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					1 KULPMONT BOROUGH COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 7:00 PM Opening prayer by Councilman James K. Wisloski. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag by the body present. Kulpmont Borough Council held its Regular Monthly Meeting Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. in Council Chambers. Roll call was taken and the following members were present; Mayor Robert M. Slaby, Michael V. Fantanarosa, Ann S. Martino, Myron F. Turlis, Bruno R Varano, Joseph A. Winhofer, James K. Wisloski. APPOINTED POSITIONS: Solicitor William C. Cole and Treasurer Paul A. Niglio, Jr. ABSENT: Councilman Clarence Deitrick OTHERS PRESENT: Borough Secretary Rhonda Wilk, Borough Supervisor George Malakoski, Police Officer Tamborelli, Police Chief Richard Wilson, Code Enforcement officer Michael Phillipine, Heath Board Members Charles and Angelo Venna, Corporal Tom Nowroski, Eleanor Romanoski, Robert Bolanda, Patty Parker, Joseph Politza, Jess Kozero, Stephen Bartos, Stanley Rompollo and Bernie Rumberger. OPPORTUNITY FOR CITIZENS TO BE HEARD ON ANYTHING THAT IS ON THE AGENDA Stephen Bartos states that a letter was sent to the Council last week and at this time he would like to explain to Council what it is that they are requesting and why. He states that twelve million dollars in stimulus money is available right now through the National Telecommunications Infrastructural Act. Mr. Bartos states that unfortunately the way they are setting up the grant applications, they only had three weeks notice on how to apply on the last application. The purpose of the grant is to help rural communities to rewire the communities for broadband, high definition, internet and cable. He states what they would like to do is take an opportunity to apply for a twenty million dollar grant for the entire region. He states that this would not be just for Kulpmont although Kulpmont would be a centerpiece here along with several other communities here. It would stretch from Cunningham Township on the mountain all of the way out to the other side of Zerbe. Mr. Bartos states this grant is an 80/20 grant, 80% would be provided through stimulus funding however it has to be shovel ready projects and 20% would be from a private source or another government entity to put up the 20%. A company that is coming to the area called Lyric Communications, they would like to get support from the Councils from

2 the area to go ahead and apply for the stimulus package. It would be a twenty million dollar package and they will match the cash match. The goal would be to rewire the entire region with high definition cable, internet and broadband using FIOS which is the latest technology. Mr. Bartos states that this would immediately created construction jobs and Lyric has guaranteed that they would use local labor and local people. We are talking about digging out, trenching the pipe and laying it under ground, these are real jobs probably lasting three years. Mr. Bartos states that additional we would have our own cable service system and broadband company right here in the Lower Anthracite, probably located between Mount Carmel and Shamokin in the Industrial Park creating fifty to one-hundred permanent jobs. Mr. Bartos states that the benefits along with job creating is that the fiber would give us state of the art broadband in this region, look at it as an infrastructure piece water, sewer, electric this is one more piece we need to attract industry and business. Mr. Bartos states that doing the rewiring of the entire region, that fiber would be here, and we would have some ownership and it would help to reduce our rates. Mr. Bartos states that to Service Electric Cable and some others in the area, this would be somewhat competition but because we are putting it in and it is being done with stimulus funding and paid for up front we will be able to offer reduced rates to rate payers for the state of the art systems. Mr. Bartos states that he knows that a franchise fee is being paid to each of the municipalities, that would continue or there could be another set up because we are going to be putting this in for our own purposes. He states that the very first step of this process is to get this grant applied for and it has to be applied for by November. Mr. Bartos states that as stated in the letter sent to Council from State Representative Belfanti’s office Lyric has agreed to follow all requirements set forth by Kulpmont’s zoning, code enforcement, land development, any permit requirements and work side by side with Council and your Representative to make sure that they follow all of the rules and regulations, they have stated they will employ local people to do all of the construction work and that they are also going to put up the cash match, what we will end up with is a state of the art network systems throughout the entire region that should help attract other businesses. Mr. Kazero from Lyric Communications states that his purpose to be here is to bring high speed internet and to a certain degree television, he states that they are not going to compete against other cable companies for television. He states that they will employ local people and states that they feel they can created at least three to four hundred jobs in the short term for the infrastructure build and in the long term fifty to one-hundred jobs. He states this is not the only area that they are

