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Council Minutes, Committee Session Conference Room Brian C. Cruse, President of Council, presiding Present: Absent: Others Present: Barbour, Cruse, Koomar, Scott, Young, Zimmerman, Mayor Sutherland Councilman Pohlkamp Law Director Ebert, Finance Director Presley, Service Director Sears, Police Chief Wright, Fire Chief Sammon, Community Services Director Bock, Recreation Director Enovitch, Operations Manager Don Landers November 27, 2006 7:30 p.m.

Mr. Cruse called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Conference Room of Bay Village City Hall and the meeting was open to the public. AUDIENCE The following signed in this evening: Joe and Rita Hochman, Dave Tadych, Jerrie Barnett, Ethel Hansen, Gerry Schreibman, Alex and Karen Dade, Eric Hansen COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE “Harvey Yoder Parkway” Council President Cruse discussed the proposed resolution to designate the street behind the new police station to the north of the police garage as the “Harvey Yoder Parkway.” Mr. Cruse noted that this is the access road in Cahoon Memorial Park that runs from the soccer shed to behind the new police station. A few of the police officers have asked for this designation in honor of Marshall Yoder, the only Bay Village police officer who lost his life in the line of duty. Marshall Yoder lost his life on July 20, 1925 when fatally struck by the Lake Shore Electric Limited Car crossing Dover Road on a private right-of-way just south of an orchard. He was thrown forty feet and killed instantly. There is a portrait of Officer Yoder hanging in his honor in the Bay Village Police Station. Councilman Zimmerman stated that the Environment, Safety and Community Services Committee has discussed the proposal and finds that the resolution is fitting. The access road has no name at the present time and the designation of the roadway as the “Harvey Yoder Parkway” is an appropriate honor. Water Service Agreement Mayor Sutherland referred to letters sent to her from Mayor Frank G. Jackson, City of

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006


Cleveland, copies of which have been furnished to Council, outlining the changes that would be incorporated in the new water agreement. Law Director Ebert is reviewing the agreement, and the Mayor is awaiting the answer to one question. Mayor Sutherland stated that the main idea of the water agreement is that everything is basically the same except that the City of Cleveland will be assuming the liability for the repair, maintenance and replacement of the city’s water lines. In return, the City of Bay Village will sign an agreement that basically is exactly the same agreement as that passed at the last Council meeting regarding the Resolution of Support for Tax Sharing Principles. If a business moves from the City of Cleveland to Bay Village, or from Bay Village to the City of Cleveland, and has a gross payroll of $500,000 or above, there would be a 50/50 share in the income taxes for a period of five years. Mr. Cruse asked if this will be taking an asset away from the City of Bay Village, relative to the water mains. Finance Director Presley responded that the water mains are currently the property of the City of Cleveland. Bay Village is not a master meter city, buying water in bulk from the City of Cleveland, and is therefore not responsible for the distribution system, including all maintenance, repair, and replacement of the distribution system. Mr. Koomar noted that the City of Cleveland has always done repairs. The improvements of the water lines will be to the benefit to the City of Bay Village. The Mayor stated that the City of Cleveland has done repairs when there has been a break. It would have been favorable to have the water line on Bassett Road replaced at the same time as the road reconstruction project, and this is what will happen in the future. As the City of Cleveland looks at these projects they will target them for water line replacement. Mr. Young stated that when the City of Cleveland repairs a broken water line they leave the pavement open and the Bay Village Service Department comes back and patches with asphalt. He asked if this will be the same after the new agreement. Mayor Sutherland stated that the City of Cleveland is billed back for restoring the pavement. This procedure will remain the same. Mr. Hochman asked if the agreement covers all water lines. The Mayor stated that the water lines in the public right-of-way are included, and all streets have a main. Mr. Koomar asked how the City of Cleveland will determine which lines will be repaired or improved. The Mayor responded that they will look at the replacements in conjunction with major road projects, working with the county and establishing priorities. Mr. Koomar noted that Lake Road will be repaved in the near future. There have been several major water main breaks recently, and asked if Lake Road will be a candidate. Mayor Sutherland stated that she will have to check with the timing factor. She stated that all the suburban communities’ customers have been paying into the City of Cleveland and Cleveland has not been investing back into the community lines. A complete tear out will be a prime candidate for water replacement, and the City of Cleveland will work with the County Engineer as far as designating the projects. As the

