reduce printing costs, save time and increase productivity

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					Reduce Printing Costs, Save Time and Increase Productivity.
Thanks for you visit our website. I hope you get a lot of value from it and gain a better understanding of the printing industry.
“If you're thinking about getting some printing done, then reading this is almost certain to save you a ton of money… time… and headaches”

Here's why: There are more than 400 printers in Our print factory and, believe it or not, they’re all equipped to operate within specific market segments. Some are much more cost effective at full colour ‘glossy’ work while others do general jobbing work. Some are much better at very large runs, whilst others are more efficient at shorter runs. Some printers offer a comprehensive graphic design and prepress service while others require completed artwork to be provided. Some do cheques and security documents and others don’t, the list goes on and on. And it’s all based on the equipment and experience the individual printer has. In an industry that’s intensely competitive, it’s common knowledge that some printers accept orders that their equipment is not really capable of producing, either cost effectively or at premium quality level. Also, the quality of the finished product can vary significantly depending on the personal experience and skill of the press operator.

Do any of the following points strike a nerve?

Struggle to discriminate between printers for a particular job, never really knowing whether you’ve chosen a suitable one? (hint:

not all printers are the same)

Wonder whether you're getting the best price and/or the best job?


Become confused about which paper to use – colour vs white, coated vs uncoated, patterned vs plain? Spend ages going backwards and forwards from graphic designer to printer and back? Be concerned about how much time your staff wastes trying to understand and organise printing when they would far more productive and cost effective focusing on core business issues? Worry you’ve missed something that’ll cost you money, even though you’ve proof read it yourself? Hope & prey that urgent job is actually delivered when the printer promised it. Scramble to get more stationery printed after you've run out?






Make no mistake - If you think you're getting the best deal from your existing printer, it's almost certain YOU'RE NOT. The sad truth is, it's almost impossible for a printer to give you the best deal on every single job. Think about it…over a period of time, you may need business cards, promotional items, brochures, signage, cheques, packaging, company reports, NCR books, large format digital printing, computer stationery, personalised direct marketing material – the list can be endless. And the range of equipment required to produce a full compliment of company printing at premium quality level, in the most efficient and cost effective manner, is wide and varied in terms of capability and price. It’s the same principal as expecting the equipment your local motor mechanic uses to fix your car can also be used to successfully repair planes, trains and rocket ships. Let me explain: My name is David, you’ve probably never heard of me. But by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be very happy about the fact you now HAVE heard about me. Our print factory service in the printing industry for over 70 years.

As a qualified printing tradesman I ran presses for 10 years, so I was right at the coalface… seeing what happens on a daily and monthly basis. I then moved into sales, marketing and senior management roles.
“That's When I Started To Become Passionate About Helping Others”

I identified a need for consumers to have access to someone who has a thorough working understanding of the printing industry, who understands all the technical issues and is able to get the best possible pricing & quality over their total range of printing requirements. My agenda is to give everyday business people exactly what they want… to communicate with you in plain English, void of any industry jargon… and to deliver the results you are looking for by matching your own specific needs with the most suitable supplier. Today as an independent Print Broker, I advise on, and manage, the entire graphic design and printing requirements of scores of Merry International businesses, both large and small. I really do understand how difficult and frustrating it can be trying to purchase a product from someone you’re not comfortable with or doesn’t communicate well, in an industry that most business people know very little about. Particularly when the product is crucial to sales and/or income. I’m just a normal bloke who’s passionate about the printing industry. I enjoy chatting with business owners and helping them get the right fit for their printing requirements, whilst remaining sharply focused on saving them money and time. I do however have a real problem with printers who claim they can produce all your printing needs and who really do not have the equipment or experience to do so. And you’re the one who pays for their inability to deliver the appropriate service. Not to mention those printers who simply don’t understand what’s available, and what’s actually best for you. They provide you with a service they don’t even fully understand themselves. It's a real pity. This can leave you hundreds - even thousands of dollars out of pocket, a shoddy product, a service that doesn’t really suit your requirements and a negative experience with the printing industry in general.

But there is a solution to all this uncertainty – a Print Broker, your own ‘in-house’ printing expert, who costs you nothing. Let me explain how this works: we are NOT printers – we are Print Brokers. We operate along similar lines as commercial insurance brokers or mortgage brokers. You make one single phone call to Merry International and we organise your entire graphic design & printing requirements – you’ll never need to speak with another printer, ever again. We place your orders with the printers best equipped for your specific requirements and you pay less than if you did all the work yourself, we guarantee it. With over 400 printers in our factory, it’s no easy task finding which printer is the right one for you, so we do it for you. And the reason why some of Merry International’s leading companies use our Print is because we save them money, time and we take the worry out of printing. To them, it just makes plain good business sense.
“What About Your Commissions – Won't It Cost Me More?”

No, not at all – here’s how it works. Just like when you organise business or mortgage finance through a broker, the bank pays the broker, so you don’t pay any more than if you want directly to the bank and… you get the exact product that you’re looking for, not a ‘close enough’ product that the bank wants to sell you. Well, that’s exactly the way my team and I work at Merry International(HK). You receive the exact product & service that you requested, at prices better than if you went direct to the printer and… you get your entire graphic design & printing requirements managed from top to bottom - FREE of charge!

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