3 looking to do this in and states that their plan is to move their headquarters to this region, so the people that they employ would not only be for this local area but also for other areas as well. He states they have a very significant plan. Mr. Kazero states that it is important to understand that when they come in they are not going to be a monopoly, when the infrastructure is put in they will be mandated that any users such as Service Electric, or Comcast or anybody else could still come in and use their lines if they rent them, but they could still provide service to you. So the people that are here still have a competitive choice, so you will still have choices. Mr. Kazero states that they will put up the matching funds whatever that may be. So that Council understands, just to prepare the grant is about $150,000.00 to $200,000.00. He states that they are prepared to come in and are making a big commitment, the problem that they have is they only have until November so they are asking for the Borough to prepare a resolution on the Borough’s letterhead as soon as possible, the time frame on that resolution is very tight. Additionally when the package is submitted they need to be shovel ready, as far as the government is concerned means that it has to be ready so that they can start construction within a 3 week time frame. Mr. Kozero states that he does not know what the permit process will be for something of that nature, so everybody has a different set of requirements as to what will be needed to approve the permit, so ultimately whatever would be submitted in the stimulus package grant would also need to be approved by you as well. Mr. Kozero states that again they are not asking for anything from us at this point other than a speedy review to obtain the permits. Mr. Bartos states that the resolution is very simple, so that there was not any complexitiy to it so that you knew exactly what was being done and what they were asking. Mr. Bartos states that a couple of months ago he had met here with Mr. Turlis, Mr. Winhofer and states some others were here and you were looking for some opportunities on how to get stimulus money and how we could do some things and he states here is that opportunity. He states that along with the rewiring of the region, we could also start to rewire some buildings. Mr. Bartos states telemedicine would be a major component with the Life Geisinger and the Shamokin Hospital here, a second component would be helping the elderly by installing the use of cameras to help to watch the elderly, the educational component where college classes could be offered on webinars live feed – real time. He states that there is a whole host of opportunities moving to the twenty first century where instead of people having to drive to work people will be able to telecommunicate and work from home and states that we have some of the components in place. Mr. Bartos states that he would like to applaud Kulpmont Council and the people here on putting in the Life Geisinger Center that is a wonderful facility, I know Representative Belefanti put a lot of time and effort in on that and having that here in Kulpmont shows a

4 commitment to our community and these are the things that can enhance that and improve the quality of life and possibly bring more of those types of things to the region. Mr. Winhofer asks if he has a copy of the resolution. Mr. Bartos states that he has one prepared it is three lines and states that he will have one here for Council before the end of the meeting. Solicitor William Cole asks if they have already obtained any resolutions. Mr. Bartos states they did meet with Cunningham Township last evening and they are on the agenda for Mount Carmel Township tomorrow. Mr. Turlis direct a question to Mr. Kazero on how the speed of the internet compares to what is available now. Mr. Kazero states it does not even compare. Mr. Turlis states once this is installed it will then be available to private residents. Mr. Kazero answers that to answer his question it is going to be top of the line. Mr. Turlis asks if this is a n all or nothing with all of the communities. Mr. Kozero states that in order for them to obtain a grant they will have to have a financially viable plan, if they were to only have a community with 400 homes, they probably would not get the grant and quite frankly Kulpmont Borough is very important to them Mr. Bartos states that this will also improve emergency services, he states that he has met with fire companies and ambulances and have had terrible communications in regards to pulling signals out of the air and communicate with 911 and with each other because we will be completely wired from one end of the Lower Antracite to the other and it will allow us to tie our emergency service communications into this fiber network. Mr. Winhofer thanks Mr. Bartos and Mr. Kozero for coming. PRESIDENTS REPORT (Joseph A. Winhofer) No report MAYORS REPORT (Robert M. Slaby) Mayor Slaby states that although it is a little over a month away, Halloween will be celebrated by trick or treating on Saturday October 31 st, which is the traditional Halloween date. As in past years trick or treat will be held from 6pm until 8pm, the Mayor request that citizens please put on their porch lights if they would like to have the kids come to their homes. SECRETARYS REPORT (Rhonda Wilk) A motion is needed to approve the meeting minutes from the regular monthly meeting on August 11, 2009 and the special meeting that was held on August 24, 2009. MOTION- Mr. Varano makes the motion and is seconded by Mr. Fantanarosa to approve the meeting minutes from August 11, 2009 and August 24, 2009.