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006


system stands now, if anything major had to be done, the City of Bay Village would have to do it. Mr. Cruse asked that the City of Bay Village have access to shut-offs, especially in an emergency, learning a lesson from what happened in Westlake recently where none of the service department personnel could get to the shutoffs and basements were flooded. He noted that in essence, we are giving up control of an asset. Mayor Sutherland stated that we will not notice much difference in the operation. The big difference is going to be in the future with major projects like Bassett Road where the City of Cleveland is now liable and responsible to replace water lines. We will now have the potential of getting some investment back into our community. Mr. Cruse asked if there is an advantage of executing the agreement sooner rather than later considering Mayor Jackson’s notation that the Division of Water intends to proceed with the water main replacement selection on or about February 1, 2007. The Mayor stated that the City of Parma Heights is passing the amended agreement this evening. Mrs. Schreibman asked the duration of the water service agreement. The agreement is for twenty years, consistent with past agreements. Mrs. Schreibman asked if there is anything included in the agreement that would indicate how quickly the City of Cleveland would try to repair a break in equipment. The Mayor stated that it would be difficult to include response time in the agreement but the City of Bay Village does have a good relationship with the City of Cleveland and they do get to us very quickly. Mr. Koomar asked if Mr. Ebert has reviewed the Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) agreement. The Mayor stated that the agreement is part of the overall process, which includes the water service agreement, the JEDZ agreement, and the Tax Revenue Sharing Principles. Mr. Cruse stated that Council will await a report from the Law Department after review of the agreement and suggested that Council members forward any questions to Law Director Ebert. The Mayor noted that this agreement is historic, having never been done before in Northeast Ohio. ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMITTEE Appointment of Mary Munn to Community Services Advisory Board Councilman Zimmerman advised that Council has been given the opportunity to review the resume of Mary Munn.

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006


Mayor Sutherland advised that Mary Munn has a background with Applewood Centers, Inc., the agency Bay Family Services works with. Mrs. Munn is very familiar with the City of Bay Village and has a tremendous amount of supervisory and management background. This is something that is being sought for the Community Services Advisory Board and Mrs. Munn will bring quality and professionalism to the Board. Mr. Cruse added that as a member of the Bay Family Services Board he worked with Mary Munn and she is a natural fit to the Community Services Advisory Board, and an excellent resource on the Board as to the work of Bay Family Services. Community Services Director Bock added her recommendation of Mary Munn to the Community Services Advisory Board. FINANCE AND CLAIMS COMMITTEE Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to execute Contingency Reduction No. 1 and Change Order # 3 for Fire Protection, Inc. for the new police facility Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to execute Change Orders # 3, #4, and #5 and Contingency Reduction #1 for Frank Novak & Sons, Inc., for the new police facility Councilman Koomar stated that he had an opportunity to meet with Finance Director Presley earlier this evening. Mr. Presley distributed a schedule of police station construction contract amounts. Mr. Presley stated that the change order for Fire Protection, Inc. is a net decrease in the contract in the amount of $1,711.00. The Frank Novak & Sons, Inc. contract is reduced by a total of $2004.00. Mr. Koomar stated that he will schedule a Finance Committee meeting later this week to discuss these change orders and the Ordinances Amending C.O. Chapter 107.03, and Chapter 107.04 (c) regarding public and personal notification of open meetings. Mr. Cruse stated that if the Finance Committee approves of the change order ordinances they will be included in the December 4 regular council meeting agenda. The public and personal notification of open meetings will be considered at the time when discussion by the Finance Committee is completed. The Finance Committee will also discuss tournaments and special events in the city parks. Mr. Koomar noted that Mr. Pohlkamp’s Public Grounds and Buildings Committee tentatively will schedule a meeting for 5:30 p.m. on Monday, December 4 to discuss the topic of facility rental and usage.






Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006 Councilman Barbour had no report this evening. RECREATION AND PARKS IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE Councilman Young had no report this evening. SERVICE, UTILITIES & EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT COMMITTEE


Councilman Scott advised that he is in the process of scheduling an organizational meeting for the Citizens Cable Advisory Committee and will keep Council informed of the date of the meeting. MISCELLANEOUS Do Not Call Registry Information Mr. Scott read information provided to him by resident Jerrie Barnett regarding the release of cell phone numbers to telemarketing companies. To prevent this from happening a cell phone customer can call the national Do-Not-Call number, 1-888-3821222 from their cell phone, which will block the unwanted calls for a period of five years. The information also indicates that if you do not block the calls, and do receive them you will be charged for the calls and they will add to your minutes of use. Snow Removal Mr. Scott advised that Council occasionally gets calls from senior citizens who would like to have the city remove snow from their driveway aprons after the streets have been plowed and the snow has been thrown into the driveway. Mr. Scott has been asked if the city would have a program whereby qualifying seniors or disabled residents could sign up and have their driveway aprons cleared after the streets are plowed. Mr. Scott stated that he indicated to the caller that he would bring his request forward. He noted that we are an aging community and this is a growing concern for many residents. Mr. Cruse stated that recently there was a story in the Westlife that Rocky River, who has been offering this service for years, severely cut their program back due to fact that many people were taking advantage of the program and the volume of the program was becoming too huge. He stated that there is no reason the city cannot look at the possibility of a program and he would be interested in seeing the experience of the City of Rocky River. Mr. Zimmerman asked if this is something that can be looked at through a volunteer program, such as is done with the leaf-raking program. Community Services Director Debbie Bock stated that it is very difficult to utilize volunteers for snow shoveling since the work would have to be kept up for the entire

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006


snow season. The leaf rake out is a one-day program. A program in North Olmsted was held with volunteers from churches with equipment provided by the city. The program lasted approximately five years and as the volunteers tired there were no volunteer replacements. It is difficult to maintain a long-term volunteer program. Mrs. Bock stated that the program in Rocky River has strict criteria including age, disability, a note from a physician indicating that you cannot shovel snow, and the lack of a younger person in the home. Even with these restrictions the City of Rocky River has about 200 people in the snow removal program, which would add a burden to our service department who would be required to plow residences after snow removal operations on city streets. Ms. Bock advised of the Rent-A-Teen program at the Dwyer Center. Teenagers can be hired to shovel and if there are special circumstances the homeowner is welcome to contact Ms. Bock’s office to see if particular arrangements can be made. Ms. Bock further noted that in the City of Rocky River as the program was offered more and more people felt they were entitled to the program. Financial information had to be provided in order to verify that they could not afford to hire someone to do the work. Many residents do not want to submit to this qualification process. Service Director Sears advised that the City of Brookpark removes snow from 1200 driveways. When the resident or senior wants their drive plowed is at the worst peak of the Service Department, and usually not 48 hours after the storm. He noted that the program can become very demanding and suggested that if the city is going to offer the program they must be able to provide it. Considering the equipment and personnel needed for the roadways, it is difficult to provide what the residents are looking for and meet those demands. Mayor Sutherland advised that when Adele Wheeler was Director of Community Services the program was tried for a period of time and was not successful due to the expense and not being able to provide the service expected. Mr. Scott asked the procedure to use if Council members get telephone calls from homebound seniors in this situation. Mayor Sutherland suggested that they be referred to Community Services Director Debbie Bock. Susan Fink asked Mr. Scott if the call he received was from a person who could not find anyone to clear their driveway or because they did not have the funds. Mr. Scott stated that the caller was 80 years of age and physically unable to clear his driveway apron. Mr. Scott stated that he did not raise the issue of being able to afford to hire help. Mrs. Fink noted that many of the seniors are uncomfortable answering ads in the newspaper to hire someone sight unseen to come out and contract with them. Although Bay Village in the past has historically been a wealthy community, some of that is tipping and some of our seniors are in need financially. Some of this might be alleviated if there were a way you could pair the senior with people that would offer the service for those financially able to do so. Mrs. Bock stated that there is a snow removal list available to the public that is put

