Keeping An Eye On NPHC by collegestock


									Keeping An Eye On NPHC The Nutra Pharma Company has been garnering a lot of attention in stock market circles recently. There has been a lot of talk on the forums and boards about whether this is a good stock to keep an eye on. And it seems as though a fair few people have decided to put their money in this company already. The Nutra Pharma Company is represented by the letters NPHC on the stock market, so these are the letters to watch out for. And indeed in the very short term it has improved its position on the market. From a previous closing point of $0.39 this penny stock closed out the week on a better position of $0.41 a share. But perhaps this news is made more interesting by the fact that we also have highs and lows to look at over the last twelve months. Sometimes when you consider a particular penny stock you will see that there has only been a change of a cent or two between the highs and the lows. But this is not the case with Nutra Pharma. The high point during the past year was an impressive $0.99, achieved some three months ago. The low point in contrast was just one cent, and that occurred back in the early days of March this year. So what does this tell us about NPHC and whether or not we should think about investing in this biotechnology company? Anyone who bought the stock back in late August before it started to appreciate in value would have made a nice profit had they pulled out three months ago around the end of September. Since then there has been a significant drop but it does look as though the stock could be reaching the end of that drop. But even if this is the case, does that mean it will go up in value once more? This is certainly a stock to watch and those interested in this type of company will no doubt be watching it closely to see if it succeeds in increasing the value of its shares once more. As always research and careful planning are required at this stage, rather than jumping in and hoping for the best. So yes, NPHC stock is certainly worth keeping an eye on at the moment. There is a chance it could experience very good times once again. Next, check out The Dean's top stock picks that have made huge gains.

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