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Frisbie-Frisbee Family Associati

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									Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America. Inc. Collection, 1713-2006 Genealogical Collections State Archives Record Group No. 074 Prepared by Virginia Banerjee with financial support from the Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America, Inc.
History and Biography

The Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America, Inc. (FFFAA) was established in 1950. Under the leadership of Olin E. Frisbee, author of one of the early compiled genealogies of the family, FFFAA brought together individuals from across the United States. The Association held annual reunions, published a quarterly bulletin, collected materials related to the family, and supported activities to extend knowledge about the family. Principal attention focused on Edward Frisbie (c.1621-1690) of Branford, Connecticut and his descendants. Over time, thousands of individuals, related or not, but with some Frisbie connection, were identified and recorded. There are many and varied ways to spell this surname although Frisbie and Frisbee are the most common. Other spelling found in the records includes Frisby, Frisbye and Frisbey. Spelling was not always standardized, thus records pertaining to the same individual may have the surname spelled differently from record to record. Persons with some Frisbie connection are spread throughout the United States and several foreign countries. Nora G. Frisbie (1904-2002), a direct descendant of Edward of Branford, had been interested in family history for many years when she learned of FFFAA in 1960. Thus began a relationship that lasted throughout her long life. With the death of Olin Frisbee in 1965, she became president of FFFAA, a position she held until 1978. She served as the editor of the Bulletin for many years and the official FFFAA historian and genealogist from 1983 until her death. She published supplements to earlier compiled genealogies, several new volumes, the first in 1984, and many articles about Edward of Branford, his descendants and ancestors, as well as other Frisbies. She also edited and annotated compiled genealogies of various components of the extended Frisbie clan done by other authors. Ms. Frisbie was a highly motivated family historian, an energetic seeker of information. She corresponded with a host of people and traveled widely, including places in England where the earliest ancestors are thought to have originated. She searched repositories in many states and hired researchers to search where she could not travel. She gathered family data from anyone who would share what they knew of their branch into numerous folders and binders. A phenomenal memory earned her a reputation of being able to place individuals into context. She relied heavily on family informants and writers who went before her and did not always fully document the information collected. She often stated an awareness of the importance of documenting sources of information but felt unable to do so due to the scope of her work, leaving to others the task of determining the accuracy of her data and conclusions. She collected much anecdotal material, which appeared frequently in the FFFAA Bulletin. Ms. Frisbie wrote and published extensively. She manually indexed many volumes of the Bulletin, scrapbooks and other documents, an extremely complex and timeconsuming process without the technology available today. Nora Frisbie continued to gather data and plan revisions to her first new volume, Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants-The First Eight Generations- Volume I, but when she died her work to revise this volume remained unfinished. In 2006, FFFAA reissued Volume I, unchanged except for a new introduction and produced this finding aid. The work required was supported financially by FFFAA. Used together, these two publications will permit future researchers to delve into the vast materials collected by

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State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

the author and FFFAA over many years. The clues to primary resources and the conclusions and lineages so painstakingly assembled by Nora Frisbie offer researchers a goldmine of opportunity.

Scope and Content

The collection consists primarily of the private papers and objects collected by Nora G. Frisbie together with selected FFFAA papers and objects. These include research notes, published and unpublished materials, genealogy records, newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, ledgers, books, and correspondence collected by Ms. Frisbie. She assembled many scrapbooks of clippings and photographs. Although no indication exists that she ever engaged a clipping service to gather these items, her reputation as a collector of family information resulted in hundreds of articles being sent to her. The collection relates primarily to Edward Frisbie of Branford, Connecticut, his descendants, persons who may have a connection to him, and related families. The collection also contains a great deal of material concerning persons whose relationship to Edward, Ms. Frisbie had not yet determined. The collection is housed in 110 boxes plus a few unboxed large items, comprising 75 cubic feet. Ms. Frisbie used and modified a numbering system originally created by earlier writers of compiled Frisbie genealogies. The numbers indicate the generation removed from Edward of Branford. Each individual was also assigned a unique number, known in the family as “Frisbie numbers.” Individuals whom she connected to the lineage of Edward eventually reached nearly 10,000 in the thirteenth generation. Many persons with Frisbie connections but with no firm link to Edward of Branford came to Nora Frisbie’s attention. These “unclassified” persons were numbered 12,000 to 14,000. If and when she connected them to Edward’s lineage, they were assigned a Frisbie number in lieu of their unclassified number. In her last years, new persons who came to her attention were referred to as “latecomers.” Their numbers start with 30,000. At the end of her life, there were some persons known to her to whom she had not yet assigned numbers. Ms. Frisbie compiled many articles or manuscripts about family groups, those of a geographic area or persons who had something in common, e.g. military service or profession. She referred to these as “state studies.” While many of these do not appear to have been formally published, she usually reproduced a few copies and distributed them to individuals or repositories that had some relevance. The distribution list is often included. Depending on the date of preparation, these texts may contain updated information to that originally published in Volume 1 of Edward Frisbie of Branford and her subsequent books. Understanding Ms. Frisbie’s habits will greatly assist the researcher in using the collection. In a vast number of instances, she has handwritten the person’s Frisbie number on clippings, photographs, letters and items of all sorts. When she could not identify an individual, she often noted the fact. She created an everyname index for many scrapbooks, booklets, and volumes of the FFFAA Bulletin. Where they exist, they are noted. One habit of Ms. Frisbie makes use of much of her material difficult. She consistently used the obverse side of paper and did not always cross out the text that was irrelevant to the new use. This practice sometimes makes it difficult to know what she intended. FFFFA materials consist principally of those in the possession of Ms. Frisbie and they do not constitute complete Association files. Included, however, are some organization and business records and materials related to the FFFAA membership. Albums of reunion photographs and clippings and the quarterly Bulletin are nearly complete. The collection also holds books and published materials by and about Frisbies, including compiled genealogies by other authors and a leather-bound manuscript of the earliest known compiled genealogy; The Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy by Edward S. Frisbee published in 1926. A small quantity of notes and correspondence predate Nora Frisbie’s involvement with the family association.


State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Ms. Frisbie and FFFAA assembled objects and photographs, many having been bequeathed by widespread family members. Included are paintings, textiles, a business sign, military items, a cast iron bank, Frisbie pie tins and toy Frisbees, and several pair of old spectacles. Some very old tintypes and daguerreotypes date from nearly the beginning of such imaging technology, in addition to many more modern images. Diaries, commonplace books, scrapbooks and albums assembled by persons other than Nora Frisbie add variety to the collection. Several themes persist throughout the collection, including businesses with a Frisbie connection such as the J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut that manufactured cast iron banks in the 19th century. The collection contains magazine articles and newspapers clippings about the Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut and the toy Frisbee that was designed after the original pie tins. Correspondence and photographs related to Hearthstone, the oldest Frisbie house in America, are included as well as materials concerning to other Frisbie-related sites. There are photographs, correspondence, and historical materials related to the Frisby-on-the-Wreake, Leiscester, England and several other foreign sites believed to have early family connections. Ms. Frisbie also collected items and data regarding anything Frisbie such as clippings, printed materials, memorabilia, whether with a genealogy value or not. Many of these items are scattered in Series 7, 8, and 10. A small collection of personal notes, photographs, booklets, awards and mementos belonging to Ms. Frisbie include her high school diploma, materials related to her service in the WAAC in World War II, and her involvement with the National Daughters of the American Revolution (NDAR). Illustration 1


