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									                                PHOTO CONTEST
                      Entries accepted January 12, 2007 through March 9, 2007

The Town of Indialantic Heritage Committee is pleased to announce a photo contest to
commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Town’s incorporation. Ten winning photos will be
posted on Indialantic’s website and displayed at Town Hall. Two of the top ten photos will be
selected for postcard prints that will be available to the public.

                                             THE RULES

   • A photograph taken within the incorporated area of Indialantic capturing the town’s natural
       beauty and the ambience of our small coastal town.

    • The contest is open to residents and non-residents. Participants under the age of eighteen
        must have written permission to participate from a parent or legal guardian.

Photo Requirements:
   • Black and white and color photographs will be accepted. Printed photos should be unmounted
      5'' x 7'' professionally processed photos or larger. Digital photos submitted on a CD should be
      JPEG or TIFF format and must be 300 dpi and at least 7'' on the longest dimension.
   • When photographing with a digital camera, capture image at the highest setting of the device
      at the largest size allowed. Save the digital capture as a JPEG at maximum quality setting.
   • Images must be of content captured via a camera and may not include significantly modified or
      digitally edited content. Minor brightness or contrast enhancements are permitted.

   • Entries will be judged by a five-member panel. Selection will be based on photographic quality,
      creativity and effectiveness in conveying the subject material. Winners will be notified by mail.

   • Photos must have been taken in 2005 or later.
   • Photographer’s name must be clearly printed on the back of the photo or on the digital
      medium. An official entry form must accompany each entry
   • Photos containing any recognizable person or persons must be accompanied by a model
      release form signed by any recognizable person or persons.
   • All photographs become the property of Indialantic and may be used exclusively by the town.
      No compensation will be offered to winning photographers or for photos used elsewhere by
      the town.

                                   SUBMISSION AND DEADLINE

      Entries may be submitted between Friday, January 12, 2007 and NOT LATER THAN 4:00pm
FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2007. They should be marked to the attention of “Indialantic Photo Contest” and
may be brought to the Town Hall or mailed to Indialantic Photo Contest, Town of Indialantic, 216 Fifth
Avenue, Indialantic, 32903.

 A copy of these Rules, Entry Forms, and a Sample Model Release Form are available at
Indialantic Town Hall during business hours or they may be downloaded from the town
website at

                         For more information call 725-4115 or 724-5613.
                               PHOTO CONTEST
                                 OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM

Photographer's    Name:   ____________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________         E-mail (optional): _______________________________

Location Where Photo was Taken: __________________________________________________

Approximate Date When Photo was Taken: ___________________________________________

Photo Caption: __________________________________________________________________

Comments (optional): _____________________________________________________________

I understand that upon submission, this photo becomes the property of the Town of Indialantic. I
hereby grant permission to the Town of Indialantic to use this photo at its discretion, with no
compensation to me or any of the subjects in the photo. When the photo is of identifiable people, I
have obtained the permission of those people to submit this photo for use by the Town of Indialantic.

Photographer's Signature: _______________________________ Date: ______________________

                              MAIL OR BRING YOUR ENTRY TO:

                                        Town of Indialantic
                                Indialantic Heritage Photo Contest
                                         216 Fifth Avenue
                                     Indialantic, Florida 32903
                               PHOTO CONTEST
                        2007 INDIALANTIC HERITAGE PHOTO CONTEST
                                Sample Photo Model Release Form

Photographer: ____________________________________             Date: __________________________

I hereby consent that any photographs or images taken for the purpose of the 2007 Indialantic Photo
Contest in which I appear may be used by the Town of Indialantic in all media and in all manners
including, but not limited to, promotion, art, education, electronic and exhibition. In the case of a
winning photo, use will include the production of a postcard available for sale to the public.

I acknowledge that I am:     [ ]   over the age of 18
                             [ ]   the legal guardian of the following

Model’s name(s) here:




Model’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _________________

Guardian’s Signature (If required): _____________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________                E-mail: _______________________________

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