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					English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #1 Narrate an argument: I had a friend who liked this program for gaining weight and muscle and asked me about the program because he was still not sure about buying and trying the program and needed an honest opinion and feedback. He asked me for the help to provide more feedback and more information for purchasing the program. I just did his research and I tried to do a very good job of it of what worked and what didn't in this program since I have known who received successful results and gains from the program. I asked the friend who tried the program and he stayed skinny in the beginning because, even though he had been working out, his body was starving for nutrition to build up the body. So when he started this new gaining muscle program, his body converted all his type II fibers into muscle. I found out the weight gain program is a very generalized book and the market for it is a mass audience. The information is not bad and the author of the program gives solid details. This program is also designed for and targeted for skinny guys like my friend who have trouble gaining weight. Also I've noticed the information is well presented and applicable that even older people can benefit from it as well. I actually found solid information from this program that would let my friend gain mass. This program gives you a lot, even described the scientific reactions behind a person’s metabolism, the supplements needed, the diet, the work out routines, and more. I told my friend how I felt about this program and I recommended it to him and try it with no worries.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #2 Professor Nancy Agabian

Narrate an event that did not happen to you: I am going to tell you about some interesting thing that happened to one of my friends. I have a friend that wherever he goes women will lust and go for him. It doesn’t even take an effort to him to do anything and its hard looking at him because he says he does not have time for dating all these women. I tell him to find some time for pursuing and dating and you wont have such a bad time when you are out with these women. I tell him even if there is not much talk about, at least you’ll be out there like a normal person. Then he says all he wants to do is forget about women for now and move on. He’s always finding himself in similar situations like this. The girls are hitting on him very hard, yet he always turns them down. But he does admit that he is very very flattered and there is no greater and bigger boost to the ego then a chick hitting on him hard and fast. The girls he does get numbers from, he plays lots of phone tag. I've noticed that he is never infatuated with women and it never creeps up on him. One line he told me when a girl being lovey dovey with him was “she's asking me out. I'm killer stuff. She must like me” and I was laughing so hard after he said this. The thing is that he obviously became very flattered and become very easy emotional.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #3 Professor Nancy Agabian

Make a College of first times: The first time I had bought shoes. The first time I read a book. The first time I went to school. The first time I talked to a girl. The first time I was obsessed with video games. The first time I had a crush on someone. The first time I remember a girl was truly interested in me. The first time I got my cell phone. The first time I won my first basketball in the park. The first time I had eaten sushi. The first time I went out on Halloween for getting candy. The first time I started working out. The first time I rode a camel. The first time I was in an airplane. The first time and place I started to work as a full time employee. The first time I bought a computer. The first time I went to a great and fun party. The first time I went out with a girl. The first time I stayed up all night. The first time I drank alcohol. The first time I heard of liquor. The first time I thought about sex. The first time I had a girlfriend. The first time I read philosophy. The first time I moved in to a new house. The first time I moved to a new area. The first time I rode a bicycle. The first time I went on a date. The first time I visited a new country. The first time I visited my relatives. The first time I was bored. The first time I was in a lab room. The first time I had friends. The first time I earned my paycheck. The first time I had thought of marriage.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #4 Professor Nancy Agabian

Narrate a Dream: One night when I come in late from working late at the office, I was not wired at all so I fell asleep right away. After a while I starting dreaming and imagining myself old and of what I had done all throughout my lifetime. It seemed like the ideal dream. In the dream I pictured myself as having everything I could desire. I've noticed that it was myself in older age and very well sought out. First off I had all sorts of materialistic things. For example, I had many shiny sleek new cars including my favorite type, which are sports cars. Compare this to my junk mobile in reality that I have and this car is falling apart but I don't have to pay anything on it. All of these cars were cool. I also saw that I had a super big house and my house with filled with ridiculous amounts of playthings. This new improved me had the money to buy a huge house take multiple vacations around the world. I also owned several houses, assets, and property. I really couldn’t believe my own eyes. I had all these things where were beyond my wildest expectations. But I noticed something very peculiar and astonishing as I walked in my mansion in my dream. There was a huge room and on surrounding wall were showings of my achievements. I saw many walls of different prizes, all these showed what I had accomplished through the years. On one wall were my medals. On another wall there were my plaques. I saw walls of all the things of excellence. All in all, I saw medals, trophies, and academic winnings and there were my grand and personal achievements. Soon after that, I started blinking and was just coming out of my deep sleep and dream and realized that I was now finally awake.

