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World of Accordions Museum HARRI


									World of Accordions Museum
American Accordionists’ Association Affiliate

1930 -1950s: Rare and Hybrid Instruments Automated Instruments Sound-effects Instruments Ornate and Impressive Unusual Accordions

The Collections of Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D.

USA, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Bohemia Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Norway Sweden, Italy, Finland, Austria, Switzerland Netherlands, France, Germany (East and West) Mexico, South America, Brazil, Spain, China, Japan, Africa (more !)

Organization by Country-of-Origin


Organization by Ethnic
Cajun Mexican-Conjunto Old West Black Performers

The Magnificent 1000
1960s to the Present: Aesthetics and Technology World-Class Accordions Evolve Original Compositions and Accordion Artists Modern and State-of-the-Art Models

Organization by Special Topics
Free-Bass and Converter Chemnitz Concertinas Émigrés, World War II USA Makers, Shift Styles Rock-n-Roll, Jazz “Musette,” Nautical Celluloid

Organization by Brand-Names
Uhlig, Band, Busson, Concertone Lange,Patek, Italo-American Titano , Pancordion, Pigini Hohner, Crucianelli, Scandalli, Wurlitzer Excelsior, Dallape Galanti, Soprani Acme
hundreds more !

Introductory Information

Classification Charts Quality Grades Definitions

Pedestal Accordion Keyboards Oscillators to MIDI

Electronic Accordions Room
(More Electronic Models on Third Floor)

Hear on-screen accordions

Music While You Look

discussed and sounded

Hear various musical styles

Walls of Fame Trophies Displays Special Exhibits
“Humorous Moments” Wall Movie Stars and Their Accordions Elsie Bennett’s Corner Individual Musicians and Their Stories

A World of Accordions Museum
1401 Belknap Street Superior, Wisconsin 54880

Predecessor Instruments Demian-type “Flutinas” Wheatstone and Lachenal concertinas Busson Piano Accordions Mid 1800s Instruments Turn-of-the-Century Instruments The Button Diatonics Predominate

Chronology Section

Educational Displays

Accordion People You Should Know

Cultural Artifacts “Touch and Feel”- Try An Accordion Area Salvation Army Mannequin Musicians Inside the Accordion Famous and Infamous Accordionists

Mon-Tues-Wed 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM $10.00 per person donation Call for Group Rates, Special Tours, Concerts and Scheduled Events Phone: 715-395-ARTS (2787)



A World of Accordions Museum Accordion-concertina Repair and Technicians’ School (ARTS) Accordion Resource Libraries Hanni Strahl Concert Hall Helen and Theodore Miller Concert Series Duane Sellman Special Exhibits Area Accordion Concertina Music The “Accordion Concertina

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Music Ensemble”

Patron Level

Music Specialty Gift Shop Harrington ARTS Publications Accordion Video Theater
Exit 255--Blatnik Bridge from Duluth is Hiway 53, Becomes Hammond Ave. In Superior N HARTS parking

Financial donation of $1,000 or more

Benefactor Level Supporter Level

Financial donation of $500 or more Financial donation of $250 or more

Contributor Level

Musical Instrument Donor
Perpetual commemoration through the instrument

Financial donation of any size

Artifact Donor

Articles for display, workshop, library, or research

“Adopt an Accordion” Program

Provide restoration or maintenance for a particular instrument

Friend-of-the-Museum Volunteer Special Needs Provider Scholarship Fund
Help a student to learn A special gift for a particular need

Help us maintain, organize, and document

Exit 253A Bong Bridge from Duluth is Hiway 2, Becomes Belknap St.

Hanni Strahl ni Concert Hall

Accordion-concertina Repair and Technicians’ School
Comprehensive courses leading to Certification as Accordion-Family-Instruments Repair Technician Technical-College Level Curriculum Advanced Training for “Technician Specialist” Status

Accordion Resources Libraries
Discipline-specific Technical Books Writers and Speakers Books Tools and Machinery Books International Sources Construction Sources Accordion Histories Suppliers Catalogs General Reference General Reading Charles Magnante Musical Estate Hugo Herrmann Archives Pietro Frosini Center


Remembering the Old World in the New
The Concert Hall is a memorial to this immigrant German woman whose contributions to American society remain far-reaching. Hanni’s life-story is displayed in the foyer.

