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					Cure Scabies
If you’ve found yourself infected with this terrible, incredibly itchy condition, you’re probably searching for information on how to cure scabies. Luckily, there are a number of treatments available that are highly effective for both curing scabies as well as providing symptomatic relief. To completely cure scabies and prevent a second infestation from contaminated clothing and belongings, it’s necessary to take several other steps to eradicate the scabies mites from your home and clothing. All clothing should be washed in hot water or dry cleaned if it cannot be laundered. Bleach (color-safe bleach for colours) should be added to the laundry for extra sanitation. In addition, all your bedding and blankets around the home should be laundered in this same fashion. Vacuuming your carpets and rugs and mopping your floors with disinfecting cleaner will also help to cure scabies and prevent another infection. You may also freeze your personal care items in a plastic bag overnight (combs, brushes, etc.) or replace them with new items. If you have belongings that cannot be laundered, cleaned or frozen, you can kill any scabies mites on these items by storing them in a sealed plastic bag for approximately two weeks.
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It can take up to two weeks to completely cure scabies. Creams and lotions that are available that treat scabies often must be applied for a full week to completely eradicate the infection. Herbal remedies, while they also take a week to cure an infection, may also provide symptomatic relief while treating the infection at the same time. When the itching is relentless, it’s important to be able to achieve some level of relief so that you can rest. Manuka extract is one holistic treatment that is said to both alleviate symptoms as well as cure the scabies infection. Since it is natural, it is well tolerated by most individuals, even those with otherwise sensitive skin. Every individual varies, so it’s best to try using Manuka extract on a small area first to be sure it won’t cause irritation. Children are more susceptible to scabies infections than adults. Children can also be more sensitive to topical skin treatments, so treating scabies can be especially difficult. Try using holistic treatments before resorting to synthetic treatments to cure scabies in children for faster relief that may be gentler on the skin.


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