Lesson Plan Ultimate Frisbee by fjzhxb


									Ultimate Frisbee
Introduction: Students must rely on teamwork and the ability to follow rules in this activity. Ultimate Frisbee can be a very challenging and fun game! Grade Level and Subject: 6th grade P.E. TEKS: P.E. 1F, 6A, 7C Materials: One frisbee per game, two different colors of pinnies, large playing field or area, 4 cones Resources: P.E. Games and Activities Kit for Grades 6-12 by Ken Lumsden ISBN: 0-13041066-7 Websites: http://uashome.alaska.edu/~jnacm1/upsea04/howtoplay.htm http://web.umr.edu/~ultimate/howto.html Activity: Divide the students into teams of 5 to 6 players each. Hand out the pinnies so that each group is wearing a different color (such as red and blue). The game needs to be played in a large field or open area. Use the cones to designate the end zones on each side. If played on a football field, divide the field into several smaller fields so several games can be played simultaneously. One team starts on the goal line, and the other is behind the centerline. The team on the goal line throws the frisbee first. No player on that team may touch the frisbee while it is in the air before a player from the opposite team has touched it. A player on the receiving team catches the frisbee and starts the game. If the frisbee is dropped or goes out of bounds, it then goes to the other team. The person throwing the frisbee cannot move with the frisbee. However, he or she may pivot before throwing. Once a player catches the Frisbee, he or she must remain stationary until the frisbee is thrown. The other team members may move as much as they like. The thrower can only keep the frisbee for 10 seconds. Players may count out loud. A point is scored if the frisbee is caught by a player with both feet in the end zone. The game can be played for a pre-determined amount of time or to a specific number of points such as 15. The team with the most points wins. Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on teamwork and how well they follow the rules of the game.

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