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					SGA Minutes for September 14th, 2009 I. Samantha Theime – SGA President a. Introduce Members – Ali Nittler (Secretary) and Mitch Hoover (Treasurer) b. Attendance i. ACES – Aubrey Lyman ii. Act I – Kylie Brock, Tyler Hartman, Madison Owens, Jeff Wejman iii. ANTS – NA iv. Art and Design Club – NA v. Chess Club – Richard Gould vi. Cowley College Republicans – Richard Gould vii. Creative Claws – viii. FCA – ix. Film Club – Jeff Wejman x. Media Club – Richard Gould, Teresa Zirkel xi. KNEA – Aubrey Lyman xii. Mu Alpha Sigma Chi – Micaela Marks xiii. PAWS – Aubrey Lyman, Katie Gillmore xiv. PBL – Richard Gould, Phoung Huyng xv. PTK – Aubrey Lyman, Micaela Marks xvi. SHADE – Phoung Huyng xvii. Skills USA/ VICA – xviii. Young Democrats – Aubrey Lyman xix. Others in Attendance – April Carmondy, Jacque Fisher, Jan Smith Ali Nittler – Secretary a. Went over last SGA Meeting Minutes b. Activities – Remaining of September i. Tuesday, 15 Intramural Coed Softball – 5:30 Sign‐Up for Intramural Flag Football SHADE Meeting @ 7:00 in Jungle KNEA Meeting @ 5:15 in Social Science Department Softball @ NOC @ 3:00 Baseball @ Hutch ii. Wednesday, 16 Soccer @ Dodge Volleyball @ Home@ 6:30 Film Club @ 7:00 in Wright Room iii. Thursday, 17 Baseball @ Home @ 2:00 Women’s Tennis @ Southwester Softball @ Newman


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Intramural Coed Volleyball @ 5:30 FCA Meeting @ 9:00 in Jungle Friday, 18 Volleyball @ Home @ 6:00 Saturday, 19 Tennis @ Washburn University @ 1:00 Soccer @ Home @ 4:00 and 6:00 Cross Country @ Missouri Southern @ 9:00 am Softball Scrimmage @ KSU‐Salina Round robin Monday, 21 Intramural Coed Softball @ 5:30 Board of Trustees Meeting @ 6:00 Volleyball @ Allen County @ 6:30 Act I Meeting @ 2:30 Tuesday, 22 Baseball @ Emporia @ 6:00 Women’s Awareness Concert – Cosy Sheridan @ 7:00 in Brown Center Clothing Drive Kickoff for KNEA Wednesday, 23 Soccer @ Garden City Volleyball @ Home @ 6:30 Tennis @ Tulsa Film Club Meeting @ 7:00 in Wright Room Thursday, 24 Women’s Tennis @ Home @ Noon Intramural Coed Softball @ 5:30 FCA Meeting @ 9:00 in Jungle Pictionary Tournament @ 8:00 in Jungle Math and Science Club Meeting @ 5:00 in GJ203 Friday, 25 Native American Day in Cafeteria Women’s Soccer @ Home @ 4:00 Volleyball @ NOC Saturday, 26 Softball @ WSU Monday, 28 Intramural Coed Beach Volleyball @ 5:30 Volleyball @ Kansas City Tuesday, 29 Tuesday Night Madness @ 7:00 PAWS Meeting @ 9:00 in Jungle (After Madness)



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xiv. Wednesday, 30 Soccer @ North Eastern Oklahoma Baseball @ Eastern Oklahoma Volleyball @ Home @ 6:30 Sam Theime – Student of the Month Voting a. Jamie Blackim, Erin Burroughs, Sabra Downs, Meagan Mason, Ali Nittler, Robin Ray, Ashley Spencer Sam Theime – Election for Vice‐President a. Candidates Running i. Jeff Wejman, Katie Gillmore b. Winner – Jeff Wejman Mitch Hoover – Treasurer a. No spendage at this time Student Initiatives – a. Bike Racks – The shop class is doing the bike racks as a project, they should be done this semester b. Student Portals – Make a portal for the three different accounts on the internet. Enter one address and password to access all three. c. Clothing – Help collect clothes for unfortunate families. (Winter clothing) d. Computer Repair – Talk with Ralph McDonald about discounting college students e. Trash can by Docking dorm f. Cafeteria i. Hours for the Cafeteria possibly longer at night ii. Make sure the students are served instead of taking breaks iii. Extra food from 14‐19 meal plans donated to Manna Ministries iv. Long lines at all hours v. Snack time throughout the day for students vi. Smoking by the doors Sponsor Comments a. Sue Saia i. Adopt A Student – Have students with physical disabilities come to campus one day and spend the day with the college students ii. Area south of the Cafeteria – possible ideas for what can be built there (Gazebo, garden, etc.) iii. Area by Sand Volleyball – Put a half court for basketball with lights NEXT MEETING OCTOBER 12TH @ 3:00