Special Collections:

Helen and Theodore Miller, friends of music and patrons of A World of Accordions Museum, also funded displays in honor of Ernest Deffner
The “K” Trio (CT) 2002 Ingrid Kvale (Norway) 2002 Joanna Arnold-Darrow (NJ) 2002 Accordion Concertina Music Ensemble (2002) Friedrich Lips (Moscow) 2002 Stas Venglevski (WI) 2002 Dick Rees (MN) 2003 Stas Venglevski and John Simkus (IL) 2003 Dee Langley and Greg Dagoumas (MN) 2003 Nauheimer Stadtmusikanten (Germany) 2003 Grand ReOpening Celebrations (2004): Carmelo Pino, Minnesota Accordion Orchestra Langley-Dagoumas, Sue Spencer & Jim Ofsthun (Willowgreen), The Setnikers, Jose Curbelo, Accordion Concertina Music Ruben Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto (Argentina)

Helen and Theodore Miller Concert Series

Duane Sellman Special Exhibits Area

Assessing Problems Basic and Specialized Repairs Tools, Job-specific Devices, Jigs Supplies and Suppliers Tuning and Reed-work Air Consumption Bellows Making Parts Pitch Systems Cosmetic Issues Construction Epochs Treble Keyboards Machines Bass Keyboards Machines Brands / Manufacturers Amplification Circuitry Basic Business Procedures Value and FM Appraisals Workshop Organization Customer Relations Keeping Records Resume Writing Legal Issues Advertising Basic Proficiency in playing all accordion-types Customer Interactions Job Opportunities

Hands-On Coursework:

Articles Topics Research Accordion Catalogs ARTS Procedure Sheets ARTS Curriculum Guides Diagrams and Schematics Manufacturers’ Specification


Sound Recordings: Edison Cylinder Recordings Ethnic Performances Historic Performers Thousands of LPs Cassettes CDs
AWAM Concerts Accordion Events Artist Performances Music-related Movies Factory Construction Tours Historic Accordion Advertisements


Methods Classes:

Live-Shop Services

Music Specialty Gift Shop
Accordion Figurines, Antiques and Collectibles Seasonal Gifts, Posters, Puzzles Accordion Straps, Cases, Accessories Music Books, Recordings (CDs, Tapes)

Complete Workshop Facilities

Heavy Machinery Workshop Safety-Issues Training

Specialty Seminars Weekend Workshops

Field Trips Specialty Lecturers

Dedicated to a man whose quest for knowledge and keen intelligence contributed to the founding of these institutions

Accordion Concertina Music
Private Music Lessons:
Piano Accordion, Button Chromatic Accordion, Button Diatonic Accordions, Anglo and English Concertinas, Chemnitz Concertina, Piano and Keyboard Performance Training All ages accepted
Focus on Student’s Goals Participation in National Competitions

Permanent Display: They Changed the Accordion World: Hugo Herrmann, Charles Magnante, Pietro Frosini

Traveling Exhibits
Ironworld Discovery Center USA American Accordionists’ Association Accordionists and Teachers Guild

Permanent Display: Paintings by A.D. Greer
(Other art works are displayed throughout the building)

Music Theory; Accordion History Ensemble/Orchestra Opportunities

Accordion Concertina Music Ensemble
Entertainment, Background Music, Dances Virtuoso Concerts, Ethnic Repertories Performance-Show on 20 different instruments CDs and Printed Arrangements

Sales and Service:

Music, Recordings, Straps, Cases, Accessories Tuning, restoration and quality repairs on all types Professional and Museum-quality work.
Students at National Competition

In-House Publications
Members’ Newsletters The Charles Magnante Story Guide to the Museum Harrington Accordion Method Books

Helmi Harrington, Ph.D.
(accordions and concertinas)

Carolyn Carver

Accordion Video Theater
Ongoing Features: Introduction to Museum Displays Introduction to Accordion Family Instruments Famous Performers

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