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					Sample Student ELD Lesson Marya Hughes (Used by permission) EDEL 442 Oct. 3, 2001

Lesson Plan: ELD Vocabulary & Concept Development Title: Fun with Flying Grade Level: 2 ELD Level: Early Advanced Purpose: Students will develop understanding of 6 vocabulary words to increase fluency. RICA Content Specification: Domain IV: Supporting Reading Through Oral and Written Language Development Content Area 12: Vocabulary Development 11.2 Increasing vocabulary knowledge State Content Standard: .1 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development Vocabulary and Concept Development

Materials & Resources:

 Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride, by Pam Munoz Ryan  Model or toy plane  Black paper for an airstrip  Picture of Amelia Earhart with aviator goggles  Flip chart and markers  Vocabulary words written on small pieces of folded paper and put into an envelop Key Vocabulary or Terminology: Aviation terms are used during the most exciting part of the book - when Amelia and Eleanor fly at night. Aviator: (n) the operator or pilot of an aircraft and especially an airplane Aviator glasses: (n) eyeglasses having a lightweight metal frame and relatively large tinted lenses Elevation: (n) the height to which something is elevated as the height above the level of the sea: altitude Horizon: (n) the apparent junction of earth and sky Cockpit: a space or compartment in a small vehicle (as a boat, airplane, or automobile) from which it is steered, piloted, or driven. Airstrip: (n) a runway without normal air base or airport facilities

Background Knowledge/Experience:

 Connect to prior knowledge: "What was the most exciting part of Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride?"  "Anthony, please briefly share highlights of your fieldtrip to the Long Beach Airport." Teacher will re-read highlights of Amelia and Eleanor's night flight.  Teacher will tell students that today we will learn 6 vocabulary words from the book. Teaching Sequence: Developing Meaning:  Sit around the table  Pass picture of Lockheed 10-E Electra, the plane Earhart flew  Present a toy airplane and locate the cockpit  Demonstrate use of an airstrip  Demonstrate elevation with the toy plane  Present picture of Amelia Earhart in aviator goggles DevelopingFluency  Select a word a take turns sharing what they learned while Teacher writes the word on a chart  Play a game of Pictionary  Students will be asked to use the vocabulary words in their journal entry Outcomes:

 Students will be able to demonstrate the meaning of key vocabulary through the Pictionary game.  Students will be able to correctly use key words in their journal entries. Evaluation:  Teacher observations of the above criteria will be recorded in the anecdotal record for assessment. Extensions:  Language Arts: Write a story from the viewpoint of an aviator  Geography: Trace on a map the journey that Emilia and Elenore flew.