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					                     Employment at Time Warner Cable
Thank you for your interest in employment with Time Warner Cable!

Please read this information thoroughly as it will explain how to find out about open
positions and how to apply.

1. Time Warner Cable requires all applications to be submitted online at We do not accept paper applications or resumes
for any position.

2. If you do not own a computer, computers are available in our lobby at 1266 Dublin
Road, Columbus, OH 43215 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-3pm. You may also
visit your local library for free Internet access. If you would like to submit your resume,
you may do so by copying it into the online application form from a diskette or from your
computer at home. Please note that the online application process requires you to have an
e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address, you may create a free e-mail
address at one of the following Web sites;

An e-mail address is required so we can contact you when your application has been

3. We do not accept phone call inquiries for employment information. All open positions
are listed on the Web site. We do not release status of the applications due to the
multitude that we receive. A representative of Time Warner Cable will contact applicants
who best meet the qualifications by phone.


1. Click on “Careers”
2. Click on the provided link.
3. Select which country you would like to search.
4. Create a New Account by selecting the link. *Refer to addendum “A” on the last page
to see how to set up an account.
5. After you have created your account, enter your email address & Password and select
“Log in”
6. Select “Search Openings”
7-A . Select/Highlight the criteria that suites your interest.
7- B. Continue to select the criteria that interest you and then click “Search”
8. Select the job opening you are interested in and then select “View Job(s)”
9. Review the job description to ensure this is the job you want to apply for, if it is, select
“Submit to Job”
10 -A. To submit your resume via the upload feature, it MUST be in Word format. Select
the upload feature then select browse to locate your file (resume) then select “Continue”
(if your resume is not in Word format, proceed to 10-B)
10 -B. If your resume is not in Word format, select “Enter my resume/CV by typing or
copying it in” and then copy and paste your resume to the field below. and select
11-Make sure all information is correct. After all fields are populated, select “Next Tab.
Fill in all the fields under each subject starting with contact information, then Work
experience, finishing with Education. Then select “Next tab
13. Answer the questions and select “Submit”
14. After you have submitted your application, you should see a screen that says “You
have successfully submitted to the following job(s).” At this point you have completed
the application process correctly.
Addendum “A” – Setting up an account.
      • Enter your email address and a password with at least 6 characters.
      • Re-enter your password
      • Select a security Question
      • Type a answer to your security question
      • Select create

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