Supreme Court of Florida THURSDAY APRIL 22 2004 CASE NO SC01 1619 Lower Tribunal No 84 10538 WAYNE TOMPKINS Appellant Cross Appellee vs STATE OF FLORIDA Appellee Cross Appellant In light of by cannonjones


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									Supreme Court of Florida
THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 2004 CASE NO.: SC01-1619 Lower Tribunal No.: 84-10538 WAYNE TOMPKINS Appellant/Cross-Appellee vs. STATE OF FLORIDA Appellee/Cross-Appellant

In light of the revised opinion, the Appellant/Cross-Appellee's Motion for Rehearing is hereby denied. WELLS, PARIENTE, LEWIS, CANTERO, and BELL, JJ., concur. ANSTEAD, C.J., dissents. QUINCE, J., recused.

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jb Served: Honorable Richard L. Ake, Clerk Honorable Daniel L. Perry, Judge Martin J. McClain Robert J. Landry Suzanne Myers Sharon Vollrath

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