I was sat there and then recollected what I just had dreamed. I said to myself if I wanted to achieve the greatness and admiration I fantasized about in my dream then I had to work for it and become worthy. If I wanted that the glory, praise, wealth, and riches of the world then it would require hard work and passion. There was a price tag attached to all that goodness, wealth, large riches, wondrous joy, and happiness and it was work hard on myself and my goals and then those things will literally come to me. I work hard on my dreams so in return I would get, gain, and fulfill my desires automatically. I had to become something out of nothing.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #5 Professor Nancy Agabian

In class activity: A lesson I learned I had a friend who learned some hard painful lessons about the real world and the system that the world operates in and how to learn and work within the system to succeed. There was a part in my friend’s life where he was pining over this particular chick and he really wanted her and he would do anything for her. He would do anything to please her. He would give her gifts. He would even drive three hours to pick her up and three hours to drop her off and he would doing all sorts of stupid sappy things he once told me. He was so whipped by her and later on when he actually snapped out of it said he was embarrassed about the whole situation. But the point was that she eventually rejected and left him. After he was rejected and turned down by this one girl that he really liked, he went after another girl and the same thing happened. This same cycle happened over and over again and years passed in the process. Over the years he suddenly realized he hadn’t improved in any way and basically stayed the same or got worse. This was one of the regrets he had and lessons he learned. He said to himself that he spent many years of his life in the same vicious cycle and chased after women and girls when he didn’t improve himself in any way or form. All these years later my friend said to himself, "Damn! What have I done! All this time wasted and what do I have to show for it? I should have used those years to better and improve myself.” This was what he told me and a single common theme ran through what he said and it was “do not waste time” He was full of regret for those all wasted years and youth since he wasn’t striving to get better and this was the result. After some

time, this story of his really did sink in and I put this memory in a mental folder in my brain. This is a friend of mine and he imparted this to me because he hopes I will never be like him and do what he did.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008

Journal Entry #6 Professor Nancy Agabian Write about something that pisses you off: There aren’t many things that piss me off and I always keep a cool and act level headed. If someone makes a joke or jokes around about something, I try to laugh at it too and just try to laugh it off. I really don't see any point of going nuclear or mad on the person or the situation. Yet there are some things that I get annoyed at. I believe there are only a few issues and problems worth getting worked up about or going berserk over. One of the things that cause me annoyance is tax and anything related with taxes. I know you avoid or get rid of a direct tax and everyone pays for it and it is for the goodness and health of the state but it is annoying that once in a while the legislature or state might decide they need more money so they are going to raise taxes on everyone. Either way I think this is very bad. Another thing that pisses me off is when someone mocks someone else religion or faith or beliefs. I think it is the lowest taste for someone to assault someone's religion. I like to understand and rationalize religion and I am not talking about disagreement and debate of faith but mockery of it. Mockery of any faith is something I get pissed about. One of the last things that piss me off is when people and strangers try to figure me out and who and what I do as a person. They say false things that aren’t even true. That pisses me off because they don’t know me and I am the only one who really does know who I am. They try to understand me instead of themselves and that annoys me. Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008

Journal Entry #7 Professor Nancy Agabian A list of things very important and to think about:

1) Find a way to approach that project 2) What do I say to my boss about being late? 3) How do you call her that girl I like? 4) How do I get A’s easier in class? 5) Where do I meet my friend? 6) How do I increase my attractiveness? 7) Tell my friend about that new car? 8) What cologne should I buy next? 9) Which are the clothes that I should buy next? 10) Should I walk or drive to my friend’s place? 11) Grow facial hair for next week or not? 12) Should I use more creative words in my speech? 13) What position should I play when I play basketball? 14) What date should I do with a girl? 15) I have to be ambitious and artistic 16) What techniques should I use for solving problems? 17) Where are my new socks? 18) What should I eat today? 19) What should I do after all my schoolwork is done? 20) How do I know if a girl likes me? 21) How do I know she really likes me? 22) How do I tell someone I love them? 23) What do I have to do to be successful in life? 24) How do I bulk up more? 25) How do I change my negative mind? 26) How do I explain to my brother that I lost his calculator? 27) How do I deal with bad people? 28) How do I know if someone is bad news? 29) How do I cheat on that accounting exam? 30) What is the problem with my computer monitor? 31) Where is my friend waiting for me in the club? 32) What book should I read in my spare time? 33) What do I want in a great girlfriend and relationship?

