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Denise Frisbee Portland Communit


									Portland Community College Zone 1 Denise Frisbee

Portland School Zone 5 Pam Knowles

Occupation: Current Chair, Portland Community College Board of Directors, July 2009-June 2010; Attorney and Director, Department of Planning and Building Services, City of Lake Oswego. Occupational Background: Attorney & Member, Oregon State Bar, 1976-present: Community Development Department, City of Lake Oswego, Interim Director, Development Services Liaison, 2004-2008; Executive Director, “Statewide Organization for Schools”, 19992004; Board Liaison, PCC Bond Campaign, 2008; Campaign CoDirector, Lake Oswego Local Option, 2004; Gov’t & Community Liaison, LO School District, 1998-99; Attorney, Gov’t Affairs & Land Use, 1994-98; City Attorney for Sisters, OR, 1988-92; Land Use Hearings Officer, Bend & Deschutes County, l989-92; Assistant City Attorney, Portland 1985-87; Attorney, Ball, Janik & Novack, Portland, OR, 1983-85; Deputy County Counsel, Multnomah County, 1978-83; Law Clerk, The Hon. W. Michael Gillette, 1977-79. Educational Background: Lewis and Clark Law School, 19, JD; Smith College, Northampton MA, 16, BA, Government; Mediation Training, Confluence NW. Prior Governmental Experience: Board of Directors, Portland Community College, 2005-2009; Chair, 2008-09; Legal Budget Committee, LO School District, 2001-04; Land Use Hearings Officer, Bend and Deschutes County, 1989-92; City Attorney, Sisters, OR, 1988-92; Assistant City Attorney, Portland, 1985-87; Deputy County Counsel, Multnomah County, 1979-83; DEQ Recycling Task Force, 1993-94; Citizen’s Advisory Team, Metro Oregon Zoo, 1994; Deschutes Library Board of Trustees, 1988-91. CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT Community Service and Civic Affairs PCC Board Liaison, 2008 Bond Campaign; Campaign Co-Director, Lake Oswego Schools Local Option Levy, 2004; Leadership Lake Oswego, 1998-99; Lake Oswego Asset Builders Coalition, Steering Committee and Board of Directors, 2000-2007; School Advisory Committees, Elementary School—High School, LO School District, 1993-98; Coalition for School Funding, Steering Committee, 1998-2004 Volunteer Coordinator for Parent Lobbying Effort for LO Public Schools, 1996-97; Superintendent’s Advisory Committee, LO School District, 1994-97; Oregon Environmental Council, Board of Directors, 1991-97, Vice-President, 1997; Central Oregon Bar Association, President and Vice-President, 1990-92; Deschutes County Library Board of Trustees, 1988-91. “I WILL CONTINUE OUR WORK TO KEEP PCC YOUR BEST VALUE IN EDUCATION AND A KEY RESOURCE FOR OUR COMMUNITIES.” Denise Frisbee. Married 23 years; two children.
(This information furnished by Denise Frisbee.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.

Occupation: COO, Portland Business Alliance. Occupational Background: High School Teacher; Partner, D a v i s Wr i g h t Tr e m a i n e ; D e v e l o p m e n t D i r e c t o r, Portland Center Stage. Educational Background: J.D., Lewis and Clark Law School 1983; B.S., History, OSU 1977. Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Childcare Commission; City/County Education Task Force; Regional Arts and Culture Council; County Task-Force on Vital Aging. CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT A PROVEN RESULTS-OREINTED LEADER As a teacher, lawyer, arts education advocate and PTA president, I have achieved results by identifying problems, building coalitions and setting goals. As a board member, I will work on strategies that create the successful schools our children deserve. “Our City is passionate about good public schools. Pam has demonstrated her ability to work on education challenges with our community’s many stakeholders. We need her leadership on the Portland School Board.” – Former Mayor Vera Katz PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS’ 42 PERCENT DROP OUT RATE IS UNACCEPTABLE • Install district-wide programs proven to increase student achievement. • Provide mentoring, summer academies and enrichment programs for academically at-risk kids. • Engage students by providing arts education which promotes creativity, innovation, team-work and problem-solving and expand offerings in vocational training-essential for today’s workforce. • Improve teacher quality through professional development, mentoring and effective evaluation. • Develop partnerships with local businesses, philanthropists and parents to strengthen programs. “A parent of three boys, a teacher, lawyer, business leader, and arts education advocate, Pam has experience that proves she will be a compelling advocate for our children.” – Former Governor Barbara Roberts STABLE FUNDING AND FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY • Challenge the legislature to prioritize and stabilize funding for schools. • Monitor the financial bottom line to ensure tax dollars support the classroom. • Track performance audits to ensure the effectiveness of district programs. Also endorsed by Justice Betty Roberts (ret.), Commissioners Dan Saltzman and Randy Leonard, Commissioner Deborah Kafoury, Representative Mary Nolan and Senator Ginny Burdick, Former Senators Jane Cease and Ron Cease For more information, visit:
(This information furnished by Pam Knowles.)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.

Official Clackamas County 2009 Special Election Voters’ Pamphlet



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