State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Nora Frisbie, age 92.1 Series 1, Nora G. Frisbie Papers, 1966-2006 Boxes 1- 2 contain Nora Frisbie’s correspondence arranged chronologically. Many items consist of replies to genealogical queries. Often neither the query nor her final reply is included. A hand-written (perhaps draft) reply appears to have served as her file copy. Boxes 3-17 hold books and articles published by Nora Frisbie as well as unpublished materials. There are both draft and bound copies of Volume I of Edward Frisbie of Branford and his Descendants, the First Eight Generations, 1984. A published copy is also found in the collection of the Connecticut State Library. Within these boxes of writings, Boxes 6-7 hold her notes for the revisions to Volume I. Careful examination of these hundreds of pages reveal that it was often difficult to determine what she intended, thus they were not integrated into the 2006 reprint issued by FFFAA, but rather left to future researchers to analyze and interpret. Bound copies of Volumes II and III are in Box 11. A bound copy of the 2006 reprint of Volume I has been added to the collection and is also in Box 11. Notes and typescript for revisions of Volume II and III also represent unfinished work of the author. The series also contains Nora’s supplements to Olin Frisbie’s, Frisbie-Frisbie-Frisby Family Genealogy (1964). Boxes 12-17 hold shorter works, often with a theme or subject focus, like Flying Frisbies (Box 13) and “Frisbies of the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania.” The author’s writings, both with and without a Frisbie connection, represent a mixture of works in progress and finished pieces. In some instances, it is clear where these pieces were submitted but whether they were finally published cannot always be determined. There are materials edited and annotated by Nora Frisbie, consisting of compiled genealogies of others to which she has added data and corrections/comments. Whether this work was undertaken at the request of the original author or of Ms. Frisbie’s own volition is often unclear. The articles and pamphlets are arranged alphabetically by person or subject and not by title. Box 18 holds genealogy notes ranging from information about the churches of Branford, Connecticut to a place index to the 1926 genealogy compiled by Edward S. Frisbee. Boxes 19-20 include many folders of genealogy notes, most with no apparent organization. They contain many charts, some correspondence, photocopies of source materials, a few photographs, maps and myriad others items. Box 21 contains the author’s subject files, covering her interests not only in genealogy of the Frisbies but also in general history, manufacturing, ship-building, and matters of the sea. Personal papers in Box 22 include an array of correspondence, awards, certificates, personal greeting cards, and photographs unrelated to her genealogy work. Box 23 is restricted because it contains material on living persons. Series 2, Family Files, 1960-2002 Family Files consist of Ms. Frisbie’s notes and collected information, as well as some photographs, correspondence, clippings, NDAR materials, lineages submitted to Ms. Frisbie by others, and some small compiled genealogies. Most of the data in these files is derivative, although some facsimiles of original records are included. There is also text and in some instances the materials appear to be draft for planned publication. Material pertaining to an individual may be merely a sheet or two while for others much larger files exist. These appear to be her “working files” from which she could retrieve data concerning individuals. In some instances, her plan for a finished product is fairly apparent, while in other instances the material appears quite random. It is unclear how these files differed from the “genealogy notes” in Box 18 except that they were maintained separately by Ms. Frisbie. Box 22, folder 9, Clarmont Courier, 13 September 1996. Unfortunately, the collection does not contain any good photographs of Nora Frisbie.


State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Boxes 24-29 and part of Box 30, referred to by Ms. Frisbie as Frisbies A-Z, consist of folders in alphabetical order, of individual Frisbies or several Frisbies whose given name begins with a particular letter. “Letter” General precedes named Frisbies. These files vary in size from a few sheets to many. The contents may contain notes, photographs, copies of source materials, clippings, and related materials. Part of Box 30 through part of Box 33 holds folders pertaining to individuals with surnames other than Frisbie and referred to as non-Frisbies. The contents vary and may contain notes, photographs, copies of source materials, clippings and related materials. Material in Boxes 34-37 concerns unclassified Frisbies. An alphabetical list (38 folders) and the page layout for a book about these persons are included. Boxes 3840 consist of state files dealing with a single state, portion thereof, or a geographic area. Series 3, Genealogy Records, 1646 (photocopy)-2002 Genealogy Records (Boxes 41-42) consists principally of photocopies and indices of federal population censuses as well as typed reference materials and lists. The military records consist primarily of those from the National Archives Records Administration (NARA). Photocopies of early Branford records that date back to 1646 form the earliest items, albeit facsimile, in the collection. Series 4, Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Records, 1950-2001 This series does not contain a complete set of FFFAA records, although the records are voluminous. The Association published a quarterly Bulletin from its inception. For many of those years, Nora Frisbie was both its editor and principal writer. The issues contain hundreds of stories and brief pieces about individual Frisbies and families detailing their lives and times. Frequently these stories extended information about an individual or family contained in Ms. Frisbie’s books. Although the business records of FFFAA within the collection are scanty, many issues of the Bulletin include annual and financial reports. Boxes 43-46 consist of the Bulletin for years from 1950 to 2001. In general, a set of the Bulletin for each year exists together with a folder of index and corrections. The author also produced an every name index covering the years 1950 through 1974. Each Bulletin contains numerous articles, family data, news items, and often FFFAA business information. Box 47 holds information about annual reunions. No complete list of where each reunion was held has been found and there is some confusion and inconsistence in the records. Included are notes, attendance lists, memorabilia, and some photographs. The materials in these folders may have been the extras after the scrapbooks of a reunion were assembled Boxes 48-55 house scrapbooks of individual reunions. Some consist entirely of photographs, while others also include clippings and memorabilia. Most photographs are identified. Boxes 56-60 contain membership records including a list of charter members and some book orders. There are lists by categories including by generation of descent from Edward of Branford and a list of persons willing to hold office. Most lists are not dated and their purpose is often unclear. Several sets of small slips of paper with names and occasional addresses may have been a sorting mechanism for creating indices which Ms. Frisbie accomplished manually. Box 61 holds of a small quantity of non-Nora Frisbie FFFAA correspondence. Included is material related to aborted plans to create a foundation and establish a Frisbie research center in Red Cloud, Nebraska. Considerable conflict regarding motivations and opinions about this matter are reflected in the extant materials. Articles in the Bulletin during the period when a foundation was being considered also reflect the differences of opinions. Some of the exchanges were acrimonious. A few organizational records, including the FFFAA constitution and a sketch for the corporate seal are also found in this box.


State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Series 5, Photographs, c. 1865-2001 Boxes 62-65 contain family photograph albums and individual likenesses, some of which are framed and many identified. A number of photographs were evidently bequeathed to FFFAA by descendants, although provenance is generally not clear. Ms. Frisbie used many of these images to illustrate her writings. It is apparent from her notes that she had negatives and copies made of many of the images, a number of which are included in Box 65. Illustration 2

Girls at play. n.d.2 Series 6, Writings of Others, 1828-2005 Several complied genealogies of the family that deal with the earliest generations pre-date the work of Nora Frisbie. The collection contains copies of the known ones in Boxes 66-67. A leather bound manuscript version of the 1926 Frisbee-Frisbie Family Genealogy by Edward S. Frisbee, is included as well as the published version. The manuscript was purchased from an antiquarian book dealer and given to FFFAA. Published copies of the 1964 Frisbee-Frisbie Family Genealogy by Olin E. Frisbie are in this series. Nora Frisbie compiled supplements to several of these volumes before she wrote new volumes. These works by her are found in Series 1.


Box 110. One of the girls is Grace Frisbie Faucett but it is unknown which one.