5 VOICE VOTE: Unanimous Passage Rhonda Wilk states that she attended the PSAB Grant Preparation class that was held on August 19th in Wilkes-Barre and that it was a very good course and asks Council if they were interested in subscribing to a Boroughs Guide to Grants newsletter that would be available to members of PSAB at a cost of $18.00 per year. Council states that they would like to subscribe to the guide. Rhonda Wilk states that the Borough received a check for $1,432.37 for partial reimbursement of LED equipment purchased by the Kulpmont Borough from SEDA COG. A license fee distribution check was received in the amount of $1,150.00 for the Borough’s portion of the annual retail liquor and malt beverage license fees collected by the (PLCB) PA Liquor Control Board. Rhonda Wilk states that the Department of Environmental Protection has approved the Borough’s ACT 101 Recycling Program Performance Grant in the amount of $420.00, reflecting 56.9 tons of residential and commercial materials recycled by the citizens and businesses in the calendar year of 2007. The Secretary states that the ACT 101 Recycling Program Performance Grant application has been submitted on August 20, 2009 for the 2008 calendar year. Rhonda Wilk states also under correspondence a reminder of the deadline to register for attendance of the PSAB Fall Leadership Conference to be held in Erie is October 2 nd . was received - Copy Council/Mayor Also under correspondence a letter was received from the Mount Carmel Area School District to the attention of Council/Mayor – Copy Council/Mayor Information for the 2010 Community Development Block Grant Program was received – Copy Council/Mayor TREASURERS REPORT (Paul Niglio, Jr.) Financial statement – Attachment #1 Mr. Niglio states that Council received a copy of the financial statement and a list of the bills to be paid and a motion is needed to approve them. MOTION- Mr. Varano makes the motion and is seconded by Mr. Wisloski to approve the financial statement and to pay the bills.

6 ROLL CALL VOTE: FANTANAROSA (yes), MARTINO (yes), VARANO (yes), WISLOSKI (yes), TURLIS (yes), DEITRICK (absent), WINHOFER (yes), MOTION PASSES 6 YEAS – 0 NAYS SOLICITORS REPORT (William C. Cole) No Report POLICE CHIEF’S REPORT – (Richard L. Wilson III) No Report FIRE CHIEF’S REPORT (Kevin O’Hearn) Attachment #2 BUILDING INSPECTOR’S REPORT (Tom Nowroski) Attachment #3 HEALTH BOARD REPORT (Angelo and Charles Venna) Attachment #4 CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER REPORT (Michael Phillipine) Attachment #5 PERSONNEL COMMITTEE (Ann S. Martino) No Report SERVICE AND FACILITIES COMMITTEE (Myron F. Turlis) Mr. Turlis states that the Crown Vic is going to need some serious engine work, we do not know if it’s a head gasket or an intake gasket it is going to have to be ripped apart. Mr. Turlis states that we have been putting money into this thing every month, and asks Council what they would like to do. Mr. Varano states that we have a grant to get a new one, so when we retire one, we should retire that one. Mr. Turlis and Mr. Varano agree that it should be put to pasture. Mr. Turlis states that he thinks that this vehicle had a new motor put in the vehicle before we had bought it.

