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Foot Dribbling


									Ultimate Frisbee Cues and Rubric
Skill Backhand Throw Cues
• • • • Hold the Frisbee with the hand you write with. Place the index finger along the edge, thumb on top and the other three fingers holding the edge of the disc. Bring the disc towards the body by curling the throwing arm making sure to keep the disc level. (Pretend it is a dish of your favorite ice cream you do not want to spill). Extend the arm and snap at the wrist (still keeping the disc level) while stepping towards your target with your foot (the foot you step with is the same as you hold the disc with). Make a peace sign, then turn hand so palm is up. Hold Frisbee with peace sign, closed along inside rim and thumb on outside/top. Curl the rest of the fingers into your palm. Elbow in (but not tight), palm up, face target. Step toward target with opposite foot, snap wrists & fingers on follow through. Keep palm up throughout throw (most common error). Hold Frisbee with forehand grip (see above). Face target, Frisbee over shoulder like you are throwing a football. Throw high and hard, step forward with opposite foot. Snap wrist, follow through. Frisbee should be held at slightly more than a 90 degree angle (not straight up and down over your head). Two-handed catch, palms facing each other, hands at right angles. Get body in front of Frisbee. One- or two-handed catch, used only if above the head or near the ground. Catch using hand(s) on the leading edge.

Forehand Throw

• • • • • • • • •

Overhand/Hammer Throw

Pancake Catch Rim Catch Skills Rubric

• • • •

Level 4 ~ Student performs the skills with no or few observable errors in technique. Level 3 ~ Student performs the skills with most of the characteristics of good technique and is able to self-correct most errors easily. Level 2 ~ Student performs the skills with some technique and many errors. Student relies on the assistance of others to correct the skill or to participate. Level 1 ~ Student is ineffective at performing the skill correctly and/or requires the assistance from others to participate.

Assessor/Skill Score Self Partner

Throw 1:

Throw 2:

Pancake Catch

Rim Catch


Cues taken from PE Central,, and

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