State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Over the years, a number of persons wrote books devoted to segments of the Frisbie clan. Several are found in this series. Those that were edited or annotated by Nora Frisbie have been placed in Series 1. Ms. Frisbie also collected items by and about Frisbies that had nothing to do with genealogy per se. Books by persons named Frisbie, not genealogical in nature, are also included in this series. Box 68 contains many small items, among them brief descriptive pieces, hand-crafted pedigree charts, essays and letters, war journals, and weather records. Series 7, Scrapbooks, 1969-2002 Located in Boxes 75-94, the series consists of scrapbooks and albums, principally assembled by Nora Frisbie. Their contents range from mounted photographs and clippings containing vital record data to general information and general news clippings having anything to do with any Frisbie. All but the last four scrapbooks are indexed. Several albums were created by persons other than Ms. Frisbie such as an undated one assembled by Olin Frisbee. Although not specifically related to the family, a scrapbook of clippings, photographs, and other memorabilia concerning the toy known as a “flying saucer” or “Frisbee” follows the history, evolution, and popularity of this item. See Series 10 for examples of some “Frisbees” produced as advertisements for products or businesses with a Frisbie family connection. Series 10 also contains two original tin pie pans believed to be the item from which the concept of the “flying saucer” evolved. Series 8, Related Papers, 1891-2001 Frisbie homes sites and related buildings are included in this series. Buildings with a Frisbie connection other than home sites such as a hospital, factories, and businesses are also represented. Businesses ranged from car manufacturers, clock-makers, mechanical bank manufacturers, and ice companies to motels and gristmills. Several folders in Box 94 deal with Hearthstone in Branford, Connecticut. This is thought to be the oldest Frisbie structure in the United States, although Ms. Frisbie came to the conclusion that it was probably built later than originally believed. Not everyone agreed with her conclusion. Several historical societies including those in Cromwell, Connecticut and Delhi, New York are housed in buildings that belonged to Frisbies. Related Papers contains materials pertaining to these organizations. The Frisbies in America are believed to have originated from Frisby-on-the-Wreake and Clerkenwell in England. Ms. Frisbie and others visited these sites and corresponded with persons there, collecting data and objects. Series 9, Old Original Items and Certificates, 1713-1919 Boxes 96-97 consist of certificates, a 1831 Branford school record, a travel journal, and a doctor’s account book. The oldest original item in the collection, a 1713 funeral essay, is located in this series. These items are grouped together because of age and fragility. Series 10, Objects, 1836-1976 Boxes 98-106 hold paintings together with business and personal items with a Frisbie connection. A gavel said to have been made from a Hearthstone timber, several Frisbie Pie Company pie tins, believed to be the object is from which the Frisbee (toy flying saucer) evolved, and a late nineteenth century cast metal Tammany Bank probably designed by Russell Frisbie are included. Several large paintings and photographs are not stored in boxes due to their size. Series 11, Microfilm, 1974-1987


State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Many materials were filmed over a number of years. Most Bulletins together with many books and scrapbooks were filmed. The list of what is on each roll was abstracted from inventories done by others and notes found within the collection. They have not been individually viewed. Illustration 3

Sign from Washington Horse Shed Company, c. 1866.3


In 2001, Nora Frisbie donated most of her papers, files and objects to FFFAA. The Association took on the responsibility to locate a repository for their permanent care. After her death, the rest of her collection was added to the materials already in the possession of FFFAA. Additional items belonging to FFFAA, some of which had been stored at various sites with some connection to the Frisbie family, were added. In 2002, the entire collection was donated to the Connecticut State Archives, a unit of the Connecticut State Library in Hartford.

Related Records

Many FFFAA records remain in the possession of current and former officers of the Association. A substantial collection of Frisbie objects and memorabilia can be found at the Delaware County Historical Society in Delhi, New York. The Society is housed in the home of the late Judge Gideon Frisbie. The library of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in Boston and the Blackstone Library in Branford, Connecticut hold some related materials that may include writings by Nora Frisbie not duplicated in the FFFAA Collection. Manuscript collections in several repositories include Frisbie materials. The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (Library of Congress) lists more than one hundred entries with some mention of Frisbies (varied spelling). The Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley, for example, holds

Box 10. Made by Russell Waller Frisbie.


State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

the General Vallejo papers and photographs which include Frisbie items. See Boxes 33 and 65 for additional related materials. The John B. Frisbie (b. 1832) reminiscences are held in the same repository. The papers of Ichabod Frisbie (1835-1918), United Sates soldier and flour mill operator consisting of correspondence, letters to his wife, and his journal are housed in the Special Collections Department, Woodruff Library, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in Southington, Connecticut and later resided in California. See Boxes 12 and 42 for related materials. Much material pertaining to George Frisbie Hoar (1826-1904), politician and United States Representative and later Senator from Massachusetts, can be found in a number of repositories. See Box 31 for associated materials. Several small collections of papers created by Nora G. Frisbie can be found at the Utica Historical Society, Utica , New York and at the New York Historical Association Library in Cooperstown, New York.

Access Note

The collection is available to the public within the rules governing public access. Box 23 contains a single folder of private material pertaining to living persons and is restricted. Illustration 4

Funeral Essay, 1713, owned by Ruth Frisbie in 1835.4

Box 96, folder 7.


State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Container Listing

1. Nora G. Frisbie Papers, 1966-2006 Correspondence 1966-95 1996-2002, n.d. 1970 DAR, Richard Gridley Chapter, California, materials and notes 1980s, correspondence with Liz Raduski of Branford, Connecticut Writings (books) by Nora G. Frisbie 1s supplement to 1964 genealogy by Olin E. Frisby (2 copies, 3 folders each), 1967 2nd supplement to 1964 genealogy by Olin E. Frisby (7 folders), 1973 3rd supplement-female line- to genealogy by Olin E. Frisby (3 folders), 1973 3rd spiral bound-female line- to genealogy by Olin E. Frisby, 1973 3rd spiral bound-female line- to genealogy by Olin E. Frisby, 2nd copy, 1973 4th supplement to 1964 genealogy by Olin E. Frisby, 1979 Unclassified Frisbie families, (also referred to as Vol. II), incomplete, 1976 Volume II- Unclassified Frisbies (paper bound) 2 copies pages 1-130, 1979 Unclassified Frisbies, revisions pages 131-240 and index, 1979 4th supplement corrections, 1982 Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants, Volume I, bound, 1984 See: Box 11 Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants, Volume, unbound, 1984 Notes for revision of Volume I (16 folders) Notes for revision of Volume I (17 folders) Early draft of revisions for Volume II (10 folders) Volume II, 9th through 14th generations, proof 1987, pages 2-524 Volume II, bound See: Box 11 Volume III (1988) Female Lines, proof (9 folders) Volume III, revisions Volume III, revisions (2 folders) Volume IV, draft (4 folders) Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants, Volume I, 1984 Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants, Volume II, 1987 Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants, Volume III, 1988 Writings (articles and pamphlets)5 Alaska slides text Banks, mechanical and Frisbies

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

Box 4

Box 5

Box 6 Box 7 Box 8

Box 10

Box 11

Box 12

The articles and pamphlets are arranged alphabetically by person or subject and not by title.

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State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

“Barnes family,” compiled genealogy (Nora’s father’s line) (3 folders) Bowers, John of Branford, 1966 “Branford, First Settlers,” n.d. Bliss, P.P-Gospel Singer Cabinet-making Frisbie, page lay-out “Christmas Story” “Christmas Story 1775” Our Colonial Ancestors by Thelma Bernard Miller, edited by Nora “Covered Wagon Frisbies” “Ferryboat, General Frisbie” Fighting Frisbies, early notes (4 folders) Fighting Frisbies, page lay-out Fountains, Boy with the Leaking Boot (2 copies) Frisby, Ann Fitzhugh, Revolutionary Heroine “Frisbies in 1790 Census” “Frisbie, Edward of Branford,” typescript Flying Frisbies, (2 copies) Frisbie Family in Revolutionary War, typescript, (3 folders) Frisbies in French and Indian War “Frisbies of Grantville” Frisbie, James Gardner of Greene, New York Frisbie Heritage Frisbie, Julia King, Compositions of “Frisbies of Kingman” Frisbies of Kittery, Maine, by John Frost, edited/annotated by Nora Frisbie Frisbie, Lyman of Mendon, Illinois, Papers Related to Frisbie, Louise, Dr. Frisbie’s Last Call: Hiram Frisbie (short pieces) Frisbie, Luther of Mesopotamia, Ohio “Frisbies of McDonald” Frisby, Richard of London, early draft (2 folders) Frisby, Richard of England and Virginia Frisby, Richard and Other Frisbies, 1982 manuscript (10 folders) Frisbies, Unclassified, List of Some Persons “Frisbies of Wayne County, Pennsylvania” Frisby-on-the-Wreake, England, typed monograph with photographs Frisby-on-the-Wreake, England, typed monograph, 2 copies, without photographs “Frisbies of Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania” “Granville, Bevel of North Carolina” Granville Family, Nora Frisbie’s mother’s line (5 folders) Gregory Gregson of New Haven, Connecticut “Herods of the Bible” “Icehouse in Iowa,” 1981 Jackson, Daniel Descendants by Emma L. Jackson, 1971 annotated by Nora Frisbie John Paul Jones, Life and Death, 1974 “Medal of Honor” (2 folders) “Mountain Climbing in Colorado and Frisbies” “Needle-pointing as a Hobby,” 1976 “New England Settlements,” early draft “New Haven Beginnings,” early draft Box 13

