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					The Right Things To Do Before Making A Car Accident Claim
Whenever you are mixed up in a car accident, one of the last things that would cross your mind would be how to go about making a car accident claim. The occurrence is frightening enough by itself, without the intimidating idea of having to transact with solicitors and all the cost that comes with it. Since the abolition of government legal aid, the no win no fee agreements were initiated, which was designed to help those who are, injured in accidents make a compensation claim when they may not have believed possible previously. This is the reason that it doesn't cost a penny to do so, and no legal fees are charged to the victim of the accident. Following an accident, it is logical to verify that everyone is not injured and to consider the damage caused. You will be concerned about making certain your car is cleared and that everyone involved is out of harm's way. Car accidents can be a huge financial burden on your life. Firstly there is the cost of the damage to your car which can be refunded in the process of a car accident claim. Then, there is the cost of any medical treatment that may be needed, as well as extra expenses caused as a result, for example travel that may not have been needed if the accident did not happen. It is in this case where it is feasible to make a car accident claim. The following would be the steps you should take in order to make a car accident claim possible. 1. Always stop on the scene - Your account of the incident has to be recounted to the police for their police report. Do not, under any circumstances, except medical emergency, desert the scene of the accident.

2. Ring the authorities - Notify the authorities and medical facilities straight away. The police will inspect the scene carefully and file a report. Make a note of the names of the officers. The ambulance team will take care of your injuries and recommend the course of action regarding going to the hospital or doctor. This is important information to note, for you, and when while filing any claims. 3. Gather information - keep in mind that you need to obtain the contact details of the other party involved and all witnesses of the accident. Record the number plate, make and model, insurance information of the vehicles involved in the accident. 4. Take photos of the scene - Photographs of the accident are first-rate pieces of proof when making a car accident claim. Even if the photos are from a mobile phone camera, and are not superb quality, this will be very helpful. 5. Contact your insurance company/agent immediately - It is your job and duty to inform your insurer about an accident as soon as possible after it takes place. Do not wait for them to contact you. 6. Contact a car accident claim solicitor - An experienced solicitor is you’re most vital asset in an accident claim. He is experience to deal with the insurance companies, third parties, and the law on your behalf.

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Description: Doing the right things before making a car accident claim is essential especially if you need to prove that you don’t have a fault for what happened.