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                                      Lawrenceburg, Indiana

                                   POSITION DESCRIPTION


General Responsibilities

The Executive Director shall act as the duly authorized representative of the Board of Directors
in all matters in which the Board of Directors has not expressly designated some other person
or committee for that specific purpose. The Director shall have the necessary authority and be
held responsible for planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling of Center
operations. The authority and responsibility of the Executive Director shall be subject only to
such policies as may be adopted by the Board of Directors or such orders as may be issued by
the Board of Directors.


A mental health professional having graduated from an accredited graduate program and/or an
individual having an advanced professional degree in administration with experience in the
mental health field, who possesses: knowledge of federal, state and local regulations and
policies applicable to mental health services; excellent written and oral communication skills;
ability to work under stress with multiple priorities; ability to exercise independent judgment;
ability to relate respectfully to all levels of staff, as well as clients and community members;
ability to develop grants and funding requests; and ability to administer personnel and
compensation policies in a fair and objective manner.

Principal Duties

       A.     Develops, with the assistance of Center personnel and the clinical staff, a
              program of patient care and Center operation in line with the needs of patients

       B.     Cooperates with the clinical staff secures like cooperation on the part of all those
              concerned with the rendering of professional services to the end that the best
              possible care may be rendered to all patients.

       C.     Submits from time to time to the Board of Directors for approval organization
              plans of Center personnel; develops and administers personnel policies and

       D.     Prepares an annual budget showing the expected receipts and expenditures.

              1.      Prepares and submits annual operating budgets and other reports that
                      affect funding; e.g., DMHA, County Councils and Commissioners,
                      Medicare Cost Report, Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati,
                      Medicaid, etc.

       E.     Selects, employs, controls and discharges all employees in programs authorized
              by the Board of Directors.
       F.   Sees that all physical properties are kept in good state of repair and operating

       G.   Supervises all business affairs such as the records of financial transactions,
            collections of accounts and purchase and issuance of supplies, and insures that
            all funds are collected and expended to the best advantage of the Corporation.

       H.   Submits to the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee periodic reports
            showing the professional service and financial activities of the Center; prepares
            and submits any special reports as may be required by the Board of Directors or
            Executive Committee.

       I.   Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors, the Professional/Medical Staff and
            their committees, and prepares agenda, when suitable, for all such meetings.

       J.   Serves as liaison officer and channels communications for all official documents
            between the Board of Directors or any of its committees, the
            Professional/Medical Staff and other Center committees.

       K.   Performs any other function for the best interest of the Center which may be
            required by the Board of Directors.

       L.   Prepares and submits from time to time to the Board of Directors immediate
            and/or long-range formulations of goals and objectives of the Center.

       M.   Provides administrative supervision and completes annually performance
            evaluations for the follow staff: Chief Operations Officer for Clinical Services,
            Director of Performance Improvement and Information Management, Director of
            Human Resources, Chief Financial Officer, Program Director of Deaf & Hard of
            Hearing, Physical Plant Coordinator, and Medical Director.

       N.   In conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer analyzes and interprets the
            implications of the economic situation, government policies and regulations, and
            other developments affecting the financial well-being of the Center.

       O.   Shares in administrative emergency call.

       P.   Models professional behavior for staff.

       Q.   Maintains an active posture with professionals in the agency and in the
            community which reflects positively on the Center.

       R.   Participates in community organizations and activities in a manner that reflects
            positively on the Center.

       S.   Participates in community, state and national professional associations and
            activities that affect the development, funding and delivery of mental health

       T.   Insures that the results of operations and organizational improvement data are
            reported regularly to the Board of Directors.

       U.   Develops and maintains organizational improvement activities appropriate to
            insure that organizational certifications, Licenses, and accreditation are
       V.    Oversees new program development in order to insure the continued relevance
             and effectiveness of Center programs and services.

Staff Development Activities

       A.    Actively participates in the Center’s Staff Development Program.

             1.     Attends Administrative Team, full-staff, and Center-wide as well as
                    Division-level leadership meetings.

             2.     Completes Blood borne Pathogen/TB/Infection Control training at
                    employment and annually thereafter.

             3.     Attends conferences, workshops, meetings, in-services, etc. to enhance
                    professional knowledge and development according to the need identified
                    on IEDP.

Record Keeping

       A.    Completes attendance reports, PTO requests, travel vouchers, staff development
             requests, employee self-evaluations, etc. accurately and efficiently in accordance
             with agency policies and procedures.

Supervisory Relationships

            Immediate Supervisor: Board of Directors

            Supervises:    Medical Director, Chief Operations Officer for Clinical Services,
                            Director of Performance Improvement and Information
                            Management, Director of Human Resources, Chief Financial
                            Officer, Program Director of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services,
                            Public Relations Manager/Administrative Assistant and the
                            Physical Plant Coordinator.

Knowledge and Skill Required

       A.    Knowledge of financial issues as they relate to the general health and the mental
             health field.

       B.    Knowledge of environmental and safety policies and procedures in a health care

       C.    Knowledge of funding sources and regulations in a mental health setting.

       D.    Knowledge of management information systems in a mental health setting.

       E.    Understanding of programmatic requirements applicable to community mental
             health centers.

Special Requirements for Position

       A.    Willingness to become integrated into community and actively demonstrate such.
       B.     Willingness to travel on behalf of agency business.

       C.     Valid driver’s license with a good driving record and meet the other agency
              standards regarding operation of Center’s vehicles.

       D.     Maintain primary residence within the five-county service area of Community
              Mental Health Center, Inc. pursuant to policy # I,C,1 Executive Director.


       New employees will use the following modules while orienting to this position: G- 1-18,
       GC 1-.