Box 14

Box 15

Box 16

- 11 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

“Newton, Henry” Not Merely Ancestors, collection of small pieces (6 folders) Not Merely Ancestors: Being History of Edward Branford, 1968 “Origin of Frisbie Name” (1965) Origin of Frisbie Family: Story of Frisby-on-the-Wreake Parker, Mary Barker, Diary 1832-33, annotated by Nora in 1981 (3 folders) Parker, Mary Barker, Diary 1832-33, annotated by Nora 1981 (2 folders) Patents held by Frisbies, list with numbers & page lay-out, 1975 “Peekskill, Letters from” “Perfect Squelch” Rose Family of Branford (1966) Seafaring Frisbies Ships of the Continental Navy, 1969 “Steamships with a Frisbie Connection”, late draft, (4 folders) “Seattle, Letters from” “Tree grows in the Andes” Uncle Ben, Everybody’s, Tribute to Benjamin L. Frisbie-1874-196 “Wesley, John and Charles”, priests “Who is Jonathan?” early draft (3 folders) “Widow’s Son Masonic Lodge, Branford, Connecticut” Writers: Frisbies Who Have Written Books, 2000 Genealogy Notes Churches of Branford, Connecticut, n.d. Family group sheet, Edward of Branford New York, 6th generation Notes for Not Merely Ancestors (4 folders) Place index to 1926 genealogy (partial) Bradley, Henry Plant, descendant of Sarah Frisbie (Frisbie # 730) (2 folders) Notes (folders1-9) Notes (folders 10-21) Notes (folders 22-30) Subject files Airplanes Alexander Hamilton Benedict Arnold Christmas Chocolate Coats-of-Arms Commencement biographies (partially illegible) Coverlets Cowboys Branford town history (?) (facsimile of several pages, no source) Flags Flying saucers (news clippings) Frisbie authors (2 folders) Frisbie name, origin of Magazines and catalogs (3 folders) Maps Medal of Honor Box 17

Box 18

Box 19 Box 20 Box 21

- 12 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Paintings, slides available from Library of Congress Quilts Schools Ships Twins Tyron, General War Willa Cather, Red Cloud, Minnesota Fragments Personal papers Description of her files, n.d. (does not coincide with files as in collection) Frisbie numbering system, explanation of Award for Volume 1, Edward of Branford DAR Application, Nora G. Frisbie, with related papers and correspondence DAR Certificate of Membership, Nora G. Frisbie, 1964 DAR Certificate of Appreciation, Genealogical Publication, 1989-90 WAAC, papers related to her affiliation (2 folders) Copyright certificate for Volume II, 1989 Photograph of Nora Frisbie, 1965 and news clipping about her, 1996 Newspaper clipping regarding Nora Frisbie and the Frisbies See: Illustration 1 High school diploma, Nora Frisbie, 1922 See: Oversize Box 110 Barnes Family Newsletter (Nora’s family line) Greeting cards, notes (not genealogical) Church kneelers, Frisby-on-the-Wreake, needlepoint-made by Nora Frisbie Correspondence, not genealogical Newspaper clipping, marriages, obituaries, concerning Nora’s own family Travel-related, Catskills, not genealogical Maps, historical society information, not genealogical Walden spoon purchase Notes and clippings Newspaper clipping Restricted-1 folder 2. Family Files, 1960-2002 Frisbies A to Z and Other Surnames Frisbie, A. Frisbie, A. Douglas Frisbie, A. John Frisbie, Abel (3 folders) Frisby, Abraham Frisbee, Andrew J. Frisbie, Angela Lassitor-Rebert (genogram) Frisbie, Albah Lilllie (autobiography) Frisbie, Arthur C. Frisbie, Augustus Frisbie, Austin S. See: Oversize Box 110 “B” General Frisbie, Benjamin “C” General (2 folders) Box 24 Box 22

Box 23

- 13 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisbey, Cary Rodger Frisbie, Cassandra Frisbie, Charles A. Frisbie, Charles, Henry Frisbie, Charlotte Frisbie, Chauncey Osborne Frisbie, Clifford Frisbie, Clitus Alonzo (Frisbie #1686) Frisbie, Cynthia “D” General Frisbie, Daniel Frisbie Daniel George “E” General (2 folders) Frisbie, Edward #1) Frisbie, Edward (Rose) Frisbie Colonel Edward (Frisbie #1449) Frisbie, Elizabeth Frisbie, Ellis Monroe (Frisbie #14476) Frisbie, Ezra Clark “F” General Frisbie, Frank Frisbie, Frank C. Frisbie, Fred “G” General Frisbie, George Charles Frisbey, George Pack (Frisbie # 30220) “H” General Frisbie Hiram (Frisbie # 802) “I” General Frisbie, Irene (Frisbie # 853) “J” General Frisbie, Jabez Frisbie, Jeanne Kurtenbach, newspaper articles, Westport, New York See: Oversize Box 110 Frisbie, Joseph (Frisbie # 731) Frisbie, Josiah Frisbie, Judah Frisbie, Judson) Carter (Frisbie # 3049) Frisbie, John Blackman (3 folders) Frisbie, Jesse Franklin, M.D. Frisbie, James Wilbur Frisbie, John J. Frisbie, John L. Frisbie, Jonah (Frisbie # 284 & 612) Frisbie, Jonathon (3 folders) Frisbie, Kenneth Mill (Frisbie #6109) “L” General (3 folders) Frisbie, Lambertine Frisbie, Levi Frisbie, Rev. Levi Frisbie, Levi A, Box 25

Box 26

Box 27

- 14 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisbie, Lucy “M” General Frisbie, Mabel Webster (Frisbie # 30429) Frisbie, Marie Turner Frisbie, Mary Ann (Frisbie # 3016) Frisbie, Chloe Illustration 5

Newspaper article about 1901 Frisbie Automobile.6


Box 29, folder 5, Middletown, (Conn.) Press, 19 February 1968.

- 15 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisbee, Miles P. “N” General Frisbie, Nathaniel Frisbie, Newtown Israel Frisbie, Norman “O” General Frisbie, O. C. Frisbie, Orvis (Frisbie # 13502) “P” General Frisbie, Phelan Frisbie, Phillip Frisbie, Pike Montgomery “R” General Frisbie, Rebecca, Palmer Frisbie, Rhoda Butler Frisby, Richard-Clerkenwell, England Frisbie, Robert Clair Frisbie, Robert G. (Frisbie # 6391) Frisbee, Robert William Dion Frisbie, Robert (Chicago) Frisbie, Roswell Riley Frisbie, Rufus King Frisbie, Russell Frisby, Russell (Frisbie # 446) Frisbie, Russell Abner (4 folders) Frisbie, Russell, Cromwell, Connecticut See: Illustration 5 Frisbie, Russell B. “S” General Frisbie, Samuel (Iowa) Frisbie, Samuel Russell Frisbie, Sarah A. (Gray) (2 folders) Frisbie, Solomon (Frisbie # 527) Frisbie, Sparrow (Frisbie #14972) Frisbie, Stephen Frisbie, Stephen Wakeman “T” General Frisbie, Theodore (3 folders) “T” General “W” General Frisbie, Welton Frisbie Wilbert Frisbie, William Frisbie, William A. (Frisbie # 748) Frisbie, William George See: Illustration 6 Frisbie, William Henry “X-Z” General Non-Frisbies A-Z list, draft Barber family

Box 28

Box 29

Box 30

- 16 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Barnes family (3 folders) Blackstone family Boone de Aquilla, Carmen Bowers family Illustration 6

Frisbie Tombstone7 Brown, Samuel Carhart, J, W. Chandler Chrissey Cole family Cook, A. J. Carver, Martha Cutler family Decker family Decker, Harriet Frisbie DeKoven family Dibble family Dolittle fFamily Emerson family (London) Evens, Jennie Farrington, Maurice, obituary, n.d. Fassett, Grace Frisbey photographs & papers from her estate (5 folders) Fitch

Box 31

Box 30, folder 8, relatives of William Frisbie, location and identity uncertain.

