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Resume Layout by B_Gjas

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									                             LAYOUT OF A RESUME

Present Address:                                                        Permanent Address
Street Address                                                          Street Address
City, State zip                                                         City, State zip
Phone number                                                            Phone number
e-mail address                                                          personal e-mail
                                                                        (if you have one)

OBJECTIVE:         State what type of position you are seeking and/or what type of industry you
                   want to be employed in, and/or what skills you want to utilize in the position.

EDUCATION:         University of Pittsburgh                             Pittsburgh, PA
                   Bachelor of __________                               April, 200_
                   Major:_______________                                Minor: ____________
                   GPA:                                                 Major GPA:


HONORS AND         Academic honors and awards should be listed here. Honors include Dean’s list,
AWARDS:            honor societies, etc. Awards include any scholarships you received.

KEY COURSES:       List courses related to the position to which you are applying.

COMPUTER           List hardware, software, and any programming languages you have worked
SKILLS:            with.

INTERNSHIP         This section is used to highlight career-related experience. This could be
(or) RELATED       internships, volunteer work, or any paid experience. When writing about this,
EXPERIENCE:        use the format described below for “work experience.”

WORK               Company Name                                        City, State
EXPERIENCE:        Job Title                                           Dates of employment
                   • Describe your job duties
                   • One per line
                   • Begin with an action verb
                   • Try to use the bullet format instead of paragraph format

ACTIVITIES:        List all activities you have been involved in, both on and off campus. Be sure to
                   describe any leadership positions.

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