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008

Journal Entry #8 Professor Nancy Agabian The secret to my charisma

For many years, friends and women have called me a very interesting and charismatic person. They always ask me, “Saleem, what’s your secret for having charisma?” I must admit it is very flattering to my ego. But the thing is what I do is no secret at all. I’ll try to keep this simple for trying to explain this. I always thought and believed that the secret to interesting people is that they find mystery, wonder, and interest in almost everything. Let me elaborate further on this. What I mean is that I like to seize the day. I like to do things that revel in life rather than talk about life and its adventures. I like to make interesting events with people and friends rather than talk about past ones. It is ok for once in a while to talk about something I did but most of the time I am doing big stuff and activities that always making my life more colorful and interesting. This also brings me to another thing I hear from people all the time, they say, “I am bored or life seems so boring” I look at them astonishment because for me there is too much to do in a day and I will never become bored. I always wonder, “How in the world can anyone be bored?” Then I realize that when people say they are bored with something or in life, they are actually bored with themselves. Since I always busy doing something things stay interesting and changing. This is how I remain a bit mysterious and how I will always be interesting to people I come in contact in with. Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008

Journal Entry #8 Professor Nancy Agabian Total embarrassment: Let me tell you the story that I am embarrassed by every time I think about it. In my late high school phase and years, I fell infatuated with this girl. Yeah, it’s common for a guy, I know. Anyway like every guy out there, I dreamed of our future and it all seemed blissful and wondrous. Whenever I would get around this girl, I would become very tense with butterflies in my stomach. I liked her so obviously I was a bit nervous around her. Man, I dreamed about her all day! More importantly, I dreamed about us. So I eventually had to bite the bullet and got the courage to ask her out. Guess what her reaction was? She said no! I was literally crushed. Months later I was a bit older and wiser. I had shrugged off this depressing incident and was looking for a girlfriend. A break came my way when a girl, had fallen in love with me a few months later. This happened after months after I got my affections rejected by the first girl. Later, I realized that my current girl and my first crush were good friends. Anyway many other girls took an interest in me. My first crush found that many women were into me and had the hots for me and my crush was bewildered with this. Of course, I had lost all attraction for her. I felt embarrassed about my past self. I hardly talked to her and I was so scared and shy around her. Well, it didn’t matter to me anymore, for I was better off, free to find a better girl, and refocus my life.

Saleem Khan

English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #8 Professor Nancy Agabian An adventure:

I love reading and if I was given a choice of going on a date or reading a good book, I would choose the latter. The good book educates me more than going out. But sometimes I need a break from all this reading and do something different. So one day I said to myself that I’ve read enough books from the library and said to myself that it is possible to read too much. I decided to go fishing with few of my old buds and believe it would be more illuminating than reading. I prefer to think of fishing as a sport. My older friends and me took a boat to the ocean and I started loving the sport of fishing and the fruits and benefits of fishing were many. Two of the good things were that I got to be with nature and caught many fish. I enjoyed fishing but not the caught fish. So every time I caught a fish, I would measure the size and weight of the fish and recorded my results. It was very interesting to see the fish bite and then it gets snagged on the hook. After that it was literally a tug of war with me trying to reel the fish in and the fish if it had any spirit, it would fight to stay in the ocean. I also looked at up at the sky and examined the stars as well as the oceans. It was an adventure because I was learning about space and the oceans. Fishing was a lot of fun for me and I hope to do more of it. Fishing also really changed the way I thought about life.