7 Mr. Turlis states that he recommends that we see if it is feasible to fix and if not we let it go. Mr. Turlis states that there is quite a difference between vendors so this year we are going to do some things different we will buy some parts and winter supplies in increments so that we don’t a big lump sum payment and get the best price. Mr. Turlis states that we have 15 or 20 bikes and scooters in the boiler room again, what are we going to do with them they are in the way, they have been here for 2 or 3 years. Mrs. Martino asks if we can auction them, Mr. Fantanarosa adds or possible give them away. Mr. Turlis states that he believes that last time we gave them out, unless of course they need to be held for some kind of evidence. Mr. Varano states do what we did the last time, set a day for a give away if we can do that. Mr. Turlis states that they will pick a day and then contact the News-Item to have something put in the paper as to when this will take place. Mr. Turlis announces that anyone who is interested in receiving a large recycle bin may come up and pick one up during normal business hours between the hours of 8am and 3pm. Mr. Turlis states that if they need a large bin they can come up and get one, if they would like to return or swap a blue container for one that is fine, however they must be clean. Mr. Turlis states that we talked about this before and that he would like to have the boiler cleaned before the heating season. Mr. Turlis states that we found out today through the Sewer Authority, that the Aqua Water Company plans on doing a major line replacement on one of the streets that we had planned to have paved this year. So what we are going to do is swap a street around. We are going to contact the contractor and hopefully he will work with us, the price is the same. The 600 block of Ash is the street having a new main replacement. Mr. Turlis states that the material is ordered for the shed up at the field, unfortunately it will take a week or so to come in, the total price is going to be $400.00 to $500.00, we talked about this before. Mr. Turlis states that because of the season we didn’t have time to get there, the roof is all ripped off, it just needs to be replaced when the materials arrive. FINANCE AND PURCHASING (James K. Wisloski) Mr. Wisloski states that over the last few months we have talked about insurance in general. We have Gannon, Vandines and Klebon Insurance running some quotes for us and states that two of them should have the quotes prepared and ready by the end of the

8 week, our insurance is due to re-new on October 13th which is our next meeting so we may have to have a meeting prior to the regular meeting to see if they can save us some money. ORDINANCE AND CODE COMMITTEE (Clarence H. Deitirick ) No Report CODE HEALTH AND SEFETY COMMITTEE (Michael V. Fantanarosa) Mr. Fantanarosa states that he would like to talk about the ALS, last month we spoke on the possibility of changing the ALS service. Mr. Fantanarosa states that all facts show that the mileage is less and response time is faster and states he would like to bring up on motion to change ALS service with the closest service which is Area Services out of Atlas. MOTION- Mr. Fantanarosa makes the motion to change our ALS service provider to Area Services out of Atlas and is seconded by Mr. Wisloski. Mayor Slaby asks in regards to this and before Council votes on this, he asks if Kulpmont Ambulance and American Hose merged services. Mayor Slaby states that he got a billing notice and asks if maybe by a billing standpoint they have merged services. Mr. Fantanarosa states that not to his knowledge, that was actually a fundraiser that they do every year. Mayor Slaby said so you have no knowledge that they merged services. Mr. Fantanarosa states that no, nothing has got back to him, he states that being a chairman to EMS nothing ever gets back to his attention. Mayor Slaby states that he was just curious because he just received this in the mail probably just like all of the other people and states that he knows that subject has been discussed in the past by some guest in to talk with us in the past, and he states he is just curious did they actually do something. Mr. Fantanarosa states he does not know. ROLL CALL VOTE: FANTANAROSA (yes), MARTINO (yes), VARANO (yes), WISLOSKI (yes), TURLIS (no), DEITRICK (absent), WINHOFER (yes), MOTION PASSES 5 YEAS – 1 NAY Mr. Fantanarosa states that with that being said, he states he will come into the borough office and discuss what is needed to be done with Rhonda as far a getting a letter sent down to the County notifying them of the ALS provider change. Mr. Turlis states that he has a question on what the residents are to do that got this billing agreement, how do you explain to them when they get a bill after they just signed up for membership. Mr. Fantanarosa states that Area Services and Kulpmont Ambulance will