- 17 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Hayes family Hoar, George Frisbie (political figure) Gaylord Family (2 folders) Greenlee Grinage family Harrison family Harrison, Harriet Cook Hayes family Hendricks, Nathaniel Herman, Augustine Hills, Iva (descendants) Hitchner, Lewis H. Kanost family Kipp, Bishop William Ingram Klink Family Lassiter, Carl Leavenworth, Henry Lott, Jacob McClurefFamily McClure, David, 1899 diary McMillen, Jessie, death certificate Murley Offensend, Dorothy Backus Orton family Parker, Mary B. (2 folders) Parsons, Lyman (2 folders) Payne, Louis Plant family Phelps, Noah A. Pomona family Rodgers family Sinclair, Birch Palmer Shaver, William McCully Smith, Colonel Austin (Frisbie # 1249) Smith, Jebediah Strong (2 folders) Stevens family Thompson, Hiram H. Upson family Vallejo family Van Deventer family Warner family Welton, Amy and Marie Welton, Carrie Whiple, Albert R. Wilfred Williams, Eleazer Unclassified Frisbies8 A-J (pages 1-432) (18 folders) Box 32

Box 33

Box 34


Unclassified Frisbies consists of persons without a known connection to Edward Frisbie of Branford.

- 18 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

J-Z (pages 433-893) (20 folders) Unclassified Frisbies, page layout, n.d. 12,000 series, index and corrections (2 folders) 13,000 series, index and corrections (4 folders) 14,000 series, index and corrections (4 folders) 15,000 series, index and corrections (4 folders) 16,000 series, index and corrections (3 folders) 17,000 series, index and corrections (3 folders) 18,000 series, corrections-no index 30,000 series, called “latecomers”, no index or corrections (4 folders) Unnamed Frisbies (1 folder) State files (clusters of Frisbies by geographic areas) Arkansas California (3 folders) California, Pomona California, San Bernadino (Jackson study) Connecticut Connecticut, Cromwell (1982) Eastern Shore, Maryland & Virginia (2 folders) Hawaii Illinois (2 folders) Indiana, LaGrange (3 folders) Kansas Frisbies, 1974 includes index Kansas Frisbies, 1977 1st supplement includes index Kansas Frisbies, 1978 2nd supplement Kentucky families Maine (2 folders) Maine, Kittery Maryland Massachusetts Michigan State Study (4 folders) Michigan, Detroit New York State Study New York, Westport North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, Bradford Pennsylvania, Wyoming Valley Texas Vermont Wisconsin

Box 35 Box 36

Box 37

Box 38

Box 39

Box 40

3. Genealogy Records, undated photocopy of 1646 records-2002 Cemeteries of Branford, Connecticut, typed list Census: Indexes Alabama-Georgia (varied years) Box 41

- 19 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Illinois-Maryland (varied years) Massachusetts-Nebraska (varied years) Nevada-Ohio (varied years) Ohio-Texas (varied years) Utah-Wyoming (varied years) Frisbie entries, 1790 census Notes and facsimiles (varied years) Facsimiles (varied years) New York 1850-1860 Utah, Carson City 1850-1880 Connecticut, 1880 IGI: International Genealogical Index Military: Frisbie, Abram B. Andrew H. Archibald Augustus Frisbie, Benjamin R. Carey R. Charles F. Charles Henry Frisbie, C. David David C. David L. Frisbie, George Edwin George Henry Henry (2) Henry L. Frisbie, Henry M. Herbert E. Hiram (several) Military: Frisbie, Ichabod C. Ira Isaac Frisbie, Jacob James (2) James E. James Oscar Frisbie, John L. Josiah Leeman John Frisbie, Luther Nathan W. Noah Philoman Philip Frisbie, Ralph Reuben Roswell Russell Frisbie, Salisbury H. Stanton Thaddeus Box 42

- 20 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Thomas Frisbie, William Henry William P. Zara Probate: Index-Guilford, Connecticut Index-New Haven, Connecticut Town Records: Branford, Connecticut Pages 1-50 and partial index 51-381 4. Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America, Inc. 1950-2001 FFFAA Bulletin Index 1950-1974, A-J Index 1950-1974, K-Z Volume I, 1950-1954 Volume I, introduction and index 1951-1952 1952-53 1953-1954 1954 !955 1955-1956, Volume II 1957-1958 1959 1960-1964, with index, Volume III 1961-1962 1963-1964 1965-1969, Volume IV Includes index and corrections to Vol. II 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 Box 43

Loose pages from 1966-1975 Index to Volume IV, 1970-1974 1970 Volume V with index 1971, index 1972, index 1973, index 1973, loose pages 1974, index and corrections Index, 1977-1979 List of items on Microfilm Roll 3 1975, index 1976, index 1977, index 1978, loose pages
Index to 1978 1978 (2 folders, 2 copies)

Box 44

Box 45

- 21 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Index to 1979 1979 Index to 1980 1980 1981 1981, index and corrections 1982 1982, index and corrections 1984 1984, index and corrections 1985 1985, index and corrections 1985, Jan 1986 1986, index and corrections 1988 1988, index and corrections 1989 1989, index and corrections 1990 1990, index and corrections 1991 1991, index and corrections 1992 1992, index and corrections 1993, no index 1994, no index 1995, no index 1996, no index 1997, no index 2001, no index Reunion notes, memorabilia, and loose photographs Sites list Speech, 1926, author unknown Newspaper clippings, 1953-1985 (see also Boxes 48-55) Attendance lists, 1955, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962 Photographs, reunion groups-1952, 1955, 1958, 1977, and unknown See also: Reunion albums Photographs from 1st reunion 1951 Branford, Connecticut Clippings, 1952 Reunion, Branford, Connecticut Clippings, 1953 Reunion, Branford, Connecticut Photographs, 1962 Reunion, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania Photograph, 1954 Reunion- Orwell, Pennsylvania Photographs, 1958 Reunion, Delhi, New York Photographs, 1961 Reunion, Kittery, Maine Photographs, 1963 Reunion, Delhi, New York Photographs, 1965 Reunion, Hamilton, Pennsylvania Clippings, 1966 Reunion, Delhi, New York Clippings, 1969 Reunion, Delhi, New York Clippings, 1972 Reunion, Wichita, Kansas Clippings, 1975 Reunion, Cromwell, Connecticut Name Tag, 1976 Reunion, Crowell, Connecticut Box 46

Box 47

- 22 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Attendance list and photographs, 1978 Reunion, Cambridge, Ohio Clippings and Photographs 1979 Reunion, Clarmont, California Clippings, 1980 Reunion, Clarmont, California Clippings, 1983 Reunion, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Program, 1984 Reunion, Red Cloud, Nebraska Lecture, by David Driessons, 1985 Reunion, Branford, Connecticut Photographs, attendance and speech, 1985 Reunion, Branford, Connecticut. Finance report, 1987 Reunion Photographs, 1988 Reunion, Marietta, Ohio Registration and few unrelated notes, Reunion 1990 (place not stated) Photographs, 1991 Reunion, Oneonta, New York Planning notes and attendance 1993 Cape Cod, Massachusetts Finance report, 1993 Reunion Minutes, annual meeting, 1994 Reunion, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Nominating Committee, memo 1995 Finance Report, Notes and memorabilia, 1996 Cromwell, Connecticut 25th Reunion Anniversary Album, created for 2000 Reunion Attendance list and photographs 2001 Reunion, Albany, New York Attendance list, n.d. Photographs, n.d. Reunion albums containing clippings and photographs 1972, Wichita, Kansas 1976, Red Cloud, Nebraska 1977, Oneanta, New York 1978, Cambridge, Ohio 1979, Clarmont, California 1980, Twin Rivers, Wisconsin (Vol.1) 1980, Twin Rivers, Wisconsin (Vol. 2) 1981, Westport, New York 1983, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1984, Red Cloud, Nebraska 1985, Branford, Connecticut 1986, Grand Rapids, Minnesota 1987, Washington, D.C. ( 2 volumes) 1988, Marietta, Ohio 1989, Binghamton, New York (2 volumes) 1990, Clarmont, California 1991, Delhi, New York Membership and Book Orders Charter members list Membership form and application (1954) Membership application, n.d. Reunion attendance 1972-1987 Membership list, 1978 Membership list, 1979 Box 48

