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					DEDICATION CEREMONIES Quite a few of you were interested, so the results are attached (good humor left intact). I had such a great response. Our ceremony will be better and more meaningful because of your help. Thank you! I had the full board there. The pres did the speaking. Each board member got a gold shovel and one that was displayed in the building when it was completed. We just completed a 6 classroom addition. We had a ground breaking ceremony and we invited any kid who wanted to show up with a hand trowel or spoon to help turn the dirt over too. It was fun and the parents loved it. There was very little "speechifiying" and I just said a few words about our gratitude to the voters and then we turned the dirt over and a local mom/photographer was there to take some pictures. We're pretty small and people around here like to get involved in things, so needless to say, this event was well attended and enjoyed by all participants. I think the kids who turned the dirt over will remember being a part of it as well. Congratulations on the ground breaking ceremony. This will be a highlight of your career. When I did this in Sullivan I made it a community event. Of course you invite all the board members and all the people who helped with the referendum. We also sent a general invitation to the community via the newspaper, newsletter, etc… We had the architect there as well. (Have you shared the design with the public yet, if you have you can have it on display.) We then invited students and parents of the grade levels that will be attending the school. The students we took out of school and made special invitations to the parents. Had the usual shovels and hardhats (provided by general contractor that was awarded the bid) and set up podium and loud speakers for a few people to speak such as Board President, Superintendent, Building Principal, referendum committee chairperson, etc… Tried to make it short and sweet, it went very well.

invited the referendum committee and & chairperson (chair brief remarks) BOE (pres. brief remarks), city council/mayor, architect, chairs of all taxing bodies (fire, park, library, etc) all admin., and I MC'd and gave some brief remarks and thank you's. Of course, the media as well. I also had each principal send over 2-3 kids from each class and had pictures taken of them sticking the shovel in the ground. *. What individuals were involved in the actual ceremony? Superintendent, School Board President, Representative Lisa Dugan, State Senator Debbie Halvorson, the Architect, the Mayor, and the Student Council President. 2. Who did the speaking? All of the above 3. Did you do anything special besides smile pretty and turn over the ceremonial soil with a nice new shovel? Speeches we had all of the school children present for the groundbreaking ceremony which included the carrying in of the flag, the pledge of allegiance, the speeches, and then the digging of dirt. We even let some kids shovel some dirt.

I built a HS a few years ago. I did the emcee work for the groundbreaking. I had my 7 Board members all with gold shovels dig out the first scoop. I had my Board President say a few words and any of the other Board members that wanted to talk could as well. Only one other of my 7 talked. I had my HS band play, so we had people there. I was afraid no one would come, so I had the band play. That always generates a crowd. We had punch and cookies and had drawings there of the building, the architect there, invited local dignitaries, etc. It went quite well.

When we broke ground/dedicated a new building in Geneseo, the Supt., principal, students, and any other people who may have had a direct impact on the project, or will see a direct impact, talked. Ours was a new PE/Practice facility. Those of direct impact who spoke were the PE Department Chair, the AD, and a Coach.

We had one last year and we invited all board members, architect, state representative, state senator, mayor, and local media. I don’t know if we did it like others but I didn’t receive any negative feedback or calls so it must have been okay.

When we dedicated new additions to three buildings, we invited the Mayor and Village Trusties along with our representatives. (Representatives never showed). The Mayor spoke, the Superintendent said a few words acting as an MC and introducing the Mayor and acknowledging the politicians who attended. The School Board President did say a few words after the Mayor. The Principal also said a few words. We then had the band or choir perform briefly. Ended the ceremony with ribbon cutting (Students, Mayor, Board President, Board Members and Principal) along with a cake (in the design of the building) and soft drinks. We did this in the evening prior to a School Board meeting. That way, we allowed an hour for the ceremony and then went into the board meeting.

As a former city council member in Iowa, I have attended numerous business and education ground breakings. I know everyone is a little different, however, most of the groundbreakings that I have been involved in have been short, and positive (printable quotes for the press). Many of them have included: mayor, city council members, chamber of commerce members, school officials and any other important community members. Others may attend, of course.

I think there should be cake and punch for all area superintendents.

We had the mayors of the two towns that make up our district., the Superintendent of the district and the Principal of the building (or of the new building), the head architect , the Board President, Board Vice President and a representative from ISBE and CDB (yes, we had a construction grant) were all in attendance.

The two mayors spoke as well as the Board President, the Superintendent and the Principal. We also offered the ISBE and CDB representatives a chance to speak (one did and one did not). We also had all of the school children out and around the ceremony. Also we had 1 representative from each grade level that would be housed in the building dig some dirt (our architect had some small shovels just for the occasion). This was a nice touch.

We had an assembly for all of the students. We kept the speaking portion very short. We took students outside where the outline of the new building would set. (We had a large addition to the current facility.) The fire department took aerial shots after the students were stationed on the chalk outline of the building. I had many compliments regarding that idea. It helped the students feel a part of the process and it helped everyone have a better idea of where the addition would be located.