9 have a billing agreement as it was in the past with Mount Carmel and Kulpmont. Mr. Turlis adds that it will be a serious problem if it costs these people seven, eight hundred dollars every time a paramedic unit arrives at their house. Mayor Slaby states that 60 or 75% of residents that reside here in the Borough are Senior Citizens and states that he could just imagine what confusion this is going to cause. Mr. Fantanarosa states Mr. Rumberger promised that he was going to make this a smooth transition and that situation would not happen, he will honor a paid membership for one year. Mr. Turlis states, so if I understand this right, the people that got these memberships and are sending their checks to American Hose for ALS membership are going to get Area Services for the same price. Mr. Fantanarosa said with the billing agreement that Kulpmont has set up. Mr. Turlis states he is asking that they are sending their check to American Hose in Mount Carmel and that they are not going to get a bill from Area Servies for one year, is that correct. Mr. Fantanarosa states that he would like to have Bernie Rumberger here to clarify this. Mr. Turlis states, we just took a major vote here. Mr. Fantanarosa states he will get Mr. Rumberger on the phone and we will have this all hashed out. Mr. Turlis states the people are subscribing to a service that was kicked out of Kulpmont, I do not see how this is fair to anybody how can you subscribe to something when they just got thrown out. Mayor Slaby voiced it is like putting the horse before the cart. Mr. Turlis states however the vote was taken and his vote is recorded. Mr. Fantanarosa states that the only other thing he has is a question for the Solicitor William Cole on the ordinance for the billing for the fire department, and asks how are we making out with that. Mr. Cole states that they appear to be a similar ordinance, does the department want us to amend it in anyway to make it a mirror of the prototype one. Mr. Fantanarosa states that from what he understands, they didn’t say they wanted any change so I guess it would be a mirror of what they already presented to you. Mr. Cole asks Mr. Fantanarosa if he is handling it now or is the Chief handling it. Mr. Fantanarosa states that the Chief asked him to check up on the progress and states that if he has any questions or whatever we could possibly set up a meeting. Mr. Cole states that we may have to do that, if we are going to meet on Mr. Wisloski’s insurance issue possibly we can get the guys up the same night and sit down prior to and go over the Ordinance with them and make sure everyone is on the same page. Mr. Fantanarosa states that he also would like to bring up that several organizations have approached him and asked questions on the current curfew. Mr. Fantanarosa states that these people even went as far as to states they would provide a petition showing the support from residents to change the curfew from the current 11:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Mr. Fantanarosa states that complaints have been that even with school being in now, individuals are still out past 11:00 PM.

