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									Starbucks In ShangHai 星巴克,讲述上海故事
● ●○建硕博客 Jian Shuo's Blog 越来越多的外国面孔出现在我们这座城市里。他们改变了城市,也被城市改 变着。若干年前,肯德基、麦当劳、宜家、星巴克还都是极其新鲜的词语。如 今,这些地方已经成为城市的地标,成为我们聚会的地方。在上海,有星巴克 的地方,就有故事。让我们一起来聆听。——编者 Starbucks:how relaxing it is to have a cup of coffee With more and more foreign companies coming to Shanghai, the daily life changes. If you list some shops that affects the city most, I would list in the following order:McDonald's,KFC ,IKEA,Carofour,Starbucks.The most important reason it is affecting people's life is the life style and the con-cept they bring to the city. People know how fast a lunch will be and how colorful and creative the furniture can be. We all learn how large amount shopping looks like and, for the Starbucks case, how re-laxing it is to have a cup of coffee. Starbucks, Raffles City: it is very con-vinient with the location The Starbucks at the Raffles City is not a good store in the Starbucks family. It is small and crowded. However, it is very convinient with the location near the exit of Metro Line #1. It is the nearest meet-ing place for me (Jian Shuo), and easier to find. I have other locations that I choose to meet people, like Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs, but it is a little bit harder to find and only works for people familiar with the area. Starbucks ,Binjiang:it has the best view in Shanghai My favorite place to meet in the last two months in Shanghai is the Starbucks at the Pudong side of the Bund, or typi-cally refered to as Binjiang Store. It is a nice place for both people in Pudong and Puxi to meet. Typically, my meetings with IT related people are ar-ranged around 8:00 PM in this Starbucks. Everytime friends from other cities comes, no matter he is VP of QQ, or journalists from Beijing, or CEO from websites, we simply drop a SMS to the friend circle of IT in Shanghai and say: come and visit. The same time, same place, and people have formed the idea that it will be this Binjiang Starbucks, at 8:00 PM that night.For example, I spent wonderful afternoon with Dave, President of eTang there this Sunday afternoon. This Starbucks has the best view in Shanghai - not every Starbucks has wide view to the Huang Pu river. Watching big ships moving slowly along the river with old architects on the Bund is nice experi-ence. The view also inspires people's thinking a lot when we see moving ob-jects, espectially those very big one like ship, our thoughts are typically running faster. Starbucks ,xin tian di:take a seat on the second floor Xin Tian Di is the place of all kinds of Bars and western Restaurants. It is for sure that Starbucks will reserve its place there. Built in a Shanghai old style house, the Xin Tian Di Store fits into city very well.The seats are always occupied. The Tai Cang Road by the seats are considered the entrance to the great area.I would like to recommend everyone to visit this store and take a seat on the second floor. The wood stair and the decro insdie reminds people of the old times of Shanghai. Starbucks,Yu Yuan Store:with strong Chinese style Yu Yuan is the only store in Shanghai, I have to say, with strong Chinese style. The reason I followed all the Starbucks in Shanghai is, all the Starbucks stores are located in the business centers in Shang-hai. However, there are two exceptions. One is the Yuyuan Store and the other is the Qibao Store. The areas are crowded and there are no business people there.It is clear that the major customer segment for the Yu Yuan Store are foreign tourists. It is also the smallest Starbucks Store in Shanghai with only 9 seats or so. I had a hard time to find the store in the Yu Yuan area. Finally, it show up in the opposite side of the famous Jiu Qu Bridge. Yes. It is the heart of Yu Yuan Garden Area.

●●○玩转上海 Shanghai Highlights Luxun Park 鲁迅公园 Luxun museum and his tomb are located in Lu Xun Park. LU Xun was an imminent man of letters. The museum exhibits Lu Xun's manuscripts, some of his personal ef-fects, document., and photos. The headstone at the Tomb of Lu Xun is in the calligraphy of Mao Zedong and reads "The Tomb of Mr. Lu Xun." Dr. Sun’s Residence 孙中山故居 Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution, and his wife Soong Ching Ling, lived in this building from 1918 to 1924. It was in the residence that Dr. Sun Yat-sen met representatives of the Communist Party and fostered the first co-operation between the Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang. Birthplace of the Communist Party of China. 一大会址 In July of 1921, the First National Com-munist Party Congress was held in this building. The congress passed the Party's program and resolutions, elected the central committee, and declared the founding of the CPC.

Soong Ching Ling’s Residence 宋庆龄故居 This is the former residence of Soong Ching Ling. an honorary chairwoman of the People's Republic of China and the widow of Sun Yat-sen. She lived, worked, and studied here during the last years of her life. ●●○旅游英语 Travelling English Aid for the Lost Person 走失人员援助 情景模拟 1 一位焦急的母亲来到参观者服务点。 Setting 1 A worried mother went to the Visitor Service Center。 A:您好,请问有什么能为您服务吗? A: Hello, What can I do for you? B:我跟我的孩子走散了! B: My daughter has got strayed! A:请不要着急,请问您孩子的姓名、年龄和特征?我可以把资料传递给广播中心。 A: Please don’t worry. Tell me your daughter’s name, age and characteristics. I’ll give the information to our broad-casting station。 B:我的女儿 Christian,5 岁,金黄头发,穿粉色连衣裙。 B:My daughter Christian is 5 years old, with fair hair and in a pink frock。 A:好的,我马上把这些信息转达给广播中心及所有的参观者服务点。请您安心在这里等候 A:OK, I’ll hand the information over to our broadcasting station and to all Visitors Service Centers. Please be re-lieved and wait here for the news。

B:真是太感谢你了! B: Thank you so much!

情景模拟 2 志愿者听到寻人广播的同时,正好见到一位迷路哭泣的小女孩。 Setting 2 A volunteer was hearing the news of searching missed persons from the broadcasting station when he found a lost little girl crying. A:小妹妹,怎么啦? A: What’s up, little girl? B:我找不到妈妈了。 B: I can’t find my mother…… A:别着急,告诉姐姐,你叫什么名字呢? B: Don’t worry. Tell me what’s your name? B:我叫 Christian。 B: I’m Christian…… A:你妈妈也正在找你,姐姐现在就带你去找妈妈。 A: Your mother is also looking for you. Now let me take you to your mother. Let’s go。

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