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Romeo Juliet


									Romeo & Juliet Project Idea List
The following are project ideas for Romeo & Juliet. You will have to do two 100 point projects. The first project is due _________, and the second is due ________. You may do any combination of the following projects, as long as the total equals 100 points. Those projects marked with a * can only be done after we have completed the reading of the novel. If you have another idea for a project, run it by me first.

100 point projects  Write and perform an original song or rap based on the play.*  Create a front page of a newspaper and articles pertaining to the scenes. (3 page minimum.)*  Create a diary for one of the minor characters in the novel. (10 entries minimum.)  Create a scrapbook for one of your characters; include poems, artwork, awards, newspaper articles, pictures, etc. (5 pages minimum.)  Create an illustrated children’s version of the play.* 35 point projects  Write a newspaper article over a major incident from the play, following proper newspaper format.  Write a resume for a character.  Create a comic strip or storyboard of an important scene.  Write a poem (15 lines minimum).  Draw or create a 3-D map of important places – explain importance of each place.  Create a model of something from the novel. (The balcony scene, etc.)  Create a game board from the play. Examples may include Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary, etc. (at least 25 game pieces)  Create a ―quilt‖ out of paper depicting 12-16 scenes. Use 1 scene for each panel. Write a caption that explains each scene—don’t forget borders etc. (or string together like a clothesline.)  Create a music video combining still pictures with music and words that would fit the theme.

25 point projects  Create five tangible or intangible gifts for a character and attach a card with an explanation of the gift.  Write a eulogy for a character that died during the play.*  Write epitaphs for all of characters that died during the play.*  Create a mural/collage of the play overall.*  Write a ―Dear Abby‖ letter and response.  Write a magazine interview with a character or author.*  Research and present examples of Italian cooking.  Research and present some aspect of Italian life in the time or Romeo & Juliet (c. 1400) or the time of Shakespeare (Approx. 1600) 15 point projects  Research and prepare a food dish from Shakespeare’s time or Italy during Romeo & Juliet’s time.  Create a mobile. (5 items minimum)  Create a crossword puzzle. (with an answer key)  Write a magazine review of the novel.*  Choose 3 songs and relate them to your novel. (Choices need to be very clear and school appropriate.)*  Write a character sketch of a character. (1 paragraph minimum)  Create a timeline of the plot with at least one visual for each Act.* 5 point projects  Write a letter to a friend recommending or not recommending this play.*  Create an original book cover, including a jacket-synopsis and author information.  Create a timeline of the plot.*  Write a letter to the author.  Create a movie poster or a promo T-shirt.

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