10 Mayor Slaby states that a couple of months ago there was an individual here who had expressed concern of children playing in the street after 10:00 and so forth under the corner street light and I think at that time I explained to him how that works and that Mr. Winhofer at that time referred that to the Ordinance Committee for review and further consideration, which Mr. Deitrick is not here, and I would assume that it is still on the committee side. Mr. Winhofer states that he does not feel that 11:00 pm is unreasonable for a seventeen year old, you can drive until mid-night. Mr. Winhofer states the issue is with the Committee right now for review. POLICE COMMITTEE (Bruno R. Varano) Mr. Varano states that the police committee met and they discussed what they brought away from the personnel meeting concerning the re-instatement of the Chief and came to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence, information or testimony to withhold the suspension of the Chief and so would like to put a motion on the floor to reinstate Chief Wilson to his position with back pay to day one, owing him ten or eleven days. Mr. Varano states that according to section 1124 of the Borough Code which states also that he cannot be suspended for the same act for which the first suspension was made or for reasons that Council in reinstating such policeman shall have determined not to be grounds for suspension which would cover everything in our Executive session, we all know what it is, I don’t know if I am allowed to mention it so I won’t. Mr. Varano states that he is making the motion to reinstate the Chief of police. MOTION – Mr. Varano makes the motion and is seconded by Mr. Turlis to reinstate Chief Wilson to duty with back pay to day one of his suspension. Mayor Slaby directed a question to Mr. Varano as to when that was that the Police Committee met and if he could tell him when that was. Mr. Varano states that they had met last night. Mayor Slaby asks if he may ask why he was not invited. Mr. Varano replied because it concerned you. Mr. Varano states you were excluded, I am sorry but it was between you and the Chief and he was not invited either, so don’t feel slighted. Mayor Slaby states that it just seems kind of odd that the Police Committee would be making a decision in regards to his status when according to the Borough Code, I am as the Mayor the supervisor over him and any and all police officers. Mayor Slaby states that he urges Council not to support Mr. Varano’s motion at this time, and I will not go into it because of it being personnel matters for the same reason we have had many many long hours of discussion in regards to the original reason for the suspension.

11 Mayor Slaby states that he is urging Council not to support the motion that is on the floor at this time. Mr. Varano directs a statement to Solicitor William Cole that he takes it that anything that happened during that executive session, this in the form of a question is covered by this section. Mr. Cole states correct. Mr. Varano states and anything that was said during that hearing in executive session whether it was when the Mayor was in on it, or when we met after he left is covered. Solicitor Cole replied sure, the board is considering all factors and all evidence and whatever was presented to the board at that point. Mr. Varano asks anything ongoing, right now. Mr. Winhofer states he is referring to the last sentence that he is reading in the Borough Code, and asks Mr. Varano if he is correct on that. Mr. Varano states yes, and it reads “The Mayor shall not thereafter suspend such policeman for reasons arising from the same act for which the suspension was made or for reasons that the Council in reinstating said policeman shall determine not to be grounds for suspension.” Mr. Varano states so, what I am saying is he is not to be suspended again. Mayor Slaby asks for what reason. Mr. Varano replied for anything that happened during the executive session that was brought up during the executive session that includes anything that was discussed at the hearing. Mr. Varano states we had witnesses subpoenaed, a stenographer, and testimony was given under oath and thereafter, the whole length of the meeting not just that part of the meeting, the whole meeting. Mayor Slaby states that the Borough Code states…. Mr. Varano interjected I just read the Borough Code. Mayor Slaby states ok then we are not going to get into an argument about that. Mr. Winhofer asks if there are any other questions, no one spoke. ROLL CALL VOTE: FANTANAROSA (yes), MARTINO (yes), VARANO (yes), WISLOSKI (yes), TURLIS (yes), DEITRICK (absent), WINHOFER (yes), MOTION PASSES 6 YEAS – 0 NAY Mr. Varano states that he would just like to make a statement directed to the Mayor and the Chief, that he hopes they can get along because he knows that they both have strong wills and personalities so, I am not saying that you have to be friends but try and keep it

12 civil because we need to run this town and we need a police force to run this town and protect this town. Mr. Varano adds that this arguing has got to stop, it in nonsense. OLD BUSINESS Mrs. Martino states that she inadvertently did not bring a resignation letter that she and members of Council have received under Personnel Committee however, a letter received and dated September 14th from Mr. Thomas Nowroski and it reads: Dear Mayor and Council: Please accept this letter as notification that I am leaving my position with the Kulpmont Police Department effective September 25, 2009. Sincerely, Thomas Nowroski Mr. Winhofer asks if there is a motion to accept the resignation. MOTION- Mr. Varano makes the motion not to accept the resignation from Thomas Nowroski and is seconded by Mr. Fantanarosa. VOICE VOTE: Unanimous NEW BUSINESS Mrs. Martino states he can still resign, but Council is on record as not to accept it, and she adds that we are loosing a very good officer. Mrs. Martino states that we have received the resolution from Mr. Bartos for Lyric Communications and it reads: Whereas for purpose of the grant application by Lyric Communications LLC for a federal stimulus grant to build broadband infrastructure in the Lower Anthracite Region, the municipality shall allow full access to all existing rights of way and easements, and other land owned or under the control of the municipality for the purpose of constructing the broadband infrastructure and related components in accordance with all current zoning and land development regulations. Be it Resolved that Kulpmont Borough Council shall review the grant application prepared by the Lyric Communications LLC for the federal stimulus grant. MOTION- Mrs. Martino makes a motion and is seconded by Mr. Fantanarosa for a Resolution backing Lyric Communications for their federal stimulus grant for the broadband infrastructure.