Box 49

Box 50

Box 51

Box 52

Box 53 Box 54

Box 55

Box 56

- 23 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Membership list, 1980 Membership list, 1981 Membership update, 1988 Membership by state, 1995-1996 Membership mailing list, A-K, n.d. Membership mailing list, L-Y, n.d. Membership mailing list, geographic, n.d. Membership list, descendants of John, n.d. Membership by generation of descent from Edward, n.d. Members by occurrence in compiled genealogies, Members willing to hold office Libraries that purchased Vol. 1 Edward of Branford Book orders, Volume 1 (2 folders). n.d. Book orders,Volume 2, n.d. Book orders, Volumes. I, II, III and Civil War, n.d. Book orders, Supplements 1, 2, 3, brochures and Unclassified Frisbies 2x4 inch paper slips with names & numbers 2x4 inch paper slips with names & numbers Card files, names and addresses, n.d. Alphabetical order Card files, names and addresses, n.d. Alphabetical order Box 57 Box 58 Box 59

Box 60

Correspondence other than Nora’s Box 61 1944-93 Institute for Family Research, Salt Lake City. 1981 1994-1997, n.d. Olin Frisbee, 1953-1953 Frisbee, Olin and Frisbie, Frank Charles, n.d. 1987, reunion planning 1999, reunion, queries/replies to Robert Phelan, n.d. National Family Learning Foundation (aka FFFAA Genealogy Research Center) 1983-87 “Connie’s Corner,” Connie Frisbie, 1987, material for Bulletin while she was the president of FFAAA Organization Records FFFAA Constitution FFFAA Constitution and By-laws Trustee list, 1951-1993 Minute, annual meeting, 1991 List of vertical file subjects, n.d. Business records Order of business for 1992 annual meeting Sketch for corporate seal, n.d See: Oversize, Box 110 Proposed contract with Delaware County Historical Society, Delhi, NY Re: Frisbie artifacts 1962 Financial reports Computer fund contributions- 1980 1983-1984

- 24 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Computer printout of descent of unidentified person 1981 (page 1 missing) FFFAA memorabilia FFFAA calendar, 1988 FFFAA sticker/seals (empty cover) Decoration for reunion table, n.d. 5. Photographs, c. 1865-2001 Cameo album, gift of C. Henry Liddle, descendant of Hezekiah Frisbie (many photographs not identified) Illustration 7 Box 62

Cameo Photograph Album.9 7 small cases with individual tintypes/daguerreotypes Uncle Phillip Frisbee Grandpa Parke Porter Smith Frisbee Mary Smith, Fairfield, Connecticut Julia B. Smith, age 16 yrs., Fairfield, Connecticut Charles Milton Frisbee, M.D., grandson of Judge Gideon Frisbee (as young person in military uniform) Charles Milton Frisbee and wife (as older couple) 11 small cases with individual tintypes/ daguerreotypes (not identified) Craig family, 2 albums (most photographs unidentified) Boyd and Craig family album (most photographs unidentified) Chrisholm family album (most photographs unidentified) Box 63 Box 64


Box 62, Gift of C. Henry Liddle, descendant of Hezekiah Frisbie.

- 25 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisbie, Charles Brown Daniel Dodge Fanny Vallejo Vallejo children J. H. Solomon Frisbie, Eugene Oliver Cromwell Anthony Wayne James (sons of Frederick and Emily Cook Frisbie) See: Oversize Box 110 Frisbee, Elmer Frisbie, Gideon (Frisbie # 1415) Hiram (Frisbie # 1615) Lyman Parson (Frisbie # 2456) Marjorie Ethel (Frisbie # 5275) Frisbie, Harry, Bert, Fred, Charles, Robert, Frank (6 of 7 sons of James and Henrietta Frisbie) Ephraim Frisbee, J.D. dentist See folder- Andes, N.K below) Frisbie, Lola and 5 generations H. E. Ray Robert Farrington, Ruth Frisbie Farnington, Maurice Faucett, Grace Frisbie Group of young girls at play See: Oversize Box 110 Frame, Grace Frisbie, Marcus William & Susan Mitchell (wife) His obit Letter gifting to Nora Frisbie (1977) Slides and negatives Frisbie, Rufus-Varden, Pennsylvania- family reunion, 1909 Musical group: Frisbie, Vinton, Alvin E. & Miss V.B. See: Oversize Box 110 Bernard, Edna Comstock Harry Fuller, Ira and Edna Paine, John Esther Bostwich, Jabez (1778-1856) Byron, Edward and wife & 2 unidentified persons Dekker, Family (photographs and photocopies) Follet, Mildred Keeler, Phyliss Hildebrand

Box 65

Frisbie, Michael, Ray & Betty Family DeKoven, James

- 26 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Skating Frisbies of Kansas Small images Coates, Ladra Smith and Charles Herbert and Lockard, Nancy Jane Smith, and James D. (daughters of Sevilla Hutoka Frisbie Smith) Comstock, Harry O. (Frisbie # 6122) Frisbee, Jay D. Frisbie, Mrs. Gideon, (Delhi, New York (Frisbie # 1415) Porter (Delhi, New York) Mrs. Porter Grant. George W. (East Delhi, New York) Mrs. George W. Paine, Edna McFarland & Rosella B. Frisbee Two Men on Large Wheeled Bicycle, taken in England, one is Telford Foster, husband of Ella Frisbee Frisbie House, Delhi, New York See: Oversize Box 110 H. E. Frisbie House, Pine River, Wisconsin House of William Stewart Frisbie, Guilford, Connecticut Oakwood Stock Ranch, Lincoln, California St. James Church, Detroit, Michigan Native Americans: Chief of Blackfoot Tribe photograph and prayer Airplane piece Clock Golf “hole” Lamp Locket Loom Pie Tins Quilt Stool School group including several Frisbees and Farringtons (19th century n.d Andes, N.K. (location undetermined) Frisbee, J. D. (dentist) Company F members Photographs of unknown identity and provenance Negatives and transparency slides, most identified (2 folders) 6. Writings of Others, 1828-2005 Frisbee, Edward S. The Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy (1926), leather-bound typescript The Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy (1926) (2 copies) Frisbee, Olin E. The Frisbee-Frisbie-Frisby Family Genealogy (1964) (2 copies) Smaller writings Armstrong, Beatrice Blagg Speech, Illinois Chap. DAR and related news clippings (1987) See: Oversize Box 110 A Bell with a Story to Tell (1980)

Box 65

Box 66

Box 67

Box 68

- 27 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Mother’s Locket (1981) (also few photographs and other items) Cameron, Evelyn Frisbie Essays (1984) DeVoe, Marcia Frisbie Martins and Hattons of Carmel Valley, Calfiornia. (1979) Photographic History of Monterey, California (1985) Earle, Mary Elizabeth Handwritten chart beginning with Edward of Branford Frisbee, Wyott C. Speech at FFFAA Reunion (1955) Frisbie, Ellen Morgan Memoir of Henry Sylvester Cornwell (1906) Frisbie, Charles Allen Handwritten chart for Charles Alvin Frisbie Frisbie, Clifton C. Essay and letters about Menden, Illinois. Frisbie, C.W. Receipt (1873) Frisbie, Frederick Augustine (related men of same name) Weather records, 1834-41 Weather Journal (1934) Frisbie, Gilbert J. Civil War Letters (1863) Obituary, n.d. Frisbie, Ichabod (Frisbie # 2235) Civil War Journal (1862-1865) Frisbie, Irene Poem (illegible) (1828) Frisbie, Jane Cookbook, n.d. Frisbie, Judah Revolutionary War Journal 1775-1777 Frisbie, R. P. Flight log. 1944-1945 Frisbie, Theodore R. Corn Cultivation (1872-187) Box 68

- 28 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisbie, Zara Civil War Journal, photographs and lineage chart Illustration 8

Account Book, Dr. Lawson Frisbie, 1873-1877.10 Frisby, Dr. Lawson Account book (1872-77) Box 68


Box 96.