Saleem Khan

English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #9 Professor Nancy Agabian Fan of Sci-fi: One thing I am proud of myself is that I am a fan of Sci-fi writers and writers in general. One of my favorite writers is Arthur Miller. He put out many works and critics love it. One of my best sci-fi writers is A.A. Attanasio. The interesting thing about him is he a good writer of any genre and not just Sci-fi. A good example of his work would be Last Legends of Earth that I am still reading and hope to finish by summer. I did a search on the reviews for that book and they are all true in saying that this book is that good. Aside from telling an imaginative story that is connected to myth and Nature, the writing is easy to read. It also packs a poetic punch and that is very tough to do. I think A.A. Attanasio was also nominated for the Nebula Award and has a cult of fans. He wrote a book called The Moon's Wife that I am planning to look into since I heard some strange stuff about it. Generally I would choose to read a book rather than watch a movie based on a book but that’s just me. The movies based on the books aren't surprising in any way most of the time because the books are well written. Maybe Hollywood needs to shift the creativity of the movies from the director to the writers. I think this is what Pixar has done and their movies are generally well written.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #10 Professor Nancy Agabian Be a Spy: I am throwing this part into here because it matches the most accurate instance where I acted like a spy. This scene was on my trip to the supermarket. I would get my cart and begin to go through the store I had to go shopping for food. I then load my cart up with items. Then a very attractive woman would drive her cart around me. She was loading items into her shopping cart. I on the other hand had my eyes glued to the things she put into her cart. I also did this type of CIA spying on old women, young women, single women, married women and I kept checking out what they have in their carts. You might think I am being nosy and must see what they are getting but I am just curious. Somehow the shopping market can become a fun exhilarating experience. One thing, for sure, is that I try to see if the woman is single or not by what she puts in her shopping cart. If he has items like a gallon of milk and micro-wavable meals I assume the woman is a single or not attached to anyone. Sometime I will psychoanalyze their life based on what they have in their shopping carts. For example if they put things in their shopping cart such as water bottles, this then conveys and represents their healthy lifestyle. Spying on people by looking at the items in their shopping carts can be a different thing. The supermarket is the most appropriate place for spying. So if I go shopping and see a woman looking on the items in my cart as she passes by, then she is probably spying on me.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #11 Professor Nancy Agabian Be an Ambassador While I'm not sure what a diplomat’s intention are for sure, the job does require some compromise. I would choose to be an ambassador of Pakistan and try to negotiate with the radical terrorists of this era. I know some of the diplomats say that one must compromise with Radical Islam. A short dialogue at the table for diplomats and the terrorists would go like this.

Terrorist for Radical Islam: "My position is that all you people are sinners and deserve to die!" Me the Pakistani Diplomat: "Surely we can have some compromise." Terrorist for Radical Islam: "This new conflict is religious at its root, no compromise" Me the Pakistani Diplomat: "How about you tell us why you worship death and not life?" Terrorists: "No! This is how we deal with corruptors of our faith!" Me the Pakistani Diplomat: "How about giving you us some sort of explanation why you strap bombs on your own innocent children? How does that satisfy you?" Terrorists: "This is religious war and conflict and we cannot compromise and so will proclaim death to the West” Me the Pakistani Diplomat: “Very well! I see there is no thinking for your problems or corrections for all your errors”

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #12 Professor Nancy Agabian The Last Chance to Win: I make bets with my friends while playing and flipping cards and see if I could get away with winning in card game. When I think of last chance I think of the card games I played. You have to play your cards right in order to win and that’s what I intend to do. There was a time when we were playing best out of seven games and my team and other both had three games, so whoever wins next game would be the victor. Money, bragging rights, as well as our egos were on the line. So the cards were re-shuffled and dealt out again. I was getting better at the game, more sure and knew what to expect. The next card that was flipped over may be a two or a five or a ten or a queen. I knew I had better get that ten in order to win. But I don't know what number is coming out of the deck next. It could be a 6. It could be a 10. It could even be a queen. All I know is that this was my last chance to make a big impression by winning. I had no chance of winning the house and I would be not given a second chance to get card deck right. At last, I lost the card game because both of my opponent’s cards and deck were stacked against mine. Even though I understood the game and that boost my chances of winning the game, I ended up losing.

Saleem Khan English 211W – Spring 2008 Journal Entry #13 due with Final Project Professor Nancy Agabian What is your personal definition of creative nonfiction? I am coming at this from a different perspective. I think the point to how much the writer reflect and reveal human nature to the reader that will determine the goodness of creative nonfiction. The difference is that a good writer never sees himself as writing, and he only tries to hold a mirror up to human nature and show the reader humanity based on trueness. Also the person does not have to write in rhymes but in the sense of how much human nature he would have to connect to his writing since he has to illuminate something real. I do this myself because I am sometimes stunned at how many of the little things I write becomes true. I think almost every writer knows that decent writing is done on its own and is not forced and that it never fits your beginning outline or vision of what you had in mind. When I am done writing, I am often amazed at what is put down and at what my characters, plot, and setting is saying. Also I think I think it is wise for the writer to stop trying to do the 'look at me' type writing with like Latin phrases and styles and focus on just writing on what his soul says. I’ve also noticed that wannabe writers are all scared of rejection that their writing wont be liked or something. Also for the person to have the mindset of a writer, the writer should read everything on writing as well as write on his or her own time. This was creative nonfiction writing can pass as good quality and the function can be easy reading and at the same time tell an entertaining story.

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