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					                                       simple accordion
                                                               © Pauline Grayson 2009

Time 45-60 minutes {Depending on how many pieces of
paper you fold}. This is a simple book and makes a cute          Step 2
embellishment on any shelf.
Prepare Paper
1. Cut strips of paper that are 5” wide. {Mine were 5“ x
35” because I had parent sheets, which are really large          fold on dotted lines, back and forth to make an accordion
sheets of paper}. You can cut them 5“ by 10, or 15 or 20”
{whichever size you have, as long as it’s in multiples of 5}
2. Fold pages in half and then in half again, and then in        Step 3
half again {or until you have 5“ x 5” as a finished sheet of
3. Glue your pages together, by cutting off all but 1/2 inch     cut end sheets at shown and glue to each other. pink is glue.
on both ends of your accordion fold. Then cut at an angle
at ends. When you’re done gluing pages together. You
should have a nice stack of pages, about 1/2 to 1” thick.        Step 5 and 6
For the front and end sheets leave them as whole square
                                                                   book                 patterned paper
4. Cut cover to be 5.25” x 5.25“ {or big enough to cover         cut at 45 degree angle using a width of book board as guide.
your folded sheets of paper}

5. Cover book board with patterned paper. Do this by             Step 6                       Step 7
cutting out 2 sheets of paper that are about 6” x 6” big.
Put your pva {glue} on the book board and then press               book                                                      ribbon
down onto paper. Use your bone folder to make it nice              board
and smooth.
6. Trim edges. Cut at 45 degree angle on corners. Glue
down edges around the book board.                                Step 8

7. To finish the book, simply glue down your ribbons in the
center of your book. Ribbons should be about 25-30” long,
and you’ll need two of those.
8. Then glue the end sheet of your accordion pages to the
book board. Repeat for other side.
                                                                            © Pauline Grayson 2009 • free pattern download • not for resale

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