Mass Production by B_Gjas


									Mass Production

  Production, Consumption, Distribution
              Rachel Myers
Terms and Definitions
   Production-
       The act or process of producing
   Consumption-
       Using up
   Distribution-
       The act of dispersing
   Assembly Line
       An arrangement of workers, machines, and
        equipment in which the product being
        assembled passes consecutively from operation
        to operation until completed
          Production line
    method of                  machines to make
     producing goods in          machines
     large quantities at        assembly line
     low cost per unit
                                machines that
    allowing lower              make machines
                                interchangeable
    requires mass               parts
    large numbers of
     identical parts could
     be produced at low
     cost and with a
     small work force
Transformation of Work
1.   Tasks were minutely subdivided and performed by
     unskilled workers, or at least semiskilled workers,
     since much of the skill was built into the machine.
2.   Manufacturing concerns grew to such size that a large
     hierarchy of supervisors and managers became
3.   The increasing complexity of operations required
     employment of a large management staff of
     accountants, engineers, chemists, and, later, social
    Result: some countries became exporters of raw
     materials and importers of finished goods, while
     others did the reverse
Examples of Mass Production
        Then                    Now
   Henry Ford cars        Computers
   Machine parts          Clothing
   Weapons                Video Games
   Clocks                 CDs
   Textile machinery      DVDs
   Sewing machines

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