- 29 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisby, Harold George Prairie Farmer (2 folders) (1977) Kent, Ann Fisher Powell Chart and letter to Nora Frisbie from historian in Canesteo, New York Radulski, Elizabeth Speech: “Early Branford Men” (1985) Smythe, Ralph D. Edward Frisbie of Branford, (n.d.) Thompson, Marjorie Barnes Barnes of Manotowoc, Wisc. (1976, revised 1986) Turner, Eulena Frisbee Chart of Benoni Frisbie’s line Smith, H.P. & Rann, W.S., Editors Middletown, Vermont History (1886) Correspondence, authors unknown (1931, 1935) Family of Josephine Frisbie and George T. Priece Author unknown, n.d. Facsimile of pages of unidentified book concerns Edward Frisbie of Branford, n.d. Widow’s Son Lodge- Branford, Connecticut Membership directory (1922) Sermons about alcohol (1828( Author & Frisbie connection unknown Grandfather’s Weather Journal (1851) Author unknown Compiled genealogies and memoirs Bushman, JoAnn Kinnan The Measure of Their Days: The Frisbee and Kinnan Letters (2005) Conklin, Helen Matthews A Family History of Annette Marie Jackson &Burtis Homer Matthews (1983) Dekker, Frances Frisbey Franke Genealogy and History of William Frisbey and His Descendants in America 1758-1973 (1973) Dills, Davis Lona Frisby Family Genealogy 1794-1984 (1984?) Box 69

- 30 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Frisbey, Susan The Frisbey Family History (1994) Frisbey, Susan Frisbie Family Tree 1847-1984 (1994?) Johnson, Ada Frisbie, Frisbie (1987) Linsley, Betty & Radulski, Elizabth C. The Diary of Malachi Lindsey- Branford, Conn. 1821-1834 (Transcribed and edited 1993) Lockard, Frisby Smith Sparrow Frisby and His Descendants (1986) Manley, Ivadel Frisbie The Fisbie Family History 1792-1989 (1989) McCann, John H. Robert Ezra McCann- A Brother to Remember (1986) Sanner, Wilmer M. The Frisby and Sanner Families of Maryland (1976) Sigman, Ruth P. Lucius Frisbie & Nancy Warner Family (Ohio) 1880-1980 (1980) Stroble, Dorothy Mae Dorman Howell Frisbie-Four Family Connections to Edmond Dorman Family of New Haven, Connecticut (1987) Steininger, Sharon Frisbee-Steininger History (1995) Tialian, Benice Graham 1856-1859 Diaries of Rosella D. G. Frisbee (2000) Thompson, Marjorie Barnes Barnes and Allied Families of New York and Middle West (1980) Tyrrll, Mary O’Brien Bestowing the Spirit-The Memoirs of John Wilson Frisbie, Sarah Moore Frisbie Bassett, Henry Holt Frisbie (2000) Frisbie Family records Compiled from Family Bible Compiler and date unknown Author unknown, received in 1992 by Nora Frisbie Jonathan Chase Frisbie & Isabel Emma Bronson Books by Others Caney, Steven Book of Inventions (1985) Box 72 Box 71 Box 70

- 31 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Christian, Patricia & Keesler, Editors Once Upon a Memory-Upper Delaware Vol. III (1993) Church, Theodore A. Poems by Our Cousin (c.1953) Decker, Robert O. and Harris, Margaret A. Cromwell, Connecticut 1650-1990 (1991) Frisbie, Johnny Frisbies of the South Seas (1959) Frisbie, W.A. & Bart, ABC Mother Goose (n.d. very old) Illustration 9

Illustrated Children’s Book, n.d.11


Box 72.

- 32 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Grantville Community Historical Society History of Grantville Kansas 1854-1976 (1976) Joslin, J., Frisbie, Barnes, & Ruggles, F. History of Poultney, Vermont- Settlement until 1875 copied and indexed by Tryon, Mary F. (1979) Kernahan, Mel, White Savages in the South Seas (1995) Malafronte, Victor A. The Complete Books of Frisbee (1998) Rocque, Arthur J, & Suroswieki A History of Connecticut’s Coast (1982) Tollefson, Helen Frisbey Letter to My Grandchilden, Grandnieces and Nephew: The Chronicle of John Scott Steele and His Descendants (1970) Welch, Richard E., Jr. George Frisbie Hoar and Half-breed Republicans (1971) History of Jefferson County, Kansas (reprint from 1883 edition of Andrea’s History of Kansas) Beck& Jordan Catalog of New York N Museum of Anatomy (1867) Flavel, John (Rev.) The Fountain of Life (1671) old, undated leather-bound reprint by American Tract Society, from the library of Mrs. Polly Frisbie Frisbee, Ivory Franklin Dr. (Frisbie # 2544), The New Age (1928) Frisbie, A. L. Rev. Songs of Sorrow and Poems (1873), from the library of Olin Frisbee Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles Complete Guide to Heraldry (1929), from the library of Olin Frisbee Greenaway, Kate Almanack for 1890 (3x4” with full color illustrations) 7. Scrapbooks, 1969-2002 Clipping & Photograph Albums Comprehensive Index to Volumes 1-23 Volume 1, 2, 3, (also called Section 2) Volume 2, indexed Box 75 Box 74 Box 73

Box 76

- 33 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Volume 3, indexed Volume 4, indexed Volume 5, indexed Volume 6, indexed Volume 7, indexed Volume 8, indexed Volume 9, indexed Volume 10, indexed Volume 1, indexed Volume 12, indexed Volume 13, indexed Volume 14, indexed Volume 15, no index photographs from 1981 Reunion, Westport, New York Volume 16, indexed Volume 17, indexed Volume 91, indexed Volume 19, no index photographs from 1982 Reunion in Abilene, Kansas Volume 20, indexed Volume 21, indexed Volume 22, indexed Volume 23, indexed Volume 24, indexed Volume 25, indexed Volume 26, indexed Volume 27, indexed Volume 28, no index Volume 29, no index Volume 30, no index (2 binders) Volume 30, no index some loose items not mounted Clipping book by Ellwood Frisbie (Frisbie # 7002) Photographs and clippings of Kansas Frisbies by Herbert Levi Frisbie (Frisbie # 4863) Box 77

Box 78 Box 79

Box 80

Box 81

Box 82

Box 83

Box 84

Box 85

Box 86

Box 87

Box 88

Box 89

Box 90

Box 91

- 34 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Photographs and clippings album by Olin Frisbie, n.d. See: Oversize Box 110 Scrapbook of flying saucers (toy Frisbees) 7 folders 8. Related Papers, 1891-2001 Frisbie home sites and related structures Connecticut, Branford-Hearthstone (3 folders) Letter refuting Nora Frisbie re: Hearthstone Hearthstone, pen and ink sketch Hearthstone, newspapers clippings See: Oversize Box 110 Connecticut, Cromwell (Historical Society) Cromwell, framed etching See: Box 102 Connecticut, Salisbury, Frisbee House, built in 1805 Kansas, Grantville, newspaper clippings and pictures See: Oversize Box 110 Louisiana, Tensas New York, Delhi, Delaware County Historical Society home of Judge Gideon Frisbie- (3 folders) New York, East Delhi barn New York, Ostisco New York, Stuyvesant Falls Ohio, Frisbie Trailer Park Canada, Kingman See: Oversize Box 110 England, Frisby-on-the-Wreake See: Oversize Box 110 Frisbie sites (non-residences) and statues Connecticut, Branford Connecticut, Lute’s Island Connecticut, Thimble Island Indiana, LaGrange Massachusetts, Chatham (2 folders) Maine, Kittery Point New Hampshire, Rochester New York, Delhi, Fitch Bridge Church New York, Canaan Ohio, Columbus Box 94 Box 93 Box 92

- 35 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Illustration 10

Frisbie Pie Company Delivery Truck.12 Frisbie businesses Bakery, Frisbie Pie Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut (4 folders) See: Box 102 Camp Fiesta Clocks/clockmakers Flying saucer Frisbie Clock Company, Camden, New York Frisbie Car Frisbie General Store Frisbie Motors Frisbie Motor Company, Middletown, Connecticut Ice Company, Pratt, Kansas Frisbie Consolidated Frisbie Market, Kittery, Maine Mill, Amboy Milling, Red Cloud, Nebraska Motel, Frisbee Motel, Cambridge, Ohio Shopping Service, El Monte, California Stevens, J & E, mechanical banks See: Box 105 England, Bell Inn, Frisby-on-the-Wreake Foreign connections England, Frisby-on-the Wreake (4 folders)

Box 94

Box 95

Box 94, folder 4, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

- 36 -

State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

England, Clerkenwell Illustration 11

Civil War Draft Exemption Certificate for Gilbert Frisbie, 1863.13 9. Old Original Items and Certificates, 1713-1919 Frisbie, Col. John Blackman, Journal of Travels, 1868 Will of Edward S. Frisbie, 1919 Quit claim deed, Joseph Frisbey to Jacob Kimerly, 1796 School attendance record, Branford, Connecticut Summer 1831 Civil War draft exemption, Frisbie, Gilbert, 1863 Civil War discharge, Frisbie, 1863 Battleboro, Vermont Funeral Essay, 1713 Owned by Elijah Fairchild, New Fairfield, 1760 and later by Ruth Frisbie, 1835 See: Illustration 4 Frisbie, Dr. Lawson, Potterville, Pennsylvania Account book for medical services, 1872-1877 Box 96

Box 97


Box 96, folder 5.