We are a small community and we invited the mayor, school board, architects, the press, and the community. People with shovels included supt., BOE president, Mayor, architect. All of us said a few words and I did the press interview. The dedication was much more involved with tours, more politicians, etc.

1. What individuals were involved in the actual ceremony? Anybody that had a part in the process. Mayor, city council, State Legislators, teachers (a few key from planning), Building Administrator (Principal), Park District Director etc. 2. Who did the speaking? Our Supt and Mayor spoke. We were opening a new field house that was based on community desires.

3. Did you do anything special besides smile pretty and turn over the ceremonial soil with a nice new shovel? Small gold shovels (like for camping) were inscribed with the date, project, and entities name as a partner. It sounds “dorky” but several people placed them in shadow boxes that hung behind their desks or community entrance areas. I can give you more specifics if needed just call me. 1. The Board of Ed and Village dignitaries. 2. The Superintendent. 3. See number 2.

I did one as a principal back in 2004. I invited all of the city dignitaries - mayor, city council, county board members, chiefs of police, etc. I invited our legislators and even the governor. I was glad he did not show up. Of my board members that could make it, they all participated. I was the M.C. I had any legislator that was there speak, the mayor, and my board president and dist. supt. Hard hats were given to each board member, each was given a chance with a shovel as well as some of the dignitaries. We had a construction mgt. company that got the hard hats and shovels for the ceremony. I had the school band play a few selections. We did the Nat'l Anthem. The students that were currently part of that school and others were invited. Community was invited as well as the papers and nearby TV. It lasted about 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Referencing Shovels… I used a construction manager that had them already painted as gold as they did this type of thing all the time. But if I did not have that access, I would have done just that: Buy the shovels and paint them gold. Had I gone that route, I would have probably bought small decals/labels/metal labels to put on each shovel to signify what they were. I would have either given them to the Board members or auctioned them off later to make a buck. Someone would want to have a shovel form the ground breaking. May be Board members, may be community folks, but someone would want to have them.

We have had dedications of additions but not groundbreakings. We usually had the principal, student council leader, PTA president, Board president, architect and myself at the front of the gym or hallway to the addition. The Board president and principal usually said some scripted words and then the student, principal and Board president cut the ribbon. Refreshments were then served.

1. What individuals were involved in the actual ceremony? Board of ed., any public officials (mayor, etc), archt., GM/CM (they provide the silver or gold shovels-make sure to keep one with an inscription on it of date,etc for the new building, along w/pics & newspaper article), teacher union pres. if they were actively involved, state rep if CDB $$ involved, invite the GOv , er...PTA or whatever chairs of the referendum comm. 2. Who did the speaking? Board Pres. & you..short & sweet. 3. Did you do anything special besides smile pretty and turn over the ceremonial soil with a nice new shovel? We had punch & cookies. Have an inside place ready in case of rain..had that happen once..

Here are a couple of things I kept from our groundbreaking ceremony a couple of years ago. We tried to make it a "really big show". Carrollton Community Unit School District No. 1 Carrollton Grade School Groundbreaking Ceremony Friday, October 1, 2004 Welcome: Bob Schnelten, President Board of Education National Anthem: Carrollton High School Band, Director Tom Morgan Introductions: Mike Barry, Superintendent

Speakers: - The Honorable Deanna Demuzio, State Senator 49th District of Illinois - Larry Pfeiffer, Regional Superintendent of Schools - Tony Crane, Architechnics Inc. and Jerry Leander, Leander Construction - Mayor David Stendeback, City of Carrollton - Karen Shoup, Asst. Director Capital Development Board - Derek Supple, Program Analyst Clean Energy Foundation - Donna Nonneman, Principal Carrollton Grade School Closing Remarks: Mike Barry, Superintendent Ceremonial Group Pictures: - Board, Supt., Legislators, CDB, Clean Energy - Board, Supt., Architect, G.C. - Pres. of Board, Supt., Principal, Planning Comm. & PTO - Pres. of Board, Supt., City Officials, County Officials - Pres. of Board, Supt., Comm. Leaders - Pres. of Board, Supt., Students

Carrollton Community Unit School District No. 1 Carrollton Grade School Ground Breaking Ceremony Friday, October 01, 2004 12:00 P.M. For Immediate Release Sept. 24, 2004 For Further Information, contact Superintendent

What: Ground-breaking Ceremony for New Carrollton Grade School Addition When: Friday Oct. 1, 2004 at 12:00 p.m. Where: Carrollton Grade School West Lawn Why: To commemorate starting construction for the new 5 – 8 grade classroom addition which includes cafeteria, library and gym Who: Governor, Legislators, State Officials, School Officials, City Officials, Community Leaders, Media, Grade School Planning Committee, Contractors, Architect, District Staff and Students

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