13 Mr. Varano asks if this will have any affect on the agreement we have with SECTV. Mr. Winhofer replied no. ROLL CALL VOTE: FANTANAROSA (yes), MARTINO (yes), VARANO (yes), WISLOSKI (yes), TURLIS (yes), DEITRICK (absent), WINHOFER (yes), MOTION PASSES 6 YEAS – 0 NAY Mrs. Martino states that come January there will be a vacancy on the board and with that being said, states that she would like to put a motion on the floor to advertise for this vacancy, by doing this now it will give any interested person a chance to submit a resume as well as Council a chance to review them. Mrs. Martino states that this will make a smooth transition come January to give these people an opportunity to come up and see how Council is run. MOTION- Mrs. Martino makes the motion and is seconded by Mr. Fantanarosa to advertise the vacancy on the Board to submit their resume to Council for review. ROLL CALL VOTE: FANTANAROSA (yes), MARTINO (yes), VARANO (yes), WISLOSKI (yes), TURLIS (yes), DEITRICK (absent), WINHOFER (yes), MOTION PASSES 6 YEAS – 0 NAY Mrs. Martino asks that if any resumes are received that Rhonda make a copy for all members of Council to review. Mr. Winhofer asks if there is any other new business. Mr. Fantanarosa states that Mr. Rumberger is here to answer any questions on how the transition will take place. Mr. Turlis states to Mr. Rumberger that the new memberships are now out in the Borough, and some of the people have paid their membership already. Mr. Rumberger states that Area will honor them for one year. Mr. Rumberger states that people who have not paid yet, will be covered until January when Area then holds their membership drive and can then subscribe to them. Mr. Turlis states that he feels something needs to be put in the paper so that people know that they should not send their money into American Hose. Mr. Turlis asks Rob from the news item if he would be so kind to place something in the paper to notify residents of the change. Mr. Turlis asks what the rate is to join Area Services. Mr. Rumberger states that it is $35.00 per person or $50.00 per family. Mr. Rumberger states that once you are a member of our service, if Area would not be available and someone other had to come in Area Services would take care of that bill. Mr. Turlis states that he would like to request a brief executive session.


