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Wednesday July 5, 2006

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Review of ‘Wait Till You’re Older’
Zhi Jun

John found a little cat on his way home. The cat looked very helpless and miserable. John didn’t know what to do with it...
请发挥你的想象力,将这句 话续写成一个生动完整的小 故事。来稿限制在2000字符 数(约500单词)以内。 截稿日期:7月17日

“Wait Till You’re Older” is one of my favorite movies, written by Zhu Deyong. Zhu was born in Taipei in 1960 and is known as a very famous Taiwanese writer. A lot of people are crazy about his stories because they appear to be sarcastic yet teach moral lessons and can always move the audience. “Wait Till You’re Older” tells a story about a 12-year-old boy, Kuang. He is unhappy all the time because of his mother’s suicide, which he attributes to his father and stepmother. Therefore he hates his family and wishes to grow up one day and walk away from the family. By chance, he meets a scientist and spills a bottle of chemicals. The next day, he becomes a 20-year-old grownup. Although he appears to be an adult, he is still a child inside and makes a lot of jokes. Kuang falls in love with his teacher, Miss Lee; but unfortunately he keeps growing older each day. He discovers the reason why his mother committed suicide. Know-

ing the truth, Kuang strives to find the medicine that can bring him back to a young age so that he can live with his family again.

The major themes in the story are about the relations between people and the value of life and time. The writer compressed an 80-year lifetime into four days for a little boy. During these days, he experienced

hatred, love, confusion and finally understandings. He observed the family from different perspectives and understood that there would not be a family without the presence of love and forgiveness. Kuang’s stepmother eventually turns out to be a mother full of love and tolerance. Kuang’s father was at first thought to lack responsibility and have little care for the kids. But in reality, he loves the kids and just does not know how to express it. I love this movie a lot for its successful plots, well-written language and moving ending. The plots guide the audience, who can feel exactly how the characters feel. The language expresses amazing ideas thoughtfully. The ending of the story is not like other fiction with a solution. Kuang will never be young again. At the end, an 80-year-old man hugs a woman on a tree branch and enjoys the last moment of love and understanding. (The writer is a Shenzhen student at a U.S. high school.)

Classroom Discussion
The summer holiday is coming. In past holidays, you must have had some plans which weren’t realized. What are they? Are you going to finish them this coming holiday?
请根据你的自身经验和感受 回答上述问题。来稿限制在 1500字符数(约400单词) 以内。 截稿日期:7月17日

(Responses to the May 17 NIE page 2 article “Disabled Shenzhen girl wins big”)
苏琳娜 育才中学高一(10)班

(Responses to the June 28 NIE page 8 article “Rowling to kill 2 in final Potter”)
黄今 深圳外国语学校初二(6)班

Can you give other examples of remarkable achievements by people with disabilities?

1. Do you like the Harry Potter series? If so, what attracts you most? If not, why?

请翻译以 下句子。

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. — Fred Allen
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I was speechless with complete respect on hearing the news that Xu Mengqi, a disabled Shenzhen girl, won a prize at the Schumann International Youth Piano Contest. With hearing difficulties, the young girl struggled to pursue her dreams. It was not only her talent but also her iron will and persistence that made her an excellent pianist and led her to success. Where there is a will, there is a way. The sentence is absolutely an eternal truth. There are countless people in humble and hard situations who finally achieved a lot thanks to their great will and efforts. Let’s turn our attention to Beethoven for example. We are all familiar with his distinguished masterpieces. His music overwhelmed the world and

stayed immortal through so many years. But behind his glories, what he had suffered was incredible. His life was filled with misfortune. He was poor and lonely. He lost his acoustical faculty. Time and time again, he struggled and fought against the difficulties and pushed on with his dreams. He set an example for us. In the face of frustration, it’s no use crying and complaining. What we should do is to come out of the shadows and try our best to overcome them. We can accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. Nothing is difficult to the man who will try. The path to glory is always rugged. Only if we stick to our dreams and keep brave and strong can we reach our aims in the end.

Well, I’m a very crazy Harry Potter fan. My favorite character is Ginny Weasley. I do think she is a tough girl. In the “Chamber of Secrets,” it was Weasley, coincidently, who got the diary that put her into a miserable year. In that year, she nearly lost her soul. That may leave a shadow in every single person’s heart if he or she meets this kind of pain in the soul. But Weasley went out of the shadow. She became a happy girl again, and in the fifth

book she even helped Potter in the Department of Mystery. Maybe this kind of toughness attracted Potter in the latest book.

2. If you could write the final installment of the series, would you kill off any characters? If you write to J.K. Rowling, what advice or suggestions would you give her for the upcoming book?

If I am the author, I will kill both Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Because the series before has shown the power of love to us, love is certainly the

most important thing in the last book. The books before have built a tragic feeling. So in the last book, we need to create a story with tragic love.

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