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									What Are Dividend Stocks?
Dividend stocks are those stocks that pay a yearly dividend or cash amount in addition to having an inherent
buying and selling value. Having high dividend stocks means that you make money each year that a
company profits. This article takes you through:

        Find out online stock screeners sources that help you in finding comprehensive list of the stocks?

        Check out the list of dividend paying stocks

        Is it a profitable option pricing to choose stocks that pay dividends when compared with others?

Dividend stocks are those stocks that pay a yearly dividend or cash amount in addition to having an inherent
buying and selling value. Having high dividend stocks means that you make money each year that a
company profits. The best dividend stocks are used by wealthy people in order to create a passive income.
Thanks to the Internet, almost any investor can start investing in these stocks. It is easy to find a list of
dividend paying stocks and even get newsletters that feature monthly dividend stocks right in your mailbox
or email inbox. If you want to make money regularly from your investments, as well as make money when
buying and selling your securities, dividend yielding stocks may be the solution.

Advantages of Dividend Yielding Stocks
As long as a company offering dividend stocks isn't in a danger of serious downsizing, stocks that offer
dividends may be less risky than other types of stocks. Since they offer you money up front as well as the
possibility of selling for profit, there are simply more ways to profit with the stocks. Many investors like the
fact that dividend paying stocks offer cash just in exchange for holding the stocks. This can encourage
investors to hold onto their dividend yielding stocks, making money over the long term and then making
money again when they sell their stock. Studies have also shown that dividend yielding stocks actually offer
more profits than other types of stocks. This makes them advantageous to investors.

How to Find the Best Dividend Yielding Stocks
You can easily finds a list of dividend paying stocks from your broker. You can also consult the newspaper
or stock pickers to find out which stocks offer dividends. To find the best dividend paying stocks, you will
want to compare several dividend paying stocks on the basis of a few classifications:

Which Dividend Yielding Stocks Offer the Best Historical Dividend Growth?
The best dividend paying stocks have increasing dividends during the time you hold them. This helps ensure
that you make more and more money from your stock and also ensure that the stock price will increase
before you want to sell. While it is almost impossible to tell which stocks will continue to grow in the future,
stocks that have in the shown promising growth in the past can usually be trusted to continue providing good

Which Dividend Yielding Stocks Offer the Best Dividend Yield?
Surprisingly, many dividend paying stocks offer small dividends. You may wish to set your requirements to a
minimum percentage to find those stocks that offer the best payout.

Which Dividend Yielding Stocks Have A Good Forecast for Earnings Growth?
A company that is growing and is expected to offer greater earnings will pay more dividends and have a
stronger stock.
Which Dividend Yielding Stocks are Approved of By Analysts?
While stock analysts are not infallible in making predictions or giving advice, they are experts who spend
hours researching the stock market. Analysts generally know far more about stocks and the market than you
do, so their advice is worth considering.

How to Use a Stock Screener to Find the Best Paying Stocks
Online stock screeners such as Reuters Investor www.investors.reutors.com, Business Week Online
www.businessweek.com, or MSN Money moneycentral.msn.com, allow investors to enter their dividend
paying stock requirements. In turn, the screeners will offer investors a comprehensive list of the stocks that
meet their requirements. In many cases, the screeners are even free. Most are easy to use even for the
inexperienced investor, and most online services offer tutorials and informational articles that can help make
using a screener simple. In general, investors will want to begin by putting in as few requirements as
possible. Then, they may wish to offer more requirements -- such as specifying their desired dividend yield,
dividend growth, and analyst opinions -- in order to get a very narrow the list of possible dividend paying

List of Dividend Paying Stocks
According to financial experts, some stocks offer great advantages to investors seeking dividends:

FedEx Dividend Paying Stocks

These stocks are liked by financial experts because FedEx is a reputable company that has been in
business and has been growing steadily for years. FedEx has a good history of dividend payouts and is
considered a high yield dividend stock, paying more than the average stock.

Outback Steakhouse Dividend Paying Stocks

The stocks offered by the restaurant giant are high yield dividend stocks, offering more money each term.

Enbridge Energy Partners Dividend Paying Stocks

Stocks from this company have grown about 8% in the past few years and also offer a healthy dividend

Altria Group Dividend Paying Stocks

Even though the cigarette manufacturer has been facing economic difficulties, the company continues to
offer 6% in dividends. Plus, thanks to new tax laws, these dividends are only taxable up to a maximum 15%.

If you want to make your stocks more profitable, dividend stocks are great option. High dividend stocks not
only pay you cash each term, but are considered by many investors to be more stable and provide a better
deal. That's because these stocks give you two options for profits -- both in the paying out of dividends and
then resell value. These stocks also tend to be worth more in reselling, as they offer instant cash value. If
you've never consider dividend paying stocks, it is time to add these quality securities to your investment
portfolio today.

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