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					Three Parkour Guys (China)
Director: Baochang Pan Screenplay: Baochang Pan Genre: Feature Shooting Material:35mm Stage of script: Rough draft Language: Chinese Mandarin Production Budget: RMB 4,000,000 Finance in place: RMB 1,000,000 Seeking: Co-investor, Territory Buyer, Ads Sponsor Synopsis: Three parkour boys, Du Ke, Hai Bo and Ma Lu lost 1 million from buying illegal funds. Half of the money they lost is embezzled by Du Ke's girlfriend, so they must replace the embezzled money within one week. The bank employee Shi Peng is a smart computer hacker, he discovered the banking system's crack, and if he succeeds, he will be able to steal all the money from the bank. He has the technology, but he does not have the money. The beautiful girl Hui Mei desperately wants to take revenge for her father's death, she has money but no opportunity. Hui Mei gets robbed by motorcycle thefts when she is taking cash out of the bank, luckily she does not lose much. She comes across Shi Peng who comes to help her out. Du Ke tries to get money back from the fund manager but is beat up. He ends up hiding in Hui Mei's car from the searching security people... Shi Peng comes up with a high-tech stealing plan which needs three skillful assistants. Hui Mei promises to find the helpers. Du Ke gets an anonymous call. The caller invites the three of them to play a game with three missions which will not violate law... Three boys agree to take the game since they need to pay back the embezzled money. After having got through all kinds of difficulties and completed the three missions, they find themselves trapped in an uncontrollable conspiracy. Length: 100 min

Director's Statement: Three young parkour boys... A high intelligence traitor in a financial company... A cruel hearted beauty who wants to revenge for her father's death.... A breathtaking stealing conspiracy... Three young boys' life got out of control since they lost 1 million from buying illegal funds. After a series of coincidence, they come to realize that they are already involved in a complicated financial conspiracy and have become the scapegoats of the crime.... In order to survive, they must resist... This is a vivacious, contemporary story full of thrilling excitements and dazzling actions. All characters have their own strength and weakness. The good and the evil are mingled with each other, leaving the young ones drift in this surreal society where money, desire, conspiracy, lust and friendship come together for them to make choice. Director's Biography: Baochang Pan, born in 1973, is graduated from QIQIHAER Medical Collage. Awards of his directorial debut The Story of Dunzi: Best Arty Film in Competition Section of TIME-TO-LIVE at the 15th Saint Petersburg International Film Fetival 2006 Best Director at the 8th EMDEN International Young Talent Forum of Germany 2006 Best Cinematography of AFC 2006 And, it has also been exhibited at many international events and festivals. Documentary: Blossom in Spring 2007 From First to Fifteenth of Lunar Calendar (Golden Prize winner of 2005 French Museum Film Festival) Contact: Add: 2A-1201 Houxiandaicheng No.16 Baiziwanlu Chaoyang District Beijing Postcode: 100022 Email: Web:

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