- 37 -

State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

10. Objects, 1836-1976 Vest worn by William Sheldon Frisbie (Frisbie # 1337) at his wedding to Mary Elizabeth Titus in January 1864 Towel made by Nora Frisbie, n.d. Small doily with fringe with, “SDF 1836” Frisbie Lumber Company work apron, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, n.d. Silhouettes, Beardsley, Elizah and Hubbel, Sarah, his wife, n.d. “Old Man of the Sea,”oil painting by Elva Frisbee Bidding, 1975 from picture painted by her father in 1885 Pastel painting of Nora G. Frisbie by Clara Reynold, n.d. Needlepoint by Nora Frisbie, including a note that it is in an old Frisbie frame, n.d. Sheep shears from Capt. Joseph Frisbie’s barn 1850 Shoe last, made by Anthony Wayne Frisbie in 1909. Gift of Myra Frisbie Wilson Gavel, said to be from 300+ year old oak floor timber from Hearthstone, Branford gift of Dr. J. P. Reisman Candle snuffer, belonged to Colonel Austin Frisbie (Frisbie # 1249) Piece of an airplane, n.d. Cowbell belonging to Julius Frisbie and used by Judge Gideon Frisbie Shoe last made 1900 by Anthony Wayne Frisbie See: Box 65 for picture Paisley shawl, n.d. Frisbie wood store sign by Russell Waller Frisbie Washington Horse Shed Co., 1850s See: Illustration 3 Baton, from Hearthstone timber, n.d. Two original Frisbie Pie Company pie tins Frisbie pie cartons (cardboard) 6 plastic Frisbees, ads, and professional items Framed etching of Frisbie House, Cromwell, Connecticut Frisbie dog treat (empty container) Pewter bicentennial spoon, 1976 Eyeglasses in black and gold lacquer case Frisbie key ring, made by Ralph Clayton Frisbie for 1970 reunion Eyeglasses belonging to Frederick Augustus Frisbie Sewing scissors “Ben Franklin” eyeglasses (unknown provenance) Small ceramic pot and two small pots made by Kate Frisbee Shannon Wood “pouncer” (for drying ink) Bugle carried by Vinton Becker (Frisbie # 5163) in Civil War Vinton Becker Frisbee was named for him Box 98

Box 99

Box 100

Box 101 Box 102

Box 103

Box 104

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State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Illustration 12

Tammany Bank, 1875, probably designed by Russell Frisbie.14 Tammany toy mechanical bank, 1875 Box 105 Manufactured in Cromwell, Connecticut, probably designed by Russell Frisbie GAR badges and ribbons, Oneonta and Geneva, New York Belonging to Allen G. Frisbie Unboxed items Painting of irises by Connie Frisbie, n.d. Painting of Olin Frisbee by Vorreyer, 1966 Painting of Benjamin Frisbie, charter member of FFFAA, by Vorreyer, 1966 Brass name plates for above paintings plus one for Judge Gideon Frisbie without the associated paintings (3), n.d. Large photograph of unidentified female from Victorian period Large photographs of David Washington (Frisbie # 1973) and Esther Ann Hyde large gilt frames and letter explaining acquisition by Nora in 1973 11. Microfilm, 1974-1987 Roll #9 Edward Frisbie and His Descendants-Volume I VHS tape of Frisbie Family, Middleburg, Florida taken in 1987 by Brian Gourley and given to FFFAA in 1990

Box 106

Box 107

Box 105. Manufactured by J & E Stevens Co.

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State Archives Record Group No. 074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

33mm slides (possibly of above family as were packed together) Roll #1 FFFAA Quarterly Bulletin 1950-1969 Miscellaneous published articles and typed studies Roll #2 FFFAA Quarterly Bulletin 1970-1974 Clipping and Photograph books Volumes 1-3 Roll #3 FFFAA Quarterly Bulletin 1975-1977 Clipping books volumes 4-8 Our Frisbie Line, H.B. Eden includes Brockway, Locklin, Frisbie, Eden lines Roll #4 1926 Frisbie historical brochure: Origin of the Frisbie Family State Studies: Wisconsin, Missouri, California, Ohio, Michigan Family studies: Jackson, Pomona, California Branford Bicentennial Calendar Roll #5 1964 Genealogy: First, Second and Third Supplements Patent records French and Indian War Revolutionary War James Gardner Study Roll #6 Unclassified Frisbie Families Vol. I and II (also called 4th supplement) Tollefson Study Dekker Study Prairie Farmer & Other Frisbies Roll #7 Frisbie Family in Illinois Frisbie Family in Kansas Flying Frisbies Frisbeys of LaGrange County Cary Roger Frisbey at Nashville Clipping and picture books Volumes 9 and 10 FFFAA Quarterly Bulletin, 1978-79 Our Colonial Ancestor Roll #8 FFFAA Quarterly Bulletin 1981-1985 (2 copies) Clipping and Picture Books Volumes 11-15 List of contents of microfilm and varied dates of filming Page layout of Roll 2, published articles, pages 1-65 and index Page layout of Roll 2, published articles, pages 66-130 Oversize Materials Series 1 Nora G. Frisbie Nora Frisbie’s high school diploma, 1922 Series 2 Family Files Frisbies A-Z, Frisbie, Austin S. Frisbie, Jeanne Kurtenbach, newspaper article, Westport, New York, 1988-89

Box 108

Box 109

Box 110

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State Archives Record Group No.074 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Collection

Blackman, General John, newspaper clippings, 1954 Blackman, General John, photographs State Files, Roxbury, Connecticut, map showing several Frisbies Series 3 Genealogy Records Census, Doomsday Book, England 1086 (facsimile) Series 4 FFFAA Records Organization: sketches for corporate seal Series 5 Photographs Musical Group, Frisbie, Alvin E., Vinton, and Miss V. B. Sons of Frederick and Emily (Cook) Frisbie (Eugene, Oliver Cromwell, Anthony Wayne, James) Frisbie House, Delhi, New York Girls at Play, one is Grace Frisbie Faucett See: Illustration 2 Series 6 Printed Materials Frisbie Enterprise newspaper advertisement, 1976 Armstrong, Beatrice Blagg, newspaper, Colfax, Illinois, 1978. Series 7 Other Writings Frisbie, Jerome Bernard, King Solomon’s Temple, n.d. sketches and text Series 7 Scrapbooks Photograph Album and some obituaries, unknown provenance, includes Frisbies, reunions, family groups, Branford, Connecticut, most at least partially identified, dates include 1940s and 50s Series 8 Related Papers Frisbie homesites, Grantville, Kansas, newspaper article with pictures, 1973 Kingman, Canada, newspaper article, 1973 Frisbie Sites in Branford, Connecticut newspaper, 1935 Frisby-on-the-Wreake, England, sketches, n.d. Series 10 Objects Flour bags (2) paper from Amboy Milling, Red Cloud, and Nebraska Poster: Coats-of Arms of residents of Cape Henry, Jamestown, Virginia includes Richard Frisbie

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