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					GEO-PICTIONARY Nancy Derajtys

Overview: This activity will demonstrate key geography terms to students. Place and location can be discussed with this activity. Connection To The Curriculum: Geo-Pictionary can be used in all geography areas of study. An adapted version could be used in many subject areas. South Carolina Social Studies Standards: Not Applicable South Carolina Literacy Elements: H. Construct maps, graphs, tables, and diagrams to display social studies information Grade Range: Grades 4 - 12 Time: Adjustable for any time period Materials Required: * Geography terms on slips of paper * Dry marker boards * Dry markers * Wall clock, watches, etc. * Rules to the game

Objectives: The students will review and discuss important geography terms. Suggested Procedures: 1. On index cards or slips of paper, write the geography terms. 2. Divide students into groups of 3 or 4. Give each group the index cards or slips of paper, a board, a timer, and a pen. 3. Explain the rules of the game to the entire class. Rules for Geo-Pictionary 1. Decide which group who will go first.

2. The first person draws a card or slip of paper. No one else is to see the term. 3. This person will have 30 seconds to draw an illustration of the term for the group. No words may be used in the drawing and no talking is allowed. 4. The person who is the first person to correctly identify the word receives 2 points. The drawer of the illustration receives 1 point. 5. If no one gets the answer, no points are awarded. 6. Keep track of points. 7. The turn passes to the next person. Lesson Extensions: 1. For more advanced students you could award extra points for naming a specific geography term. (i.e.: ocean - Atlantic) 2. Have students draw specific places or features. Evaluation: Participation credit Materials Provided: A list of terms Terms canyon continent delta fjords gulf harbor island isthmus lake ocean peninsula plain river strait valley bay volcano prairie land bridge lagoon stream plateau fault line atoll dike desert levee canal basin glacier oasis foothill mesa reef reservoir channel steppe terrace mountain flood plain cape savanna archipelago sea basin

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