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006


together every year by the Community Services Department including professional snow removal people and students. Mrs. Hochman asked if a summary of this issue could be placed on Community Cable Channel #12. Mrs. Hochman also asked if messages could be repeated more frequently through the scrolling to be sure that messages such as the Town Hall Meeting are given adequate exposure. Mayor Sutherland stated that Mrs. Hochman’s idea is a good one and noted that the equipment utilized for the cable channel is antiquated. The school system also has poor equipment and it has been decided that there will be a collaboration on new equipment and that messages will be linked to a web site for further information. Jerrie Barnett asked who pays for the announcements that go into the Sun Herald and the Westlife. Mrs. Barnett was informed that there is no charge for these public service announcements. Mrs. Barnett expressed displeasure with the Town Hall Meeting announcement in the Sun Herald, stating that it was barely noticeable. Interstate 90 Interchange in Avon Mr. Young stated that he attended the Interstate 90, Lear-Nagel Interchange meeting in Avon. The City of Avon received an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) traffic study, which Mr. Young received a copy of today. Combined with an earlier study by Trans Systems, they do not do a perfect job of looking at all the effects on all the roads around, but they do a great job of looking at what happens to Lear-Nagel Road, CrockerBassett Road, and one intersection to the north and south of the I-90. Mr. Young has been advised by the official who sent him the traffic study that the new ODOT interchange study indicates that the greatest traffic benefits are north of the freeway, and that the new interchange will allow Avon Lake traffic to access Interstate-90 through Avon instead of Bay Village and Westlake, it will reduce daily traffic on Crocker-Bassett Road almost immediately, by 16%, and more importantly will reduce traffic on CrockerBassett Road, north of Clemens Road by 32%. The Trans Systems study in contrast gives a very good idea of what happens to traffic on Bradley Road and the effect on Bay. While the ODOT study looked at peak hours, peak morning demand, and peak evening demand as far as traffic and number of cars, and more importantly a daily average, the Trans Systems study only reported peak hours traffic not daily average traffic. With the interchange there is a reduction of at least 400 cars during the rush hours on Bradley Road in Bay Village. Using a 30-year projection, the study indicates a 2000 car per day reduction in traffic on Crocker-Bassett Road in Bay Village with the interchange. Mr. Young will make the report more concise and send Council members a packet of information via email. Mayor Sutherland asked Mr. Young for a copy of the study and Mr. Scott asked if this item, the I-90 traffic study, could be included on the next committee meeting agenda.

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Bay Village City Council November 27, 2006


Mr. Young noted that some of the critical issues being looked at by the Ohio Department of Transportation are in the cities of Avon and Avon Lake and what happens along Nagel Road, Chester Road, Detroit Road, and how the intersections will be straightened out. As far as Bay Village, based on the studies, nothing needs to be done. It is the other communities that have to address their infrastructure to handle the traffic. Mayor Sutherland noted that if they do not do it, it could adversely impact the City of Bay Village. Mr. Scott noted that he also attended the Interstate 90 Interchange meeting and advised that the City of Avon is prepared to put in $5 million for this project, or one-third of the cost, and is very serious about it. Mr. Cruse thanked Mr. Young for continuing to attend these interstate interchange meetings. Mr. Cruse introduced Wanda Crocker Lisbon and Juanita Hall and advised that they are the people responsible for keeping the Bay Village City Hall building looking as nice as it always does. Mr. Cruse expressed appreciation on behalf of the Bay Village City Council for their “over and above” work in the council chambers in cleaning and polishing the glass globes and brass fittings. MOTION by Koomar to convene to Executive Session to discuss labor contracts. Vote resulted: Yeas – Barbour, Cruse, Koomar, Scott, Young, Zimmerman. Nays – None. Motion carried 6-0. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

/s/ Brian C. Cruse President of Council

/s/ Joan T. Kemper Clerk of Council

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