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Natural Gas Rotary Screw Boosters                                                 Screw
Models:                 GrimmerSchmidt rotary screw gas booster                   Series
                        compressors are packaged to reduce operating
NGG 12                  costs, dramatically increase productivity, and improve
NGG 25                  serviceability. They are designed to operate on wells
                        down to 12" of vacuum or up to 9 psi suction with
NGG 75                  adjustable discharge pressures up to 150 psi. Well gas
                        is used as the engine fuel.
                        The boosters are equipped with an oil supply reservoir
                        for extended unattended operations. They are built on
                        heavy-duty oil field skids including an environmental

Be in total
The Murphy TTD-2-
T Selectronic® Fault
Annunciator includes:
hourmeter,                                                                        GrimmerSchmidt
tachometer with                                                                   1015 N. Hurricane Rd.
overspeed and                                                                     Franklin, IN 46131
underspeed set                                                                    (800) 428-9703
points, and other                                                                 (317) 736-8416
                                                                                  Fax (317) 736-3801
programmable faults.
Natural Gas Rotary Screw


            72.5"                         128"

The GrimmerSchmidt NGG 12, 25 and 75 rotary screw boosters are skid
mounted for permanent installations.

MODEL NGG                                NGG 12                             NGG 25                          NGG 75
Suction pressure                          -12 to 9 psi                       -12 to 9 psi                      -12 to 9 psi
Discharge up to                                  150 psi                          150 psi                              150 psi
Capacity                           up to 500 MSCFD                   up to 848 MSCFD                up to 1,369 MSCFD
Compressor                    Oil flooded rotary screw        Oil flooded rotary screw          Oil flooded rotary screw
Drive engine                   GM 5.7 liter (348 cu in)        GM 8.1 liter (496 cu in)           GM 8.1 liter (496 cu in)
Operating range                      1400-2400 RPM                     1400-2400 RPM                      1400-2400 RPM
NOTE: Please contact the factory for compressors designed for higher suction and discharge pressures and capacities.

Standard Features
Compressor                                                       Electrical System
   • Single stage oil flooded rotary screw
                                                                    • Heavy-duty, 12-volt negative ground
                                                                    • 12-volt electronic ignition
   • Bucks GM Powertrain Industrial Engine
   • Liquid cooled
                                                                    • 1125 CCA battery
                                                                 Equipment                                                       Series
   • Air cleaner                                                    • Fuel gas regulators
   • GAC electronic governor                                        • Fuel gas scrubber
   • IMPCO mixer                                                    • Manual blow down valve
   • Vertical headers with mufflers and rain caps                   • ASME inlet suction scrubber with mist extractor
   • Induction hardened inlet valve seats                           • Manual bypass with pressure relief valve
   • Sintered powder metal exhaust valve seats                      • ASME heavy-duty oil receiver separator tank
   • Positive inlet valve stem seals                             Compressor Skid package
   • Hydraulic roller lifter camshaft                               • Heavy-duty oil field skid
   • High-energy ignition                                           • Diamond plate environmental pan
   • Oil sight gauge                                             Optional Features
   • Modified oil pan                                                • 250 psi discharge pressure
   • Industrial grade radiator                                       • Cold weather kit (110V)
   • 2 gallon oil make up tank                                       • Automatic blow case
Safety System Shutdowns
   • Low suction                                                 Also Available
   • Low discharge                                                   • Electric driven natural gas compressors
   • Low engine oil pressure                                         • Natural gas powered compressors
   • High engine coolant temperature                                 • High pressure air and gas boosters
   • High suction pressure
   • High discharge pressure
   • High discharge temperature
   • High liquid level                                                                                                           GrimmerSchmidt
   • Engine vibration                                                                                                            Compressors
   • Engine over speed (internal)                                                                                                1015 N. Hurricane Rd.
   • Manual stop (internal)                                                                                                      Franklin, IN 46131
Controls                                                                                 Distributed By                          (800) 428-9703
   • Overspeed and underspeed set points                                                                                         (317) 736-8416
   • Full gauge panel: tachometer, engine oil pressure,                                                                          Fax (317) 736-3801
     engine water temperature, hourmeter, suction and                                                                  
     discharge pressure, discharge temperature, fuel pres-
     sure, push to start

GrimmerSchmidt Compressors reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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