Violin Pictures

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					Violin Pictures


Violin and Bow

Woman playing violin

Banjo Pictures

A banjo, seen in profile. The banjo is similar in size to a guitar, but there are a number of differences: the banjo has a relatively long neck, a large, a roundshaped belly, and no sound hole.

Another view of the banjo

Guitar Pictures
(1) Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars

Acoustic Bass Guitar

12 String Classical Guitar

Classical Guitarist (could also be playing Latin or flamenco music)

(2) Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar

Guitar Pictures
(1) Classical Guitar Pictures

Man playing a classical guitar

(2) Acoustic Guitar Pictures

Man playing an acoustic guitar

Wandering mariachi (street musician) player in Mexico

(3) Electric Guitar Pictures

Man playing rock and roll music on an electric guitar

Trumpet Pictures

The modern B Flat Trumpet (used in orchestras, and jazz, dance, and military bands)


Man playing trumpet

Closeup of Girl Playing Flute

Viola Pictures

Picture of a viola, showing off its beautiful antique sheen

Drum Pictures

Drummer with drum set

Snare drum with drum sticks

Conga drummer with conga drums

Steel drum from the islands of the Caribbean

Large bass drum used in marching bands

Piano Pictures

Concert Grand Piano

Grand Piano with Stool

Clarinet Pictures

Clarinet Player from a Symphony Orchestra

Bass Clarinet

Cello Pictures
(Violoncello Pictures)

Front and side views of a cello. This instrument is the baritone-bass member of the violin family.the violin family.

Mandolin Pictures

The mandolin, a form of lute that originated in Naples, Italy. The mandolin has a pear-shaped back, and gut strings set in pairs.

Another view of the mandolin

Note: This picture gallery page features photos (photographs) of mandolins, plus drawings, paintings, diagrams, images and illustrations of them.

Harp Pictures

A folk harp. Harps date back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

Another view of a folk harp (also known as a lever harp)

Note: The harp is a regular part of the symphony orchestra, but orchestral harps (also known as pedal harps) are much larger than the harps featured on this page and have 7 pedals along the bottom.

Accordion Pictures

A piano accordion. This is a modern professional model with approximately 41 piano keys (on the left) and button keys (on the right).

Another type of piano accordion. This model features button keys but no piano keys. Saxophone Pictures

Girl playing saxophone

Alto Saxophone

Curved Bell Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone

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