Mayor Slaby asks Mr. Rumberger if they will be working in conjunction with Kulpmont Ambulance. Mr. Rumberger states that it is just like it is now. Kulpmont Ambulance would always respond if available and if not Area would respond just like American Hose would in the past. Patty Parker representing the Kulpmont Football Baseball Association states that she was thrilled to see the dilapidated roof coming off of the building it is going to make a great difference and make the whole stadium more presentable. She states that she is asking if possible that the police department make some rounds during practice and games up at the stadium, because people have been bringing their dogs up, and on the front of the building it states that these are the rules from the Kulpmont Police Department. She also states that she hasn’t done it yet but that she will get a schedule to us. Patty Parker states that she had a situation recently that they had to have one of the parents that coach the football team to remove the baseball mounds at the field in order for them to have their first game. She directed a statement to Mr. Turlis and stated that she had left several messages for you Myron on the machine, after she left two messages for George before realizing that he was on vacation and it came to Thursday night before the first opener and the mounds were still there and if it wasn’t for the parent having the availability of that equipment we wouldn’t have been able to have our first game there. Patty Parker asks if there is an alternate number that she could get in touch with Mr. Turlis. Mr. Turlis replied to her that it was just that he was un godly busy when you did call, but states that she did speak to the Mayor and he said to go up and remove the rubber pitching mound. Mr. Turlis states that there was no rubber in the pitching mound and that he thinks he discussed that with the Mayor. Mayor Slaby states that they did have that discussion and you recall the conversation the physical mound verses the rubber mound. Mrs. Parker states that is right. Mayor Slaby states that he is the blame for telling Mr. Turlis to remove them and states to Patty Parker that he told her so. Patty Parker states she understands, but if Mr. Turlis is able to take a call from the Mayor he could have easily made a phone call to her. Mr. Turlis states that the Mayor called him during the day and he said to the Mayor that he would go right up and in fact a limb had to be taken away, he said that he cut the limb, but there is no rubber in the pitching mound. Patty Parker states that she called several times at all different times of the day, she said she even talked to someone who lives by Mr. Turlis and asked if anyone saw him because she began to think he may be away. Mr. Turlis states, and it was Mr. Winhofer and states he spoke to him and told him he would get to it when he had time, and states that he saw her (Patty Parker) and Mr. Winhofer’s wife up there speaking. Patty Parker states that she wasn’t talking to them about that.

15 Mr. Turlis states that it doesn’t matter, and states that he knew that they had a dialog, and states that he does whatever he can for that boosters association but states that he has a lot of other stuff he has to worry about. Mr. Turlis states that when he is told to go up and take the rubber out of a pitching mound, that is what he is going up there to look for. He states that if he was told to take the mound out he would have taken the backhoe up there himself and took the mound out. Patty Parker asks if there is another way to contact him, a better way that they could handle that situation. Mr. Turlis replied just leave me a message and when I get time I will call you. Mayor Slaby states again he would like to apologize for the misunderstanding Parker and apparently since I became Mayor and no longer am associated with that organization, they went from not having a mound to having mounds and I truly apologize because I asked Mr. Turlis to go up after I had spoken to you, and he did, he went immediately there and he said Bob the rubber mounds are gone. The Mayor stated that he thought it was a little piece of rubber, not a dirt mound and he states that again he truly apologizes for miscommunication that to him. Patty Parker states that she just has one more issue and states that she heard talk of the Borough planning on building a building up at the field, and asks if that is true. Mr. Turlis states at one time there was. Patty Parker states that the reason she is asking is come spring we were planning on fixing up the T-Ball section of the field. Mr. Winhofer states that there was talk about building, but that was up on the hill. Patty Parker states just as long as we don’t fix something and then have something else go in there. Mr. Winhofer asks if anyone else would like to address Council. Mr. Larry Rompallo states that on the Crown Vic issue, that he just had his intact re-done on his and it was almost $800.00 for an after-market one, he states that it was cracked and is a common problem. Mr. Rompallo states that he got one of the large recycling containers and would like to comment that he liked it better than the blue ones, it was easier to carry and being bigger had much more room. Mr. Rompallo states that the bins say Mount Carmel Borough, could something be done to say Kulpmont Borough, possible spend like $50.00 and get some kind of sticker or something to put over that. Mr. Turlis states that the reason that they say Mount Carmel Borough is because they had an over abundance of them. Mr. Rompallo states that it’s just a suggestion to do something to have Kulpmont Borough put on them.

16 Mr. Varano comments on that they were obtained through a grant, and so the over abundance that Mount Carmel Borough had was then distributed to those who had need for them, some were given to us, Sunbury they distributed them throughout the County. Mr. Winhofer asks if anyone else would like to address Council. No one spoke. Mr. Winhofer states that at this time Council will go into executive session. The Solicitor William C. Cole announced that just for the record the Council had met in executive session for approximately thirty five minutes to discuss personnel matters.


____________________________ RHONDA WILK BOROUGH SECRETARY

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