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Clackamas County Shovel Ready Si by fjzhxb


									Clackamas County Shovel Ready Site
Shovel Ready Site Definition: This site is zoned appropriately, is for sale at a set price, has all basic utilities in place and is served with adequate transportation capacity. Any environmental issues have been delineated.

Canby, Oregon: Canby Pioneer Industrial Park
• • • Up to 146 shovel ready acres Zoned Light Industrial Available at $4.00- $5.00 per sf. • • SDC credits of $500 - $2000 per job created for qualified businesses 5 miles to I-5 and 9 miles I-205


SITE DETAILS: There are 15-20 sites ranging from 2-50 acres Configuration: Flat and generally square Adjacent uses: Industrial and agriculture Existing buildings: Trend Business Center has buildings for sale or lease. Some removable houses and outbuildings on industrial land Height restrictions: 45 feet. For more information, contact: Allen Patterson, Capacity Commercial Group, 503-326-9000 Terry N. Tolls, TN Tolls Company 503-295-0188 City of Canby: John Williams 503-266-9404 ext. 202

Credit and copyright for map and aerial photo: Terry N. Tolls (

TRANSPORATION Highway / Interstate Access: On Highway 99E and within 10 miles of I-5 and I-205 Airport: Portland International Airport: 28 miles / Aurora General Aviation Airport: 4 miles Rail: Rail service available for properties south of Township Road UTILITIES Sewer service: Provided by City of Canby. The site is served by 12" lines located in Sequoia Parkway, 4th Avenue and Hazel Dell Way. Water service: Provided by the City of Canby. There are 16" lines located in Sequoia Parkway, and 12" lines are in 4th Ave. and Hazel Dell Way. A future 12" line is planned for Township Rd.

April 11, 2006

Power: Provided by Canby Utility Board. A 3" feeder line is located to west and south of Sequoia Parkway and 4" distribution lines serve 4th Avenue to Shimadzu. The Twilight substation is located directly across 99E from the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park. Natural Gas: Provided by Northwest Natural Gas. There is a 4" line in Sequoia Parkway and 1st Street. New gas capacity projects may need a six month lead time. Telecommunications: Provided by Willamette Broadband and Canby Telephone. Telephone lines are in place in 1st Avenue, Sequoia Parkway, and 4th Street. Fiber optic capacity includes PRI and T-1 T lines for voice and data. Incentives: SDC charges assessed on transportation, sanitary and storm sewer, and parks. SDC credits of $500 - $2,000 per qualified job are available for industrial/manufacturing firms. ENVIRONMENTAL Soil Contamination (Brownfields): Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessments have been completed. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued no further action letters clearing 6 of seven sites as having no contamination issues. The investigation found diesel-range petroleum hydrocarbons on one site. This contamination would cost an estimated $5,000 to clean up. Wetlands and Cultural/Historical Resources: No issues were identified. Floodplain: The site is outside the FEMA 100 year flood zone. BUILDINGS Trend Business Center: This new five building industrial complex is available for sale or lease. Buildings range in clear height from 18'- 24'. Grade and dock doors are available. The buildings are served with 480 Volt 3-Phase power and wet sprinkler system. Fiber optic capacity includes PRI and T-1 T lines for voice and data. The zoning is M-1, Light industrial. Existing Buildings: Building B is an 18,544 sf. facility on 1.04 acres with 36 parking spaces. A mezzanine level is available. Price: $1,495.000

Planned Buildings include: • Building A is 22,040 sf., permitted, on 1.07 acres with 42 parking spaces. Price: $1,725,000. • Buildings C & D are 25-50,000 sf. on 3.6 acres with abundant parking. Call for quote. • Building E is 40,625 sf., planned on 2.5 acres with 80 parking spaces. Price: $3,150,000. • Building F is 43,200 sf., planned on 2.5 acres with 86 parking spaces. Please call for quote. Buildings E & F can be combined for up to 80,000 sf.
April 11, 2006

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