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									More than just a Call Centre...

Welcome to VoxPro! Communicating is what we do best, so please contact us to speak to one of our sales team or to find out more about our services: VoxPro Communications VoxPro House Riverview Business Park Bessboro Road Blackrock Cork Ireland

Tel: 1850 71 72 73 Email: Web:

VoxPro Communications is more than just a Call Centre – we manage communications via phone, email and web too! Working in partnership with our clients in both the public and private sector, VoxPro is 100% Irish owned and is situated in purpose built premises in Cork. Established in 1973 and operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – we’ve certainly taken a lot of calls over the years… Turn the page to find out why many of our clients have been with us for decades…

VoxPro from the beginning…
1973 was a momentous year: Ireland entered the EU, the Vietnam war ended, “You’re So Vain” was Number One and VoxPro was set up under the name Pageboy Communications, making history as the first company to introduce wireless messaging (paging) to Ireland. Dan and Linda Kiely purchased the company in 1995, substantially growing the business into the field of communication outsourcing and rebranding to VoxPro Communications in 2005. Our consistent approach to embracing new technology and investing in expertise has driven VoxPro to become one of the foremost Call Centres in Ireland.

The way we work…
Working in partnership with our clients, VoxPro develops streamlined and customised solutions that bring greater efficiencies, increased service levels and more cost predictability. Not every customer communication problem can be solved with an off-the-shelf solution, so we have an expert team of software developers and project managers who work to design a specific business process, software and service delivery to match your requirements. With dedicated account management and tailored reporting, you’ll be guaranteed a transparent view point and continuous review of how your service is operating. So whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase your sales and service levels, free up resources for key organisation functions or manage critical incidents, VoxPro can ensure your customer communications become a positive talking point!

Our services include:
• Business Process Outsourcing • Marketing Campaign Management • Risk & Incident Management • Answer My Calls

Thanks to the staff members featured in the brochure for being such beautiful and willing models!

Business Process Outsourcing
Challenging times mean that whether you work in the public or private sector your customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They want better service, better responsiveness, better quality and better value, so organisations have to pursue greater service levels, efficiencies and cost savings. VoxPro can work with you to exceed your customer’s expectations. We create transformational communication solutions that integrate with your organisation, enhance your customer relationships and deliver substantial time and cost savings – helping you to focus on your core business. Our services act as an extension to your business, operating in partnership with you to provide a seamless fit, and can be totally customised to meet your needs. We can work with you to build a process and solution to any business issue, whether you are looking to fully outsource your business communications or departmental tasks such as Customer Service, Appointment Scheduling & Management, Help Desk, Email Response, Technical Support, Order Processing and Payment or Fulfilment.

Drive performance levels and deliver greater cost savings for your business, call our sales team on 1850 71 72 73 or visit for more information

Marketing Campaign Management
Ensure the gold dust of your company – your customers – are given 100% attention while bringing your brightest marketing and sales projects to life with our suite of campaign management services. We have the right technology and an army of customer service agents who can race through those labour intensive parts of your campaigns! With services that can be entirely tailored to your brand, campaign, target markets, timeline and budget, VoxPro will work in unison with your organisation to ensure successful implementation. And with our in-depth and customised reporting you can speed up the evaluation process, getting a clear picture of exactly how your campaign is running. VoxPro can assist your brand at any stage of the customer relationship. We can help you grow your client base through our Database Management, Event Marketing, Web Chat and Email Response service and successfully manage the resulting sales orders and fulfilment. Or we can oversee your existing customer contact by handling your Customer Service or SMS Marketing.

Ensure your next campaign is the best to date! Call VoxPro on 1850 71 72 73 or visit for more information

Risk & Incident Management
VoxPro has 35 years experience in managing communications for some of the most critical industries, building an extensive knowledge base that will ensure rapid deployment for your organisation during those worst case scenarios. We deliver 24 hour response in cases of emergency such as equipment breakdown, burst water mains, road accidents or floodings. VoxPro understand that a major part of crisis management is follow up and evaluation and so we provide live and in-depth reporting systems that will save you time and can be accessed around the clock. And, as we own the Irish paging network, we can offer a critical messaging module alongside our incident management solutions for added peace of mind. So if you need to escalate incidents to technical support, raise issues with senior personnel out of hours, provide critical messaging devices or put systems in place for the safety of your lone workers, VoxPro can offer the best advice and services to help manage your company through crisis situations.

VoxPro can make sure your vital communications receive rapid response call 1850 71 72 73 or visit for more information

Answer My Calls
Ideal for the smaller business, where a full time receptionist may not be cost effective, VoxPro’s answering service gives 24 hour accessibility to your customer, making sure you never miss a call – or sale! VoxPro can create a tailored script to include your company information and any prescribed call details you need to capture and can manage any follow up services you require such as brochure mail out. VoxPro will handle all your communications and email or text you with the details, meaning you won’t have to wade through lengthy voicemails to get to the important information. This will enable you to prioritise your urgent call-backs, while weekly or monthly call reports sent from VoxPro will assist you in checking that all calls are dealt with. And because we know that a receptionist is the front line ambassador for your company, our friendly and professional agents will ensure you make a great first impression every time! Answer My Calls is available full time or for shorter periods such as during annual leave, your Christmas break or the week you just won’t be able to get to the phone!

Ensure the perfect response every time with VoxPro’s Answer My Calls – go to or call 1850 71 72 73 for more details

What Our Clients Say…
“VoxPro has been operating the national assistance line on behalf of the RPII since 2005. The phone line provides support to members of the public who may call for a number of reasons for example to request information brochures or to place an order for Radon detectors. As the majority of calls are from the general public, it’s often hard to predict call volumes. VoxPro has always shown an ability to ramp up their service, within a short time frame.”
Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland

“Recently we invited 900 IT specialists to our Multi Function Road show. We required the partnership of a company who could provide a personal but professional follow-up service. Having used VoxPro on several occasions for similar campaigns we knew who our partner of choice would be.”

“VoxPro has been managing Limerick City Council’s Out of Hours Emergency Response line for ten years. The process for handling the calls was created around our requirements as a Council. The entire process is scripted and designed to eliminate error and provide transparent reports. This allows us to seamlessly integrate the service with our office hours reporting lines.”
Limerick City Council

“Through VoxPro, we offer our users a premium content unsubscription and customer service line, operating under strict regulatory guidelines, which differ between Ireland, Australia and the UK. VoxPro has built a process to take into account these differences and to ensure compliance every time. Most calls are basic unsubscription requests, however, VoxPro put in place designated ‘product champions’ to handle specific issues such as refund authorisation. This greatly increases the time available to zamano staff.”
Zamano PLC

“VoxPro provides numerous methods of communication as one process allowing Musgrave greater flexibility in managing multiple sites. The detailed reporting functionality gives useful monitoring information.”
Musgrave Group

“We needed to outsource a range of business activities including order taking and fulfilment, customer service and technical support, to a company who were as committed as we were to delivering a fantastic customer experience. We found this company in VoxPro.”
Palo Alto Software

To find out what more of our clients have to say visit or call a member of our sales team on 1850 71 72 73

VoxPro Communications VoxPro House Riverview Business Park Bessboro Road Blackrock Cork Ireland

Tel: 1850 71 72 73 Email: Web:

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