable to make recommendations.

It was noted that Ros Keeton and Jennie Bashforth had visited all stakeholders and
obtained agreement for the Local Authority to take on the role of Lead Commissioners.

Joan Fisher expressed disappointment that this decision had been taken outside of the
Partnership Board.

05/06 Commissioning Framework

Grace Hampson gave a presentation on the key drivers regarding commissioning and
the priorities for Worcestershire.

Following discussion it was agreed:

       1.      That a Collaborative Commissioning framework be put in place on an
               interim basis.

       2.      That the Joint Commissioning Group be strengthened and re-established

       3.      That a County wide LIT be established in a separate form t the
               Partnership Board

       4.      That a revised timetable for the development of a commissioning strategy
               be adopted, with completion agreed for May 2006

       5.      That greater clarity of the role of provider services, in the commissioning
               process, be developed. ACTION G. HAMPSON
07/06 Proposed Service Change within WMHPT

Ros Keeton outlined the process of consultation regarding 3 key areas of the
modernisation of services within the Trust.

       1.      Reduction of hospital based care
       2.      Change in model of day care
       3.      Development of an assessment centre
       4.      Stanley Road

Ros Keeton outlined the process that the Trust were taking for the consultation process
and then agreed that due to the time constraints she would ask Ron Howard to focus on
the four key areas for change.

Ron Howard informed the meeting that he was currently leading 14 modernisation work
streams which focused on care pathways but ensured the correct treatment and support
was given at the right time to the right people. He also assured the meeting that they
were co-ordinating and establishing links between the 14 work streams.

RH described the proposal for the establishment of an assessment unit which would
focus on supporting an individual through crisis with a 72-hour assessment period. The
assessment unit would form a part of the alternatives to hospital admission initiative and
would re-provide an alternative system to replace 10 acute admission beds.

In support of the assessment unit would be the establishment of an intensive day
recovery service which would focus on day hospital/treatment. Two intensive day
recovery units were proposed to replace the current 6 day services and the proposal
would be in line with the NIMHE model for day services which would be published

RH outlined the work of Stanley Road Rehabilitation Unit and informed the meeting of a
change in the service style which would focus on supporting people in their own homes
on an intensive basis promoting links with leisure and education. The Stanley Road
proposal is subject to public consultation and is being led by the Adult and Community
Services Directorate.

RK advised that these measures were a part of a package of plans that had been
agreed previously with the three Primary Care Trusts to ensure that the Trust worked
within the resources allocated whilst continuing to modernise Mental Health services.
She informed that the consultation plan was currently with statutory authorities and the
public and that the outcome of the consultation process was expected in mid May
culminating in a meeting with the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Pauline Arskey requested information on rehabilitation facilities in Worcestershire and
stressed the importance of adequate support and housing in the community. She also
suggested the need for telephone support on a 24 hour basis.

RH confirmed that the Accommodation Strategy would be launched in April 2006.
Councillor Gretton requested information on numbers of people accessing day hospitals.
RH agreed to forward this information. ACTION R. HOWARD

Grace Hampson noted that the final date for comments on the consultation exercise was
18th February and noted that this may need to be extended. RK assured members of the
Board that there was a period required to gather and analyse the information from the
consultation exercise and that additional time would be available for further discussion.

Jane Taylor noted that consultation with the voluntary sector was booked for March

RK informed the Board that the formal presentation to the JNCC was to take place on
20th March 2006

08/06 Disability Rights

Agreed to defer this item to the next meeting

09/06 Performance Report

The contents of the performance report were noted.

10/06 Date and time of Next Meeting

Monday 15 May 2006, 9.00am-12.00pm, Elbury Moor Medical Centre

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